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  1. Thanks. Did have an account before but couldn''t remember my log ins.
  2. If like me, you hated the kit at first but are now starting to slightly warm to the design. Like all modern Norwich shirts there''s aspects to the kit I like and some I don''t. And also the started they tried and did it badly. Firstly I the green panel is the main talking point on everyone''s lips but will save that to last. Starting things of with the badge. Yes the badge! Things is because I think it''s the worst thing on the whole shirt. It doesn''t take a rocket scientist to know that sticking a green badge on a green panel is A) pointless B) looks stupid, as it''s lyes on the join of the green- yellow C) bad designing for a sports manufacture. My solution to this would have simply have been to do what the Dutch have done. You''ve already got the green panel there for you back ground, why not just embroidered the canary and castle into the fabric and have a mini list style. Why does it need to be in crest? This would have also resolved my biggest hate point C. Second, I feel the Aviva logo looks too high and close to the point on the green panel. Third remove the collar. Personally I feel it would look better without it. The yellow band would finish it off perfectly. But like ncfc they try to tick too many boxes. Next year, it may even have a chest pocket to tick another box. I''m from a design background and feel less is more. Keep it simple. Back to the green panel though, the more I look at it and thinking, the more I keep seeing the batman symbol. If you keep looking I think you''ll see it too. Especially when you see some of the graphic illustrations floating about. All in all, I think it''s marmite at first. You think you hate it until you actually try it and taste it for your self.
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