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  1. Hi Nutty, put me down for a Norwich win will you? Apologies for missing recent weeks, been too busy for the internet!
  2. Well now Herb, it would be very unlike you to have a drink, will you and your brother arrive before kick off today? Just a little challenge for you....lol
  3. Good summing up Zips, agree with your MOM but really it was the sort of game when everyone did their bit and a MOM was a difficult call.
  4. E block loyal You were just in front of me (I am on the back row). Well done for the flag and the Lappin songs. You must now bring it to every home game!
  5. So beautifully summed up. It''s all looking very good for the future. Well done to McNally especially for today''s press release.
  6. It''s all relative surely. Yes we have achieved more, at greater heights and larger stages, but considering where we were just a year ago just reaching top of the table is some achievement. Look at the how we all reacted on the first day of the season. Legions of fans leaving at half time, a stunned silence descending on the rest. To think on that day we might even get beyond half way was an impossible dream. And so we started again (much like before) and this time, thank God, we have found a winner, who in a few short months has transferred his winning mentality to the players and now, the fans. I have had many proud moments following NCFC. All those mentioned by Mr Chops, and a few others, promotions of long ago, the Milk Cup, precious wins away at Portman Road. Today signified a never say die attitude, from the players, manager and fans. Our past few years of infighting amongst fans, the managerial merry go rounds and the off field financial downs we haven''t had much to sing about. Now we have.
  7. Completely agree Rudolph, it was great to see the South Stand and the River End join in with OTBC. Perhaps it was the chance to go top, perhaps it was just continuing from Colchester (which was also a great atmosphere in the away area). Whatever it is, the players have to be lifted and encouraged, especially at the hour point of the game.
  8. Agree with what you have said Ricardo. Thought Brentford had a few too many free kicks and some of their challenges were worse than ours, while we got bookings they largely got away with it. But (unlike in the past) the whole team didn''t let it get to them. They were solid, especially after the departure of Holt. The changes at half time worked and although it was disappointing to see Hoolahan substituted I was expecting it and Oli brought an extra zip to the play. The last 15 minutes were crucial and we kept our shape, our nerve and triumphed when on so many occasions in the past we have fallen down and lacked backbone and spirit. Lambert was encouraging from the sidelines all match. We now look good for promotion. Only a series of injuries surely can stop our surge. I really can''t see Lambert letting much unsettle the team. As for the players it''s a joy to watch them. Although not much sublime football today, there was at all times, spirit, teamwork and obvious confidence they could do the job. As has been said, the atmosphere was good, and the sight of several fans in the South Stand standing at the end made me quite tearful. Perhaps after the tough times in the past four years our club is mending and ready for bigger things. A proud day for all City fans.
  9. What a sad man. What he has hoped to achieve over the last few months I guess we can all speculate on, but if it''s promoting his supposed football club in the best of lights, he''s failed miserably. After visiting the wonderous new stadium and seeing the state of the pitch I think Mr Cowling has a lot of work to do to convince many people that Col U are a team on the up. Layer Road had far more style. The issues over Lambert no doubt will go on and on....and he''ll get his precious compensation in the end. Best spend it on re doing the pitch and finishing off the stadium - oh and a few defenders wouldn''t go amiss. Paul Lambert is better off out of it, as has been proved. Working with Cowling must have been taxing to put it mildly. Never mind Robbie, just think of all those new fans you have. Best make sure they turn up next time with the correct tickets. Oh and a little managerial tip, you and Glenn Roeder would be a match made in heaven.
  10. Bristol Rovers so far for me, some simply wonderful football, but because of the occasion, Col U away pushes it mighty close.
  11. Top post Shaun, where have you been!! I have to admit I didn''t expect much at first, despite being present at a NCISA forum where Lambert turned up and spoke very well about his managerial life so far and what he wanted to achieve. Is he as good as Martin O''Neill was at the same stage at NCFC? I will readily admit I worshipped that man and it took me years to get over his departure (some would tell you I have never got over it!) but I would have to say yes, the comparisons are eerie alright. Will he go on to achieve what Martin has? Well only time will tell and do you know what it would be our ticket (back) to the big time and for old fans like me (and many other posters on here) it would signify REAL ambition and real determination if the board of our club managed to hold onto him. I wonder if it will be him however, rather than the board, who will decide his future in the medium/long term. I am convinced McNally wanted this man and will do all he can to persuade him to stay. It''s comforting for some of us shall we say, that the three directors who presided over the debacle of hiring Gunn have kept in the background of late. Of course a lot will depend on how far he thinks he can take us and indeed, how far he wants to go with us. Will anyone come along to tempt him away? Not this season that''s for sure, but the next, or the next? I completely emphasise with your final paragraph. Yes, he''s something special alright and finally yesterday walking away from Col U the parallel with Mr O''Neill really sunk in. Times have been hard recently and many mistakes have been made, several have cost us dear not only in league position, but in terms of suffering for fans and players alike. Much finance has been wasted on paying off failed managers and now, we have got this one. WE MUST treasure him and keep him here. Highest scorers in all English leagues, with a real team spirit building we just get better. WE just can''t throw this away. Can we.
  12. Agreed Wazzock, for me yesterday''s match was a bit of a test, let''s face it, we are not good when the pressure''s on. Without wishing to make anyone sad/angry/desperate look what''s happened in matches we have had to win in the past. Thankfully, under Lambert we seem to be capable of rising to the occasion and have shown Colchester just what they have lost in Lambert. Not only do we have a team who play for each other, we have a manager who the whole team respects. Have to say it was one of the best away days for many seasons.
  13. Completely agree with the OP, for me he''ll be in the top three players of the season, he had a great game.
  14. Brendan I agree Before today I didn''t think anyone would ever emulate Martin O''Neill for me and what NCFC could have been if he''d stayed, but I am just beginning to think that maybe, just maybe we can really go places with Mr Lambert.
  15. Having not been to many away matches recently, for a variety of reasons, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go today with my daughter and a good friend. It turned into an away day classic. With some degree of local knowledge of the area and the fact my daughter’s father in law is a steward at Col U we were tipped off on likely parking areas etc and managed to find a spot not too far away. Have to say the new venue was very disappointing, is this really an improvement on Layer Road, don’t think so. Why are so many of these souless plastic grounds being built miles from nowhere, no history, no atmosphere, and this one could not cope with a full away end - real crush getting refreshments, but cracking atmosphere at half time as Hucks was spotted in amongst all of us. Have to give a mention to the stewarding which was great, no one tried to get us to sit down and we were just allowed to get on with supporting. We were lucky enough to be on the back row, but the whole away end was full of singing and cheering and a great feeling and atmosphere with chant upon chant of encouragement to the team, many many songs about Paul Lambert and a few towards Mr Cowling. Pitch was shocking, how is anyone supposed to play football on that? Started slowly, with Col U getting the best of the first 20 minutes, but Martin’s second goal just before half time made the second half very much one sided. Great to see Doc’s classic goal, and more pleasing still to hear so many fans sing his song. What a turn around for him in recent months. New boy Olly very impressive and a great goal. Again both telling and pleasing to see the whole team go over and mob him. We really are showing great team spirit and at the head of it all and driving it on is Lambert. I didn’t think I would ever wonder how far we could go this season, after the dire end to the last one and the disgraceful first match of the season - who could possibly have drempt of today? It was always going to be difficult after the Col U Chairman had behaved like a spoilt child but we played well under the pre match hype and pressure. Yes there were many city fans in the home areas, but it was left to Col U fans to get carried away and act like idiots and get thrown out. I suppose they must wonder what might have been if Lambert were still there. He’s the difference between the two clubs and we are mighty lucky he wanted to come here. He’s inspired the players we had to become a team and for the club as a whole to mend after recent turbullent times. Not perfect yet, but today was a day when fans there shared something special, the realisation that this is going to be our year. Oh, and Hucks in the row in front of us - what a guy, what other club has a former player singing and cheering them on on the terraces? Good for you Hucks.
  16. A wonderful article, well written - should be dispensed with the season ticket brochure instead of the usual spin we get.
  17. Vos, allow me to make a contribution. While not understanding accounting or indeed the thinking behind our involvement in the venture with Holiday Inn I can tell you it''s as busy as an city hotel could expect to be, traffic at all hours, coaches continually coming and going picking up and dropping off parties. Added to that are taxis ferrying business types all the while. So I would say they are more than happy with their occupancy (and they must love the custom pre match). In fact it never appears to be shut!!
  18. A Villa home win for me please Nutty, good luck with the picks Beau
  19. The very best of luck Hughesy. Can you put me down for another fantastic away win for the boys in yellow and green Nutty?
  20. Yes, I have to admit I kinda like him and I am female, understanding every word he says too. Not liked a manager as much as this since the great Martin O''Neill and as the days go on have more confidence he won''t be going the same way. I have no doubt he''ll get us promoted and in some style too.
  21. I thought they were great, the Oldham fans, nice to see a bunch with humour - let''s face it if we had been down in this league for years (I can remember Oldham and us in the Premier League/old first division). Not many in number, but good banter and sticking by their local club, despite living with undoubtedly lots of Man U ''fans''. Good on them, though their place has to be one of the coldest grounds I have ever been to, even in late Spring.
  22. Angels, don''t forget the poor soul who had made a banner fit for the occasion telling his ''heroes'' they had let him down again. What a bunch of absolute idiots (I was tempted to use other words) that lot are. Even worse than Ipswich. I can''t bear them or what they stand for and winning that game was just wonderful (as was getting out of the Midlands alive).
  23. Not as big as many think. Last season we were dire, and that is taking into account the managerial merry go round, the obvious ill feeling between various sections of support, the Cullum affair, Roeder''s turn at the AGM etc - and then what went on during games which wasn''t much to write home about. Someone else said it all, OG being one of our highest scorers. Let''s face it we were a club going nowhere but down by Xmas, if not before. This season, despite being a league down (and obviously not the same quality of opposition) we are third, have scored numerous goals, have a settled side, managed by an astute manager. As far as we know, we don''t have players wanting away or being frozen out of the side. We have unity, or as good as, which is amazing considering what was happening this time last year. IF we manage to hang on to our best players, (I tend to think we will), and we have no major injury concerns, we should be promoted, hopefully without going through the play off lottery. Next season I would expect us to carry on the good work, bolstered by a few additions. We know we can do well in the Championship. It''s all about ability, stability and planning. We can do it now, with new faces and new ideas now in place at CR. All we really need is some timely investment. But I firmly believe the majority of our squad are certainly capable of playing well in the Championship and with four or five additions go on and within a couple of years focus on promotion to the Premiership.
  24. Is this a bit of a clue as to the main character in your annual panto Chops?
  25. Ricardo, a great report as always, and keep taking the tablets, though if you have high BP please do be careful and don''t get over excited - please avoid the transfer gossip in January. As for taking Bendroflumethiazide (don''t laugh, I type drug names like this all day at work), just be thankful you aren''t on HRT medication or steroids.
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