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  1. Kdncfc - they were mainly saying they could either reduce the netting which segregates fans, though this was only a suggestion and also put in seats in areas where there are areas of empty concrete at present, this won''t results in hundreds of seats, McNally confessed that. At least they are trying to think of ways to get a few more fans in. The front of the hotel I am not too sure about. There are safety issues (space for an emergency vehicle to enter the stadium should it be needed etc).
  2. I have to say it was a lot different to the ones from the last years and thankfully so! What CA, Morty and the old forum campaigners are probably searching for is the old confrontation with Doncaster and marvelling at how Munby could drone on for hours about absolutely nothing. Now it''s much more businesslike and the compere (didn''t catch the name) was hilarous and well worth his own TV show. If he''s unaware of his comedy value it would make it even funnier. There were a couple of halfway awkward questions, right at the end one about the Turners which again went unanswered to any satisfactory conclusion (I imagine on legal grounds the club are unable to answer) and McNally looked very uncomfortable when asked about improving/lengthening Lambert''s contract. However it was interesting to learn of ways to increase seating without building another stand/add onto the City Stand. I also can''t believe someone complained about paying £2 to attend. For the compere alone I would have paid a fiver!! Overall I felt the board looked relieved not to be facing the usual throng and looked united. However as much as they congratulate themselves on being the best football club in the world etc, etc, all I could think of as we sat surrounded by large photos of our past (greater glories than walking the third division) was how did it ever get to this? It is refreshing and reassuring to have someone like McNally at the helm and a great manager in Lambert, but the rest of them still don''t inspire me one bit. Next year (we hope) at a decent level will be more of a test both on and off the field.
  3. First of all congratulations to the OP and may he/she get a great deal of support for their campaign. It''s all about choice. The terrible tragedy at Hillsborough sadly gave the authorities license to bring in laws which made all football fans ''guilty'' for merely doing what they had been doing for decades before. There are still grounds (in this league, and formerly up to Championship level) where standing terraces remain. Are there accidents/injuries there? I haven''t heard of any. Since the Barclay was turned from a den of passionate standing support into a mass of plastic seating there have been problems, stewards largely fighting a losing battle getting everyone to sit down and supporters longing to remain standing. Since those seats I have left matches covered in bruises from the back of the seats in front. In all the days of being on terraces, both at Carrow Road and numerous other ground I have not received ONE injury. Not in surges during goal celebrations or moving about on the terraces. Seats have undoubtedly made a huge impact on support and the noise levels. We can all look for other reasons such as the changing mix of support, but there are near me in the Barclay those who have been supporting for 30+ years who all remember the terraces. We are not all the new breed of football support content to snooze in a padded seat and not utter a word or song to support the team. Frustrated over the years of sitting in row M or whatever I have now secured a seat in row X (back row) and intend to keep it (if only to make sure Nutty continues to stand at matches!). I haven''t sat down at a match for ages, and can count myself lucky that the stewards near us use common sense and let us get on with supporting the team, which after all is why we are there. For those who wish to sit, or those who are unable to stand for long there are three other stands where they can do that. I believe truly if the legislation allowed it, a standing terrace at CR would be massively over subscribed and that the whole terrace could be filled once more with standing support. However in the days of H&S we currently are inflicted with this move may be years away and I will be too old to stand, but I yearn for the days when the Barclay, at least is returned to its former glory. And that goes for the whole of football in the UK. They can do this safely in other countries, why not here.
  4. Hi Morty, I will be going, can''t miss it as it''s so close for me, the forums are usually very good affairs. Yes there''s a bar! Paul Lambert should be good value for a mere £2, he was very good at the NCISA event earlier in the season, haven''t seen Delia at one of the forums for ages, she must be confident we''re already promoted!
  5. Okay City 1st, work this one out. I stand (not sit) at the back of Block E of the Barclay and shop at Morrisons and Sainsburys. Would shop at Waitrose if I lived nearer, but I can see Morrisons from my house, so can walk there, therefore saving time and money. I occasionally trek up to Aldi on Plumstead Rd, which like Lidl has high quality food from Germany and the Netherlands, just no fancy packaging or mass advertising. I also shop for fruit veg and meat on Norwich market. My main criteria for food shopping is quality at reasonable prices. I will pay more for locally produced food where I am helping local businesses and farms. I am intrigued to learn more of Delia''s involvement with Waitrose however.
  6. Having trawled through most of this thread I wonder really why you are so incensed Brendan. Why should it matter to you why a certain section of support didn''t attend/don''t attend? Unless you have a serious wish to become the next Andrew Cullen or have a job lined up in the Box Office I really can''t see what is troubling you. Many posters have tried to explain and I don''t really want to repeat all they have said, save wait a few years until you have a) to pay for your ticket yourself from either a limited disposable income or b) have limited time and other commitments such as work or family, or even you are living away from Norfolk. Crowd numbers go up and down. We have played better football than we are currently, with better players and in a higher league and we had gates of 10-15,000. Over the years the ticket prices have become better for families, and there is now an interest free season ticket payable by Direct Debit, amongst many other reasons. Whether or not you judge someone as fickle is really just down to your opinion. Every city fan has a reason for going to each match, and reasons for not going. I don''t think given the numbers seen at Carrow Road over the past ten or so years city fans deserve to be branded as fickle or glory hunters. In the third division? Don''t think so!
  7. How much do you charge by the hour to lie on your couch Rude Old.... Good summary. And no hysterics. You will go far!
  8. Hope all goes well for you Broadstairs, shame you weren''t moving next year, you could have bought my house then! It''s very handy for football.....lol
  9. First one was Kevin Keelan, haven''t seen a keeper of his class since play for us. After him it was Graham Paddon, then Ted MacDougall, and following on from them John Deehan and Kevin Drinkell. Onto the great times in the late eighties would have to say the wonderful Mark Bowen and Ruel Fox were always my favourites. I wept buckets when Ruel went (the beginnings of the end of our good times as it turned out). Since them only Hucks really comes close. Not only a great player, but an ambassador for the club he really has no modern equal. Of the current team Wes carries the torch at the moment.
  10. If you want a good area, nice old Victorian house, decent chip shop and real ale pub you will want Thorpe Hamlet. Only 5 mins to Carrow Road too! Hope the weather improves for you before Thursday Broadstairs!
  11. Broadstairs - maybe this is from a slightly older perspective (and female). I have lived in the Norwich area since 2003 when we moved to Thorpe St Andrew on the Dussindale estate which is a very large estate of new houses, perfectly fine and very nice for families, safe and large Sainsburys, good bus links and a business park nearby, also between there and the city centre a good range of waterside pubs. After that I moved to Riverside Road, in the heart of Thorpe Hamlet (real city centre), also a good area (though it has the unfortunate claim of being in the red light area), bit busier but again perfectly fine. I now live near the football ground itself and have everything I could wish for nearby. Have also lived right next to the Rosary Tavern (also near the Coach and Horses). If it''s pubs you want try this area or off Dereham Rd, (Fat Cat). I suppose you have to go for an area which provides what you need, suburbs would be very hard to beat Thorpe St Andrew, a lovely village feel, Taverham is also very nice, similar on the north western side. Afraid I have no school age kids so can''t give you any info on schools. I don''t hold with bad areas as such, it''s what you make of them, and the people there which count. I have lived in much tougher areas than anything Norwich has to provide and if you treat people with respect you will get on with most. House wise, modern try Thorpe, Taverham, or a city centre apartment, old Victorian the Golden Triangle or Thorpe Hamlet or the northern city centre around Silver Street and further afield. As Nutty and co have said, when you have settled in, let Nutty know and he''ll arrange a welcome night for you at the Bayer Club! Hope you were already thinking of this Nutty!!
  12. Kathy, my reply is perhaps predictable, just go to the match (man or woman) if the other half doesn''t like football tough, you still go. Football was there, presumably, before them and it will stay after them, or in spite of them. I have had to chose twice in my life and guess what, NCFC won each time. If I was ever involved again with someone who asked me to choose to give up football I would then have to choose just what was more important. It''s simple really....
  13. Mello, you have to understand, cut backs had to be made to enable NCFC to make a push for promotion. Ask yourself this, what''s more important, your custard creams or keeping Holt and Hoolahan last month? Perhaps you can go to Morrisons and see what''s on offer there pre match for your half time delights - though have to agree the Ambassador''s draw is riveting and you shouldn''t need anything extra to sustain you.
  14. Come on guys, record it and fast forward through the boring bits, I am amazed none of you have thought of that! Too much time on your hands perhaps!
  15. Smithy speaks for me on this thread. Yes, it''s great to win games, but just look at where we are. This had better be a temporary home, very temporary. Another season down here, minus the better players and it doesn''t bear thinking about. With this team, manager and NEW additions on the board I believe we could make a decent shot of the Championship, plus a few additions to the squad. Forward thinking is what we need and the ability to go forward, not thinking this is our level. That attitude has contributed massively to getting us where we are now. And it''s not just an age thing, my two kids in their 20s aren''t impressed with the third division either.
  16. CA, you never went on some of the infamous cabbage trips of old then, the old Tuesday night specials to the likes of Yorkshire, the Midlands and Merseyside, when they would go all the way back without stopping (the Farm was usually shut by then). By heck you had to have an iron bladder! We have it too soft now, they even have toilets aboard, what is the world coming to?
  17. Tommy Docherty, bless him, now he had a sense of humour!
  18. WIFE VS. HUSBAND A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, ''Relatives of yours?'' ''Yep,'' the wife replied, ''in-laws.'' CREATION A man said to his wife one day, ''I don''t know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time. ''The wife responded, ''Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you! THE SILENT TREATMENT A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day, he would need his wife to wake him at 5:0 0 AM for an early morning business flight. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper, ''Please wake me at 5:00 AM.'' He left it where he knew she would find it. The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn''t wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed. The paper said, ''It is 5:00 AM. Wake up.'' Men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.
  19. Nutty and Butler, having met all the culprits (board members) and heard them speak and seen them act I can only say that McNally is streets ahead of Doncaster and about three leagues higher, sadly that''s theory only at present, but surely the only way is up. As has been said elsewhere, under Munby and Doncaster we were merely living for the moment, lurching most of the time from crisis to crisis. The new men are setting out serious intentions and have firm plans to take us there. The new men have given us some stability (getting to grips with sub standard managers quickly) and we have moved on from there apace. As for Doncaster and Munby I had no confidence in them at any time during their tenure, which includes our brief flirtation with the Premiership. It''s no coincidence we are riding high in the league. It''s due to a winning mentality and knowing the right way to go about things. I am not surprised at all to hear they sounded confident and direct at the AGM. That''s how Lambert and McNally came across at the NCISA meeting several months ago. For the first time in years confidence in those running the club and anticipate a far better future in our quest to get back to higher realms in the world of football. Both on and off the pitch.
  20. Don''t worry Butler, I am sure you are guaranteed the more enjoyable evening. Lucky old me is working, so will be looking for someone to do a full report on here. Nutty, hope you take your shorthand pad!
  21. OP asked for favourite, which doesn''t necessarily mean the best or who has achieved the most, so going with that sentiment: Martin O''Neill - for the promise alone, together with the fact he was a genuine people person and fantastic man manager. If only.... John Bond - larger than life and brought real attacking sexy football to Carrow Road, for the first time in my experience - some of the football was simply fantastic. Mike Walker - (have to agree with Nutty about the influence of Dave Williams who has to be one of our all time unsung heroes). Did about everything right on the field with a great team inherited from Stringer (and Williams). What a shame his Chairman didn''t believe in him and the team. Lambert - can and will go on to achieve great things for us, and a bonus for everyone at NCFC, has a great CE behind him. Really can''t see him going anywhere else anytime soon.
  22. Having heard a few of them at forums, think the best was Iwan and funnily enough Darren Eadie was hilarious at a recent comedy club evening at the club. Andy Hughes was also a laugh a minute guy too. As for Fighting Talk - pure comedy gold and a must listen every week, though Matt Holland isn''t a patch on Henning. Bring him back!!
  23. Nice to see you back Ricky, like you I had many doubts about the way the club was run with the old staff in charge, including the appointment of Gunn for the start of this season. Since the departure of Gunn (and also including Munby and Doncaster) the whole club seems to be on a different level altogether. Much more positive, better PR from club officials and spokespeople and of course a far better manager in Lambert. Long may it continue. On an added note, surely Delia''s recent TV series and re releasing of several of her books can only be a good thing if it keeps us just a bit further away from administration and can fund us in the Champ should we be promoted. I am more hopeful of our progress than I have been for many years. McNally is obviously a much stronger and more credible CE than his Doncaster.
  24. Another vote for Wes, though it''s a difficult choice between him and Holt.
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