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  1. [quote user="GrantsMoustache"]Philip J Fry, he was a winger before posh signed him. Perhaps he would be wasted on the wing, but Bellamy started as a striker, so did Huckerby, Henry was a winger converted to a striker. we turned McVeigh into a wide player. A fast attacking player is just that, whether they play wide or through the middle. But if not Assombalonga then why not Bakary Sako? The point is that if we can sign a good left winger then we can play Redmond on the right. I know that many are hoping that Pilkington can sort himself out, unfortunately I can''t think of many injury prone players who have lost their pace and somehow regained it - has done nothing much at all for 18 months now and doesn''t look the player that he once was. A pacy natural left footer is needed in our squad and Norwich fans of all people having seen Huckerby, Eadie, and Bellamy in the yellow and green you would think should agree. For me personally if it means moving a pacy left footed 20 goal striker out wide then what is the issue? Some are saying that Adams is planning a three man attack, with two wide strikers, who would currently be the left sided one and what would be wrong with that player being Assombalonga?[/quote] You''re aware of the ''three pacy left footers'' you mentioned, only eadie was actually left footed? Therefore also proving that a successful left winger doesn''t have to be left footed...
  2. Just a thought, many of the players congratulating him appear to also be clients of the same agency that manage snodgrass... So perhaps not so much ''deserved success'' as told to congratulate him and tag the agency in the post for some positive PR?
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