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  1. So who still thinks we honestly have any chance of gaining promotion back to the premier league next season??? Because i think we have more chance of ending up in league one again with the now certain exodus of all our star players and a totalky inexperienced manager relying on youth in the toughest most physical league in the world!!!
  2. What a joke, an absolute joke. Do any of the morons running our club know that we need 3 things to get promoted from this tough tough league. A manager with the know how and experience to get promoted. The players with the fight to battle in an extemely physical league ( Adams will play the youngsters and the best players will all leave now after this as they would only have maybe stayed for a proven manager. A good set of fans that will turn up and cheer the team on no matter what... Well at least we have the fans.... AWFUL DECISION FROM THE BOARD!!! The dark days have returned at our great club!!!
  3. I can see us ending up back in league 1. Adams will play the youngsters and all of our decent players will leave. You need fighters in this league. WE ARE SCREWED. MCNASTY AND DELIA F##K OFF PLEASE!!!!!!
  4. It is another Bryan Gunn moment! How have the club not learnt from their mistakes! I am absolutely gutted!!!
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