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  1. The way I read the article was that AN sounded like he would rather him move on, like someone said before, due to the ''at the moment phrase''. At the moment it''s only RvW deciding to stay here due to his personal terms disagreement with Sporting. In regards to the 25 man squad, if AN doesn''t want him in it, he won''t put him in it. And I don''t think David McNally, would try and influence him to do differently. You can''t have somebody in your squad just for value for money! (A phrase that has never been used for RvW) Finally, in the mini RvW v Lafferty debate going on, surely it''s Lafferty every time isn''t it? At least there''s some desire and anger there, height and strength and the absence of a massive human-shaped bung clogging up the wage bill. RvW has no first touch, no dribbling ability, no strength, no pace and falls over his own feet at every given opportunity. Frankly, people are only still believing in him from his price tag, watching videos on YouTube and I''m assuming by not going to the games and watching his performances.
  2. I think a lot of people don''t want to admit that they wasted £5 or whatever it was on their v Wolfswinkel shirts before he had even kicked a ball. So disappointed with this player. I''d love for him to come good but I''ve been saying that since game 2. Lightweight, lazy, slow, poor touch, can''t finish, can''t pass, stroppy....but obviously that was all because of poor service. He cost 8.5 million pounds so it must be because of the service...it must be....surely.
  3. I cannot believe people are serious on keeping RvW. He''s a shocking, absolutely SHOCKING player. I am seriously struggling to think of a worse player than him that we''ve had at Norwich City and that''s not even bringing the transfer fee into it. OK so I can think of players like David Strihavka, Goran Maric and Antoine Sibierski who flopped but they were hauled out of the team for not performing, not given chance after chance after chance. I would love for him to turn it round and do it for us (and himself) this season but unfortunately the only logical reason they wouldn''t sell him is for fear of ''losing'' so much money. If he has a great season this year I will happily return and admit I was wrong but I haven''t seen even a sliver of a chance of that happening. Whilst Hooper didn''t score many this season I felt he at least looked like he could create himself a chance, or lay it off for others. Johan Elmander even looked more creative than Ricky. You can moan about service all you like but with strikers available who can create for themselves and others, you have to ask why you would risk not getting one in. We played dire football in the Roeder era but Leroy Lita managed to get goals with poor service (for example). He may have scored goals in so called lesser leagues but so many others have and flopped. Ask Middlesborough fans.... remember Afonso Alves? Ahem...so yeah, Gary Hooper is the one I''d keep.
  4. Hoolahan has been brilliant for us during his time here but if he wants to go, let him. In football terms he''s getting old and if he''s not going to play he may as well be allowed to leave. As far as I''m concerned, Pilkington can leave as well. Not particuarly good, not very committed but has left us with some good memories.
  5. I wonder how many of these ''fans'' who want Hughton back were calling for his head a few weeks ago. I''m not particularly happy with Adams'' appointment, considering the other options available during close season but I''m not going to get on at him when the season hasn''t even started yet. Good luck to him, let''s see how it goes. And as for potentially losing all these fantastic players tthat just got us relegated - if they want to go, let them, as long as we replace them first. It''s more important we have players who want to play for us.
  6. I usually get a chopstick under the wing and then tip it over. Quite hard to do it before they fly off though.
  7. Personally, since it was officially confirmed, I''ve been really looking forward to next season in The Championship. It''s a really exciting, competitive league and if you can string a few good runs together you''re always in with a chance of promotion. Let''s be honest, we completely deserved to go down this season. The football was terrible. Let''s consolidate next season with a new manager, a new approach and see what happens. Oh yeah and there''s the small matter of playing that little club down the road as well. What are your thoughts?
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