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    Just thought I'd start a thread to share the love for everyone's favourite Cuban export. I still think he has a part to play here, and I'd love to see him sign a contract extension. Such a positive and heart-warming bloke, and vital to the Norwich economy too (especially the catalogue retail division). We love you Onel!
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    Despite the odd suicidal square pass in his own third, Kenny has performed way above expectation as a DM. He performed way above expectation in his brief stint at LB. He will never be Premier League quality, but the stick he gets on here is ridiculous. I agree we need to make a specialist, dyed-in-the-wool DM a priority in the summer, but Kenny has been an excellent servant for us over several years, and considering we paid what, £400k for him, has been an absolute snip. Loyal and dedicated pro, a really positive character in the dressing room, and even stayed up all night on the Mad Dog 20/20 before stealing the mayor's hat. Sure he has his limitations, but a lot of people seem to use that as an excuse to blind themselves to his strengths.
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    Prince Harry is Todd Cantwell. Todd Cantwell is Prince Harry.
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    To be fair, today's score should have been 0-0. We're not a million miles away and it's generally far more coherent than under the previous management. People love to have a good old moan, but I can see the positives. Burnley are a good side, full of confidence and in the zone. It's unfortunate timing to have a two week break then play them but this doesn't define our season. We need to put this quickly behind us and carry on the progress.
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    If they want to reward loyalty why not give a small % discount for every year you've been a season ticket holder. Even if it kicks in after say 10 years and is capped. Age is irrelevant really. Everyone's circumstances differ.
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    Couldn't care less what he says from hereon in. It was hard enough feeling obliged to give a sh*t about the social media circus when he was our player... it would have been great to have a fit-and-firing TC out on the pitch, but that ship sailed long ago.
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    I know this may not be well received after todays game but I honestly don’t think we are far off a having a good team who could be exciting to watch. we need changes in the old guard, ie the likes of Hanley and Krul. BUT if we can get players like Sara, Nunez, Sargent and Tzolis clicking and playing well together as a joined up unit it could be special. I honestly think Wagner can deliver that, just look at the improvement in players like Aarons and Dowell since he arrived. Too late for this season but a couple of key signings and next could be very different.
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    Resident Binner here. Not going to lie, after two good recent performances, we were absolutely woeful yesterday and looked miles away from being a top two team. Any team can have a bad 45, but after starting the 2nd half well and getting an early equaliser, a top ream goes on to find a winner every time against a side like Cambridge. That we didn't, and that Cambridge looked as likely to find a winner on the counter, shows me that we are not going to finish top two. Its not a one off, we have dropped way too many points now against the weaker teams in the division. It is looking more and more like play offs now, and even that is not a given with our current trajectory, which I'm sure would be highly amusing to you boys. As for NCFC, I am not actually a typical Blue that hates you guys, of course I want to beat you when we play you ( although i've forgotten how that feels! ) but my preferred scenario would actually be that we were both thriving in the Premier league, ala the Brighton and Brentford. Seems a long way off currently ( especially for us! ) but I actually hope you guys make the play offs. For me it is good for East Anglia as a whole if both clubs are doing well. I may be biased as somebody that grew up in the 70's and 80's but I believe both clubs belong in the top tier of English Football.
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    Funny how perspectives differ. I thought he was probably our most effective midfielder and nipped in regularly with key challenges. Sara and Dowell were pressed out of the game, Hernandez huffed and puffed. All in all, Burnley were high on confidence and well drilled. We made an early mistake and players slipped back into Smithball; but our season will not now be defined by getting ducked by Burnley.
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    It's good business. Keep people irate about the trivialities and they won't notice the things they should be angry about.
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    Multiply 194,512 by itself and you get the GPS coordinates for the lost island of Atlantis. If that isn’t proof enough of the significance of what might otherwise seem to be a random number £19.4512 million is also exactly how much Watling walleted by selling Chase’s shares to S&J.
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    Burnley of course are way ahead of us, but they've been playing well all season and have the confidence to go with it. The goals we conceded were criminal, but not down to poor team structure etc.
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    Death penaly polls are usually in relation to murder. I think when more serious trangressions are considered such as posting empty threads in the wrong part of a forum the support would be significantly higher than 75%.
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    "Hey Jamal are you not sad youve been kicked out of the first team at Newcastle?" Jamal:
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    Once my two years on the panel is over come the summer, I'm really not going to miss feeling compelled to defend myself/the panel against your tiresome pass-ag bullsh*t.
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    Try going to the loo at the bottom of the garden on a freezing morning, having a bath in front of a coal fire then having to empty it outside, no mobile phones, no internet, no Sky etc etc Having lived through that lot I enjoy my over 65 discount.
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    Videos: Articles:The Pink'Un has it's usual presser coverage article here.Canaries.co.uk have the clubs official build up piece here.Burnley have their own pre match piece here.Ins, out's, shake em all abouts:Norwich: Hayden remains out injured having had an operation on his knee. Gunn is out injured having picked up an injury on Wednesday. Rowe is back on the grass but like Gunn, end of March return has been mooted. Byram is also out injured still and is also slated for an end of March return. Gibson is on compassionate leave following his partner giving birth to a baby boy. Meanwhile Marquinhos and Tzolis join the squad to become options. Since our last game Hugill and Cantwell have left the club permanently with Sinani leaving on loan with his contract up in the summer. Otherwise no other injuries have been reported.Burnley: Jack Cork is suspended, this being the last of a two-game ban for accumulating ten yellow cards. Harwood-Bellis is out with an ankle injury. Fitness test on Benson will determine whether he has recovered from the injury that took him off Vs West Brom. Burnley have four new signings, Foster and Al-Dakhil made their debuts in the FA Cup Vs that lot down the road. Obafemi and Ekdal are awaiting their debuts.A little bit of knowledge: Those of us born after 1975 will probably have very mixed memories about the level at which Burnley FC usually play their football. Since then, they have mainly bounced around the divisions, dropping as low as the old 4th Division and usually never any better than the old Division 1, now the Championship. However, in the last 10-15 years, they have once again looked to make an impression on the top tier of English football. Champions of the 1920-21 Season It might come as a bit of a surprise then, that prior to 1975, they were mainly known for plying their trade in the top two divisions with a pretty even split. In fact, post WW2, the majority of their time up until 1975 was spent in the top tier of English (and Welsh) football. 1947-1971 in fact. They won the top tier title, when it was the old First Division, two times, 1920-21 and 1959-60 and won the FA Cup in 1913-14. I very much doubt any of their fans will be able to recall two of those events. They were founded in 1882 when the Burnley Rovers Rugby Club changed sport from rugby to football - or so my research tells me. They simply dropped the rugby reference and 'Rovers' and became the Burnley Football Club we all know. Rays Funds for the Community Sports Foundation: Nutty has his PUPs thread up and running as usual. Please do go and take a look and take part in all of the fun. Something a little bit extra... Not done this for a couple of weeks so thought I would catch up on a few things, sorry if you have already seen them, though I will start with the latest so hopefully you haven't with that at least. The first one is moving, so do have a tissue nearby.
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    Why not just keep quiet and get on with your football??? It only encourages more speculation. "the way I was treated" says it all. So we will get the line he was badly treated when he reveals all. We all know that. I'll save him the bother - it'll probably be something like this...... He didn't get the money he wanted in his new contract when he got into the first team. He felt disrespected as a result. He didn't get the move he wanted when he wanted it because the club blocked it. He felt disrespected as a result. He felt hard done by when he was dropped for being out of focus and he felt disrespected as a result. He then felt hard done by because Farke wouldn't put him back in the team - and he felt disrepected as a result. Then felt doubly hard done by because Farke forced him to go back to the U23s to get match fit - and felt doubly disrespected as a result. He didn't like Webber pointing out his sitting on the pitch - and felt disrespected as a result. Smith didn't give him enough chances to show what he could do so felt disrepected as a result. It is easy to see where things went wrong - basically a player who thought he was a big cheese couldn't handle it when he was not treated as such. "Was disprected, in'it". Boo hoo. Just concentrate on Rangers or you might end up in the same situation there when things aren't just how you want them.
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    If you add 1+9+4+5+1+2 you get 22. If you add 2+2 you get 4. Makes you think.
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    But you said this and this is where I feel we’re at odds. By the measure of the level they were signed to play and what they ultimately produced the last two windows have been failures. PL Normann - Failure Kabak - Failure Rashica - Failure Tzolis - Failure Gilmour - Failure Sargent - I love him and he’s proving his worth this season but last year - Failure Williams - good signing IMO Championship Hayden - Failure Ramsay - was pretty good but now gone Nunez - not lived up to early promise Sara - Shown flashes but can we really say he’s hit the ground running and what we needed? For what they were signed for, survival last year and promotion this year it’s unbelievably generous not to consider the last two summers incomings anything but a failure IMO.
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    Firstly, this was one idiot stealing one seat. Secondly, this happened in 2021, not yesterday. I don't understand your irrational hatred of Liverpudlians. They're just ordinary people. Video from 2021:
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    Rangers were playing Ross County - think L1 and you’re there or thereabouts. If he didn’t look half decent against them he should pack up. Of far more relevance to us, Dickson-Perers scored for Grimsby today.
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    Imagine, for a second, a hypothetical scenario where the keeper passes the ball to a midfielder with three opponents around them. They pass it straight back to the keeper who is immediately closed down by two of those players. The keeper passes it wide to the fullback who is also closed down... The fullback passes it inside to the centre back who is now under serious pressure. He passes it back to the first midfielder who is now in space and quickly moves it to the opposite fullback who is surging up the wing. The ball is now ahead of four opponents who have to struggle to get back. Further up the field everyone is man for man meaning a single positional error leaves a dangerous overload or, if someone loses their man, we're in. We're lacking a bit of confidence and understanding between the players, but the only way to build that is to keep working at it. Of course we need to mix it up a little, but it would be a massive regressive choice (completely outside the realms of possibility) to suddenly start kicking it long. The game has moved on.
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    Certainly a clear penalty. The defender dived in and the hand came across to deflect the ball. No argument from me had it been against us.
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    No, we were poor. Three times in the first few minutes we were useless trying to play out at the back and then that Krul debacle. You can't start a match like that. Burnley ae strong, but we were useless. Got a bit better as the game went on, but those two goals from corners were gifts too. Rubbish today. Need to improve big time.
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    Kenny rescued us on several occasions today, was by no means his best game but Sara was the midfielder repeatedly giving the ball away.
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    Those of us who go to home and away games hear it sung by Stoke fans twice a season.
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    Nah. I never had the depth of squad to last the season. And if the trophy is based on politeness and temperance, well everyone can just f*** right off. And back to topic Sunak is a c*** and Raab a b*****d who will last only to the end of Feb. And if he doesn't the f****r will be voted out by the same voters who put him in as an MP in 2024. Edit: There! That should surely put me back into mid-table obscurity. Invisibility is king
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    1-6. first murmurings of cheap option Wagner and the drum launched onto the pitch in disgust. Att: 26,412 Actual Att: c.14,000
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    What hurts the most is that I genuinely can't work out if this is comedy, or a serious comment.
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    He really should just Delete his social media account i think he would be far happier he is young just signed for a Massive club gets paid really well Really Exciting time for him New house new people new fans to enjoy Massive city New shops as we know he enjoys shopping and here he is on Social media posting attention seeking posts again That's pretty sad to be honest Just enjoy your life Todd ditch the social media and let your football do the talking
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    I was so shocked I had to have a cup of tea and a bit of a sit down
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    She would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky socialists in the City.FFS these people!!
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    We are historically a mid-table championship club, though. Since Webber has came in we've walked the league twice, developed youth, developer facilities and had a great brand of football under Farke - He was directly responsible for all this. I haven't a clue who else is out there when people talk of replacing him, but I can see from looking around at so many other clubs that have tried and failed and now find themselves in League One that one thing that Webber said about us being a Top 26 club - He's delivered. Fact that we're now expecting to go up, and expecting to survive should be a testament to what he's brought here, not an indictment of failure.
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    Weirdly - as one of his biggest critics normally - I didn't think Hanley had a bad game. One awful mistake aside, neither did Kenny. Aarons looked good defensively - the player that beat him for the goal from the corner wasn't his, he just saw the danger and came off the post but couldn't win the header unsurprisingly. Nunez had a relatively decent (and pleasingly spiky) little cameo when he came on as well. Did Tzolis actually touch the ball ? Enough said about Krul's performance - not just the kicking but his handling as well. Sky came up with a stat that put Angus near the top of the goals prevented table in the Championship and that injury is really unfortunate from a timing perspective as his ability with his feet should put him ahead of Krul if that is the way that we are going to play. And I think it should be. I thought Sara was pretty anonymous, Sargent couldn't get into the game at all and Onel was back to his wasteful ways again. Dowell looked ok in the final third, but he got pinned back too far to be at his most constructive - and was too often missing from the press as well especially in the first half. We seem to really struggle on the ball against a really well organised opposition press though. Part of it is player technical ability (especially compared to the Farkeball championship midfields,) another part seemed to be that we were struggling to get the ball off Burnley in the first place so probably ended up too deep and a bit out of shape when we did manage it but part of it is also that the team patterns aren't yet grooved in a new setup - we just don't seem to instinctively know where the next yellow shirt is going to (or should) be. The options in possession, especially in turnover, were nothing like we had against Coventry in particular where at times it looked like a stampede, but I suspect that is because Burnley are just a cut above anything else we'll come across in this division and so we couldn't dominate the ball higher up the pitch (which as I've said before can rather negate Dowell in particular.) A bad result. Not quite as catastrophic as some are suggesting but some things to work on which will improve with time and some things which are still a vast improvement over the first part of the season. But it is the next 6 weeks or so that are really going to define where we end up, not today against a very good Burnley team. A final thought on Burnley though. They are way ahead of even where a dominant Fulham team last season were at this stage. I think I'm correct in saying that they have also scored more goals than any other team in England. They've done that without a Mitrovic or a Toney (or a Pukki for that matter.). Their leading scorer is Tella on 9. Impressive team.
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    Are You sure about that, he’s had more touches than Dowell and Sargent combined!
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    Rape convictions are incredibly difficult to obtain. The actual rate of conviction is tiny, most don’t even make it to trial because of the burden of proof. So often it comes down to word against word. Then there is the question of consent and the fact that the defence drill into the alleged victim, their sexual history etc. Walking from a rape charge isn’t a vouch of innocence, it’s an acknowledgement that it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Said doubt is relatively simple to bring into the trial. “That’s how they like it”, “They’d done this before and then enjoyed it”, “They like it rough” etc etc All I would say is that getting a walk isn’t a pronouncement that it didn’t happen. It’s a statement of it being too hard to prove. Convictions vs complaints sit at a ridiculously low level, I believe somewhere under 2%. If you believe that 59/60 accused rapists are “innocent”, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Truth is, it’s so, so difficult to prove. Stand their ground, maintain innocence, how do you get past that? Especially when it’s partner on partner. It’s sh1tty really but it’s there to protect the genuinely innocent against malicious accusation. It’s just that it’s also open to abuse from the brazenly guilty willing to style it out.
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    A very quick look says key witnesses have withdrawn and new material has come to light. The cynical bar-steward in me thinks the new material might have the Queen's head on it.
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    Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just they don't think they have enough for a conviction.
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    Huge potential. Smith got him looking like a real force, until he was injured. With the right coaching, he will go a long way - and Wagner is the ideal man for that and will be encouraging him to have a go.
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    Krul - 3 Losses in 15 games (20% Rate) Gunn - 7 Losses in 13 games (53% Rate) I think Wagner knows what he's doing. Personally I rate Krul over Gunn, he's stronger, more commanding and doesn't fall down like Rob Green when making a save.
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    Doesn't come across that way, at all. You're clearly unhappy with the current set up so please join TIL in volunteering yourself when you can, I am sure you will both tie the club up in knots with your concerns!
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    Yes I know you love to belittle the OSP, well done another tick in your box too I was making you aware that we're still waiting for the club to publish them as we've signed them off; you are the one who asked for an update.
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    Surprised it only finished 1-0, with these possession statistics.
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    It'd be bittersweet. As much as I'd like to earn promotion, I don't want us to be in the PL. It's sh1t.
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    Or weapons and key structural players - like say Buendia and Skipp as you mentioned - make a massive difference when allied to a natural goal scorer. When the Farke team missed Buendia, it had a very moderate record. When Skipp was not replaced tactically and technically, it deteriorated further. When Pukki is no longer here, I am afraid we will totally lack weapons. So no. Parma
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    It's not over till its over, Have a look at these two The old fighting spirit is back, we can do it. Suggest the faint hearted get off the bus now
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