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  1. Just to raise a point of discussion really, but does anyone think that we would get offered less for our players, in part because people see us as "Little Norwich?" For example, if Ruddy was to be sold, would somebody offer a club, say Cardiff, more money if he played for them rather than us?
  2. In certain circumstances, I would not disagree with you LDC, but I think given the club has gone down, and, in my humble opinion, needs an extra boost in the grand scheme of things. I really believed this boost and getting ready for the push back to the EPL would have been best coming from an external person with that fresh view on things which is really what I think we need. Sometimes, an internal can work, of course it can, but only when that knowledge is required. Not sure it is in this case, but, as I said before, I will back Neil next season.
  3. First time poster, long time follower of these forums. Just want to make the point of the type of person we have appointed, not the person of Neil Adams himself. I am looking at the opinion of appointing an external person and how I believe this would have been a better choice. In the real world of our working lives, if we worked for a company or organisation who had hit upon tough times, bringing in fresh eyes brings so many more positives than moving someone through the ranks internally. They would not be afraid to say "this needs to go, this needs to change" etc. This, in my belief is due to a lack of bias towards certain elements. The risk of an internal person would be knowing the organisation too much in the sense that their viewpoint may be blinkered by procedure which may be of second nature to them, and they may not realise. This would obviously not be helpful in reversing fortunes. Going back to NCFC, Neil has shown he is not afraid to drop players given the end of last season, but my worry is, given the internal perspective he will hold, things such as training, tactics and the way he conducts himself generally may be restricted by his knowledge of the football club rather than taking a fresh perspective with no bias. Certainly in no way a criticism of Neil Adams and I will be behind the team, and him, all the way next season. I just wondered if we have taken the wrong viewpoint when appointing an internal person rather than external?
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