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  1. Blah blah blah. We lost, we lost badly... we'll probably lose badly again this season We'll probably win a couple or three games we shouldn't too. If you want to argue about it I'll race you to Yarmouth. BBL
  2. Is this one of them there funny topics that us simple folks think is trosh?
  3. Take ya time,take ya time Sheff United,Take ya time take ya time I say, Take ya time,take ya time Sheff United, so you can throw your lead away.
  4. Agree, Brady should have headed it out for a corner. Not certain I agree Wisdom should have started... isn''t he injured?
  5. Thought he looked reasonable today, was exposed by the winger and the centreback he was playing with, but also needs to adjust to the PL. Not saying he had a blinder or a stinker, but showed enough promise for me to feel hopeful
  6. I''m amazed this is actually a genuine topic for discussion. Rudd could do very little about any of the goals today and is undeserving of the criticism which appears to be being levelled at him. The defence in front of him was the major contributor to the goals conceded, with positional play and decision making which was shocking on numerous occasions.
  7. The incident was right in front of me. Vardy dived and should have been booked. Sadly the angles shown on MOTD didn''t show this. Shame it didn''t get the same amount of analysis as the Southampton claims, think we''d have seen Vardy exposed for the cheat he is. Shame thought he had a decent game and looked promising. The fake injury at the end of the second half disappointed too.
  8. So with, Howson, Tettey, VOO and O''Neil injured or suspended; who should we have played against a Brentford side who, in my opinion, were the team who controlled the midfield?
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