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  1. RE the Pompey thing, I think our debt is owed to shareholders ie the mittals (google them) where as Pompey was banks wasn''t it?

    Don''t we all wish to be able to buy the best players though and how would you feel if you were taken over by billionaires as Footballs changed now, sadly us fans don''t pay the wages, it''s the tv money,no level playing fields anymore. Maybe FFP will solve this but I expect clubs will use loopholes. How much did Norwich spend last summer just out of interest?

  2. [quote user="militantcanary"]As a matter of interest are you going to get away scot free from the flagrant abuse of FFP or is this a treat waiting for you if you go down?[/quote]

    I''m not sure to be honest, I don''t pretend to understand FFP. I''m just a supporter who goes 5-10 times a season to watch a team I''ve followed for 28 years.

    RE Gary o''neil, he did ok, was surprised you gave him 2yrs, he''d have probably settled for one year. He''s a nice passer of the ball
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