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    Take a bow Todd. Wow. Ill admit I didn’t see him being a PL player and thought his lack of pace would restrict him but he looks stronger, cleverer and just reads the game so so well. Onel will be missed but it’s now definitely Todd’s position to lose. What a mature performance on the biggest stage.
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    I'd rather their tkts were traced to the member who bought them and that person banned from ever buying tickets again.
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    So impressed, Sat down with Mrs Parma to really go through it in detail.... ’you got promoted with high ball possession football, but you lost heavily...so will you now have to change?...’ ‘....it’s really important to stand by your ideals and beliefs (even after having lost)......the players are drilled in the way we want to play, this is the hand we have chosen...(implied : it is a good way and our best chance)’ We’re not naive...we can’t have 80% possession at Anfield...but we did well, we made chances, had good possession (the data was good, we did well outside of obvious errors) ‘Have you looked at the game and studied it already?’ ’yes..of course ...you need to study it in great detail with an objective mind....think about the next step. Things that go well, things that need to be addressed’ Farke is slightly irritated by a rather patronising attitude from the interviewer. ‘You have gone from the unknown German to the colourful dog (about town).....’ (you’ve gone from a no-one in Germany to someone who can’t walk down the street without someone wanting selfies....You are appreciated and respected in Norwich’ Despite the patronising tone and somewhat clumsy interviewing the montage put together by ZDF is actually very heart-warming (largely because it’s us showering him with love)...the audience and interviewer seem amazed by it and it re-inforces the image of England as a real passionate home of football, it is respectful...’they love him to his feet!’ ‘Farke entered Norwich at a low ebb in both a sporting, financial and cultural sense and - along with Stuart Webber and a supportive Board - unity has drive the club to great success......(despite scepticism at the beginning at his appointment) History bit about Farke’s history...player...horse... Borussia Dortmund....Norwich Stuart Webber describes him as ‘brave..he takes risks...young players..style of play....we’re lucky to have him’’ ’All pays off after 18 months of teambuilding - with several resurrected German players too - after win vs Blackburn’ ‘He is unbelievable ... I love him!!.....(he can take a Zimmerman from 4th tier reserves and make him integral at the top level)....he has made a whole city happy!! (Audience - and interviewer - quite taken and surprised by the montage.... is everybody else is engaged and warmed to the story of success) Farke ‘ I just love it in Norwich...the fans just sing...they’re passionate, loyal and totally support us.....of course if you lose 3 games old tomatoes and rotten eggs can come flying your way, but you have to have a clear method, a plan and stick to it...not be influenced by negative noise...I must support my young lads, they’ve done so well and they deserve so much praise’ ‘So you can’t walk down the street anymore?’ ’To be honest (it was like that) From the very first day ....in England people and media are very focused on the figurehead of the Manager (as opposed to say Germany, where the concept is much more of a Club-wide business structure and process). The role is huge in England, but to be honest it is so much fun!’’ 24 teams in the championship and 32 Managers last year! The value (and the respect and appreciation) of the Manager role is huge in England too (if you are successful). Press in England is pretty ruthless, but the pressure is not more than in Germany (it’s football). ’You are a bit different though aren’t you?...your jackets...the way you are...you have a cuddliness!!!!’ Farke ‘I’m not sure about cuddliness!! (Laughing)...the role of trainer has changed...you can’t bring high stress, pressure and tension to every day sessions (it won’t work like that anymore) ....you have to have leadership skills and human interpersonal skills to bond and lead a group’.... ......’It’s important to be authentic.....whether you wear suit...trackies or a baseball cap doesn’t matter...be authentic (to yourself and your principles)....that’s how you build a team...via the clarity of your vision and how you genuinely feel (and ensure a warm, nurturing environment)’ ‘......in training....I participate in the sessions...i’m amongst them...i’m part of the Group...it’s not like we turn up together Saturdays for a cup of tea (and then play a match)....it’s not like that anymore (Implication: I know them deeply....day-in-day-out)’ ’At Norwich I have brilliant support with an excellent Sporting Director...we work closely together....it is so much fun, I really love it’ It’s brought success...you even have a Farke Life song! You’ve made s success of discarded Germans...how have you done that? Do they have something special? ‘It’s nothing to do with their passports...we are finding under-rated talent, potential and character ...(and then resurrecting it)’....honestly at the moment we can’t afford (the equivalent) English players...(it’s the market, not the passport)....we have to be creative with our scouting...whether that’s Spain, Germany, Holland, Portugal or wherever....’..we pay lots of attention to those markets...’ Farke ‘wherever the players come from they have to fit our model...our playing style...the character of our Group...they all bring interesting traits from different countries (the interviewer mentions how the Germans love to go over to the corners of the ground to salute the fans at the end of games (Farke’s one special interactions with the yellow wall)...ultimately they have to be affordable!’ Drmic and Fahrmann are mentioned as quality players ....’we’re not afraid of quality!!!...we want quality ( but our club parameters and character remain paramount)....’....we’re not going to buy £10m players, but we have invested strongly in our academy , our young players (and our future)......this way is for us imperative and -truthfully - there is no practical alternative anyway...’ ’This is our way...we are maybe predicted to be 20th this year, but we will go our own way and focus on our own methods and beliefs....we broke many rules last year already, we climbed our own Everest.... so we will do the same again this year, we will climb again ...we will be defiant and do things proudly our own way!’ Parma (Mrs)
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    Well, your Pinkun account is regularly hacked by some fella that is optimistic to the point of delusion.
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    but they have created (and exploited) a legitimate expectation amongst fans who buy the premier away memberships that they will get tickets. Ok it may have been hard for fans who could only go once or twice a season to away games to get tickets for the big/high demand away fixtures in the past but everyone knew the system and it did generally reward loyalty in line with the system that virtually every other premier league club has. All that was needed was a tweak to ensure that season ticket holders did not have such a big points advantage (or any advantage some might say) over members and the rest of the system was fit for purpose. they could release the tickets to fans in bands based on loyalty points and nobody had to go through this ridiculous scrum that sees people missing work or logging in on 4 devices for an hour and a half scrambling just for a chance to get a ticket. Its pure greed and its a terrible system that is inconveniencing everyone.
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    Well apart from the hyperbole about our defending being League One standard. We wouldn't be in the Prem if that were the case. Also, Lawrensen is a massive tool
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    So West Ham must have been relegated last season having lost 4-0 in last seasons first match at Anfield. Oh wait.... it appears they didn’t. How can that be? Did anyone else concede four against Liverpool or lose by a 3 goal margin? Let’s take a look. Southampton lost by 3. They must be in the championship this season. What do you mean 'no'? Cardiff conceded four so 'talk sh!te' presumably called.that one right. Watford lost by 3 and Bournemouth and Newcastle both conceded 4, so that’s the other two relegation places filled alongside Cardiff, right? It’s not right? Well surely one of them must have gone down? How can it be that they all survived. Arsenal conceded 5, Palace 4, Bournemouth and Watford both lost again by 3 and 5 respectively. They must have all had a real battle to not be relegated after results like that. How did they possibly finish 36, 15, 11 and 16 points clear of relegation. 5th, 11th, 12th and 14th. Well Burnley conceded 4. They must have gone down cos they don’t have any money either. They just started their fourth consecutive season in the Premiership you say? And I presume the pundits got it right when Huddersfield lost by 5 with only two more games to play. Not too difficult a call since they were already relegated by that time So 10 teams lost by the same or greater margin to Liverpool, two of them twice and 8 of them are still in the top flight. So to everyone, especially those who still haven’t learnt from the first five games last season, let’s just get a few more games under our belt before drawing any definitive conclusions from Fridays game.
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    And another good article (thanks to Duncan Edwards for the link): https://welovebetting.co.uk/weekend-debrief-the-pitfalls-of-outcome-bias/
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    All I can say is get ****ed Mark Lawrenson who reckoned Pukki wouldn't get anywhere near 10 goals this season!
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    This is what happens when lunatics get a hint of power. Serious talk of capital punishment. Here's an idea. Maybe look at the bigger picture and cut out the thick 'political correctness' easy cop out. Massive cuts to the police force and their budgets. Massive cuts to social services. Massive cuts to youth services. Massive cuts to prison services. Massive cuts to judicial services. Massive cuts to schools and further education. Nearly everything wrong in the country is to do with failing government policies. Not the EU, not political correctness, not lefty ideologies.Cutting services to the bare minimum are a major problem. And people looking at the easiest and laziest solutions are not helping.
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    You rang? I think most posters on here know my views regarding RvW, and I really don't want to get into yet another pointless debate about the whole thing, as some people will only ever look at his poor scoring record after coming to us, or indeed the infamous 'ghost pass' and claim he's the worst striker ever known at the club which is clearly nonsense. In short, he had ZERO supply, ZERO support, was asked to play a totally unfamiliar role, and was badly affected by both the injury and a confidence crisis caused by the Hughton approach and teammates who simply weren't on his wavelength. Just watch his movement from the first part of the season before the injury and you'll see he was making runs and looking for balls to get onto and the rest of the team simply weren't providing them. Most of our play was focused through Snoddy on the wing, who'd spend 3 minutes trying to beat the same man 15 times and then finally provide a ball that was either 3 feet above RvW, 4 feet behind him, or he'd simply shoot himself or pass to a different teammate. What can your striker do with absolutely no supply unless he's someone like Ibrahimovic or similar who has that all-round game to compensate for the poor supply, and can drop back a bit more etc? RvW HAS to be played in a specific way to get goals, and there's absolutely no denying that he's a very limited striker in this respect, but you don't sign a player like Crouch and tell him to rely on speed and technique, you don't sign Zola and then sling in constant high balls for him to challenge the 6ft+ monster CB's like Van Dijk, and you don't sign RvW and ask him to play like Andy Carroll and then wonder why he's not doing anything. The most frustrating part is that Hughton had scouted RvW well before coming to Norwich, almost everyone in football knew what type of player he was and how he'd need to be used to have a chance in the Premier League, and yet instead he played him as a lone target man in a highly defensive and restricted tactic, and somehow we still have fans blaming the player rather than the idiot who totally mismanaged the guy...
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    League One standard? Shows how little they know about football outside the Premier League. First goal was a fluke, second a lucky ricochet off of Trybull, third was Lewis and Hanley abandoning the zonal marking plan and going with men instead of defending space, two individual errors, not likely to be recurring and for the 4th we were understandably shell shocked and were playing against the European Champions. Yes Krul had to pull off some blinding saves and he's gonna have to pull a few of them off every match but so does every other keeper in this league. If they didn't every PL game would end up high scoring, its much easier to attack than defend. We need to tighten up on set pieces 100%, no arguments there. But in open play last year I'd argue we were very good. It was concentration issues just before and after half time that created an anomalous concession ratio. We also had a very young defence that is constantly improving who played behind a very fluid and attack minded midfield. Our defending is fine for the lower half of this league, our set piece defence is pretty poor, not League One standard though and it can be fixed if players follow instruction instead of instinct. If we do that and our players stay focused for the full 90 we won't concede all that many against teams outside the top 2 who can tear any team in the world apart if they feel like it. I'm going for a 3-1 win tomorrow, that'll hopefully shut the ignorant doubters up
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    "...anyone as clever as Cummings..." That's being a bit generous...he only had to be clever enough to make his sock puppets and their message appeal to the lowest common denominator (and then show them a big, red, shiny bus). Apples
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    I and I'm sure all Norwich fans will wish Ricky well and hope for a full and speedy recovery.
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    Posted this in another thread but I think it deserves its own after the negative press we’ve received. In the first of a brand new Monday column, Mark O’Haire (@MarkOHaire) shares his thoughts on one of the weekend’s major talking points from across the footballing globe. Weekend Debrief: There's more to football than the final score Liverpool kicked-off the 2019/20 Premier League campaign with a 4-1 victory over newly-promoted Norwich in front of the Sky Sports cameras on Friday night. If you missed the match, headline reports would back up your probable assumption that the European champions handed out a “thrashing” and a “drubbing” to the wide-eyed Canaries at Anfield. However, anyone who watched the 90 minutes – or inspected the performance data post-match – would tell you that Norwich put in a bold, brave and competitive effort. Sure, the newcomers showed signs of naivety, yes, the Canaries weren’t great in their defensive transitions, but it’s true too that the final scoreline flattered Jurgen Klopp’s charges. If we’re going to be governed by goals, Norwich conceded a daft own goal to break the deadlock, before a wicked deflection in the penalty area gave Liverpool a great opportunity to double their lead. Terrible defending from a set-piece – a reasonably low percentage goal to concede in data terms – ended the encounter as a contest soon after. All three goals were completely avoidable. But not just in terms of luck or fortune, which the opening two strikes could be considered. The third was also entirely preventable, although how many players can genuinely say they’ll come out on top of an aerial duel with Virgil Van Dijk this season? They’ll be few and far between, that’s for sure. I’ve seen suggestions that Norwich “offered very little resistance” and that the Canaries were “battered”. Other reports described a “first-half blitz” as the Merseysiders sent out a “statement of intent”. None of this is true. The visitors actually won the shot count in the opening 45 minutes and I’m convinced these reports are born out of outcome bias. Were we governed by outcome bias? Outcome bias is an error made in evaluating the quality of a decision when the outcome of that decision is already known. In this instance, we’re being blinded by the goals in the game, and not the process, nor the actual opportunities created and conceded at Anfield. You’d have to be a dope to ignore the fearless intent from Norwich on Merseyside. Liverpool allowed more shots at Anfield on Friday than in any home Premier League game last season, and the Reds conceded five on-target efforts – more than any Anfield outing in 2018/19. So why are focusing all our attention on their supposed defensive flaws? Firstly, Liverpool were below last term’s average in their Expected Goals (xG), shots, shots on-target and shots in the box figures. I know game state plays a part here and the hosts noticeably took their foot off the gas in the second period, but I’d still argue they were far from dominating in the first-half. Secondly, Norwich were without key centre-half and skipper Christoph Zimmermann. Peculiarly, Aston Villa were described as “brave” and putting up “stern resistance” following their 3-1 loss at White Hart Lane. That was despite grabbing an early breakaway goal and facing a relentless Spurs side that pressed and pressured before finally getting their rewards for an assertive performance the final half hour. Villa were well and fairly beaten whichever way you look at it. Ignore the media narrative The narrative we’re fed by the media rarely reflects what was seen on the field. Jamie Carragher seemed confused in his assessments of Norwich throughout Friday evening; at one point, Daniel Farke’s men were praised for staying true to their principles with ‘Carra’ comparing Brendan Rodgers’ Swansea side to last season’s Championship champions. But by half-time, Carragher was panning the Norfolk outfit for their suicidal attacking approach. Pragmatism was being pleaded for when – anyone who saw Norwich take top honours in the second-tier last term would tell you – it’s simply not their style, nor their strengths. Why curb your instincts, or what’s worked so well for you for 12 months? Near the end of the contest, Carragher changed his tune again. “It may seem like a strange thing to say off the back of Liverpool winning 4-1 with 10 minutes to go, but against a better side who are more clinical, Liverpool could have lost this game.” Gary Neville also chimed in post-match, “On another day there's no doubt Norwich could have had three or four goals”. So why on earth aren’t we queuing up to pile plaudits on the Canaries for their adventurous approach? After all, this match was pretty much a free-hit for the newcomers – nobody expected Norwich to pick up points at Anfield on the opening day. Sticking to your principles Speaking after the match, Farke quite rightly stressed the importance of remaining faithful to the formula that had earned his side top-flight promotion. He said: “We have to stick to our beliefs. Of course, we have to defend a bit more solid, but it's also a few lessons for the lads on the pitch to learn.” More sense was spoken thereafter as Farke added, “I know no-one wants to speak about it now after this result but in that first half we had nearly the same possession, we had more chances and more shots, but the reality is they had four shots on our goal and were 4-0 up at half-time. That is unbelievably unlucky. Our performance deserved much more.” Here, here. What was rarely touched upon across the mainstream media was Norwich’s starting XI, with only Grant Hanley and Tim Krul enjoying previous Premier League experience. This is a young team, an exciting side that’s packed with potential and I’m adamant they’ll bloody a few noses over the next nine months, especially the sides looking over their shoulders. Parallels with Bournemouth Bournemouth are a fine team, and there are parallels with the Carrow Road club. Since promotion to the Premier League, the Cherries have pocketed just W7-D6-L35 against the Big Six – that’s a 73% loss rate with just 6/48 (!3%) clean sheets kept. Eddie Howe refuses to change tact against the league’s elite and instead produces against the lesser lights. Bournemouth’s four previous campaigns have seen the south coast club finish 16th-9th-12th-14th for an average position of 13th. Why? Because they score goals, they attack teams and their audacious and courageous approach pays dividend. Last term, only the Big Six scored more than the Cherries, whilst just Fulham and Huddersfield conceded more. Looking at Premier League records this century, the lowest-scoring side has been relegated 74% of the time across those 19 seasons. On three other occasions, the team to finish with the fewest goals (and survived), suffered demotion the following year. Meanwhile, in each of the last four campaigns, a team has shipped at least 67 goals (1.76 per-game) and stayed up. The top-flight has evolved in recent years. The standard of coaching in the Premier League is at an all-time high – the best minds in world football are all congregated in England and it’s led to an exciting transformation towards attack-minded football. Clubs know the value of three points over one, and the days of Sam Allardyce and co. appear behind us now. Use data to your advantage So how can we avoid the pitfalls? Inspect or analyse games independently, without worrying about the final score. The result should be secondary in your assessments – the process is the most important aspect, and then you can understand if the winning team was dominant, deserving or even fortunate based on the available evidence. Football is a low-scoring sport and luck plays an enormous part. The league table always lies and results do not tell the whole story. This is where data can help; even the most basic review of shot counts can help point you towards a team that are over or underachieving. We can’t watch 20+ football matches every weekend and it’s impossible to see all 92 teams in action. Here, data is your friend. Would you continue to back a team that’s won 10 consecutive games 1-0 if you knew they had been out-shot in every game? You wouldn’t, so why ignore the evidence which is largely available? Ignore results, focus on the process. *Published on 12th August 2019
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    You can't wash your hands in a Buffalo
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    Nobody needs a car share to get to a match because nobody can get tickets.
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    I really don't understand why people let these guys upset them so much. I just ignore it.
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    If it was Adrian Durham then just ignore him. He's basically a Donald Trump-esque troll doll but switched around the orange skin / pallid hair for orange hair and pallid skin. If it wasn't him, then I still don't like him. Actually, whilst I'm at it, has James Corden ever said anything negative about Norwich as I'd like to have a go at him as well?
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    It doesn't. It works on a sliding scale, like before. The idea there is no difference between a fan who went to zero games home or away last season and another who went to all the home games and 10 away games is laughable.
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    I dont know the figures, is that 7000 accurate? If it is I have to say I do feel a bit P1$$Ed off. The nice box and cravat were all very fine, but what I really wanted for me £50 was a realistic chance of being able to buy a ticket.
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    Why do people think investing in a CB would have made a significant difference all of a sudden? I watched a very expensive Chelsea defence concede 4. I watched a very expensive Villa squad sit behind the ball for 90 minutes and still end up conceding 3. This notion that spending some big money on a CB would suddenly mean we'd have turned Liverpool over is fanciful.
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    I know Saturday should be all about getting behind the team, but a chorus of “£50 you’re having a laugh” on 50 minutes would at least let the board know how many people are p1ssed off with this system
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    And the remaining 3000 get lifetime bans for entering the field of play.... You're a standard member aren't you!
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    This “we should have bought a better centre back” argument ticks me off a little. I don’t remember hearing it before Klose and Zimmerman were injured but once Hanley makes a few mistakes in our first game against Liverpool, it becomes obvious that we should have strengthened? We have four CBs, and a new signing who apparently could also fill in there. Just how many centre backs do people want us to buy? It’s like the “we need another striker” complaint. Who could we afford, who would be better than Hanley, and be happy to be fourth choice? No-one, that’s who. Hanley, who did a decent job at the start of last season as far as I can remember, is a reasonable fourth choice CB for a club newly promoted and with our finances. We’re unlucky to get two injuries in this area and once they are resolved the chances of another two at the same time are low. If it does happen Hanley or Amadou can stand in. Nuff said.