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    Are you not seeing progression here? 17/18 Obviously a Farkenstein's monster of a squad with players from 2 significantly different regimes. The football is a mixed bag but for the most part it doesn't really click and we draw loads of games. We finish 14th and then go and sell our 2 best players, obviously only going 1 way next year, right. 18/19 Everything clicks. We make smart signings, our youngsters are world beaters, we're scoring last minute winners every week and everyhting is amazing. In reality this squad was just a continuation of last year's work. There wasn't any real expectation that it would be in the top 6 let alone winning the league. 19/20 Concious decision is made to not spend on the field but to secure the finances, tie players down long term, pay off the new training ground and hope that momentum carries us through (momentum worked pretty well for us under Lambert). Instead of that happening everything goes wrong, injuries and then just as things are looking like they could improve a global pandemic. 20/21 Unlike 18/19 this season a squad is put together with intent on finishing in the top 2. What did we learn last season? We need to be more physical. A majority of our signings this summer are bigger, faster or stronger than those that are phased out or leave and we play a more defensively secure system. Obviously we then walk the league. 21/22 Only time will tell. Obviously the big talking point at the moment is Emi Buendia. In my opinion Buendia's sale has allowed us to make more dramatic improvements through the squad than we would have been able to if we had kept him. Would Buendia and smaller improvements to the squad have us in a better place now? Maybe as there would be less need for the team to adapt. I'm not sure he'd have us beating a lot of the teams we've played thus far mind - see 19/20. It's obviously not smooth sailing all of the time but it looks to me as if we're trending upwards. For the most part each unit of the squad is improving year on year. Facilities are constantly improving (at the cost of signing us a few world beaters I'm sure) and the youth pipeline is looking impressive. Until a billionaire comes knocking I think this probably is our best shot at being massive.
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    This thread is poor, we're talking about one of our best players here and one of our own! Show the guy some respect. It's not even like its actually funny, is it? Given the level of nonsense we're at now I really hope this is resolved soon, either with a clear position stated by Farke or Todd, with some kind of time frame highlighted, or with him returning to at least the subs bench in the next game or two. Yes he didn't play particularly well early in the season, but who did? We know what he's capable of at this level and if we've got any hope of staying up then he will have a clear part to play.
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    A bit harsh. He did score that header against Ipswich in the '85 semi-final...
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    We need to sack farke after this weekend because we are not staying up under him as he has said he is not worried about us not scoring goals and for that and a number of other things he has not done I would put Steve Bruce in charge so we start winning match’s.
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    No idea what a 'clapper' is beyond someone who supports their team but either way you're absolutely tragic. What you actually said on 31st August was: You said it was the best transfer window you can remember. Let's not pretend you had some insight beyond everyone else because we all know that's false and proven above.
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    Is this serious? Radio Norfolk mentioned there were two polarising opinions about Sargent which surprised me but now are we really trying to compare Sargent with Hugill? Are some that sad that they’re holding that miss against him in such an angry way?? I was pleased to stay in the ground after the whistle and applaud the team off the pitch. Even more pleasing was that everyone around me was shouting support to Josh as he came off. “Well played Josh” “It’s coming Josh, keep going” “great game” just some of the comments I heard (and joined in with) and Josh came over and thanked us for the support. Was a moment that restored my faith in the fans, particularly after sitting behind an absolute bell*** who criticised everything throughout the whole match.
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    It takes time to bed in some new players. Emi didn’t feature immediately, took about 6 games for his first start. Also that was in the championship. We’re now trying to introduce a young, raw attacking midfielder into a PL team that has been haemorrhaging goals. Sort defence first, then bring in the creativity at the other end. I don’t think there’s anything to panic about with Tzolis.
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    I must say if all the players not getting game time Tzolis is the one that worries/baffles me most. This is a guy playing regularly international snd Europa league football before he joined us. He makes stuff happen when he plays. It worries me he’s getting shut out and I can’t see him being too up for championship football either. We need to get him onto the pitch more often.
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    Ok, we are all devastated to have such a bad defeat after the hope of the last two games, but the more I read, the more angry I get with those down and outs (binners and serial anti-club so called fans) that are coming on here who are here solely to fuel the flames of our disappointment - and those that fall for it and are wallowing in it. So to you binners and those that like trying to make it worse for others, crawl back into your holes. Imo, we need to calm down a bit, there is more to life than football, there is hope and there is always the next game.
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    Early Kick off for this one folks - 12:30 GMT at Stamford Bridge. It is being televised on BT Sport for those who have it or who have friends/family you can join or hijack their TV for. As is the norm, the pinkUn has it's presser report and a few separate pieces focusing on some of the news from that on their front page. It sounds to me like poor old Zimmermann is still suffering from that horrific tackle he was on the end of playing West Ham two seasons ago. The BBC also have their pre-match sum up but you'll have to ignore "Lawro's Prediction" if you want to remain positive! For those of you wanting to get into a more positive frame of mind than our old friend Lawro, the club has put together a video of goals our boys in yellow and green have scored in the past. As is now part of our weekly routine of enjoyment you can also go and join in with Rays Funds for the CSF with the PUPs Season 15 Week 11 and help to raise money for a very, very good cause. Interesting little piece of knowledge - there are no football clubs located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Stamford Bridge is actually located in Fulham. Something fans of QPR and Fulham will often remind their Chelsea counterparts. EDIT: Possible piece of insight - apparently, last night, Tzolis switched himself into his own fantasy football team. The last time he did this was Vs Arsenal when he started. As you can imagine, some fans on social media have latched onto this. As a result, there is some belief that he might be starting today. Edit 2: Team
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    So, to summarise, Todd has been going through a rough time at home, understandably that has impacted him and his focus. Within the same period, he has been dealing with some little niggles that have caused him to miss training, he isn't "out injured", but he isn't ready for a Premier League game. He's turning out for the u23s this evening to help him reach that level of readiness and a couple of solid full weeks of training will help him massively. Hopefully he's back in the first team squad shortly then.
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    I couldn't give a damn where the scumbag is from. He fed his customers constant lies, used his prominent position to spread misinformation and now whines when what he campaigned for has bitten him on the backside. Like Daltrey, Dickinson, Dyson etc, they can go ****emselves.
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    Weird, i've criticised every poor performance we've had this season, of which there's been enough. I didn't expect to beat Chelsea but expected a lot better than we saw. The main difference between me and you is I can be critical but not come across like a 4 year old girl who's just sh*t their nappy.
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    Remember though, there is a solution: "All we have to do is beat Chelsea"
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    I’m not sure this is the forum for you.
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    I tend to walk into things when blindfolded.
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    I'd like to highlight an excellent post by @Parma Ham's gone mouldy in the thread on Farke's use of substitutes. In particular, the following stands out (remember we're talking last season in preparation for this season): Now it seems that I'm the only person making the distinction between the attacking 4-2-3-1 system we played in 19/20 and the more balanced version of the same system in 20/21. There seems to be an accepted wisdom that we get torn apart at this level when we play that way and that none of our midfielders can play the role that Skipp did last year. We sold Buendia, we couldn't get Skipp back, so Farke attempted to adapt his system to suit the players we did have. The 4-3-3, built around the prodigious Gilmour in the middle of the park. Flanked by two athletic midfielders who would do the dirty-work, Gilmour would be the creative fulcrum. We didn't need a number 10 any more because the two attacking midfielders would use their pace to get forward with Pukki. One of the midfield 3 would always be able to get forward and assist in attack so we wouldn't lack numbers and the extra midfielder would make it more defensively secure anyway. The fullbacks could give us width so it wouldn't be too narrow... The 4-3-3 worked perfectly. Against Bournemouth's second string. 6-0 with the attacking talents of Tzolis and Sargent showing their potential. You could really see how the system was supposed to work. Unfortunately we weren't up against Bournemouth in the Premier League. The midfield in that 4-3-3 were defensively frail yet also lacking a cutting edge in attack - the worst of both worlds. I don't think you can lay the blame solely on the system - although it's easy to see the holes. A significant part of the problem was the enormous turnover of players in those crucial positions. Of our previously solid midfield of Skipp, McLean, Cantwell, Dowell and Buendia, only Cantwell would feature in our opening two league games. That seems like a massive amount of disruption to the continuity of a team which was on a roll. What about the steady, long-term evolution that Parma was talking about? What about the solid, defensive core? Farke stuck with it. Narrow defeats to Leicester and Arsenal followed. It was almost working but, for some reason, the fullbacks were being exposed, especially down the left. The extra man in midfield wasn't compensating for the lack of tracking in the wide areas. Rashica simply didn't have an understanding of the defensive work required. Cantwell was now on the right and struggling to influence the games. So Tzolis and Dowell were given the chance but with little difference in the outcome. Then disaster. Watford at home. Probably the easiest game of the season on paper. Kabak's in at centre back. Normann makes his first start. Sargent and Rashica get the nod in attacking midfield. It's a shambles. Rashica fails to stop a cross from deep. Kabak loses the only man in there and bang, it's 0-1. Norwich respond with Normann feeding Pukki. Finally the season is up and running. Well tear them apart in the second half... Sadly not. Normann doesn't have the stamina and completely switches off. His man runs free, cuts it back and it's a tap in. Finally we see the 4-2-3-1 for the last 20 minutes. But it all unravels with a mistake from McLean leading to a 3rd goal. The team fall apart and Watford could have had more. Farke concedes by going ultra defensive. 5 at the back. Still 3 in midfield. That means sacrificing another attacking player - from four under the 4-2-3-1, three in the 4-3-3 it's now two in the 5-3-2. It might have worked against Everton had Kabak not swung a leg in the box. He's certainly not covered himself in glory in those first two appearances. But Burnley and Brighton are largely kept at bay. The rot is stopped. But Farkeball has all but gone from the team. Balls are routinely cleared long for the front two to chase. There are glimpses of fluid passing, some nice through-balls and a few great chances, but they mostly come from defensive mistakes rather than attacking play. So, here we are. We have four attacking midfielders - Cantwell, Dowell, Rashica and Tzolis - competing for zero places in the starting line-up. Two of the three biggest signings in the club's history on the bench and arguably their most valuable remaining player not even in the squad. Gilmour, who probably provided the catalyst for the switch to the broken 4-3-3 in the first place, can't get near the pitch. There's no room for creativity in this latest Farke team. It's looking more and more like the summer recruitment holds the bulk of the blame. Buendia was the talismanic figure who people said it would be hard to replace, but Skipp was the vital cog who held it all together. Maybe Normann and Lees-Melou will develop into the solid core we have been missing - the signs are good. But we're nearly a quarter of the way through the season with just two points on the board. The questions remain: how does this evolve to become a system which will win games? what place is there for the attacking talent which has been so unashamedly cast aside? I don't think we'll see a sudden deviation from this defensive setup. But I think it might be a panful remainder of the season. I was happy with the money received from selling Buendia, but I can honestly say that I think it's been wasted. We've signed a whole new team when we should have concentrated in a few key areas. I still think the 4-2-3-1 could work and should be tried, after the Chelsea game. And it should be a disciplined, defence-first version of the system. I doubt we'll see it though. Farke will likely flirt with the 4-3-3 again. But, as challenging as it is to fit a number 10 in, without one, we look pretty unable to create much.
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    Horrible news for Dan, I hope he is OK and has all the support he needs around him. A year ago tomorrow I had an operation to remove TC, it's a really daunting thing to go through, alongside everything else that comes with a cancer diagnosis. From experience though, if it is caught early then it is extremely treatable, so I have my fingers crossed for him. Good luck Dan, and my thoughts are with you.
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    You are clearly getting more desperate and even more stupid - didn't think that was possible but there you go, proving me wrong again The Government is not 'trying' to do either of those things - the Government's incompetence and negligence has created shortages all over our economy and only after the shortages became crises did Johnson dream up his narrative for the simple minded that this was actually part of a government policy to increase wages but somehow, he forgot to mention it until he noticed that nobody could buy any petrol. In actual fact the wage rises are pretty patchy but in the long term are a good thing but they will lead directly to us all paying more and not less for the things we buy - I would have thought even you would be capable of grasping that. I think it is also worth pointing out that Johnson's oven ready deal deliberately introduced additional overheads and delays to businesses which will also lead inevitably to price rises as it is impossible for businesses to simply absorb these additional costs without passing at least some ontot customers. Johnson knew this when he signed the deal but as usual he lied about it. The only way that wages can go up and prices down is to have a huge boost in productively and yet the UK's record on productively relative to our European competitors is very poor indeed and has been for many years - Johnson's government, and their Tory predecessors have known about this issue for the last ten years and done absolutely nothing about it, so you are, as usual, talking total cr@p.
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    are these the guys who find Mrs Brown's boys hilarious as well? I genuinely don't encounter anyone as truly bonkers as these in real life, nor do I know anyone that likes Mrs Brown's boys but they walk among us...
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    No more lockdowns. Get jabbed. We're f*cked.
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    I never said a ‘lot’. But can you not see the focus has been getting the back line right? The demand from some fans for immediate success is just detached from reality. Those first few games we played Rashica, Cantwell in a formation that failed miserably. It can be argued Tzolis could have played in place of one of those for one of those games but the end result would more than likely have been the same due to the massive defensive issues. Since then the focus has been defensive solidity and using our two strikers on the break and with longer balls upfield. Those attacking players won’t be so easy to fit into that system and so haven’t got as much time on the pitch. It’s resulted in two draws and clean sheets. If our attacking line up continues to solely consist of Pukki and Sargent then yes, questions will need answering. If we had created nothing yesterday that I could almost understand the negativity. But taken in context I can fully understand why we went with the 3 in midfield and Sargent/Pukki up top for the last 2 games. This is just another example of ‘football manager’ fan opinion. Success is just a few clicks away. Thankfully Farkes in charge and he’s building something in the real world. His record of bringing new players, and young new players at that, through to the first team (not to mention this is the PL rather than the much easier championship) has been pretty exemplary and until there’s an obvious time when Tzolis should have at least been tried, we should all just trust and wait.
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    I know this will be ignored, but could I suggest that from now on this thread is limited to general questions that affect at least a reasonable number of fans, or specific issues posters have come across that equally affect a reasonable number of fans. Amusing as some of the above exchanges they are too particular and personal to be of any wider relevance; and I doubt Wolfie et al find it fun to wade through them to get to posts they really need to see.
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    I think the team and the formation that got us up needs to be given a chance now. This dramatic change of style, trying the 4-3-3 and then 3-5-2 appears to not be working, we have managed a respectable draw away at Burnley and then a frustrating home draw with Brighton where in both games we haven't looked anywhere near like ourselves. It isnt working. We look toothless. We aren't good enough to try and win a game 1-0, not that we are scoring in this set up at the moment. I get that Buendia and Skipp are gone, but I still would like to see us revert to the style of 4-2-3-1 and side that got us here and looked so dominant as we got a record points haul in the Championship. The formation and the number 10 especially was key. Dowell deserves a chance. Todd at 60% is better than what i saw out there today. Against Leeds for me it has to be: Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Giannoulis Normann Mclean/Gilmour Rashica Dowell Cantwell Pukki Im at a point now where Id rather see us loose a match 4-3 or 3-2 and actually attack, link up play and make use of Pukki, than us trying to just crowd out the other team in defence and hope they make another of a mistake we can nick a goal and sit on it. That formation and most of those lads got us here, let them have a go, and lets get Tzolis and Idah on before 60 minutes if it still ours for the taking.
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    The premier league is the problem, our poor record is just the symptom This is not an apology for our poor start, we’ve clearly made awful mistakes when it comes to everything from season preparation to recruitment. It’s been an absolute mess. But I firmly believe we are an example that this league just doesn’t work anymore, not for clubs like us anyway. Realistically, within the next day 5 years, can you really see any competitiveness in this league? Once newcastle start spending everyone in the bottom half is getting tonked every week. think there’s some plucky team that’s going to punch their way up? Think Watford will defy all the odds because they’ve got some momentum right now? Think again. We are headed for a European superleague because this league is no longer for us, we are an inconvenience to these big clubs. We are in the strange twilight era of this league and this way of doing league football. All sorts of weird stuff is going to happen going forward until we, as a club of a certain stature, become untenable in this league. Norwich city are a metaphor for the future of this league and the future of club football in this country and this continent. Brace yourself for a future of select club dominance and the majority of clubs relegated to a lower class of football. Things is though, I think it’ll be better.
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    99% are Norwich fans who have every right to type what they like, just like you do.
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    What's them being left wing got to do with it?
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    Buendia and Skipp dragged us into the Prem... without those two, we wouldn't have gone up last season.
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    Can't really play like this and then moan when pundits utterly hammer us, can we. Especially after Brentford gave them a proper go last week. Then along come Norwich to give Chelsea the easiest game they will ever have at this level.
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    Have to say, a quick read through this and it's a little sad that blokes in their 30's, 40's and over are speculating over what's wrong with a 21 year old, whilst jumping to conclusions that it could be his sexuality, based no nothing more than the fact he has long blonde hair, presumably.
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    Simpleton, dolt, dunce, blockhead, numskull, ignoramus, dunderhead, ninny, nincompoop, booby, saphead, sap.
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    I've said before, parachute payments are a symptom of the problem rather than the problem themselves. The financial gap between the Premier League and EFL is huge at this point. Clubs are going to spend that money on wages and fees in order to try and get more of it by staying up. Players are going to try and get the best deals they can. Removing parachute payments would just further increase clubs reliance on billionaire owners to keep them afloat. I totally see why owners of clubs further down the food chain hate them but they are an imperfect solution to a very real issue. Until football as a whole calms down the financial arms race and does the sensible thing of actually implementing a salary cap, this will continue.
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    We will finish on minus 27 after being found guilty and docked points for failing to comply with the basic rules of the Premier League. The specific charges being that we have ostentatiously refused to rack up unsustainable debts, that we have persistently obeyed FFP regulations, and most heinous of all that our owners would actually pass the fit and proper person test.
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    Good posts from horsefly and sonyc. I have followed politics since the mid-1950s, and what you have now in the UK is unprecedented. Until very recently Johnson would never have got near 10 Downing Street. His fellow Tories wouldn’t have allowed the electorate to have a chance of choosing someone so totally unfit for the job. And his opinion poll ratings now would have mystified them. There have been many analyses of why this is, but it struck me that the current craziness is encapsulated in the ‘levelling up’ policy, in three ways. Firstly, it is presented as if the Tories have been out of power until Johnson became PM, rather than it now being 11 years of Tory rule, during which time Cameron or May or even Johnson early on could have started implementing the policy. The reality is that it was the austerity drive of Cameron and Osborne that exacerbated the economic divisions already existing in society for which levelling up is now painted as the panacea. Secondly, as others have pointed out, this policy, far from being part of an economic strategy, was suddenly dreamed up in desperation not just as the solution to the catastrophic - and widely predicted - consequences of Brexit but also to have all along been the real argument for leaving the EU. A lie about a lie. Thirdly, even if one ignores both the above absurdities, to implement such a far-reaching shift in the economy of a country requires a steadfast and hard-working prime minister and a cabinet of all the talents. Which the UK very much does not have. This is the worst and least talented government since world war two. And yet I have read articles taking this Potemkin policy seriously, arguing that Johnson has stolen a march on Labour because the people want economic change, and this appeals to them, despite all the absurdities listed above. It will not happen and anyone who has been following Johnson’s career should know it will never happen, but it seems many voters are still baffled by empty slogans and boosterism into trusting the completely untrustworthy.
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    There must have been an awful lot of binners around me at Stamford Bridge then Lakey, I expect they were the ones booing at half time and again at full time. Many others gestured to the players to get off down the tunnel when Hanley and Normann started to applaud the away following and started to walk towards them before thinking better of it. Those binners were so vociferious in their displeasure at the performance that even Farke didn't come over to us which is most unusual. Lots of those binners you mention Lakey even decided to leave over 10 minutes from the end. The same binners who started songs like ' we're $hit and we're going down ' . It all started when they sang after only two minutes ' How $hit must you be we're drawing away ' however that song didn't last too long. You see Lakey they are not only on here.
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    When I went to the game in 2011/12, we looked superb against Chelsea. We competed, had a system and were 1-1 for much of the game. We lost 3-1 when Ruddy got sent off and we conceded two late goals, but could have been different if Torres was sent off earlier. Chelsea that season won the Champions League. But we actually tried to compete against them. This, on the other hand, is utter garbage. No system, no effort, no ideas and no excuses. Pathetic.
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    I cannot believe how many apologists there still are given the dire football and the complete lack of being competitive. We spent a huge amount by our standard and have nothing to show for it. Not good enough and at any other club heads would roll. But not us- we are happy to lose it seems.
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    Pinkun eighties tribute band !
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    Perhaps he’s being allowed to work from home!
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    As a caveat be careful of ascribing too much weight to the paper formation. It is entirely flawed to think of this as the solution to all ills. A small excerpt from the post you linked to: ‘Every piece and action is inter-connected and affects the whole. Few fans have the inside knowledge, data, direct experience, direct contact with the psychology of the players or deep understanding of how disparate parts contribute to the whole. Adding one things costs another, which diminishes another, augments a different piece, all of which suits one player , makes it harder for another, increases stress on one part of the system, strengthening another....but how does that relate to your resources, what the opposition resources are, what the variables of the day are (pitch, conditions, league position, momentum, current dressing-room psychology)?’ The formation on paper often bears little resemblance to the action on grass, or the intention of the Manager, or the overriding neural tendencies of the players on the field. Thus it is about how all pieces interconnect, based on deep knowledge and understanding of the players tendencies under stress and how all this combines as a unit, plus what stresses you are going to come under from the opposition actions (based on their own deep analysis and marshalling - which you are trying to second guess to make your own calculations more effective). It is spectacularly more complex, detailed and thought through than almost anyone on here gives it credit for. Changing the paper formation is barely changing the texture of the fabric of the curtains. It depends on the interpretation. And that depends on how drilled the instructions are and how much they tessellate with or override (positive or negative) ingrained neural pathways of individuals. All that being said, there is some value and coherence to formations. Brazil played a very fluid 442 because they didn’t grow up being nurtured in boxy lines and thoughts as many English 80’s teams did. Thus a change in formation wouldn’t have affected the natural fluid tactical movement of Brazilian players, though a bit of schooling in Cruyffian 343 might well have - in time - encouraged better English players to literally have thought outside of the box shapes drilled into their minds. The issue here looks rather more like that which @canarydan23 has identified. Maybe - on paper- the dream and plan was for 4231 with Skipp alongside Gilmour and Rashica (sometimes Tzolis, sometimes both) tearing fluidly from in-to-out at teams and Sargent a great replacement for Pukki, an option driving from wide into 10 into 9 and so on….. Be careful what you draw on paper… Parma
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    Good post Petriix, enjoyed that. It really shows how much things can change and how quickly they can change too. I feel like there is a feeling of 'this will never end' whenever the club gets stuck in some kind of rut, I guess its down to some kind of short-term recency bias; when we are losing it feels like we will never stop losing, when we are playing a very defensive minded formation it feels like we're never going to branch out, when certain players aren't playing it feels like they're never going to get a chance. The same thing happens when we are doing well too (usually in the league below admittedly). You see it with Arsenal and United all the time, lose 3 games at the start of the season and the world is going to end, win 3 games in a row and all of the sudden Arsenal are back baby champions league winners 22/23 but then draw to Palace which will probably be the start of a swing back the other way. I think we can all be guilty for doing it and getting caught up in the emotions of what we have just seen, but it simply isn't the right way to look at things, there has to be a middle ground, or an overall picture. Your OP already illustrates just how much has come and gone this season. There is still so much time for us to see more of Tzolis and Rashica, for Cantwell to get a run of games, for us to experiment with 4 at the back again which I expect we will see within the next 3-4 games, for us to find a new attacking mojo following the overhaul in midfield, and for us prove the Buendia money was not 'wasted' as you fear. It's still early days! I said it at the time and I've seen nothing since to tell me otherwise; the Watford game was the 'teething' game, we threw in our two new and probably most important signings when they arguably weren't ready and the result was disastrous. However, that has allowed us to map steady progress since with incremental increases in performance levels from that game, the Everton game, the Burnley game through to Brighton. This is not the end of Farkeball, this change in style IMO was a necessary evil in terms of stopping the rot and picking the team up from rock bottom, trying to acclimatise our new players in a less chaotic environment and finding a new equilibrium in playstyle. I described it before as trying to turn around a large ship on a collision course, I feel like we are starting to veer away from disaster but we've still clearly got a lot more turning to do. Whether we will continue to improve enough to stay up, I find hard to believe right now, but we're clearly still a work in progress and it would not at all be a miracle if we did, IMO. I expect we will remain fairly competitive for the rest of the season, improve on our goal scoring and points total in 2019/20 and certainly avoid breaking any damning records come the end of the season, but maybe fall short of safety with an 18th place finish. I'd be keen to read another 'evolution' post in 8 games time, I'm sure we could be having an entirely different conversation then.
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    Meanwhile .. nothing like take back control eh?
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    A healthy breakfast enjoyed up in Cumbria this morning.
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    I'll definitely be voting tactically next time, but tactical voting is very much the sign that our electoral model is not fit for purpose.
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    I said it once I’ll say it again, experts believe in 5 years time you’ll never be 2 metres away from an ex Watford manager
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