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  1. This is a decent suggestion but it would be good to see the younger players have more first team experience in the League Cup. Another chance for Loza to build on his hat trick for the U21 is one example.
  2. I also have a spare ticket in the N&P Block S.
  3. I could not see well from the away stand but I both talked to and overhead Brentford fans after the game and their view was "not clear cut" or "seen them given sometimes" or "50:50 decision" for what it is worth. We would have been angry not to get a similar decision at the other end, to be fair. In the form Ruddy was in last night, I would have backed him to save a penalty anyway
  4. Just heard from a friend that he is likely to have to work tonight so likely to have a spare if you still need a ticket.
  5. On the last sentence, just seen the new Pink Un article about Adams on Redmond .... good to hear from the horse''s mouth! We also need to ensure that the rest of the midfield get closer to the opposition goal to give a target to aim for when the winngers or Grabban have the ball in a promising position .... the Bournemouth match often saw just one in/near the box (sometimes none!).
  6. A good article and I agreed with much of it! The key question is how can we break down teams that aim to frustrate us. Other managers will have seen how Eddie Howe was able to nullify our attacking threat. With a well-drilled 9 allowing few chinks of light through and the speed of Wilson to threaten our lack of pace at the back, we did not have a change of plan to alter the dynamics of the match. We do not have the expertise of professionals but from the stands it seemed as if we did not need 4 at the back and 2 defensive mid-fielders to combat a Bournemouth midfield that largely sat back and just one up front. They created few dangers to our goal which should have given us greater freedom to be more attacking at home. One answer to two defensive lines of 4 and 5 is also to run at them with pace, specially on the flanks. It was notable on Saturday how rarely Nathan tried to take on his man (and the success we had with the goal on one of the few times he did this). While Redmond may have been discouraged by the previous management team, surely Neil Adams will be coaching him to attack and create chances for Grabban and Lafferty?
  7. Great to see Brentford showing flexibility .... if only other clubs could follow their example given our tremendous travelling support. I remember they were pretty good to us when we were last at Griffin Park in 2009. As an aside, the waiting list is steadily reducing as I was able to get two tickets this morning.
  8. As mentioned in the Rumour Mill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederik_S%C3%B8rensen
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