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  1. Seriously, Lord, can''t you remember "There''s only one F in Fleming?" It was sung on numerous occasions when he was playing.
  2. Difficult to assess the whole crowd. From the off it seemed we just weren''t up for it. Aside from a few individual flashes here and there we looked distinctly pedestrian. this was reflected in the crowd. Thankfully I am in a positive area and we sung songs at Carlisle "We don''t sing in friendlies" really summing up the whole game. The Carlisle fans were excellent, one of the best set of away fans all season. Credit to them. I think we have almost had too much celebrating. First at Charlton then the next game on becoming Champions, that was the celebration, yesterday was just confirmation of that with the many presentations. The awful weather didn''t help either. Onto Thursday then, when we can all celebrate en route in the city, especially those who couldn''t get a ticket yesterday.
  3. Ha ha Morty, I only use my seat at half time, or to stand on it to see the team parading around the pitch. To be honest I do pay less than those in areas where it''s obligatory to sit, ie the South Stand or City Stand middle areas. I don''t actually care much about the price of my seat, it''s a fair price across the whole season. I have to agree that the D and E block seats at the back are rarely available, I had to wait years to get one up there. Legally of course we are all required to sit down throughout the game, but in reality some of us get too excited to sit there completely unmoved. If fans who want to remain seated are worried about not seeing the game, then there are more areas in the ground than not where they can view the action uninterrupted. I too agree that the away fans should be allowed to stand and support if they want to. Barclay D and E blocks do.
  4. Sorry guys, can''t make it beforehand, meeting others in another location, but might be able to meet after, is it the Nelson?
  5. Fantastic, especially the Newcastle fixture, will hope to go to both of these. Should make for two fairly full Carrow Roads, and even more intriguing the fixture v Norwich United, I don''t think I have ever seen this before so will make an effort to attend. Congratulations to those who were involved in arranging the Premiership sides coming here.
  6. No, can''t honestly see it, Rovers were poor against us and I really can''t see them even drawing with Leeds. So they will be promoted. Though only just on the last day. If for some reason they do slip up then they only have themselves to blame. They should have been promoted long before now, seeing they are such a big club and deserve to be in the Premiership, etc etc. How on earth did Norwich City beat them to it?
  7. For me it''s between Adam Drury who will go down in our history as one of our best and most consistent performers and a loyal and throughly nice bloke too. A great role model for boys now playing and hoping to aspire to play for our club one day. Also don''t think Darrel Russell really gets the praise he deserves, he''s not really one of my favourites but he''s kept the back four safe from conceding on many occasions this season. What has been emphasised though across the whole season is the transformation of our squad into a team who work for each other and this has undoubtedly been one of the main reasons we won the league.
  8. Most looking forward to: Simply playing at a higher level than this season. Least: Exposing how far we have to go in terms of strengthening the squad should our funds not stretch far enough.
  9. Sadly I am old enough to remember it, I was watching the Final Score on Grandstand that day where they reported it. It is certainly something I won''t watch again, no need as I can remember it like it was yesterday. I have since been to Bradford away games many times and have to say it''s one of my favourite away venues. Great tragedy and like all of them, we can only hope that lessons were learned.
  10. Ah yes, you are right there Laps! Nothing better than taking the dog for a walk when you are not feeling very charitable, somehow though I feel it''s an outdated pastime and I should be posting even more on here. Don''t tempt me.
  11. Yes, it was an amusing scoreline, not sure where either Keane or Ipswich go from here. All that money, all the hype surrounding the owner, all the expectations. Wonder what the Ipswich fans are feeling now? On a less comforting note, I may be linked in some way to Mr Keane, my grandmother hailed from the same area! Help!!!
  12. The Daily Mail is one of the reasons I get up in the morning, what a quality comic it really is. Don''t worry dear posters, I don''t buy it, it''s passed on by a mad neighbour! I can''t understand why they would stick the knife in Delia but there you go, no one is safe from them.
  13. I have to agree Arthur, Bristol Rovers first half was really good. Knew then for sure we would get promoted. My favourite match day was Col U away. The whole build up to it, animosity with their Chairman, lots of city fans in the home areas and the emphatic scoreline, will remember it for a long time. Very closely followed by Leeds home.
  14. The same as in the football season, but maybe in a tee shirt instead of a coat. Namely walking, swimming, trips away with family, looking after my grand daughter, more time with non footballing friends, will probably watch World Cup, but also cricket and tennis. I do miss the football season, but it does give us all time to calm down and reflect - we''ve had a good year and can leave the folk at Carrow Road to take the club forward. Happy times.
  15. I can''t say I would pay £50 for Tom Jones, but that is sadly the going rate for world ranking acts in the music business. I have paid £50 and more over the years to see various solo artists and bands. I wonder what the club will make out of the night, hopefully enough to encourage more in the future, which may in time lead to more recent bands for younger music fans. CA - I am sure despite his age Tom Jones can still sing and belt out his hits of the past. You don''t still perform at that age if you can''t cut it anymore. Four or so years ago I saw James Brown in Hyde Park (he was support for the Chillis). He was also well into his 70s and was just amazing - I am glad to say I saw someone of that ilk before he passed away. Norwich desperately needs a large venue where music of every genre can be performed. At present we have to travel to either London, Birmingham or Sheffield to see anyone of the ilk of the Killers for example.
  16. Remember it all clearly. It''s a feat which will probably not be repeated, not the whole story anyway. Yes we were defeated on the opening day, but by such a margin and so comprehensively beaten - then the manager responsible moves here? It''s the stuff of storybooks, a bit Roy of the Rovers if you like (apologies for anyone under 30 who won''t know who that was!). In the media the Leeds story really overshadowed us and for many reasons that may well have been in our favour. It''s tough having to listen to the likes of Alan Green bleat on about how Leeds should be in the Premiership and about them being a big club, etc etc. But we were the team who just got on with it. Once Lambert was here he got the whole playing staff motivated, tactics and game plans well worked and the whole team was transformed. It''s great to look back and see just what we have achieved, given the way we started the season. He simply has to be manager of the season in this league.
  17. Totally agree, one blast of We are the Champions maybe, then leave it to the fans to do the rest.
  18. So we are champions. Or should that be Champions. At long last out of this league and on our way back to where we should be. No, we are not there yet and I would imagine it will take a good few years of hard work, commitment, luck and burying more foundations to make us stable, both on the financial side as well as extra recruits in yellow shirts before I can truly say we are back to the heights we reached in the early ''90s. It was a pleasure to be at Carrow Road today. To stand proud in the back row of the Barclay and see all four stands awash with joy, pride and euphoria. Such a contrast from the past two, three or is it really four seasons when all emotions and consequences were negative and us supporters, today united in celebration, were divided. The season when so much was expected, needed desperately to save ourselves started so badly. Who could have dreamt of such a turnaround? Who wrote the script must have ghosted several Hollywood blockbusters. I felt nothing but desperation this time last year. What next I wondered, what else could go wrong. Not any of us could have forseen the first home game of the season. And now as we look back, some of us, and me for one, can only say, thank God it happened. It was the kick up the arse we needed. We needed more than the leveller that relegation gave us. We needed a reality check, and Colchester gave us that. In came Paul Lambert (aka God) and there was no turning back. From a bunch of hopelessly motivated, badly coached and throughly demoralised players he’s bit by bit fashioned a team. A team who will fight, scrap and almost die for the cause, who are proud of the shirt and yes, all we called for during the previous few seasons. Sure the competition wasn’t of the same standard of the Championship, and at the moment we cannot even contemplate greater things than that. But a start has been made and I cannot imagine a better man than Lambert to lead us there. Over and over again we have seen a team fashion everything there is to witness in a long season, flowing attacking football, goal after goal after goal. We’ve had a few setbacks, but the comebacks have always arrived and we have learned from it. We have had cameo performances and some solo greatness. We have had numerous fightbacks from one or two goals down. A goal scored in every single away game. Is this really Norwich City? Yes, it’s League One, but I bet we will be a tougher propostion away from home next year because of it. The team that now Lambert can rightly now call his own, for although he inherited some from the previous regime, as players, as a team they are unrecognisable. Off the pitch the new Board members have everything their predecessors lacked. Oh we are a long way off a team capable of sustaining a Premiership status, but finally I feel we are on the way back. I could vote easily for my player of the season, there are several worthy candidates for that prize but for me it was the changes in the coaching staff which gave us hope and finally won the prize. Thank you Paul Lambert and your coaching staff. We have, at last, a team to be proud of and a team we know will be the foundations for a new Norwich City Football Club.
  19. WITS, be careful, most of the roads around Thorpe Road are permit parking, as you say there are numerous charity car parks and a large car park on Clarence Road. Best to park on the borders of Thorpe St Andrew and the city, where permit parking ends.
  20. If McNally had not been appointed I very much doubt promotion would have been talked about around the board table, let alone amongst supporters. No McNally, no Lambert, and carry on with Gunn. It doesn''t bear thinking about. There were many reasons we dropped to League One in the first place. Those responsible had no chance of redemption without a massive change in attitude and action. Change had to come, and thankfully it did. With dramatic effect.
  21. I took my rebate and for the same reasons as so well documented on this thread by The Butler, And Smith must Score and Yellow Rider. Yes, I happen to know all of them, and all three, like myself are long term supporters of NCFC. A bit long in the tooth, but not ready to accept mediocrity any longer. Like many others, we were fed up with the shambolic running of the club by Smith and Jones (through the actions of one Neil Doncaster). It wasn''t only the players who were responsible for us ending up in League One. If relegation wasn''t bad enough we then had to endure another season of Bryan Gunn. Did I have any faith in our chances of promotion with him in charge? None at all. Did I have any faith in the board (at the time consisting of the old crew, before McNally arrived), none. Their recent history had indeed made us history. Relegated to the third tier. It was nothing to do with wanting new shoes, and not even the correct payment for a lesser level of football, it was about showing the board enough was enough. The rebate, the meeting at St Andrews'' Hall all added up to much unrest. And that was before the first game of the season. I am not at all sorry I did it, nor ever will be. Let''s just be thankful the majority shareholders woke up to reality and appointed a credible Chairman and CE finally. Without McNally and Lambert there would have been no promotion.
  22. Thankfully for all of you I declined to be interviewed, I was walking back home from shopping and they pounced on me asking if I was a "Norwich City follower". I said yes, I was, and the guy asked if I could say a few words and how did I feel about NCFC being promoted. I declined saying I didn''t want to be on TV. He was v polite, but they were parked near the hotel at about 10 am, not many city fans to interview I wouldn''t have thought, last thing I saw of them they were heading to the Holiday Inn reception!
  23. Great idea and has been talked about at CR in my little area, though not sure it''s quite as good for us ladies, do we have to wear tracksuits and turned up polo shirts?
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