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  1. thats excatly what annoyed me about the game though, the fact that we got away with it. There are games where you play poorly and are second best. then there are games (like this one) that seem to be attack v defense) it was embarrasing that a premier league club (as we were then) put up a performace like that. It was matched away to palace a month later, but we werent so lucky then
  2. Just like to say thanks for all the replies, its really good reading all of this.As for our previous meetings, the 0-0 draw at your place last season was one of the most embarrasing performances ive seen from a Cardiff city side. That was the day i was sure Malky wasnt the man to keep us up, it was just shocking, and how you didnt destroy us ill never know.Onto the game on Saturday, its a huge opportunity for us to make a mark. New defender Manga wont be playing, he was in Lesotho yesterday night playing for Gabon, he still wont be back in Wales untill later today, which means he surely wont feature. Noone played 45 minutes in a DVP game on Tuesday, i expect to see him on the bench for this one my predicted sideMarshallBrayford Connolly Morrison FabioPilkington Adeyemi Whittingham DaehliJones Macheda
  3. Hi guys, with the game coming up on Saturday ( i hate a fortnight without football!) i''m really looking forward to this game. We''ve been asking opposition fans some questions before every game this season, with some really good replies. I like to get to know a little bit more about each team we play and see things from their point of view. With this in mind, if you could take the time to answer i would be grateful. 1. What are your thoughts on manager Neil Adams, and have they changed at all since he was appointed? What do you see as his strengths and weaknesses and do you believe he is the man to take you back to the Premier League? 2.You appear to have spent quite a bit of money this season, bringing in quite a few centre backs.  How happy are you with your transfer activity, and do you expect to see anyone come in on loan?3. Lewis Grabban has got off to a flyer this season, Cardiff had a bid accepted for him before he moved to you, it sounds obvious considering he''s scored 5 goals, but how happy are you with his overall performance, and do you think he''s better suited to a lone role or playing alongside someone (possibly Jerome?)4. Has Bradley Johnsons importance to your team increased somewhat with Snodgrass leaving? is he the first name on your team sheet or do you think the likes of Howson and O''Neill will eventually be preferred? 5. We recently signed Pilkington from you, putting his injury issues aside for a second, just how good a player is he? we have craig noone back (hopefully for Saturday, if not then the next game) and i cannot see us playing 2 out and out wingers. Would you have preferred to keep him? or was he only good in short bursts? 6. You have a lot of well known names in your squad, but who are the up-and-comers that we wouldnt have heard of? You won the Youth Cup in 2013, who from that side is going to be a future star?7. What are your opinions or Cardiff? as a club, players, fans, manager etc. and if you could have one of our players in your side, who would you pick and why?8. what is your predicted starting line up for the game, and what do you think the score will be? Thanks for anyone who takes the time to answer, our match thread should be up and running tomorrow, so anyone whos interested can see what we are saying about yourself and the game.
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