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    Something similar In the pipeline for a while. McCallum a significant investment for Norwich in context. Very much aligned with the model. Byram also a good player, notwithstanding injury concerns which were clearly factored in. Within these parameters Lewis is both poster boy for the methodology - again advertising à la Maddison the clear and exciting development and playing time pathway that Norwich offer the best young prospects - and also clearly replaceable (in fact already replaced). Given the financial limits of the Club’s ownership structure, that surely is optimum management? As for Jamal deliberately opting for a lower option than Liverpool. No. The ‘best’ team in the world want you? 5 times your salary? Champions League? Maybe 15-20 games a season? (And every player with a bit about them and on the way up thinks they’ll smash it in training and be a first choice regular, be made Captain and lift the Champions League trophy in front of 100k at the Nou Camp..why else dedicate your entire life to it?) Norwich can also put Norwich-to-Champions-League-winners on their pathway CV as the next Jamal visits Colney. Powerful stuff. Parma
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    Surprised by this response. Here's a player who on leaving us went to Wolves, achieving promotion in a side playing great football. He then played regularly for the same side, commonly considered an underrated part of it. He got a move to Leicester making five starts (admittedly, not many) in a side chasing European football. I think there is a habit we might have our judgement clouded by the player he was. I think he's moved on and developed since then. He knows and loves the club. At 30 he would be younger than both Hanley and Klose. For me, Godfrey plays his best when alongside Zimmermann - if Zimbo could be a similarly influential partner for Bennett, it would be a fantastic move.
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    Is this any different to your "board are on thin ice" thread?
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    The early optimism of the Virus falling away seems to be changing quickly to a more realistic understanding that sadly it looks like being with us years rather than a year and all that goes with that impacting upon peoples lives and life styles. I know we have had a poor season but with hindsight we were very fortunate to get promoted when we did it enabled us to shore up our finances, buy and blood young talent that is worth a lot more money than a year ago and get 2 seasons parachute payments. This debate on how we will get lower numbers of fans into grounds has been parked and now there is the debate on when will any fans get into grounds. Given that the kids are going back to school in September we are fearful of increased infection levels in the winter i think we may be fortunate to see hardly fans in grounds before the spring and the better weather and possibly a vaccine. All clubs outside the PL in this scenario are and will see their finances fall off a cliff edge like cinemas and airlines. The next 2 years parachute payments and player sales and hopefully prudent investment gives us optimism more than most clubs that we will still be here in 5 years time and if we play our cards right even back in the PL in the next few years. We can have a pop at the board for not investing last season but we are fortunate by accident that they did not and we could well take advantage of that yet. What will football look like in 3 years time impossible to say even in 3 months time, who will go, who will want to go who will have clubs to go and watch. Anyway in very difficult and sad times our club it better positioned than many andwe should be grateful of that
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    No, just roundly ridiculed, I'd imagine.
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    We can't end up at square one: we had unsustainable spending commitments and were heading for financial ruin. Now that we have balanced the books, brought through lots of young talent, and instilled sensible player contracts, the worst case is that we become a self-sufficient mid-table Championship club. That's infinitely better than our position from 3 years ago.
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    There are certain Man City fans who have found themselves not supporting the club anymore and drifting to other local teams like Oldham and Salford (although that is less common due to the Man U connections). Personally I hope that such a dilemma is never put upon Norwich fans. I don't want Norwich to be a global brand and more of a corporation than a football team. I love being a Norwich supporter as it feels like a 'real' thing. Big clubs like Man U, Man C etc. feel ethereal. I live in London, so if I see someone in a Norwich shirt I can say 'hi' and have a joke about the club - if I wear my shirt people feel they can say 'hi' to me, or shout 'on the ball City' as they pass by. That is what I mean about community. You don't get that if you support a big team like Man City. There is no community as they are just another global brand with very little about them that is unique. I'd hate to have to feel less of a connection to my club as surely that is the most important thing in football. All glory is relative and I'd much rather win as the underdog than be the team who spend half a billion pounds and achieved a modicum of 'success'.
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    I'm bracing myself but... Why do we want trybull gone so much? Seems like the majority of fans want rid. My view is he can do a decent job in championship and a squad player for a premier League season (be that cup games or as a third choice backup) He runs his heart out. Admittedly he isn't the most physically present, however he has the tenacity of a little jack Russel in midfield, a little bit like Scott Parker was. I'll concede obv Parker was a cut above. Trybull is ok at passing and ok shooting. I'd prefer in the role sitting Infront of defence than I would McLean there.
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    I hope you realise no club in the world was going to spend £40 million on Maddison who'd only proven himself at Championship level. He was, if I remember rightly, the most expensive player not to have played in the top flight.
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    You've confused 'leg' with 'bell'.
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    I think it's insane we've got actual fans thinking selling Godfrey for 20 million is a great deal. At what point he has had a top class, experienced defensive partner next to him for any length of time to learn from? He has all the attributes of a modern day, ball playing central defender, the comparisons with Rio Ferdinand are for more than just having him as his agent, and it's blindingly obvious that a number of very good sides are genuinely interested in him, but apparently he's not good enough for us... I'd argue that in many ways, we're not good enough for him, as we've never given him a top quality partner in the heart of the defence, combined with weak support from the midfield and fullbacks who can often be caught having to rely on their pace to even get back on a counter. Given the right support and better coverage from team mates, Godfrey could easily develop into a regular in the England back line, and play for any of the top 6-8 clubs in not just the Prem, but across Europe as well, but hey, let's rush him out the door and hope that Ryan Bennett will prove to be a stronger option.... Pure madness.
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    Honestly, what is it with people imposing labels on one another? Brexiteer, remainer, boomer, millenial, snowflake, leftie, rightie etc etc. If people stopped seeing each other for what's different and trying to put them down for that with stupid nicknames and tried to actually get on with each other, the world would be a much better place.
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    Dutch, you're not new here so what right you think you have using evidence in your posts to support the club god only knows. What we have to do is criticise the club for receiving a bid on a player, for some reason. And then paint some doomsday scenario where selling Lewis means we are selling everyone. Its important at this point to note that Lewis was likely the one we were most willing to sell as we purchased a replacement six months ago and already have another player who took his place last season. But please note that is evidence so can't be used here. DELIA OUT. Lets get a banner or something.
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    Beautifully articulated. So typical, you haven't got the faintest clue what you're talking about, someone questions the rubbish you spout for what it is and all you can do is resort to throwing your toys.
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    And that costs money. Having a Category One academy and having the necessary scouting network in the UK and abroad do not come cheap. If you look at TWTD you will find Ipswich fans, through gritted teeth, praising the way the club is run, not just compared with their club, which would be an easy contrast to make, but as an absolute. I also looked at one of the Sunderalnd forums to see what they said about Bali Mumba and why he had joined us, and there was the same envious appreciation.
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    We only have those valuable players in the first place due to the people and policies put in place by the board. Or do you think they just magically happen? How many clubs right now desperately wish they had one player to sell for £20m, let alone five?! We already have exciting, highly rated replacements and the incoming funds will enable us to push our recruitment level up significantly (particularly with Covid).
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    We were in the Championship at the time and they moved to Premier League clubs. I really don't know why we hold a grudge against young men who are only trying to further their careers.
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    Oh right. Sorry I brought it up, I've embarrassed myself here. Moreover @Bill I was just stating that Roofe has moved to someone I thought we would equal and I stated my opinion on how he would tick a lot of boxes for us, ie. Affordable, proven championship, not over the hill, fits into a passing game and can play the lone striker role. He may also have felt it would be a good chance to get into the premier League and have a crack himself. I think last time he was in the champ he pushed pukki for the golden boot, so he may feel with the age difference on his side and his pace, that he could push pukki off top spot. But yes, I realise that he clearly wasn't a target the club looked at, and has gone. So sorry @Bill for posting this topic on this forum. For future reference, where may I post it? Be kind, it's pre watershed.
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    At least Bennett is good in the air and would probably help us to concede less goals from corners and set pieces, which has been a big problem for the last 2 seasons.
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    Who remembers the era when we had nobody to cash in, just a team of journeymen and loanees? From the dark days of Doomcaster through to now, yes, last season was disappointing, but wow look how far we've come in terms of assets and growth.
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    Wigan’s deduction is this season as it is due to them declaring themselves in administration. The rules for that say it is an immediate 12 point deduction if it results in relegation, but it is deferred to the next season if it does not result in relegation. This is because clubs can choose when to declare themselves in administration and works as a deterrent to clubs who are safely in mid table declaring it knowing the points deduction will have no impact on them that season. FFP is set to be a 12 point deduction the following season if the ruling comes late in the current season.
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    I wouldn't want Man City's owners either. Part of what makes Norwich so special to me isn't just it is the team my family have supported and is part of my upbringing but it is also how the club has always had strong connections to the local area. You can say you support the team and not the owners, but the two are intrinsically linked. There are many Man City fans who have walked away from their club since the take over as they feel it is a totally different club now in all but name. The Saudi wealth fund is the Saudi regime, the two are the same thing, you can't disassociate one from the other. I would be devastated if Norwich City, the club I love and support, became part of such a despicable regime's 'sports washing' campaign and a tool for them to try and legitimise themselves. Luckily it seems that the Premier League were set to reject the takeover bid, so I doubt the Saudi's will ever get their hands on an English club.
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    Lots of people have seen fit to write him off after half a season despite falling in to the same trap during Farke’s first season and declaring Stiepermann, Zimmerman, Vrancic, Trybull, Hernandez etc not good enough for English football and look how that turned out. Far better to give players time to adapt to our game and country ie WAIT AND SEE.
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    The sun is still out. I've got news for you Vinny and you other miserabilists - the sun is still shining. New exciting young players coming in - the latest one stating what a brilliant club this is to come to - and things to look forward to. A new challenge, a further development and improvement of what we are trying to do as a club on and off the field and if we get up again to the PL then we will be better equipped to stay there. I know I might as well be talking to a brick wall than trying to get through to the likes of you, Vinny, but your "I told you so" is about as limp as it can get.
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    By that logic a Murphy twins, Pritchard and Oliveira frontline was better than Buendia, Stieperman, Hernandez and Pukki. Absolute nonsense.
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    I have heard on the grapevine that Buendia is quite happy to stay but others may be pushing a move.
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    Lockdowns gone well for you then?
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    Exactly this. And if we cling on to our best players, there no path for progression, so we should see a few sales as necessary. Of course, we need to get a fair price and have good potential replacements, but things look positive from what we can see in that area.
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    Is your friend not the biological parent then?
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    oh dear, out pop the not too bright check this year's accounts in November when they come out and I think you'll find that money was not banked, but used to clear debts, pay wages and pay bonuses from the promotion winning season that we didn't indebt ourselves as Bournemouth did is to be commended. not whined about
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    Consider the training ground we have now, the Youngsters we have, the depth of competition we have, the value of our players and the financial situation we are in. Where we are now as a business compared with 3 years ago. It will only look silly if the fans are impatient and the club can do nothing about that. The fans bought into this last season, proper fans (not idiots and glory hunters) stick with the club through thick and thin! Time for patience for the next two seasons at least!
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    Kevin Muscat I presume?
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    Hartlepool 2-1 Notts County - http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/21209277
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    You shouldn't judge people by their hair styles.
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    I''m so confused .... I just don't know who's judgement to trust? Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? I'm torn. Torn I tell you! Hardhouse44 or AC Milan? God it's such a difficult decision!!
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    Just reading between the lines, do you not shout commands in German during lovemaking?
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    Its easy to say no to Liverpool - it is not so easy to tell a player that they are stopping him from making a potentially once in a life time move and the player to not kick off about it. How Lewis (and his representatives) react will be the real news to Liverpool’s bid.
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    I think some on here would see anything less than spending all of our money as lacking ambition and therefore Delia pocketing it all , irrespective of whether the players coming in are the same or better. Spending lots of money doesn't guarantee quality, we've been there and done that and failed.
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    What a miserable outlook. Our board don't deserve the negativity and haven't detailed potential sales, thats come from the press. Exactly when have you ever heard the club say 'We don't need to sell'? I can't recall that... have heard them say 'We need to sell' plenty of times! The fact that we don't need to sell should be applauded that we are in such a position. If we are trying to inflate the price, again, surely that should be applauded as they are always criticised for selling too cheap but don't let that get in the way of your negatives. They clear can't win with some people. Note there is no congratulations that the clubs policies have enabled us to talk about £100m worth of talent.... of course why let some positives get in your way. So Webber and Farke have already said they don't want to sell our best players.... imagine Farke's thoughts if (after all this lack of support last time) he is faced with losing all of these players.... excepting for press speculation neither the players or the club have said that anyone wants to leave or is leaving.... Why do you believe the press instead of our club? The board have been more transparent with the fans than for many years. it's the best way to run a club, to bring everyone together although Covid has got in the way but that's not the clubs fault. This is the cruncher... this is where you go quietlyoff to another thread...... So what exactly have they done in say the past 3 years to deserve your allegation of misdirection, lies and spin? you've written just over 4 lines in the final paragraph all negative and baseless........ or is it, come on lets hear what evidence you have for this rubbish..... For the record, not expecting an articulated reply to this.... reckon you couldn't evidence one.
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    Actually @Bill, apologies there for my sarccy post above, I've gone well over the top there! Got my knickers right in a twist. I am sorry Chap.
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    Laura Marling latest, Fontaines DC and the new Pyschedelic Furs. All great new albums... Older stuff... Joy Division Closer (40th anniversary), old new wave Members, Au Pairs, Magazine etc
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    Selling Godfrey for a decent whack will be the best bit of business we ever do. So overrated its unreal. Hope he’s one we out instead of some of the others. positonally poor, actually quite lightweight I don’t believe he’ll ever make the grade.
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    Lots of residential/nursing homes in Norwich.
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    Sorry but there must have been two Surmans as the one I saw did a decent job for us, he played a lot in our promotion season didn’t he ?
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    I read the thread before watching the video. I can't believe the fuss! If any other young person his age who wasn't in the public eye posted something like this it would be utterly unremarkable. Give him a break FFS.
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    Day 1 complete! Rode 16.6 miles, and stopped off at a well-known local landmark for a vanity shot. Just a reminder that every click, like, follow and RT helps to raise awareness without costing you a penny! JustGiving Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter I'm also hoping to do some podcasts and/or video interviews later in the month with people from the local community who are involved in mental health and/or have experienced mental health problems.
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    Sheffield Wednesday new away kit
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