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    I cannot think of a single area where the club is failing to provide me with the 'product' which I expect. Last season was fantastic. This season is disappointing. There is not a club in world that does not have disappointing seasons. Not one. The club has integrity, two-way respect, it provides a great environment for us all. It strives to succeed within its means. It is open and exceptionally approachable. It is always looking to improve.l I really don't ask for much more than this. Would I like Delia and Michael to be 500 times more wealthy? Possibly, but not if it spoiled the fantastic club we have.
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    Okay I'll try. I expect to see us playing either in The Championship or The Premier League (not League 1). I hope that we will become an established Premier League team (although I'm not quite sure what a realistic definition of 'established' is - 3 seasons? 5 seasons? forever? ) I expect to be entertained when I go and watch us play (that doesn't necessarily mean us winning the game). I expect the club to be open and honest with fans about what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. I expect the club to be run in a way that doesn't endanger our future existence - e.g. by not spending recklessly in the pursuit of short term success. I expect the players on the pitch to show effort and commitment.
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    TJ, many on this board forget that things are binary: you either do sign players in January or you don’t. If you’re struggling and you don’t you will be heavily criticised, if you do you have to take on huge liabilities (a £5m player is actually a £15m or £20m player: £5m + £50k p/w x 4 years + bonuses+clauses). The transfer fee - often the number reported or referred to - is often fairly irrelevant and easily payable in the Premier. It is the wage and package liabilities that are onerous and destructive in the Championship where a £5m-£10m loss per annum is ‘normal’ . Thus a quality player on loan with something to prove is an excellent piece of business. Farhmann and Amadou are logical versions of this model. Unlike many other clubs - with the ownership and operational model they have - Norwich must focus on keeping their ongoing monthly outgoings low. This poses a problem because actually - upon promotion - capex could easily be spent. It is the contingency of ‘what if’ and the subsequent post-Premier pcm outgoings obligation that is the handbrake. De-facto then we need to keep the money to pay the losses post-relegation. Asking whether one inherently causes the other is a reasonable question. In this context Duda is an excellent signing, in both a sporting and operational sense. Parma
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    Well now we have the realms of fantasy, we’ve stuck to our guns, we’ve given it ago and we’ve found out we lack the quality, experience and money to compete at the top level. I have enjoyed it, losing will build experience to our players, we’ve built up a financial buffer for the future, we’ve signed some very exciting young players in our youth system, who might have not signed has they not seen our clubs progression with youth players. It was never going to be the Top 4 as so stupidly predicted by those who lived in Yellow n Green dreamland, it was always about giving our best. Farke is a fantastic coach, his system is superb, he attracts and gets the best out of our youngsters and I love watching the way we play football, it’ll be very exciting next year back in the championship. Give the guy the credit he deserves and enjoy him while he’s here, you’ll miss him when he goes.
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    I'm quite happy with where we are. I have no wish to "compete" in the Premier League on a long term basis if that means sacrificing what this club means to its supporters and I don't think any established PL team has what we have. I think being a "yo-yo" team is actually the best we can be and certainly the most enjoyable - I will cherish 2018-19 as the best season I have seen since I started going regularly in 1965 and we wouldn't have that as an established PL team. Maybe 2020-21 will be even better. I'd like to win a cup again - 1985 is a long time ago. I don't care if we get relegated but I don't want us to be ridiculed. Mata said that we have "personality" and I think the wider football world agrees that we are a good team who plays good football, but that we are naïve and open. It's frustrating that we can't defend, but if that's the price for the football going forward then so be it. Rather that than watch Burnley or Palace. When you played with your mates no one wanted to be a full back. The older I get the more I value the club and how it keeps friends and families together. Results matter, but not that much. I trust our current management team more than any other we have had in my lifetime. They don't lie or try to mislead. I am concerned that nephew Tom will have the necessary skill to keep it all going, but I am prepared to give him a chance.
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    Maybe but personally I'd rather get relegated than sit through a whole Hughton season again.
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    Monty, your view is entirely reasonable - and I suspect fairly common - though I would suggest that Norwich’s determination to ‘do different’ mitigated against the seemingly equitable ‘middle ground’ option that you endorse. Personally I feel it underplays the unknowns that were inherent to our decision-making in advance of the season. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world do not have to come to Norwich. We can afford to ‘over-pay’ for them as we can afford headline fees above the going rate for players that won’t demand high wages and liabilities. Contingency bonuses, loyalty and success payments are only payable upon success (when you can afford them) - unlike the millstone in reverse when you have the liabilities and are facing losses. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world want to play however. They are increasingly rejecting lucrative contracts to get a distant squad number at a name club (bravo), in favour of ‘curating’ a career by carefully managing the best level they can reach whilst still being likely to play every week. To this effect we must offer a playing pathway to the ‘Maddisons’. Given that that is the model, it is not enough to talk about it, we must deliver it and - crucially - be seen to deliver it on a bright stage (the EDP is not enough).. This context provides the answer to your point: pre-season it was not in our interests to stall or block the pathways for up-and-coming assets such as Aarons, Lewis, Buendia, Godfrey, Cantwell et al. Other players were also expected to be central: Pukki, Leitner (yes), Hernandez, Klose, Vrancic even. Norwich cannot attract better players to come and not start however much they pay them (which they don’t). Norwich must be careful with money so must buy better than they have or - in effect - not at all. Hence loans for Amadou, Fahrmann, Roberts (all of which looked sensible). Players that are obviously better (pre-season) than what we had - or who would definitely be better than the level our players might reach - would be too expensive for us and would likely prefer elsewhere in any case, or could not be afforded upon relegation. The ‘Maddisons’ of this world are however thrilled by what we have done. Players of course only really think about themselves and their own careers. We have created fabulous PR for the model by not taking the ‘middle way’ and backing our young players (a back three with a 19, 20 and 21 year old is unheard of) - and furthermore sticking to it - is brave and hugely appreciated by ‘Maddisons’ (and many football clubs who are not brave enough to do it, though would love to self-identify that way). Regardless of sporting outcome, financially our key assets: Pukki, Buendia, Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis (and now Cantwell) have increased massively in value. This is success by any club’s measure and it feeds into the pathways that the Maddisons dream of (unlike us it is not finishing a career with Norwich City and helping us win the European Cup). We are a great stepping stone to initial higher level playing action, (some) more money and then the chance of a big move. This is our present and future, with the model designed to grow in increments. Perhaps we will see a Stadium legacy (which for me would be a cute rabbit out of the hat, justify most things and likely please all). So it was no accident and it still isn’t. Whether by design or necessity we have stuck to our model. Whether it has failed or not in sporting terms depends on your starting point, what constitutes success and how long a timeframe you judge it over. It also depends on what you view to be the fundamental responsibilities of business owners. We have played - and continue to play - the cards that we are holding. We are playing them to a hard plan (that seeing beyond the Premier will not be popular is well understood by all those in power). Given the parameters we have I am not sure we can do much else. Far from ‘little old Norwich’ it is quite strategically ruthless in many ways. Parma
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    You stand little chance of getting a reply (of any sense anyway). 1. The consensus of many of the "investor advocates" on here is that the amount of money we need is "enough." Nothing specific 2. They caution us that the money has to be spent wisely, but without any explanation of how this objective is to be achieved and if it is so easy, why everybody doesn't spend it wisely? 3. They explain that it would lead to us becoming successful, like Leicester, carefully ignoring all the examples of other clubs that have tried, failed and have been left in the doldrums for years, even though there is an example less than 50 miles down the road. 4. They naively expect the "investor" to give us money - despite all the examples of investors lending it secured against the assets of the club. 5. They rarely acknowledge that the purpose of an investor is to take money out of the club, not put it in. 6. They naively ignore the fact that Norwich would be an asset strippers paradise, unless we were sold for well over £100 million. Blooms £200 million would be nowhere near enough in today's inflated transfer market. 7. But I can tolerate their what I perceive as their naivety and lack of understanding, and understand that they are passionate fans who want the best for the club. What really irritates me, though, is that those of us, who feel that we have some degree of financial acumen are said to be less ambitious or passionate about the future of Norwich City. I don't want an external investor because it is more likely to impede our progress than help - unless we get a Bloom or Gibson. Failing this or a Sheikh or other mega-rich donor, a long term policy of building incrementally rather than thinking short-term has to be the best way forwards. I think it was Jim Morison who said, "We want the world and we want it now." Well in Norwich's case, I want the world too, but recognise that we might have to be patient, rather than looking for easy quick-hit solutions that are more likely to fail than succeed.
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    I will explain as succinctly as I can: I fell in love with NCFC one night in the early 1970's, listening on the radio to a latter stages League Cup game against Chelsea at a fog-shrouded Carrow Road. Affection for the club was embedded that night, and has never left me. Strange, but true. I have lived well away from Norfolk all of the years since until moving to the city last year. During those years living away from Norwich I did work for another EFL club, some of it voluntary, never full-time, doing the things I love in and around football. Working inside football you soon get to see the underbelly - the good and the bad in roughly equal measure. At one time I used to think that I had decent contacts with every club in the League. So, in 2017 I decided it was finally time to cut my ties elsewhere and to commit full time to following City, initially travelling the distance required and more recently as a resident of the city. Now the rub. This is what I have found: the effort that the club puts into treating its supporters fairly and with respect is pretty much unmatched within the upper reaches of the pyramid. The integrity of the club is unmatched. The communication with fans is equally outstanding. The level of entertainment provided is impressive for the size of the club. That's enough to be going on with, I think.
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    This may be an odd thing to say, but I’m far more comfortable (and enjoying the way we play football) with getting relegated this season than playing boring Hootun football and staying up.
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    I’m interested in these games because I’ve not given up on our lads, no way - I couldn’t disrespect them like that. Sure, we have every chance of being relegated, I’m not blind, but supporting Norwich is not a competition to me I.e to see who’s right or wrong on how our season pans out with ‘I told you so’s!’ (Unfortunately, some clearly see it that way). This may come as a surprise to some, but believe it or not, we’re not the only group of supporters that think our team are going to be relegated come May. Bournemouth, Burnley and Villa fans largely see no light at the end of the tunnel especially, and have also downed tools from what I’ve read and heard speaking to a few. And rightly so because they all have serious issues. So at the very least 1 set of us 4 groups of supporters will be jubilant come the end of the season, so someone will be ‘wrong’. It was no surprise to me that we looked a completely different team without our talisman Teemu yesterday. That is no disrespect to Adam as he tried, and credit to him because that was a very tough game for an 18 year old lad to start his league debut. But I’m sure Teemu will be back against Bournemouth next weekend, fresh, fit and raring to go, hopefully with Duda behind him, and we will be much improved on yesterday’s showing. I will watch Bournemouth and Villa’s game today with interest, sorry folks, but I’m not giving up on the lads yet.
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    I think both eventualities are being prepared for, they are not stupid.
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    How do you know it isn’t? Have I missed something? Is there a written rule that states we sign players in a certain order according to their positions? There’s approximately 3 weeks of the transfer window left
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    We're an attacking team that doesn't score enough goals. If the plan was to play a free flowing attacking game, where we sacrifice solidity at the back for attacking movement - you have to score more than 1 goal a game on average. Especially when you give a goal away from set-pieces every other game.
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    Only 5% of the forum have seen this post
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    How to say the same thing over and over again by LDC: thread 4,287
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    So long as Leeds still are.
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    Lakey stop being so precious . You lecture folk , starting your own threads where you can easily join in on myriad others . You cannot be surprised when you tell people how to think that you will get a reaction. I suspect you need this board more than it needs you . As a consequence you aren’t going anywhere.
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    It’s a shame that you feel that way, honestly. Last season was as good as anything I’ve ever enjoyed as a Norwich fan and in many ways better. I was proud that we were bucking the trend and that we had brought through youth players and that we were playing scintillating football and that we were polishing rough diamonds. It’s not been so enjoyable this season. Although the sense of pride I feel when I watch us play remains. In Emi Buendia we have as good a footballer as I have ever seen play for us and even if we fail to win another point all season, I’ll still savour the enjoyment he has given me with his talent. Lots of people bemoan the fact that we “haven’t given it a go” this season. Paraphrased, we didn’t spend much money. We didn’t have the money, of course which is what (yet again) sparks the envious glances to whichever club is flavour of the “nouveau riche League table” at the time. The same people though, would be as equally annoyed if we were bottom of the league having “had a go” and spent £50m. It’s disingenuous of them to suggest, as Richard Balls did on Twitter, that they’d be appeased if we’d “had a go”. That they’d be HAPPIER if we were £50m WORSE OFF because that would show some faux notion of ambition.
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    I feel a bit like a stuck record, but why wasn’t four CBs enough? A fifth would have been ridiculous IMHO, especially when you consider that at least two of the five would be unlikely to ever get a game in a normal season. I’ll agree that Klose’s injury record could have meant we should have been cautious assuming he would be available, but in that case what’s the point of having him at all? The injuries at the start of the season in that position were unprecedented and we should not be buying in case of this kind of unlikely situations, otherwise we would end up with 3 players for each place in the team. Maybe we should have upgraded what we had, but of the four, we had Godfrey and Klose who most would have said at the start of the season had PL quality, plus Zimbo who looked like he would be good enough. With Hanley (who had previously played in the PL) as fourth choice, that was a strong line-up for a newly promoted team with very limited resources to spend. All this ‘we should have bought a fifth CB’ stuff is pure hindsight. Nuff said.
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    I think you’ll find that Rupp is viewed internally as a classic old-school utility player. That he can provide second tier cover for the full back positions - an area where we simply could not honestly offer a first team pathway - means you have a quality flexible player who also solves some tricky strategic squad problems. Norwich simply can not justify - or even attract - top quality back up to sit on the bench like a non-playing photo-negative team. Parma
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    I've warned you once before about facts..
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    Teamed up with Teemu already...
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    IF we go down and IF the binners are promoted there's 6 points right there...