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  1. FI like the look of BURNLEY v Barnsley. Burnley seem to have started to come good and I think will have too much firepower for Barnsley. For our game I fancy a Norwich victory and Srbeny to score anytime. Good luck everyone!
  2. Ooh, I do like a cheeky BTTS bet. Mind you I did a five fold BTTS bet last weekend and every leg lost . I also managed to pick a no score draw as my PUP selection on Saturday (QPR v Reading). So with these sparkling ‘Nostradamus’ like qualities you may be inclined to give this a big swerve... But gIven recent events how about Brentford v Norwich? If including our own game is bad luck how about Grimsby Town v Mansfield Town instead. Grimsby are on a good run so should score at home, as are Mansfield who played out a no score draw on Saturday so have got that out their system. Tyler Walker has scored a good few for them this season so I think they have the quality to score away from home so I confidently predict there will be goals in this one Good luck with the picks NN!
  3. I hope everyone had a really enjoyable Christmas. I’m going to plump for a home win for an in form QPR against struggling Reading. For the match bet I’m going back to my favourite bet of more than 2.5 goals. Best of luck to everyone but in particular to 93Vintage and Lapps - it would be good to finish the year with a winning weekend!
  4. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year.
  5. Merry Christmas to all the pups out there. I hope Santa brings you lots of good things and a few nice wins for us! I’m feeling a bit uninspired tonight, but have a feeling that recent developments at Man Utd will be sufficient to inspire them to victory at Cardiff. For the match bet I’m sticking with more 2.5 goals, it’s been right the last 3 weeks and Blackburn seem to score a few and leak a few. Nutty, I’m fine to do the picks on the 19 Jan and should be able to let you have those by lunchtime. Good luck everyone. Merry Christmas!
  6. Completely off topic, but that’s a great shot of Marco Pantani (the pirate) looking moody in his Mercatone Uno days in Il Pirata’s avatar. Yes, of course il pirata/the pirate. Of course these days we have ‘the shark’ (Vincento Nibali) but he doesn’t have the same panache or quality for me. Pantani’s 1998 Tour/Giro double is the stuff of legend, just ask Chris Froome who couldn’t pull it off last year.
  7. Completely off topic, but that’s a great shot of Marco Pantani (the pirate) looking moody in his Mercatone Uno days in Il Pirata’s avatar.
  8. I was behind a car today with the number plate TIL 5254 which I think is a good omen! I am playing safe with a home win for MAN CITY v Bournemouth. For Diesel Doris I think we may see a few goals so I’m going for a Norwich victory and more than 2.5 goals. Good luck everyone and especially Til and Diesel Doris
  9. I’m still reeling from Peterborough letting me down last week, so this week I am playing it safe with an away win for Watford v LIVERPOOL. I think our game will be tight so how about under 2.5 goals. Good luck everyone and especially to Hissing Sid and 93V
  10. I never do well with international games, so I am sticking to the lower leagues. My pick is a home win PETERBOROUGH UTD v Bradford City. Both Newport County and Colchester Utd score a few goal so how about that for BTTS. Good luck everyone!
  11. Hello everyone. These FA Cup weekends are always tricky, so I am sticking with the same theme as last week and predict another another away win for PORTSMOUTH against an out of form Maidenhead Utd. I fancy us to do well against Millwall, so how about 3-1 as the final score. Good luck to Diane and GMF with the picks and to all the pups out there.
  12. Hello everyone. I’m going to go for an away win Bradford City v PORTSMOUTH. For the match bet I think a score draw looks reasonable, although 0-1 is a close second. Good luck everyone, fingers crossed for another good weekend.
  13. Wow, this looks good and easy to use too.
  14. I’m running a bit late this weekend. My pick this week is a home win for MK DONS v Northampton. For the match bet I think it’s going to be tough so 1-1 looks good to me. Good luck everyone!
  15. Hello pups. I’m heading down to the National League this week and for the 6 I’m going for a home win for in form Harrogate Town against struggling Dover Athletic. Many thanks to BTTSanon, I really love the BTTS bet which spices up the boring international break. I’m staying local (for me) with Bromley Town v Barrow. I sit next to a Bromley Town season ticket holder at work and he is always moaning about their inability to keep a clean sheet. Good luck pups and especially Purple and BTTSanon
  16. Evening everyone, it’s been a lovely day down here in SE London and I’m feeling very positive about this week’s picks. My pick this week is a home win for ARSENAL v Watford and for the match bet I think it will be another close game so how about BTTS and Norwich to win. Good luck pickers, especially King Canary and Hogesar.
  17. Good morning everyone. My pick for this week is LEEDS v Birmingham, home win. I think a score draw in the match bet. Both teams have a little form, winning their last two games so I expect it will be tight. Good luck pickers, I have a good feeling about this week!
  18. Good morning everyone. At the risk of sounding like Jellytot’s echo I’m also going for Chelsea to beat Cardiff. Hopefully it will be a case of great minds thinking alike! For the match bet I think BTTS looks good. Good luck with all the picks!
  19. Good morning to you all. I’ve decided to take a trip to the National League this week. I think Wrexham’s good form will continue so predict an away win Braintree v WREXHAM. The BTTS bet is a great idea! Barnet v Maidenhead Utd for me. Next to each other in mid table. Both in reasonable form and both score and concede a few. Good luck everyone!
  20. Hello everyone. My track record recently has been a bit poor, so this week I am putting a jinx on PORTSMOUTH by picking them to beat Plymouth. Reckon things will click on Sunday, so 3-1 to us in the derby game. Good luck Kiwiscot and Jellytots
  21. Sorry, that was my pick. Thought it was certain to get you off to a flying start
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