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    Just typical as last night i was in urgent need of advice from a medical expert and the PinkUn crashes for over 12 hours.
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    The little genius Wes Hoolahan for Blackpool, only good thing Roeder did was sign him
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    That b*oody Suarez seemed to put in his best displays at Carrow Rd but I’ll go for Thierry Henry in that fabulous Invincibles side of 2004/5. He was just magnificent that day.
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    This surely has to be led by UEFA as European qualification is affected. Once UEFA has a plan for next season's Champions League then domestic football will have to fall into line. The EPL clearly wants to finish the season for financial reasons but there is no point if the EFL doesn't follow suit. If the top 4 divisions finish the season that is another 400 games which all need a doctor and an ambulance. And they need to convince the players who clearly don't want to play until it is safe. I don't blame them and well done to Harry Kane for speaking out. I have family in the North West who are surrounded by Liverpool supporters. They say that all the people they have spoken to want the season scrapped. They really don't care about winning the league any more. The only people who want this finished are those who are looking at it from a purely financial perspective. They are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think they will get support from the public at large. They should take a long hard look at the public reaction to the Wetherspoons guy and think again
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    I’ve said this from day one, as sad as this disease is this mass togetherness will soon lead to long term isolation depression, financial worries for millions and lot worse statistics without a strategic plan to come out of this. Like tunnel vision pilots get and focus on one issue while missing the overall pictured leading to a crash. The entire situation needs to be assessed and reacted to. Those fit enough and those coming out of this need to be allowed to return to normality and as soon as feasible, those at high risk must be cared for too.
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    People seem to prefer Johnson telling lies to Corbyn telling the truth.
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    Judging from some recent pictures, she's had some more 'work' done and is becoming a modern day Ship of Theseus. (Or Trigger's Broom in the new money)
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    This. Bit like us lot saying anything ITFC does is good and vice-versa with their lot about us. Whichever tribe you're in there'll be only grudging praise at best.
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    4 very different pieces attached starting with German pianist Hauschka, then more upbeat former Liverpool-based "It's Immaterial" with a less known track, then Bristol's Spindle Ensemble and rounding off with some contemplative Estonian music (Maarja Nuut). 4 more tomorrow. .
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    They cannot just sit and wait, the sooner they close this season down the more time left to make a sensible plan for the resumption and sort out any legal issues. I see more and more players and clubs saying end of June has to be the cut off point and the current information we have puts the lockdown and social distancing well past that date. It is also possible we may see a second wave as winter approaches. The desperate ideas for some sort of completion of the season do not appear to be workable in the face of what is ahead. Even with the most optimistic outlook I can't see a resumption much before October and even that may not be possible.
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    Johnson doesn't know his Einar Aas from his Assou-Ekotu. That's the problem. He is a man who has been educated and employed well beyond his level of intelligence. The medical people who he has stood alongside him make him look an intellectual pygmy by comparison. Yes, he can facilitate the briefings and generally remember his lines, but that's about it. He may actually be coming out of the Covid-19 rather well in terms of popular image. I suspect his inner character is showing, and he can come across as amiably good egg, wanting to do the right thing, out of his depth, but desperate to not cause disaster. It's impossible not to feel empathy for him. He is in a living nightmare. But ultimately his loyalties surely still lie with the born-to-rule Etonian financiers who have previously guided him. Rest assured that Priti Patel and Dom Cummins will be planning their next move. Based on performance, how could Johnson ever be trusted to actually make rapid strong and instinctive decisions when it really mattered? And on the question of the Tory treatment of the NHS, speak to anyone employed by the NHS, absolutely anyone, to appreciate how valued they have felt under the Tories. I am not saying we could have planned better for the current situation, because the dreadful thing about Continuity Planning is that no one can foresee the way the dice roll, but the NHS could have been maintained as a more robust entity.
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    Mental health issues and other morbidity, domestic violence, abuse within the family etc will undoubtedly be factors which carry weight when a strategy for reintegration is decided upon, at the moment we are in what you could call an acute stage of the pandemic and we are single focused, but as the curve drops back many more factors come in to play as more difficult judgements emerge. One thing is for sure, whatever strategy we adopt it will be used to attack the government.
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    Sky News ✔ @SkyNews BREAKING: The government's regulatory body has approved a breathing aid that can help keep #coronavirus patients out of intensive care. It's been developed by a team from University College London and the Mercedes Formula One team. Latest: http://trib.al/kZnSfmB 370 8:13 AM - Mar 30, 2020 Have just seen it demonstrated on BBC News, apparently they can produce it very quickly and in large quantities.
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    BS. Wait until this immediate crisis is over, then you can make that call. Your héros on the other side of the Atlantic are making a right mess of their response. Thank God our Boris hasn't been able to give control of the NHS to Donald and his ilk.
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    Michael Theoklotis in the 7-1 home defeat
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    I know all of this is bad but the numbers of cases and deaths from the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany are all better today. Spain in particular is saying that they think the peak may have passed in a number of regions. There is an issue with the number of new cases where we don't always know how many tests were done eg in the UK we only did around 7000 where I think the aim was 10,000 but had we done 10,000 the number of new cases would have been around 3,500 which still isn't as bad as might have been expected. May be a glimmer of hope ???
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    I’ll give you a clue. If the overwhelming majority of opinion was that the season should be played out whenever that is possible, LDC would be championing that the season be cancelled. It’s what he does
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    I can't think of a more serious thing that has happened to the world certainly in my lifetime, the like of which is resulting in such lockdowns across the globe with serious amounts of cash and capital being poured into economies, the likes of which are unprecedented in modern times (post war). Not only that Lakey but the situation is looking unlikely to end any time soon. We heard yesterday they would be very pleased if death rates are sub 20,000. Food shortages are muted, the health service and police service are being stretched beyond all measure, potentially they will collapse. Given all this and macro-political upheaval just where does a football season fit in to this diaspora? You've mentioned the 'bigger picture' but really, honestly, isn't it even just a tad abhorrent to think about the season. As many others have suggested, we need a solution, to move on and only when, and that needs such careful planning to even come out of this safely ...I would suggest a month or two are likely, maybe more? The virus just won't stop on a certain date....then think of all the logistics for the Euros etc etc. ....only then can we think about the EPL or EFL. Even China's new cases are trickling again. Herd immunity or whatever name is given to natural immunity could take years. A vaccine is looking like 12 months if, and only if, it can be tested to f*** that it will be safe. Football! As soon as people get serious and get perspective the better. Even if we were 4th in the table or bottom it's irrelevant isn't it?
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    Out with pub bores, back in with the experts https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/29/out-with-pub-bores-back-in-with-the-experts? Not sure how many Stewart Lee fans exist on this forum but copied for interest.
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    Yes, I think this debate is remarkably tribal.
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    Cheers. Will listen to that later tonight (gateway had made an appearance for me for the last 12 hours or so). Your suggestions Ron O have been really good and it's given me an idea to take this thread a bit further. I might post 4 or 5 daily pieces (from YouTube) of all kinds of music (as eclectic as possible) and maybe someone will like 1 (or 2 of them?) ... a chance anyway to discover new stuff to explore. Might be a bit self-indulgent but if others feel like doing the same we could build quite a 'library' of music ideas that can sustain us and expand our minds over the next 3 months?.... because it is looking like lockdown will be continued for that period reading today's news.
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    Was The government at the election admitted that they were short of 50'000 nurses etc which is having 100% a problem in dealing with this pandemic. The shortages are a direct result of the governments austerity policies. The government "misplaced" paperwork, as admitted this week, meaning we missed the chance to get more ventilators with the EU which, as we know means more deaths. The Times reported that Cummings was the man that was moving towards a "herd immunity" solution at the beginning (what is we lose a few pensioners) and this caused us 2 to 3 weeks delaying isolation and we will now see far more deaths. Now, in an emergency is 100% the time to question all decisions made by our leaders, it's not the "blitz" spirit that will solve this but bright intelligent well thought out decisions.
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    No but they're experts aren't they, and Brexiteers don't like experts, especially foreign ones, and most especially foreign ones who highlight the incompetence of the UK government. And anyway we don't need them, Boris is more than capable of highlighting this government's incompetence all on his own and if he does happen to need any help then we've got idiots like Raab, Hancock and Patel to lend a hand.
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    I’m not reading that!!!! He’s just stating facts.... you don’t have to be a Corbynite or a leftie to see that the Tories and Johnson are incompetent. Dumbing him down has become a typical response to avoid facing the facts. The NHS staff have been let down by this lot since they took charge! Corbyn’s hardly leadership material but the NHS would likely be better prepared had labour been running the show!