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  1. tl:dr since when did Van Gaal invent 3 at the back?
  2. Why would we wish to be another nationality because of football. Bit strong, aha. But, it''s a shame we can''t produce the same team work that they do. The majority of their players are class, but like England, they''re not littered with global superstars like Messi and Ronaldo. They just know how their team works best with the players they''ve got. Unlike England, who force players into the team because they''re a ''name''.
  3. I can''t see them just sitting back and accepting it. Lambert and Sturridge is hardly the most lethal of strike forces. Big money signing on the horizon I''d say
  4. Last night''s game was incredibly dull.
  5. David Luis isn''t there to lead, though. Silva keeps him on a leash and puts him where he has to be. He''s unreliable, but he is a fantastic passer of the ball. I think that''s why he''s in to be honest, he''s allowed to roam (to an extent) as Scolari knows Silva has everything at the back. Without the general, he''s basically a headless chicken. Shame they''re out though... was looking forward to seeing if Fernandinho would eventually get sent off...
  6. I don''t think the Neymar factor was as big of a deal as losing Thiago Silva. Dante, unfortunately, isn''t the same class and David Luiz has no communicative abilities. While he may be passionate, he doesn''t know how to lead a team. Hulk should have played where Fred did and Willian should have been playing in Hulk''s position. tl:dr A stronger defense would have meant less pressure on the strikers and a potentially different game. Bad times.
  7. If Norwich end up going pretty direct, I think a 4-3-1-2 would work. We have the players for it, but I doubt it''ll happen. Too much risk for the new man in charge
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