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  1. Thanks for the update Herman. That’s good advice and I will double check to make sure I haven’t missed any! I’m definitely up for some postal swapping. I’ll post up my spares later today so that if you or anyone else fancies a swap they can let me know. It looks like you can send a private email by clicking through the avatar, so once they’re up let me know what you need and we’ll get some swaps sorted. I also saw a few stickers were being sold on eBay. Quite expensive, but an option if you’ve only got a few left to get and can’t get to the Archant’s offices in person. Just in case you haven’t seen it Pete Raven was suggesting on the other sticker book thread, to email Archant to get the ‘real’ Ken Foggo sticker (119). I’ve got the Graham Paddon misprint already, so have sent Archant an email to get the proper one.
  2. Morning pups. I’m hoping to find a better pick after some mixed fortunes over the past few weeks. I’m going to pick the form team in League 1 Oxford Utd who I think will continue banging the goals in. Away win Accrington Stanley v OXFORD UNITED. For the match bet I think it will be a close game, so a Norwich victory by 1 goal looks good to me. Good luck pups and to Hector and Jellytot with their picks
  3. To be fair I bought 10 bags last week and these contained no duplicates and then a further 25 bags this week. Again these 25 bags we’re all different which is excellent. The duplicates come from the fact that of the 25 bags I bought this week, 5 were the same as last week. I sort of wish I had just blitzed it and bought 50 bags at the start as I wonder if I’d have just got a straight run through? That’s less fun though. If I was a local, I’d probably vary my supplier to add some randomness in to my collecting. So very interested to see how your second run goes Herman. Anyway, the biggest test will be to see how long I last before ordering some more. Maybe next time I can get Pete to select my bags Countdown style, 5 bags from the top of the pile 5 from the bottom, and 5 from the middle .
  4. So, I’ve now got 150 stickers in my book and 80 still to get, so two thirds of the way there yay! I’ve got 25 duplicates out of 175 bought, which is a bit more than I was expecting and I noticed that if the first one in the pack was a duplicate, then the other 4 also were. So that in effect it is whole packs that are duplicated rather than single stickers in the pack. That was my experience with five packets today, so I suspect that the way these are packaged is less random than other sticker books where packs seem to contain a more random selection with just the odd duplicate in each pack. That’s not a problem just an observation from my experience today and in some ways an opportunity as what it does mean is that I have got some swaps, which I’d be happy to trade. I’ve kept my swaps in the 5s that came from each packet which may be helpful? I’m based in SE London so would need to trade by post. Is anyone interested, if so let me know and I’ll try and work out how we can do it. I suspect that at the end of this I will have a load of spares that I can’t get rid of. I wondered if we could pool all our duplicates to make up an album, or even two, to raffle off and make some money for the community sports foundation or other good causes? Would anyone else be up for that?
  5. I got my first stickers yesterday and was delighted when Darren Huckerby was the first one out of the packet! I still have a long was to go, bought 10 packs and all 50 stickers were different which surprised me. How is everyone else doing and are there any rare ones that I should rejoice over having or where I should stare miserably at the empty space in my book? I think the last sticker book I had was in about 1980 but somethings haven’t changed. I still can’t get the back off without creasing the corner and I still can’t put them in the book straight . Somethings do remain the same though, as I’ve just ordered a load more. So when my mum comes over at the weekend she can tell me off all over again for spending all my pocket money on stupid stickers, which of course I will ignore!
  6. True, but as an exile in London I tended to go to the London games, and as a result had a few away points each season that seemed to help me achieve that. I bought a standard membership which is looking incredibly poor value as so far I’ve only managed to get tickets to the Crawley game despite trying for West Ham and Palace. Maybe it will improve as the season goes on, but at the moment I don’t think I’ll be renewing next year. That will be the first year I haven’t held some form of membership since about 1995 and I feel a sense of dislocation from the club, as the way I have shown my support in the past seems to have been taken away. I’m sad about that.
  7. Apologies for being late again. I’m heading down to the National League where I predict a home win for DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE v Chorley. For the match bet I feel like we are due something against Palace so I’m going for 1-1 and an upturn in our away form Good luck everyone but especially to LDC and Wacky
  8. What a great idea! I remember spending all my pocket money on football stickers when I was a kid and taking great wodges of them everywhere just in case I could get some swaps. Just bought mine online, for old times sake, ahem. As an exile I hope there will be some swapping on line too?
  9. I’m heading down to League 1 for an away win Bolton Wanderers v SUNDERLAND. For the match bet I am going for a Norwich win and BTTS. Good luck everyone and especially to kingcanary and Diane with the picks.
  10. Apologies, I’m running late this week. I am going to play it safe with a home win for LIVERPOOL v Newcastle Utd. For the match bet I think more 3.5 goals sounds good. Good luck everyone
  11. Morning Pups, These international weeks are a bit trixy, so hoping to find a good pick for Molly and BTTSanon, although I should say I am spectacularly bad a picking BTTS A home victory for Turkey v Andorra seems like a nice safe pick. How about England v Bulgaria for the BTTS. Good luck To Molly, BTTSanon and everyone with your picks.
  12. Thanks Nutty. I thought the domestic one would get closer than it did and the overseas one was nailed on. No luck I’m afraid, hopefully next week will be better. Well done dj11, nice work on a difficult afternoon
  13. I agree that BTTS looks a good bet and I think we might cause a small surprise, ride out some pressure with Buendia scoring late for a 1-2 win.
  14. Huge thanks to you all for the excellent suggestions. There were so many good ones that it’s been impossible to whittle them down, so Nutty I have sent you an extra tenner via PayPal so that I can have a domestic six and an overseas six. For the domestic six I’ve picked: Manchester City v Brighton Chelsea v Sheffield Utd Burnley v Liverpool Ipswich v Shrewsbury Southampton v Manchester Utd Spennymore v Chester Spennymore v Chester is also my pick for this week. For the overseas six I’ve picked: Sporting Lisbon v Rio Avenue Bayern Munich v Mainz 05 POAK Salonika v Panionios Union Berlin v Borrusia Dortmund Debreceni v Kaposvari Reipas v Sudet Hope that all makes sense and good luck to everyone with their picks For the Norwich game I will go for a Norwich win and BTTS. Good luck dj11 with your selections
  15. Thanks Nutty. I’m really excited about picking the six this week and am looking forward to working through all the excellent suggestions on Friday evening, so do keep them coming. With a bit of luck We can avoid the banana skins and put some more money in the pot!
  16. Blimey, I know that area well from cycling, that’s a pretty rural route for a coach! I live and work in south London so had an easy journey in from work, but Southern Trains had cancellations and delays which might have inconvenienced a few on the way back into London. I thought the goal was very much against the run of play and whilst it wasn’t great defending it was a bit unlucky. We had the entire outfield 10 in the penalty box for corners and set pieces which made it crowded and probably didn’t help. I very much agree with the view that at times we overplayed it and a couple of times I thought we would slip Idah in with a good ball that unfortunately never come. The team did look a bit out of synch, which I guess is one of the drawbacks of playing a very changed team, although I do think it was the right approach for this game. Overall it was a bit disappointing, especially given how many had travelled on a weekday evening, but a point or maybe three on Saturday will put the smiles back in place
  17. I think I am going to play it a bit safe this week and go for a home win for Manchester United v Crystal Palace. Palace looked poor last weekend and I think Man Utd will see this as an opportunity to get things going. For our bet I think it will be a tough game but I think we will come out on top, 1-0. Good luck Lincsy, ZLF and to all the other PUPS.
  18. Apologies for being late. I’m going for a home win for ARSENAL V Burnley. For our match I’m think it will be a Norwich win with BTTS. Good luck everyone.
  19. One point that I don’t think has been mentioned is that not only has the club invested in our young talent by sticking with them and giving them a well deserved chance in the Premier League, but they have all signed long term contracts and are clearly invested in the club. There was lots of speculation about possible moves, but they all decided to stay and continue on this journey. Having committed players, who want to be there, know the set up and will give everything for the club is going to be really valuable. I’m not sure whether Villa will get the same from their new players?
  20. It’s a tricky week in some ways, with some unpredictable early season form. I’m going for a slightly risky pick with Cardiff to beat Luton. For the match bet I’m going for a spectacular 0-2 victory! Good luck everyone I’d be delighted to do the picks on 31 August, thanks Nutty!
  21. This is exactly what I think. Opening games can be a bit random and Liverpool had a tough end to their season and we have some momentum. Plus I had a strange dream just before the fixtures came out that our opening game was at Anfield and we won 2-0. Maybe wishful thinking, but I’ve put a couple of quid on it just in case.
  22. It feels like some strange summer slumber is coming to an end! Thanks again to Eddie for organising this and our anonymous sponsor for funding it. The negative bet sounds a great idea too.
  23. I’ve been away from the forum for a bit and missed this thread. What an excellent idea, hope it’s not too late to join in. I’m thinking 3-1 to Liverpool as I think their past experience will help them. Good luck everyone with your picks.
  24. So here we go with our final pick of the season. It’s been huge fun and I’d also like to say a massive thank you to Nutty for making this all happen and to all the pups for their support and good cheer, especially when those banker games go against us . It seems quite a classy move to give our anonymous sponsors the final pick so for what it’s worth my selections are WOLVES to beat Fulham and for us I think Villa will be tricky but I have a strong feeling it will be 1-1 and that we will be Champions .
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