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  1. I was thinking of taking my kids to see Colchester United due to lack of tickets but then thought why should I, I''m a city fan through and through. So made some effort with priority membership and going on line the moment tickets on sale and will be going to second game of the season soon. Plan to go once a month (and City now have two new fans to boot!!!!). It perhaps can be expensive, true, but for me it''s worth it. ipswich, dreary me! Cambridge at least play in a sort of yellow!
  2. they have pressed the panic button, spent probably a fair amount, and they will still more than likely get relegated. I''m sure our Fer / RVW signings had a number of other fans having sleepless nights......calm down!
  3. Cooommmmeeeeeee onnnnn you yellow, greens, dark yellows and blacks. Nope, never gone sound too good.
  4. While having a dull moment at work I did a quick look through our games and did a win / lose / draw prediction and without being ''pro norwich'' landed us a reasonable 40 points. Safe for us then. Watford and the cherries will both go down I think, Leicester will secure safety as I agree with a few that''s a great appointment. Still rather have Alex though!
  5. First games go well in my family, the first three games I asked my wife to go to city had three 5-0 wins! True! One away at Sheffield wednesday, can''t recall the two home wins!
  6. Got three tickets at 9:00 today - taking my twin boys for their first ever trip to Carrow Road, when I told them it was like I had confirmed a week at Disney land! And I''ve not been for a while either, so very please to hopefully get back to regular visits!
  7. The long picture hold of the clock over the city stand must be a big hint too, get ready for a half and half kit!
  8. I wonder if the White polo is going to be the cut of the shirt? What''s a ''teaser'' without a hint of the final kit?
  9. Great game today for him, but the one thing that struck me was how together the team looked. And that second goal was a thing of beauty, and what a place and time to do it, simply stunning!
  10. I''d like to think i''ll be on that train too, just the slight issue of no ticket!!!!!! Fingers crossed I''ll see ya there. Platform 1, a wash of yellow and green rather than the dull london commute, nice thought!
  11. Hi have just dropped you an email, very interested, would be delighted to purchase this off you, let me know if you got the email? Thanks
  12. No worries, enjoy the day! I''ll keep hunting!
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