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  1. [quote user="lincoln canary"]Really hope Howson stays next season in the championship. We need to build around him. Got a feeling we might struggle to keep the likes of Bournemouth West Brom etc away from him.[/quote]^^ This
  2. There is always free parking, you just have to park further away and be able to walk.   
  3. [quote user="Ron Manager"]At first I welcomed this, but actually, I would have quite liked a game tonight as a chance to get back on track. Agreed, could have done with a confidence builder against a lower league side.[/quote] Lol.  Banana skin more like.
  4.                    Ruddy Whittaker Martin Turner Garrido Grabban  O''Neil Tettey Surman Redmond                     Lafferty451, as Lafferty is good at leading the line or 433, with Grabban and Redmond further forward.  Works either way.
  5. Martin does ok at cb imo.   We were only beaten by one goal and his positional sense is good.   The goal was down to a good cross with a good run by the attacker and we were stretched.  Sometimes you get that.  The rest of the game the defence did what it had to do.
  6. Please. A goal or two would be a start.  Getting the wide players out wide would be good too.   Lafferty on from the start with Grabban and lets get the season going.    Yesterday was the first game of the season I know, but we have to do a lot, lot better
  7. Ruddy 8 -  best goalkeeper in the leagueWhittaker 5 - short of confidenceMartin 7 - will improve tooOllson 6 - unlucky and will have better gamesBennett 5 - ok but short of competitive match play Johnson 5 - why is he taking free kicks?Hoolahan 5 - not important enough to build the team aroundSurman 5 -  hope for better in future gamesGrabban 6 - will improveRedmond  5  -  still caused trouble even though wayward at timesLafferty 7 - purposeful when he came onTettey 5 -  didn''t understand why he came onGarrido 5 - ok, but short of confidence
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