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  1. It would help if you could follow the rules PLASTIC - Herman.
  2. At this juncture it is vital to be able to take on board the considered views of true supporters of the club. To help, could those contributors who are not season ticket holders please attach the prefix "PLASTIC - " to their user name so that their ill-informed views and posts can be ignored.
  3. Mungo? I''m guessing Andy is a teacher (dull, few social skills, low self esteem so gets kicks by telling kids what to do, you know the sort). Have I got to look at the wall and think about what I''ve done?
  4. So, we could approach Guisely and sign him? You strike me as something of a dour dullard, Andycanary, a sourpuss if you will.
  5. There is also a Megabus departing Sauchiehall Street at 0330 which he may be on. There are still seats available for £1.00 since the club is strapped for cash.
  6. I like to use the tyres and radioactive waste drums to construct a cantilever structure from which the asbestos boards can be suspended.
  7. Nipped along for a cheeky bit of fly-tipping and saw him, with two other blokes, in the car park!!!
  8. Just been released by Banska Bystrica. A proven goal threat. Could be just what we''re looking for?
  9. Yes, I bet Spurs are extremely interested in a ginger bloke who runs a pub league team where the opposition are poor that team selection can be delegated to a trained chimp who chucks darts at the squad list.
  10. He''s just been released by Guisely Town. Could do a job for us next season.
  11. He''s currently a free agent. Always put a shift in. Worth a punt for next season?
  12. "He looks fookin good to me"! has been released by Woking - worth a punt for next season?
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