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    There was a fair old turnout tonight and I was very grateful that my old workmate Roger Smith had saved me a seat close to the front and everyone appeared to be in good spirits. Fortunately for the Board we got the points on Saturday else the mood of the shareholders might not have been so friendly. The early business was concluded quite quickly with both Stephan Phillips and MWJ been re-elected to the Board unopposed. Ben Dack then gave us a rundown on the finances most of which you will know from reading the accounts. A few of the points I picked up on were as follows. Last years income was £36.5 million while this years income will be £126 million but costs will go up from £42 to £81 million. Ben stressed the point about the increases in players contracts and their promotion bonus. The losses of £33 million this season should turn into a profit of £16 million next season. Zoe Ward next gave us an overview of what they had been doing regarding the training ground upgrade and the first phase of The Nest. We also had the now customary promotional video showing the players enjoying the new facilities and the community work now going on at The Nest. Good to see our club at the forefront of this sort of thing. Zoe stated that the object was to make the club one of the top 26 in the country and thus recognising the difficulty of permanent Premier membership. Questions were fairly routine stuff for us regular attendees. Money for transfers, Ground expansion, Sponsorship deals and are we selling anyone in January just about covers it. There will be money available should we need someone in the window but Stuart Webber was obviously cagey about how much and of course the usual mantra about not needing to sell with the observation that of course everyone has a price. So nothing we didn't know or suspect already. Somebody had a moan about the shirt sponsorship and various other commercial failings but was quickly silenced by Ben Kensall's claim that commercial income had increased by 83%. Mr Kensall also said that there would be an announcement on away membership some time before Xmas. Daniel was asked about VAR and largely said what most of us think. There are some good and bad points that need to be ironed out but we must try to keep stoppages to the minimum. The main point of interest for me was that there now seems to be some serious thought going into ground expansion. The recent purchase of two strips of ground, (one alongside the main stand and the other behind the Barclay) make it possible to begin to plan for developments on that larger footprint. Ben Kensell stressed that this was still very much long term with all the usual caveats about Premiership money etc etc. Call me a pessimist but I doubt very much if we are talking about anything starting within 3-5 year timescale. However for those expansionists among us it is a straw to cling to.
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    We couldn't get a lift today so we decided to try the bus. It was certainly a novelty and it makes you realise the nimber of humps and bumps in the City streets when you are hanging on trying to keep your balance. Thankfully we did manage to get a lift home just as it came on to rain. I think for the first time this season we kicked the right way so we must have lost the toss, but although I thought the low sun might be a problem early on the clouds came over just as we started. Arsenal looked very neat and tidy and we hardly got a kick in the opening minutes. We were defending quite narrowly so there was a lot of room on the flanks. There was an early scare when in a frantic penalty area scramble, Aarons only just managed to prevent Lacazette getting the final touch. The Krul was brought into action by tipping a looping header away for a corner. City had the odd foray into the Gunners half, mainly by way of Hernandez, and it was Amadou with a twenty-five yarder who eventually had the home sides first shot on ten minutes. Arsenal were looking the more likely to score but despite a fair bit of pressure the City rearguard were generally holding the line pretty well with Byram and Zimmerman getting in some good blocks. They rode their luck however when Hernandez had to be alert to head a goalbound effort off the line. Just after 20 minutes Hernandez relieved the pressure on the left and found McLean with an inside ball. The City midfielder released Pukki almost immediately and for a moment it seemed the City striker would be forced wide but he expertly avoided a couple of defenders before his on target shot from just inside the box, deflected off a defenders back and past Leno to give City an against the run of play lead. My thoughts then were holding it until halftime would be very good indeed. However, not many minutes later McLean was penalised for what looked an innocuous tackle about thirty yards out. When the free kick was swung in it appeared to go through a ruck of players and out for a goal kick and nobody was more surprised than me when the ref pointed to the spot. I didn't see anything myself but apparently Zimmerman's hand was in contact with the ball so a penalty was confirmed after a VAR check. Tim Krul did his usual distraction routine and it seemed to have worked when he dived to his right to palm away Aubameyang's shot with Aarons completing the clearance for a corner. Cue more mayhem as Paul Tierney signalled a retake. I thought maybe Tim had moved off his line but it turned out to be Aarons encroachment that was the problem. The Arsenal striker made no mistake with the retake and for a while things got a bit fiesty with some dubious tackles going in. Kenny McLean was having a storming half and just prior to the break his pinpoint pass got Hernandez away down the left. Pukki slipped over while haring into the box only for the ball to be cut to Cantwell who guided a fabulous low shot off the inside of his foot and beyond Leno to send the crowd into raptures. City then saw out the remaining minutes with no further alarms and for only the second time this season we had that pleasant feeling of being in front at the break. It was no surprise to see the home side pushed back as the second half began and for long periods we couldn't get hold of the ball. On 57 minutes I deemed it ok to nip out to the little boys room and as you will all know by now I missed a goal. I can't remember a season when this has never happened. My son said there was some confusion due to there being two balls on the pitch but as I didn't see it I can't comment. At this stage I was thinking it might now all fall apart but it was City who now took the game by the scruff of the neck and almost instantly regained the lead when Mclean burst through the middle and unleashed a shot that looked bound for the corner. I was already up and cheering a goal but somehow Leno produced a worldy and the ball was deflected for a corner. Minutes later it was Pukki sprinting away and again it required two Arsenal defenders to push him wide before Leno completed the block. At the other end there were still some alarms with Arsenal almost snatching the lead with a low shot that a massed rank of City defenders cleared off the line. It was now exciting end to end stuff with both teams going for the win. Arsenal made a couple of subs and City subbed Cantwell for Buendia. The little man was soon in the thick of things with some nice prob.ing passes. With time fast running down Cit attacked down the right and after an exchange of passes Aarons shot looked like it would be deflected in only for Leno to pull off another magnificent save at the expense of a corner. I was biting my nails as we moved Into injury time with action at both ends. Amadou did brilliantly to block a follow up shot while at the other end Pukki raced away and passed inside but couldn't quite find McLean before the Arsenal keeper grabbed the ball. I think we were all breathless when Mr Tierney finally signalled time on what had been a cracking game of football. Kenny McLean my MOM and I would give him eleven out of ten if it were possible. He was simply outstanding today but in truth the whole team were magnificent today.
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    So yet another trial finishes and no-one can be found to take the full blame. I understand the families will never be able to get over it, but surely to goodness this has to end now. No more trials, no more attempts to find a culprit. We all know the decisions that were taken, we all know who was invloved and we know pretty much exactly what happened - and no one person can be found to take the ultimate blame....presumably because there isn't one. Yes, the person in charge on the day is the obvious choice, but then he should not have been put in charge with his lack of experience, so the responsibility is disspiated into someone higher up the chain who put him in charge and then on up the chain...... It was plainly a collection of sorry circumstances that led to the tragedy and many lessons have been learned from it, but it was thirty years ago and everything is known about it that can be known. Never forgotten, because of the horror of the occasion - and it is plain that complacency should never happen in planning the policing of sporting events - but the continual turmoil is doing no good for anyone. So shouldn't it now be allowed to rest?
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    They want to, but first they have to get a removal order....................... there's a dishevelled old bloke who hides in there with a long lens camera trying to get photos of the player's wives and girlfriends ...... (allegedly).
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    Isn't a man who played for them, even winning a European cup with them,currently occupying a near top spot in the league that he manages in. He's probably hovering over his phone right now, waiting for that call.
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    Tettey's out for personal reasons, which is a bit of a worry. I hope his family's all OK.
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    He was awful, but I liked him.
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    2nd half I would we were the better team and **** would have been well out of it had it not been for their keeper. Play like that the rest of the season and we won't go down.
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    Really interesting listen again, hats off to the TNC boys for working hard and creating these kind of opportunities.
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    The article explains why they've been chosen. I think you're getting a bit hung up on the title 'superfan', it's just a bit of hyperbole which advertisers like to use to get publicity. When we sing "we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen" I don't think anyone thinks "But are we though?".
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    Not interested in any of this "discussion" about todays tragic events other than to say there were some ordinary people who became real heros today, god bless them!
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50578098 Position Club Division D G T Points 1 Exeter City League Two 55 65 50 170 2 AFC Wimbledon League One 45 65 60 170 3 Doncaster Rovers League One 70 65 30 165 4 Carlisle United League Two 60 65 35 160 5 Wycombe Wanderers League One 45 65 50 160 6 Lincoln City League One 60 50 40 150 7 Norwich City Premier League 60 45 30 135 8 Reading Championship 70 25 30 125 9 Portsmouth League One 55 45 25 125 10 Cambridge United League Two 55 50 20 125 Why can't we be Exeter City. Congrats to all involved, ACN, BEN, NCFSC etc.
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    Byram has to keep his place, as does McLean, so I'd go with that Darth. Hopefully Amadou will show his class in midfield. At last!!
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    Utter drivel GJL............................... the TRUTH is that their fans were NOT one of the factors.
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    The second ball was thrown on just before the goal and didn’t affect play, we would have been mad if we had scored and a goal had been disallowed for that, was the right decision. The red card check was the clash of heads between McClean and Kolasinac (I think), it wasn’t a penalty, no handball.
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    It says something when you are disappointed not to have won against Arsenal. Two good chances spurned. But we created them and that is the important thing. This formation looks to be a good one and shows a lot of promise. Still not happy about zonal at corners. We just look so vulnerable against any team. Back this up with a win at St Marys and who knows.
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    I think someone wishes he was in the advert with his scampi loving mate
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    Strange there is such negativity about our ability to fill a larger stadium. I would say it is essential if we are not to lose out on a generation of supporters. I regularly stood at games with attendances in excess of 35,000 in the 1970's when the population of Norfolk was significantly lower than it is now. We could clearly fill a 40,000 stadium for 6 or 7 Premier League games and if we were looking at 35,000 we would probably fill it for half of the Premier League games. The most important factor is long term support. We want to be in a position where people can get tickets to take children to games. They are the supporters of tomorrow and as a business we need to get them when they're young. Ricardo, was anything said about safe standing?
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    She obviously is so i expect season tickets to be free next season.
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    Not really. It was a recognition of reality in that if we can't be a permanent member of the Premiership we need to be at least challenging in the top 6 of the Championship. I realise that doesn't please everybody but it fairly reflects our historical status.
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    I will be there and will jot down a short summary when I get home.
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    Mao? ....,. (That filthy rich Chinese investor?)
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    Odd that he has disappeared at the same time as Billy