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  1. Managed to find an answer to my own question.http://malwaretips.com/blogs/this-content-requires-media-player-12-2-update-removal/Any way round this?
  2. Thanks Kidderminster.I''m getting that this content requires 12.2 Media Player update. To those of you thatunderstand these things, is it likely to be legit or some sort of bug. I''ve got Nortons.
  3. Ricardo, Mellow. The thing is that I agree - which is why I am so uncomfortable! It what the article is abput. When was the last time something went according to plan?If you look at our recent promotions for example, none of them were expected.The Worthington promotion season we started without hardly a striker.The two Lambert promotions would also fit into the category of "unexpected;" particularly after what preceded them.  When have we delivered when we were expected to do so?
  4. Back from Cardiff - I made a long weekend of it. If anything the performance gave me even more reason to feel that we are really strong candidates this year. Well of the pace in the first half, we showed great resolve to get back into the game and not merely draw but win against a team that the Cardiff fans think has the strongest squad in the division. The CCFC fans were flooding out well before the end.So to add to the list we have two further positive factors - strong team spirit and determination, coupled with the way that one of our strongest rivals just crumbled. Oh dear - this is making me more optimistic than ever!http://www.thematch.co.uk/im-worried-starting-feel-will-really-well-year/
  5. When does it ever work out when you start to be optimistic as a City supporter. Yet we seem so strong...http://www.thematch.co.uk/im-worried-starting-feel-will-really-well-year/Sorry for the flagrant self-promotion - views welcome - even negative ones!
  6. There is an article about this on a new football website.http://www.thematch.co.uk/painful-might-might-better-losing-best-players/There is also another interesting perspective at http://www.thematch.co.uk/relegation-positives/
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