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  1. Were you there? It was awful. Yep the back 4 rows hardly stopped singing but the 20 rows in front of us didnt make a sound. The doncaster fans I spoke to after the game didn''t hear a single song we sung other than one on the ball city once. Compared to scunthorpe and forest we were embarrassing
  2. Our fantastic support??? I thought that appart from us stood in the back 4 rows, our support was shocking last night. Everyone sat down not making a noise, until half time came and they all stood up and started chatting. Then the refs whistle went for the start of the second half and they all sat down again. Awful support
  3. Dean  Sinclair has been at, and been relegated from the football league with Grimsby this season. No thanks
  4. Not having the money before? We had one of the biggest player budgets in the league. The same as Wolves actually, who went up whilst we went down
  5. Thought I would point out that the next chance will be the 2012 play off final and not 2011. The play offs will not be at wembley next season
  6. Just thought that I would point out that I actually know Danny. However he came accross on the radio he is actually a decent bloke and went out of his way for our fans when he was at our club. Things didnt work out for him here and yes it seems he does still have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it. His family still live in Norfolk and he comes back regularly. And he has also done a lot for the game, even after suffering a personal tradgedy
  7. This is the best one to our wes hoolahan chant. Leeds fans have been singing to the chant all season.   Na na na na na na na na na leeds are going up, going up, leeds are going up   As the above poster says change it to leeds have fucked it up. This will really piss them off
  8. I reckon Rusty will come in for Mcnamee. L;ambert will want to keep things tight early on. We saw the attacking threat of Huddersfield in the first half at carrow road. If he is fit enough I would also start Drury ahead of Rose. Pilkington is a top player on their right hand side
  9. 4 of us get to Huddersfield at 11.03 via wakefield. Going for breakfast and a pint in wetherspoons and then to The Head of Steam pub nearby
  10. One thing that no one seems to have mentioned is that has it ever been said that we didn''t try to sign Barnard or Puncheon? I imagine that Southampton would have been offering much higher wages than us
  11. Think you do need to take into account that Birmingham has a population 10 times that of Norwich
  12. Now i very much doubt he was seen in norwich last night cos Huckerby was not even in norwich on Friday. Not at all. The meeting did not take place at Carrow Road but instead at Stanstead to avoid a media scrum.
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