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  1. In answer to the OP, I had a little pre-season flutter. I got 7/1 on 29 July from Bet365 on Norwich being promoted. Placed £5 and currently sitting at £39.61 although I’ve no intention of cashing out. No idea if there were better odds at the time I just fancied we might have a good season and be a good outside bet for promotion. I can’t recall what the odds were for us winning it, but I clearly not long enough to tempt me in with a cheeky £1 . Rather like Kathy’s double though, wish I had thought of that .
  2. Agreed Coney, nothing is guaranteed. For me those statistics help rationalise away the fear. Blackburn have won their last 4 so I’m not taking anything for granted, but that was against Derby, Forest, QPR and Bolton. I think we will be a stiffer test and on past performances I think we will win. I can’t guarantee it though and we may end up having a late Pukki strike or Vrancic free kick to grab a point!
  3. Indeed it can. We are all heavily invested and feeling it, just coping in our different ways I guess.
  4. All logic and reason says we will go up. Bet365 are currently offering me odds of 1/1000 on us being promoted and my early season bet of £5 at 7/1 on promotion is currently sitting at £39.61 so only 39p short of a full pay out. I am not celebrating yet or cashing out as the job isn’t quite done. But as I say, I do feel confident that we will get the point that we need. We’ve been rolling along at an average of 2 points per game for a while so why not a win on Saturday and a draw with Villa? That’s seems much more likely to me than some freaky sets of results. I do understand the feelings that people are going through though, being so close and having to wait is awful and allows that fear of something weird happening to grow. Fortunately my rational side is stronger than my emotional side and I can convince myself it will be fine. It will be, I’m just keeping the champagne on ice till it’s done.
  5. Goodness me those are BIG pants I’m not sure using massive y-fronts as a napkin is such a good idea or did the waiter demand he give over his trousers as surety against a hefty bill?
  6. Sorry, late again this week. ARSENAL to beat Crystal Palace for me this week please. If I had been on time I’d have gone for us to win and BTTS tonight. For Monday I quite liked the sound of Pukki to get a brace and see us over the line. OTBC Good luck everyone!
  7. Apologies for being late this week. I’m playing safe with a Spurs win. Just for the record I think there will be a few goals in our game so I would have suggested more that 2.5 goals. Best of luck everyone and especially GMF and Daz Sparks
  8. I too fancy a home win for BRISTOL CITY v Wigan Athletic. For our game I fancy there will be more than 2.5 goals and a Norwich victory. Best of luck to Mr Apples and Lapps this week with their picks.
  9. I think it is an entirely rational strategy. In effect you are taking out a financial hedge against your potential emotional losses. That said I almost never do it, that is bet on our opposition, but like Feedthewolf I do put our rivals in my accas sometimes. At the moment I keep betting on us to win and that seems to be going pretty well so far!
  10. Hello everyone. My pick for KiwiScot is a home win for CHARLTON v Bradford City. For Diane, i think the game with Middlesbrough will be tight, but I have a good feeling that we will win 1-0 . Good luck to you both and to all the other pickers.
  11. Apologies for missing last week. I’m staying away from the International games and instead think MK DONS will be too strong for an out of form Yeovil Town. I am very bad at picking BTTS but Peterborough Utd V Southend Utd looks decent to me. Good luck everyone!
  12. My picks this week are a home win for WEST BROM v Ipswich. For our game I think a Norwich win with BTTS. Good luck everyone and fingers crossed for a good performance and result this evening.
  13. This week I’m going for a home win for ARSENAL v Southampton. For our game I fancy BTTS and us to win. Good luck everyone
  14. Good evening everyone. I’m going for a home win for BROMLEY TOWN v Maidstone Utd I the National League. Bromley are normally fairly good at home and Maidstone have been struggling. For our game I did briefly wonder what the odds were for us scoring a penalty but as we’d actually want to win I think BTTS looks like a good bet. Good luck Swindon and Crabby and all the other pups.
  15. Sorry Wooster, I thought Forest Green Rovers was a dead cert . Hopefully we will have some better luck tomorrow
  16. Good evening to all the pups and pickers. I’m heading to League 2 where I see a home win for FOREST GREEN ROVERS v Notts County. For the match bet I am going for more than 2.5 goals. Can I also have Stiepermann to score at any time for the extra pick. He’s been superb for us and a goal in the derby would be sweet for him and us too Talking of derby, For BTTSanon I really like the look of Derby v Hull although In the spirit of full disclosure I should say that I am especially bad at selecting BTTS. Fingers crossed for another good weekend. Good luck everyone
  17. I’m going down to League 1 this week where I fancy a home win for BARNSLEY v Rochdale. It’s a tough game this week but I think we will come through, so I’m going for a City win and BTTS. Good luck Diesel Doris and Herman and everyone else with your picks.
  18. Many thanks to everyone for all of their excellent suggestions and apologies to those that haven't been chosen. The mood amongst the PUPS seems to be extremely positive, which mirrors my own feelings for this particular game so I have gone for a very positive set of selections, with a small cover bet on a draw. Nutty could you spread the £10 across these bets. £2 on Norwich to win and BTTS £2 on Norwich to win and Pukki to score anytime £2 on Norwich to win by 1 goal £1 on Rhodes to score last £1 on Godfrey to score anytime £1 on draw HT Norwich FT £1 on a draw Fingers crossed as it would be a real pleasure to add to the funds. Good luck to Lessingham with picking the six and to everyone else with their picks.
  19. Hi everyone - thank you all for the excellent suggestions so far. I am going to make the final selections at 3pm so there is a bit more time if you need it. For me I am going for Norwich win and BTTS, which is seems to be my regular bet on us lately. Keep the picks coming and good luck to you all!
  20. Many thanks for the introduction Nutty. I’m really looking forward to making the selections for the match bet this week but will need lots of help from my fellow pups so that we can add a bit more to the pot. I’ll be mulling over all the possibilities over a late Friday lunch so don’t get caught out by the earlier than usual deadline! My selection for Lessingham is a home win for BLACKBURN ROVERS v Ipswich Town. I saw Blackburn on the box last week and I think they will be too strong at home for Lambert’s men. I’ll come back with my pick for the match bet on Friday. Good luck everyone. Hanster
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