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    Nice work Administrators, what was contained in one thread and easily ignored or engaged in is now spread all over the board. Would you say that deleting the long running Brexit thread has achieved whatever you though it would?
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    Great to read through, in particular: " It will test our players, it will test our staff, and it will test our supporters. It’s easy talking about culture, environment, having a great club to be at, we believe in the plan, let’s do it our way, it’s the Norwich way – that’s really easy when you’ve just won the league, really easy. Everyone believes it. It’s now, in these periods – and I think I said this at the end of last season – this will all be tested. It’s now going to be tested and we’ll find out more about people’s characters during this period. We’re lucky that we’ve got people here who will support our players through that because this is a growth period for young players." For me, some supporters wont pass the test. They never do when things get difficult. But this time I do believe the majority will.
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    Thought this was a new term for 'pant wetters' initially.
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    40 years of the two tone label, I almost want one
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    Farage, the secret Remainer
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    If it wasnt for us you would still be standing on railway sleepers in the River End with someone pissing down your leg
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    I've not been on here since Thursday...are we now having to resort to guerilla Brexit threads? Apples
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    Thank goodness we can blame Bulgaria for any problems. They have arrived just in time.
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    Ricardo, rock the boat and van wink, shyster says hi , he’ll be back.
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    Looking at the latest city utube on today’s training session, Todd Cantwell looks like Messi - hopefully he bottles some of it for Saturday!! Good to see Krul, Vrancic and Tettey all in full training. What with Pukki scoring two, I feel the wind changing !!!!
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    What's the difference between making an incorrect early judgement (presumably based on ignorance), and "changing your mind depending on the evidence"? The latter phrase implies that there was no evidence Farke was a quality coach prior to the turnaround last season and he suddenly became a magician overnight, whereas in reality his skills and philosophies have been developed over decades of football experience. Winning the Championship in two seasons would be an achievement for any coach, but factor in the outrageous constraints he was working under in terms of finances and selling key players, and I would suggest that those who could see green shoots of recovery and were prepared to give Farke time are those that were making an evidence-based argument.
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    Players who try to create will give the ball away more than others. It is the risk of trying to make things happen. There were a few that were certainly avoidable in recent games but if we want him to play in a way where he will provide chances we also have to be prepared for him to lose the ball when doing so.
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    See what I mean - gardens have a user's manual! Just like tech!
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    Some highlights here: https://hofoot.toclipit.com/player/html/x9cy4OzpKh?popup=yes&autoplay=1
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    "Are these the guys who will be taking the streets if we don't Brexit?!" Are they all getting let out for the day? Apples
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    It's never going to happen and there will be a second referendum. Jools, RTB, etc. You should all understand that word as it basically has 'dumb' written at the end of it. When it doesn't happen, I hope we can ship you guys off on to Daily Mail island, where you'll likely read a piece on paedophiles, get confused and end up posting sh1t through your own letterbox. Ta ta!
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    This is a poor analogy - to cause Japanese Knotweed to be spread is unlawful, and nobody has done anything unlawful around Brexit...oh hang on a moment...
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    Some people still don't get it that along with supporters being the twelfth man, they can also be the opposite and have a negative effect on the team. Most supporters are great and I am sure Webber is right that the majority will keep singing from the same hymn sheet, but we see on here how quick some people are to turn. Supporters can have a positive effect or a negative effect at a match - it is up to each individual to choose how they will be. We are in an incredible period at the club - still getting to grips with the PL and having to do that in a difficult injury situation - but with a club set up that is as good as at any time in our history......just look at the quality around the place, not just in the first team but in the U23's and academy. This is the best time to be a Norwich supporter - if a few people are losing the plot because of two away defeats and a home loss that was made all the worse because of the injury situation, then they have very short memories. It is less than four weeks since one of the most memorable occasions ever at CR. We need gumption, not snowflakery.
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    And scampi to an idiot
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    "Hunter Biden was the son of the Vice President for 8 years—from '08-'16" Surely he's been his son all his life.
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    Oh if only it was that simple!
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    The physical demands of playing international football are considerably higher than those of sitting at a table. There's nothing wrong with someone who is a bit ill deciding to sit in a warm, cosy building during the evening, which is exactly what he would've been doing had he stayed at home.