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    Rivo definitely my favourite co-commentator. Also loved this from the Bolton forum:
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    Last season, Fulham lost just one game from the 16th December to the end of the season - the final game against Birmingham (had they won, they would have achieved automatic promotion). Fulham went on to defeat Derby and Aston Villa in the play-offs to secure promotion to the PL. Imagine the morale in the squad, and the sense of achievement, to go so long unbeaten and then to win the play-offs. In the summer Fulham spent £112m on new players. With a new manager long since in charge, Fulham started on Saturday with just three players who lined up in that play-off game at Wembley - Mitrovic, Ream and Odoi. Four more of that Wembley squad were on the bench. There were eleven changes to the play-off squad. So for an outlay of £112m, Fulham have won just 4 from 26 games, losing 17. They are currently 8 points adrift from safety (9 if you include their dreadful goal difference). Norwich have surprised most of us this season, so as far as I'm concerned, if they were to get promoted, next season in the PL would amount to a 'free-hit'. That would mean giving the majority of the current squad a chance to prove themselves in the PL. If the likes of Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey are being scrutinized by PL scouts, then they should be good enough to play in the PL for Norwich. No silly money wasted on 'big transfers'. It is far more satisfying picking up players for 'peanuts' and proving others wrong.Save funds for future 'rainy' seasons. Sticking with Farke regardless of the results. The entertainment, effort and style served up on a weekly basis by the current crop of players deserves continuity next season in the PL should promotion ensue.
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    I'm getting a strong taste of sour grapes on this and other threads. Preston did a job on us, just like we have done to others throughout the season. Their task was made easier by the absence of Vrancic in particular, but they outplayed the team we put in front of them. They are one of the top two form teams in the league. Give them their due.
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    Really? Have you watched us this season? Surprised to see such OTT negativity when we’ve got the second best record in the league for coming from behind in matches.
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    Just back from the game... Live in the north so a relatively easy journey, made easier by the lack of home traffic! First half we played some superb football. I can't remember ever seeing Norwich being so dominant, it really could have been 5 or 6 at half time. Kenny Mclean made a big difference, and he used the time afforded to him to set the tempo and pick passes out to Buendia and Hernandez who were unplayable. Pukki's finishing was incredible. He scored two with superb finishes, but every thing else he hit seem to be on target too. If we've had a better finisher at this club, then I don't remember him. Second half we took our foot off the pedal for the last half hour, but the game was won. We still had chances to score more, and every time we came forward we looked dangerous. Yes it was only Bolton, but you can only beat what's in front of you. And Norwich did that emphatically in every sense today. Even the Bolton fans started a round of ole's with Norwich in possession! MOM - Tom Trybull. This man was immense today, and a big reason Mclean was able to flourish. He literally won everything on the deck and in the air. Fantastic to see Leitner back, but the partnership of Mclean and Trybull really worked today, and they both deserve to keep their place. Anyway Tommy must be next in line to take a penalty........ Great win. OTBC.
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    I cant see the formation changing given the success it has brought us. The key to the result though is at the back and we can not start so sloppily in defence again. I cant see Klose quite being ready (or risked; or perhaps my head is in the sand as I dont know which of Zimm or Godfrey would make way) and while Hanley may be better aerially he isnt a patch on what either Zimmerman or Godfrey bring to the side overall. They and the rest of the team simply need to be more determined for set pieces - I am putting those for 20 mins on weds down to a Derby day hangover / wake up call. For me T&T, while it was extremely successful last season, is well down the list of options this year where the wealth of creative balls players is key to our surge up the table. Hopefully Mo can make a return to both increase solidity (so few goals conceded when he partners Tettey there) at the back and improve the rhythm going forward. Steipermann is the curates egg for me; well below his best in the last two games but his physical presence is missed if we start with say Kenny instead, as a high press on the keeper means a long outball is effectively ceding possession (some height in that area of the pitch is definitely a summer transfer need for me). But given the lack of alternatives he does start. Mo alongside Tettey if he is fit, if not McLean would be my next choice as the deep ball player.
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    And did the British economy come to a shuddering halt? No. On the contrary, we have gone from strength to strength since the Thatcherite revolution of the 80s. The mining industry of Yorkshire and Wales was completely unproductive and kept going through taxpayers subsidies. I don't know what you think, but I think that's some pretty cruel punishment to force old men underground for the sake of sentimentality. Even the Labour Governments agree with me as they shut down more pits than the Conservatives. Howabout some of you leftie snowflakes start a gofundme campaign to open up a coal pit and you get down and do a bit of mining. If you can do that and make a profit I will take back everything I have said. Somehow I can't see a rush from our SJWs
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    Slight concern. Immediately after criticising lambert for a lack of class, complaining about officiating and decisions is probably not wise. I did expect a little bit of praise towards Alex Neil and Preston, who lets face it, got it spot on and deserved to win. I have every confidence that Farke will remain positive and maintain the feel good factor within the dressing room. Last nights result isn't hugely significant in the grand scheme of things. It may actually be blessing in disguise. What is important is mental recovery for the challenge on Saturday. No doubt, fatigue in this area was a contributing factor last night. And understandable too given the high profile games recently.
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    Reality check We are still 2nd Only 1 point off top No real damage to GD 32 games, 60 points Still in our own hands Keep the faith
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    This is a key point for our future... Last summer we had an unproven manager who was unknown to the general public and being questioned by a lot of fans, two players who were of any significant value, both of whom we sold, and had Maddison's injury been more severe and his transfer fallen through we would have been in major financial trouble. Today, we have a table-topping squad which honestly could probably hold its own in the Premiership already, and between Buendia/Aarons/Leitner/Pukki/Lewis/Godfrey/Vrancic/Stiepermann/Cantwell/Klose if he extends his deal, we have easily 100-150m worth of assets that we are under absolutely no obligation to sell and arguably the most exciting and increasingly talked-about young manager in the country. I think we'll go up and I don't think any of our big stars will leave, unless someone gets a call from a massive club that has a track record of trusting in young players for the fist team and will pay us 20m+. Honestly the only side I can see who would fit that bill right now is maybe Dortmund. But if we do lose anyone, then (a) We will be able to afford a replacement, and (b) from everything we've seen so far, I'm certain Webber and Farke have already identified targets to bring in if we need them.
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    Boxing gloves you say.... The return of the Mac?
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    Lovely message of condolence from Pele.
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    As the old joke goes. How do you make a small fortune out of owning a football club? Start with a large one! Marcus Evans cracks up everytime he hears that one.
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    Fame at last!!! I’ll sew a star on my t-shirt.
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    As Bethnal has said, Tettey and Trybull was very successful last season but that was during our run where we often packed men behind the ball and won a series of games primarily thanks to a breakaway goal or a piece of Maddison magic. For me, the reason it is not working this season is two fold. The first is that the way we are playing relies on one of those holding midfielders being able to move the ball quickly to spread the play from the back. the second, which is really linked to the first is that teams have started to catch on that the way to play against us is a high press to try and win the ball back from our defensive midfielders high up the pitch. Teams like Preston have fit and quick players able to do this. Leitner and Vrancic have the game and the passing ability to play their way out of or through/around the press which often leads to us having fantastic counter attacking situations or have the composure not to give the ball away when placed under such pressure. Tettey and Trybull do not always have this and thus when we have the pair of them together and they are faced by a side applying a high press they will sometime panic and give the ball away. To be fair to them that's not their fault its simply not their strength. When we play one of them next to Vrancic or Leitner its less of an issue as they have an easy outlet but in combo they can get penned in and give the ball away. Thats my take on it anyway.
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    Godfrey’s ability to bring the ball out of defence and beat the first line of the opposition’s press is vital. Hanley and Zimmermann together just won’t work with the system Farke plays. If Farke wants Tettey and Trybull together he needs to change the system. They don’t have the passing ability to play out from the back. Norwich looked better when they switched to a back 3 as Buendia came more central and acted as a focal point.
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    Let's not act like Krul wouldn't do the exact same thing in that situation.
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    Decent manager and an honest bloke is Alex, more than petulant Paul Lambert will ever be......
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    I'm not sure who hasn't missed at this point.
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    I thought these were parody articles, but given Sunday's events and subsequent behaviour, starting to believe they might be straight from the horse's mouth.
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    I love the way that they always have to mention "parachute payments" Don't they realise that to get parachute payments, (1) you have to have an ambitious owner, (2) you have to good managers, (3) you have to have excellent players and (4) you have to be good enough to get into the PL. You don't get parachute payments for being a rubbish club in The Championship for nearly two decades.
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    I played against him whilst serving in the Royal Navy and he was in in the USA