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  1. Right after the final whistle, the Norwich players go over to our travelling fans and what do a the majority of them do? That's right, clap them. After such an abject, toothless, gutless and pathetic attempt at a performance, the players should be ashamed of themselves and so should you be for clapping if you were one of them. You're showing to the world as the media depicts us and fuelling their fire of us being "little Norwich", who put up with being beat the whole time and accepting it like saps. Please, if this is you, stop doing this and don't applaud such garbage. It really doesn't look good in front of the cameras.
  2. We need to win, without a shadow of a doubt so nothing else will do, but from a realistic result point of view, a draw is feasible and as a standalone result, would be good
  3. Would be so so funny if they froze his assets and Chelsea become financially crippled.
  4. No, he's a winger, surely? I mean someone who could fill Idah's role directly. Out and out striker sort of player.
  5. As has been the knowledge for a good while now, Idah is of course now out, leaving one striker available. I'm not counting Sargent as he seems to be more of a wide player from where he works best. Anyway, why can we not grab a promising striker from our U23's side to have a go as someone to play with Pukki up top or to come on for him from the bench? We surely must have someone who could fit the bill, but as my knowledge of this squad is a bit limited, does anyone know of someone that could make this work? I know we've got players out on loan etc, but there are remaining players who could be worth a look maybe.
  6. Interesting reading people's perceptions of eSports. It's a huge thing these days and it's pushing a billion dollar industry. Try not to see eSports as just real sports played virtually, but other video game genres are represented at competition level too. Games such as Dota 2 for example has prize money into the millions and attracts vast amounts of spectators. I'm personally not interested in watching competition video games, but as someone who enjoys video games, I can certainly appreciate there is a mammoth market for this. It might seem bizarre to many who don't know much about it all, but it is credible as a growing industry. I wish our eSports team all the best.
  7. I don't think people are annoyed because we didn't win today or Vs Man City - it's down to the other results going so badly against us that the situation looks far bleaker than it did. Was always going to be a hard ask to survive, but today's games have made things harder by 10 fold
  8. I can't see anything better than a 5-0 win to Liverpool. Get that done (and the FA Cup), and really knuckle down to blitz some points from the remaining games in a final fight.
  9. We've got to remember we are likely to get thumped versus Man City and Liverpool so I think the look of the table after those games will be a good measure of our chances - whether those around us pick up lots of points during those games. Beating Palace tonight will be amazing but it might look tricky again after those two super hard games
  10. That was a superb series. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Completely unrelatable to the modern game though in all but the basic rules.
  11. Those taking the photos there are their "fans" getting into our areas. Can't think any Norwich fan would want to do that
  12. I particularly enjoyed the Man Utd tourists behind the goal with all their phones out recording it, because watching it later on a tiny screen is obviously better than real life, only to find a brilliant miss. Can't help but laugh at them really.
  13. Do we know how long he might be out for, if at all?
  14. Exactly right. I think to simply assume we'll get promoted next year is arrogant and unrealistic. The champs is such a tough league with most clubs being vastly richer than us. Yes, we might bounce back, but we're just as likely to finish bottom half as we are top 6
  15. It's the nature of the beast I'm afraid. Fans won't and shouldn't put up with this dross we've been served up for so long in the Premier League. We're absolutely entitled to react unhappily and sarcastically if we choose to. Dean Smith, Webber and the players are paid the big money and to lecture us about our reactions is taking the Michael out of us. Not a good thing for him to have said here.
  16. Just can't see it being as easy as that. We've been "gifted" the chance of a quick Prem return, and fluffed it, as we know. To be given another chance seems unlikely especially as the Champs is such a tough league
  17. I think we are already of the mentality that it's our ideas against the rest of the Prem, and we do give the proverbial middle finger to the league. That's where it ends though. We stop well short of actually proving we can be of that mentality and still compete, sticking it to the others in the league by actually giving them a game and getting some points. I'd love us to shut the hating media etc up, but the only way to do that would be to perform on the pitch. Then, and only then, will the ethos we want to live by look commendable.
  18. Quite possibly. It's the first thing I thought of when I read that initial message
  19. The Chinese - a great bunch of lads
  20. Not so sure. The rule is that a yellow is issued when a player takes their top off, not specifically if that happens to be after they score a goal.
  21. I absolutely love how you use the word "only" when describing 40k per week. I think that sums up how insane wages are in football
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