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  1. Interesting to hear what you guys made of the match last night, however from where I''m sitting there is no way that you can knock Palace for losing 2-0 to a team who cost 200 million quid. We didn''t have a shot on target you''re quite right, but Chelsea didn''t exactly pepper our goal with shots. I can only remember our keeper having to make 2 saves in the match (the 2 goals were unstoppable). The game was won by Chelsea''s superior ability at keeping posession and slowly wearing us down. We were chasing shadows all evening and we were beaten by a far superior team, no disgrace in that as I feel that Chelsea will turn over a lot of teams this season. Chelsea are an exceptoional side and would win the league, if it wasn''t for Arsenal (thought he wheels may still come off the gunners this season) Considering we still have a couple of key players out, we were always up against it and I still feel that we gave everything that we had last night. As for your comments on away fan allocation at Selhurst, I doubt very much that you would get the whole Arthur wait again, you got it last season because we weren''t selling out in division one and as you were winning the league, we thought it best to give you a large allocation. I would expect you would get 3 or 4 thousand this season. Finally, just like to wish you luck for the rest of the season, though I suspect that you will have every bit as tough a time up at Newcastle tonight as we did last night.
  2. Of course we''re not doing a do or die effort, we have set aside a reasonable amount of money to spend on players (around 5 million) which the club can afford to spend. None of our spending so far can be called extravagent. After our last experience in the premier league, I don''t think that we will do anything that will remotely endanger the club financially! If Norwich are having trouble paying even 1 million for a player (and let''s face it, you haven''t shown any signs of splashing the cash yet have you) then how do you rate your chances for the coming season? I agree with you that Harewood would represent a large gamble, but I trust Iain Dowie to make the right decision. However I personally cannot see us signing him, one reason being the ''altercation'' in the tunnel between Messers Dowie and Harewood. Harewood has the talent to succeed in the prem, but I''m not so sure about his temprement.
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