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  1. completely agree wizard with your huckerby points, though i still rate Rivers - he can still do a job on the wing - i understand from other sources today that Keegan is eager to get rid of Hucks and a 850K figure is on the cards, don''t tell me we can''t afford that anyone, please. If Hucks really wants to stay, i am sure something can be worked out contract wise. It would be great to keep them both, and i sincerely hope we do, buy the key man is Huckerby He is a class apart in this division and will lead us to the premiership, crouch is a great target man, and the two link up well we need both, or it is this division for years to come!
  2. why on earth would he want to go there, crowds are pretty sparse - as for their standard of football and discipline!! If Hucks is purely money motivated he will go back to Man City and sit on his arse in the reserves - not go to somewhere where he will rot He is staying here, and yes, yesterday he was a marked man, and no one could have done better, considering the sort of game Watford were playing We missed mullers terribly and due to other strange tactical decisions didn''t ever look like we would get going, it was just one of those days, we have to be positive and learn from it and move on
  3. yes, all of you, get over there a bit of light relief after this site, there is a place for both, but on ncfc-fans we talk about anything - not just football - there is a ban on hucks posts at the moment, due to me mostly lol come on over, most of us meet up before the game too and have a great time so anyone who fancies a bit of fun and good football chat ncfc-fans.co.uk and log on to ''your say'' a quick registration and you are on see you there!!
  4. love it meders lol yeah, you are right about the fence trouble is, i have never sat on one and on more than one occasion got my fingers and arse burned i don''t mean to offend anyone on here, we all have our own views and my thoughts are directed at a board who MUST take a chance or we stand to lose so much, our best players, our manager (who at the start of the season i hadn''t much faith in to be honest). We will lose Green, Drury and anyone else with more than the usual div one talent - we have to go for it, Worthy has signed hucks on a loan and given us this golden opportunity if we don''t take it - then can any of you honestly say you want another ten years of this division, another rebuilding, another manager, and all that means. I know it is a risk, what isn''t in life, all of football is - yes, there have been casualties - but also successes we could be one of them. We will be top on Saturday, and who would have thought that in August. Please sign Huckerby and take Crouch on a season long loan NCFC board!!! Or we stand to lose a lot more than a fantastically gifted player.
  5. i am with you 100% rainbowchaser let''s hope the board see what is in front of their noses and it doesn''t take another three or four games - how much more has the man got to do - Beg? He wants to stay, we want him to stay (though some are wary of the financial implications) But if he doesn''t stay, if we then slide down the table and have another disappointing season what then for Worthy? Where will we be without him, or Green, or Drury or a lot of fans? We have spent many futile years praying and wishing. Let''s do something constructive, let''s signal our intentions to the rest of division one. We mean business. Buying Hucks is not going to bankrupt the club, we already have high earners, one of which will be out of contract at the end of the season. Do we let this chance go, for the good of the club''s finances, so we don''t take a risk? And is the risk of losing our best players, our manager not a bigger risk than signing a player who can help us take the final step to the premiership? We will soon know I just hope the board finally realise that we have the best chance we have ever had we would be fools not to take it Sign Huckerby now
  6. ffl get back to the pms on our site, you naughty boy!!
  7. sorry, canny, I don''t agree with you. We have had the likes of Doncaster, Mumby, Roy Blower etc, telling it how they think it is, I want to hear the other side''s argument, one I happen to agree with. Well done Rick Waghorn, another excellent article this week too. Thank god we don''t have to read negative stuff from the board all the time!!
  8. agreed Tacklebury, don''t know if anyone is exactly in the running yet, but I am sure Nigel is thinking about it. Doesn''t really matter what they are like now, let''s face it, why did Nigel take the Norwich job, hardly setting the world alight then were we? He is ambitious, that is the first and foremost impression you get when listening to him for any length of time. If he is disappointed over what the board do re the loan players, especially Hucks, then the prospect of turning his country''s team around is going to seem awfully tempting. What is in it for him to stay here and be an ''almost made it'' man. He has told the board what it takes to get promoted, and if they don''t either understand that, or listen, then he can''t be blamed for looking to make a name for himself elsewhere. We don''t know that he, or anyone else (excepting Hamilton) couldn''t make N Ireland a much better team than they are now. We are judging them on their present status, not what they could become, and so will Nigel. Come December and a few decisions not to take the chance on promotion this year, and Nige could well be looking for something else, and I reckon managing N Ireland could tempt him. It at least does give him more bargaining power as Tacklebury suggests.
  9. we could, but Hucks is happy here and more likely to sign for us than other division one clubs and hopefully no rich prem club will come in - they didn''t sign him before he came to us, I know he has done well with us, but maybe they think he isn''t quite good enough for the Prem. The publicity is just telling the board what a lot of us are trying to. This is your best chance to get to the Premiership, sign him or regret it. to the original post, I don''t remember anyone since maybe Eadie getting this sort of attention. Good, it all helps, and it should convince the board to buy him so we cash in on the talent, not someone else.
  10. yeah, forever in this division, which is getting tiring to say the least. We have put up with crap for years and now we finally have a real chance of something good and we don''t go for it? So there''s no money, there will be if we don''t sign Hucks, finish about 10th and Drury and Greeno jump ship. You can''t expect them to remain here forever. Then yet another rebuild!! Just how patient do we have to be? How do we know Hucks would just go to sleep once he had a nice fat contract, we don''t, but we do know he is capable of helping us out of this division. I know about finance and sticking to a budget, I must be the only person over the age of 18 who doesn''t have a credit card, but we really have to take this chance, Hucks has said he wants to stay, if he really doesn''t he will name a huge price and be gone. If that happens they it happens. But I think he wants to stay, Worthy wants him to stay. I am no financial genius who can come up with convincing figures, but the money in merchandising, increased ticket sales etc that he would bring in would be worth it, and the thought of the Premiership - surely getting back there is our aim. We cannot wait for ever. Worthy, bless him, has hit gold, now its time to make sure we keep him.
  11. agreed, I have argued similar on another post, and I agree with you 100%!! Let''s hope the board wake up and smell the Premiership cappuccino on offer. WE MUST BUY HUCKERBY
  12. Didn''t realise they sold turf, come on you are going to have to do better than that, but the estate agent thing is true, I know someone who has contacts with one of them and yes, he has made enquiries. But don''t tell the Board!!
  13. Hayden, we are singing from the same hymn sheet, can''t argue with your maths, never my strongest point, but the scenerio you paint of not making it this season, or next, etc is spot on. I don''t know about taking the ratio to include all City fans - I suspect there are a large percentage who never visit websites (or use computers), but these maybe the fans with the biggest pockets. If this was really promoted well we could almost certainly (and I am not promising anything here, club or fans spokesmen) get a large amount towards the final fee. The club has to act, to leave it all to December is not good enough. One question I would like to ask them. Do we really want to fill that lovely new stand week after week, if yes, then for god''s sake GO FOR IT! We have been patient enough, Nigel has worked his way into the club and created a team. The board has to match his ambition, or lose him. It has happened before and look what happened, and the penalties are greater now. We must get Huckerby, he is our best hope for promotion. We cannot afford not to, to sit in this division is going to drain vital money year in year out. To lose out on a golden chance won''t wear well come Jan or Feb when our usual Christmas dip is in full flow, it won''t be any good then bleating about waiting another couple of years. Stands, nice though they are, don''t win promotion, little pieces of sheer genius do, and we have one here for another two months, and beyond, if they can take the chance. He wants to stay, an awful lot of us want him to stay. He must stay. Go for it Nige, you''ll be manager of the season if you pull this one out of the bag.
  14. Couldn''t agree more, I seriously would like to question the ''independent'' part of the title of this organisation! Independent from most fans I have spoken to anyway. Not all agree with me (and that''s okay) but at least those who don''t give us dreamers some respect, unlike these ''spokespeople'' who think they know it all, and of course, know better. If I belonged to NCISA, I would expect Roy Blower to come up with something which reflects the feeling of the members of such; maybe it does, and that is quite frightening. Just because someone belongs to a group, does it make them more able (and more authoritive on a subject) than us as single minded fans? The general feeling from Blower and the club is we don''t even need to think about it, it is just too much money, subsequently we have learnt that the price maybe not so high!! I hope the club is going to take the possibility of signing Mr Magic seriously if they ever had a golden opportunity of getting out of Div 1, he is it. Luckily, and this keeps me sane, I have a great deal of faith in Mr Worthington, and if he can pull this deal off - and I think he will - we will have the means for escape. Of course, some of you might say, what if? What if he gets injured, that once he is here he falls asleep and drifts through games on 20 grand a week? But what if he does what he has been doing and we go up! Think about it Mr Blower, think about what could be - football is all about hope and dreams, we have swallowed quite enough of "we will be great in the future" and "let''s see what will happen if a+b =c etc, etc" Well here''s a simple sum Buy Hucks and you''ll fill that stand and we''ll go up - just suppose you aim for the top!
  15. ffl at last we have found you!! Thank god for that we are all now on ncfc-fans.co.uk, there is a link from this site we are all on there, and I should have known I would find you on a calendar girls thread!! Speak to you tonight on our new home site, it is great - come on, come back to the gang!!
  16. and what about some of those nice "fans'' representatives for Miss February and March ( dull, cold, dark months!) What a fantastic idea, come on, this one could work. I''d be game for it (I am female by the way, and would give my all for this idea, if a bunch of middle aged women in Yorkshire can do it ---) Thanks so much, Tumbleweed, the best laugh I have had all week! Maybe, on the other hand, people would pay us to keep our kit on!
  17. what a refreshing change to read such a upbeat and well argued message, and I do agree with you, trouble is we are not in charge of what happens at the club, though of course collectively the fans do contribute to the money there. What has upset me so much over the past two days is the dismissal of our hopes and dreams - how do they know we couldn''t raise some money, various sums per head have been put forward, and if it were not the whole amount it would help. I am perfectly willing to put in £200 if it would secure Huckerby for the club - as you say we have to gamble one day, and I can''t see us finding anyone else as good as him in the near future. Agreed on injuries, it happens, look how many players we have had out for whole seasons in the past, I bet no one argued that you shouldn''t sign Emblem on a three year just in case he injured himself. I thought the club''s attitude to the fans was turning in the right direction, after all, not many sets of fans would put up with some of the stuff we have in the past ten years, but no, we are merely dismissed and patronised and accused of inciting false hopes in other fans Tell me if you will, what is football without hope
  18. morning A1 thought I would trundle over to this site to gauge opinion over the Hucks saga I am with you all the way, there are lots of similarily minded people on the official website too! The EDP this morning has lead with this in the Sports section - but official spokespeople say it can''t be done. Of course it can, we can secure enough to bring him here, until someone says exactly how much it is and that Hucks really doesn''t want to stay on a permanent basis. I would certainly put in a considerable sum (£200) if this could be done in a legitimate way, I am saddened that the club see us as a hopeless bunch of people who mean well but cannot make things happen I would like to ask them, what if? Huckerby signs for REading, Forest etc and takes them up. Wouldn''t that feel good, and as for a swap deal, if we don''t go up this year, we might lose Drury and Green anyway Have to hope Worthy''s silver tongue turns gold and he brings Hucks home.
  19. it is wonderful to actually read a post like this how I agree 100% with you. It seems to be a fundamental requirement of a footballer that he can pass a ball - preferably to someone with the same colour shirt on! You are right about the habit thing, they try and pass, lose it, panic then resort to this long ball rubbish which 1 - loses possession and usually creates chances for the opposition 2 - loses time in which we could be building an attack 3 - is not what I pay to watch! Come on Worthy, keep them off the golf course and teach them how to pass the ball to each other, before it is too late and we have a mid table (at best) position to look forward to we can do better than this - really - on our day we can outplay anyone in this league, I don''t mean to sound arrogant, but we can. If only we would play football and not pump useless balls to McVeigh. What is the use of having a midfield using this approach? I know there are defensive limitations due to lack of pace, but we have two centre halves emerging in the reserves, let them have some first team action and then we can get down to some real (and effective) football you might then find someone we already have is the mystical 20 a season striker!!
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