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  1. It was wrong plain and simple, most of his team mates probably thought the same. Majority of Leicester fans around me and including me were desperately hoping it wasnt a red card as it would of been a joke and slightly embarrassing. Iheanacho has really upped his game recently having been poor for a good while so i hope it doesn't effect his confidence but ultimately the ref got it right and so did Rodgers
  2. Cheers mate. Ive genuinely never really thought about the title, just being where we are is superb. A top 4 finish would be amazing but we'll see.... man city and liverpool next 2 league games
  3. To be fair the away fans are next to the family stand so never going to be great but like i say, we've been spoilt. Number of our fans are ridiculously fickle
  4. Was mixed today for sure, maybe because we've been spoilt. I didn't feel we ever really got started which doesn't help atmosphere
  5. Hi chaps Im a season ticket holder at Leicester and felt that you guys needed some praise today. Naturally im disappointed we didnt win considering our form and your league position (no disrespect) but we didn't do enough to win and more importantly i was really surprised/impressed with Norwich. That's the poorest we've played at home this season and these sorts of games happen but take nothing away from Norwich Defensively superb, particularly the full backs Aarons and byram, not to mention being very creative going forward. You guys always looked dangerous and have some talent in the attacking area's. Pukki constantly a threat plus really like Cantwell, quality player. Ive 100% seen a number of worse sides than you guys this season and playing like that you'll stay up for sure. Great support and i really like farke. Massively hope you do stay up
  6. Cheers for the kind words chaps. Nice to go onto an oppositions forum and not get abuse!! Good luck to yourselves as well, you''ve kept a good core of your side and fancy you to be up there for sure.
  7. I hugely rate De Laet, he''s absolutely rapid!! First season he played i questioned him defensively but he''s improved no end plus he''s equitted himself well in our first 3 games considering who he''s played against. How was he for you?
  8. Wes often looks like that but he''s been outstanding for us, he''s our captain and when he doesnt play, we look far worse. Extremely strong and not as slow as some people claim he is, reads the game well and isnt just a hoof ball man either. He''s looked good for us again this season in the Prem.   Miquel was never going to replace Wes but did look good alongside him
  9. Hi guys, just wanted to pass comment on your signing of Ignasi Miquel. Good player and i believe would of been welcomed back to us this year as never did alot wrong while on loan. Unfortunately he didnt get as much pitch time as he''d of liked due to the form of our other CB''s but never let us down and will definitely be a good signing for you..... Left footed as well if you need some balance
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