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  1. Give him a chance. You cannot judge a manager after 3 games. He has taken 6 points from a possible 9 which is a good start. You need to lose a game sometimes to learn how to improve the squad. There is a lot he can correct quickly from the Brentford match like the lack of communication in defence. You cannot always spot these things on the training ground I''m sure. If he is a good Manager then I would expect a huge response/improvement in the next game against Birmingham!! One thing I noticed which reminded me of the Lambert era was that when we attacked we committed alot of players forward into the box. We used to score loads this way!!
  2. [quote user="splutcho"]Why does he disgust you? You have no proof as to why he''s out of the team. None. Zilch.[/quote] I meant ofcourse if he is refusing to play. It is hard to believe that bassong, howson, fer, pilks, hoops and becchio all have injuries at the moment. Yes Fer had the world cup and got married but surely he could still play 60 minutes. If I am wrong I apologise but it is obvious things are not great behind the scenes at carrow road. Look at the schneiderlin situation at the moment as a similar example. He signed a contract, Saints are a good side, he should play. None of this motivation rubbish on what footballers get paid.
  3. Players like Bassong disgust me. They are the reason we are in this mess. They could at least help out and showcase there talents in the championship until the big offers come in for them. I hope hes getting fined weekly. I wonder if we had someone in charge like a Lennon how he would deal with them. Would any stay for him given his reputation over Adams? After yesterday it is obvious there are quite alot of problems behind the scenes. It is hard to see us improving on the pitch for a weeks yet. Maybe when the window closes after there has been the final ins and outs.
  4. You cannot sack him yet lol, hes got too be given a chance. I would much rather have a Neil Lennon. Our big name players would be more likely to want to stay for a Lennon than an Adams but there u go. With Bassong, Howson, Fer, Pilks and Hoops looking set to probably leave it cannot be good for the squad.
  5. How important is the first game of the season? Disapointing to see so many players not in the squad, we could have put out a really strong first 11. Obviously some players dont see their futures here so I can see it being a while before the squad settles down. Does not bode well for a good start to the season. Still strange setup today, would have liked to have seen a 442, going back to basics with crossing balls into the box.
  6. Really poor first half. It is the first game of the season but even still we look weak in midfield and struggling to create. Would like to see Redmond on the wing, Lafferty on and getting some crosses into him and Grabban. Also shame no Fer, we could really have done with him today instead of a very average Surman.
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