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  1. Question: Who led the pedants’ revolt? Answer: Which Tyler.
  2. Both Clemence and Keegan signed for Liverpool from Scunthorpe - and the Scuntorpe manager on both occasions was . . . . . .
  3. Re ' It's that their fans are under a massive misapprehension that they are anything but a nothing club representing a pointless little city. I mean, what sort of city doesn't have a motorway to get you to it? Even Grimsby has a motorway to get you to it. But no-one bothered with Norwich...' I moved with my young family to Essex from Norwich in the mid 1980's - shortly afterwards I bemoaned to my Dad (he was at the first game at Carrow Road back in the day) that there was no motorway link in to Norwich - 'Too right boy -keep the ****s out . . .'
  4. Season ticket holder, inveterate site reader and (very) infrequent poster - the level of football debate is mostly way too highbrow for this poor and very old Paston Grammar School boy -but Dylan I''m much more comfortable with. I was at the gig at Wembley Arena 30 years ago, it was just after the big storm - the Bobmeister was at his most distant but if ''my (your) memory serves me (you) well (you''ll get the reference) The Heartbreakers backed the great man but Tom Petty wasn''t with them, on lead guitar was Roger McGuinn. Always look forward to and enjoy reading the Carrow Road football reports -thanks
  5. From the Bournemouth Echo''First time I have been to Carrow Road. A fantastic stadium, crowd close to the pitch and a great atmosphere - for the home fans that is! A real family club, like us but without the bad language that sadly still emanates from some at Dean Court and must put off many families with kids- that''s if they can get tickets. I have grandchildren who are longing to come and support my club, but no way can they get tickets. And can someone devise a song like the one they sing at the start of the match and when they score?  . . . Finally the pies - rubbish compared with ours''
  6. HiFirst time I''ve posted but an inveterate follower and lifetime/long time City fan Was going to use as my sign-on name ''Errol Crossan''s Crewcut'' but though it may be just a bit too obliqueI thought this (from my son who is temporarily in Melbourne but is flying back tonight with every expectation of being with me and his son at FCR for Saturday''s game) was a classic :- Wednesday morning on Chris Evans'' Radio 2 Breakfast show.  A guy who identifies himself as ''Mike'' and ''an Ipswich fan'' texts in to say that Vassos Alexander (the sports reporter) only read out the Champions League scores and completely ignored Tuesday evening''s Championship games - Chris Evans reads the text out loud to Vassos.  In response Vassos goes "absolutely right, I apologise -in last night''s Championship fixtures the stand out game was Norwich City beating Brentford 3 nil to move to the top of the table."
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