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  1. So Whittaker seems to be this years fall guy.... Yes he''s not the best right back we''ve seen, but I''ve seen people say he''s the worst! Don''t people remember john otsemobor???
  2. It''s a bit tougher for keepers though. You have a point though, being frozen out helped lappin no ends!
  3. Put in a good shift when Ruddy was injured. I''m just concerned Adams freezes players out a bit too much.
  4. Just overheard him having a chat with a Blackburn fan in nandos. He said he hasn''t been really that involved all season. When asked if the club was pushing him out, he was really coy with his response and mentioned he didn''t know what to do. Looks like he isn''t happy here at the moment. Don''t blame him tbh
  5. Hi mate, I can safely say that guy is NOT a youth player!
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