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  1. I bet the local kebab and burger joints in Bolton will also want to see him sign on loan
  2. How out of shape was Gary Hooper when he came on yesterday. His shirt was straining at the seems. He wasn''t so much running about the pitch more like a gentle waddle. Time for him to see the fitness coaches urgently. This would never have been allowed under previous managers naming no one in particular
  3. Speak to ICF he is one of them pretending to be one of us
  4. Anyone who doesn''t think he is struggling hasn''t been to the last few home games.
  5. With Adams starting to be found out would be good with someone of worthys experience to help him in his struggles
  6. I think his ankle give way due to the excess blubber he is carrying
  7. It will go down in history as one of the worst decisions that a CEO has made in NCFC history McNasty forcing the Messiah to leave the club
  8. If any one should know what happened with Bassong it should be that Ray fella who seems to be intimately involved in the every move at carra rud if he is to be believed
  9. The great advantage of going to the games is that the stream doesn''t go down. Just a thought
  10. My plastic friend you could always go to carra Rud and see the real thing or is that to much trouble
  11. Good time for a game. Footie, a few babyshams then out clubbing
  12. Slow with a poor touch prefer Ryan bennett when fit over him all day long
  13. Imagine where we would have been had mcnally gone instead of the Messiah. We would be southampton. Adams has won nothing yet!
  14. It is an outrage to compare Adams with the Messiah. Football under the Messiah was perfection not this one half wonder stuff under Adams
  15. Why can''t we ever get a manager who takes the cup competitions seriously!
  16. He was truly awful today I hope it was just a bad day at the office rather than what we will have to get used to
  17. If it is a yes vote I blame Chris hughton his negative tactics have caused the scots to want to divorce themselves from us
  18. I suspect it''s Adams barbaric 19th century training methods. We never had this many injuries under Lambert
  19. Why only 2 years and not 3 with a year option? These deals were always sorted out properly under Lambert
  20. If I had the choice of Adams and mcnasty or lambert. I would have lambert all day long
  21. Lambert would have known how to handle this team. Adams clueless.
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