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    Hi all, This is Wooster’s daughter. I’m not too sure if I’m posting this in the correct place but I know my Dad had some friends on here and I just wanted to let you all know of his sad passing on Sunday morning. It has been a shock to all of us as we hoped he would have many more years left. I just thought I should let you all know how much he enjoyed the forum and hearing from all of you. He’d always tell me of the fundraisers you’d do together and the laughs he had with you all. I know he’ll be celebrating Norwich’s win up there. All the best to you all
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    To perform an extremely complex operation to remove Ivan Toney from Grant Hanley's pocket.
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    Absolute rock tonight.. MOTM without a doubt. Work rate amazing...
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    This is such a shock and so very hard to take in. I'm really sorry for your loss you must all be devastated. Wooster one of our top PUPs and posted his pick as usual last Friday. He was romping the profitability league correctly predicting so many draws. Wooster's big heart shone through his posts on here and his communications with me. It's all so very sad. RIP Wooster
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    Selling your club to Russian oligarchs wanted for war crimes and Far East conglomerates who have gone bankrupt 6 times already is so 10 years ago I don’t think we should settle for any less than: > An African warlord with child slave soldiers > A high up official in a country that isn’t recognised by the UN > Somalian Pirates > Caribbean Pirates > The Actual Vladimir Putin (that’d be wild!) > The Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel > The Ghost of Genghis Kahn Anything less just isn’t going to get us the ‘Gram followers we require, and let’s face it, that’s what modern football is all about.
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    I've got one of his hosepipes!
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    In case you had not realised we are in the middle of a pandemic and such gatherings are forbidden in an effort to curb further infections and deaths.
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    All the talk about what we do after our inevitable promotion (ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but you can get some seriously good odds if you want to bet against it) has got me thinking. The togetherness of the current squad - the absolute trust and respect they have for each other - is the result of some incredibly skillful management. When did you last see two of our players having a disagreement on the pitch? When do you recall one of the players not working their hardest for the team? When did we last look less than the sum of our parts? I'm not party to the ins and outs of what went on between Farke and these players, but I can safely say that cutting them completely from the first team squad is absolutely part of the overall success this season. By creating a cohesive unit of players all on the same wavelength, who all know their precise role and exactly how it interacts with the rest of the team, Farke and his staff have pulled off a masterstroke. We can all fantasise about which players we'd like to sign or who we'd drop for who. But the job of building a team, getting them to gel and put in the workrate week after week is an incredible feat. At the start of the season I was struggling to imagine a midfield without Leitner being anywhere near as effective as our previous promotion campaign. I had no idea.
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    I think the undertones here that Goss was a bit average are wide of the mark. He was early in his City career, perhaps, but in that 92 season and the Europe one he was immense and a club legend.
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    I don't necessarily agree. We've changed quite dramatically how we use the two defensive midfielders and our goals for and against columns are dramatically different from two years. We have more clean sheets with 13 games remaining than we did in the whole season two years ago. We are going to need to recruit well, 5 or 6 players including at centre-half, right back, defensive midfield, no.10 and striker. There will be an opportunity to do that with significant finance available should Max and/or Emi leave. From then on it's still an uphill battle but we do have some very good players capable of stepping up. It is possible for us to make a much better fist of it.
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    And finally...i have got the call and a slot time for the 13th. for my 1st jab. Considering im in the over 65 age group i must have been right at the tail end of this group to get a slot. Patience has been rewarded at last.
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    Can people now see how hard we had it when we had a pile of centre-halves missing last season, with defensive midfielders helping out back there? Manchester City struggled for ages with a similar problem last season too even with all their riches. No wonder we were in trouble from the start of it.
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    You just can't help yourself can you. If you have nothing useful to say why don't you keep your gammon gob shut you sour pipsqueak. And try reading what J actually says instead of making up lies about his intentions. I suggest you stop leeching money from the tax-payer to subsidise your staff's poverty pay rates, and stop exploiting NHS resources for your company's profits, before you start criticising people on furlough. Jaberry, I have no doubt you will be welcomed wherever you eventually end up, Norfolk people are typically a warm bunch and very unlike this buffoon. Good luck with your search.
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    I thought David Webb had a very good game in charge today. He kept the game flowing as much as possible and didn't see the need to wave cards around. Barely noticed him there for much of the time which in my book is a sign of a good official.
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    From what I have seen, most people want the club sold to a football mad, multi-billionaire, lifelong Norwich fan with a deep understanding of the game who is in it only to build the club up to be in the higher reaches of the game whilst also keeping away those pesky glory supporters and keeping the identity of a club beloved by a small city and its immediate area. As it is we are still waiting.
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    This simply isn’t true. Excitement doesn’t mean better. We are a better all round team this year. Gibson the best CB we’ve had in a long time and Skipp partnered with another deeper thinking midfielder (rather than Vrancic) shows that Farkes focus has shifted more to a solid base. Performance wise defensively we miles ahead of 18/19. Attacking we have Cantwell added to the already prolific duo of Emi and Pukki. Add in flashes of brilliance from Vrancic and I’d argue we’re better on an attacking sense too. We have much more control of games this season which was very much the trait of Farkes Dortmund ll team. It feels like he’s really starting to get what he wants out of his City side.
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    This picture has appeared in various outlets of the Tory propaganda machine Sunday papers today. Going to have to get into work super early tomorrow to install all these imaginary dividers, perspex screens and "knee-operated sinks" that are apparently all going to be delivered and installed by 8:25 tomorrow morning.... Presumably all of this will be funded by flogging our smartboards and replacing them with blackboards. Good job my classes of 30/31/32 are apparently to be reduced to 9 who will all have laptops though. This isn't an accident, this is actual Goebbels level, state sponsored propaganda. Do people really believe this ****? If you replaced the students with unicorns it would be VERY marginally less realistic.
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    Why the hell are people surprised Rupp is playing well? Before he was injured his midfield displays were fantastic. He was unfairly attacked at the end of last season by the pinkun morons. Quality player.
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    Well the triple lock can go. Tax from big tech will need to be properly enforced. Reverse brexit. Offshore tax avoidance will need to be stopped. Re-evaluation of the council tax codes. Excessive pay for heads of companies needs to be looked at with progressive tax hikes. And if people don't want to pay a decent livable wage then how about looking at things like proper rent control or affordable public transport. More progressive ways of making people's lives a bit easier rather than simply stagnating workers wages like the last ten years of austerity have done.
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    Thanks to everyone for the many options for a super set of six (actually two). Certainly need more luck. For the two sets Nutty I've gone with the following (and please allow some poetic licence for the first selection! ) Selection 1 Wolfsburg Olympiacos Slavia Prague Tranmere Exeter (thank you Purple - I had chosen yours until I've just seen the postponement) Rangers Second selection: Barnsley (very popular choice) Feyenoord Sunderland (very popular) Ajax Krylya Sovetov Sevilla I've looked at So difficult and I've agonised over Barcelona, Coleraine, Aberdeen, RB Leipzig, Sutton, Sheff U, Oxford ...even Lommels K which was such a left field choice. Apologies if I haven't chosen your selection but I had to go with position, likely motivations, form and goals scored/against etc. Nutty, my pick by default is Exeter now. I realise I'm too late for our game but someday soon we will score with all these great chances we are creating. So I would have gone with a bold over 4.5 goals. Thanks @KiwiScot for the very timely prompt on Elversberg (I was about to post). Good luck to all. Let's hope we can do this to honour Wooster.
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    I do remember the criticism Farke got for how he dealt with Emi and Todd at the time. The treatment of Leitner and Drmic and how Farke should be using them came up at the start of the season too. Not a massive shock hes been proven right on both...again.
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    Why all this constant stuff about GH not being PL standard? What does that mean exactly? He clearly is and has been in ther past, albeit limited. Not only is he the sort of character that captains are made of he has consistently been there or thereabouts throughout the season when it comes to getting the MoM award. Last night was no exception. He has been a magnificent stalwart throughout this season and those who decry him must surely now put their criticism down to it being a result of the players recent injury record. Some fans seem to expect far too much from a player. Now relieved of the injuries he is a consistent rock. What a good signing for the club. Epitomises everthing we have become used to. For next season in the PL we do, for sure, need one more big centre back signing who will go alongside Gibson and GH. Zimbo, another unfairly derided by some, never lets us down and will be back up as well. Grant Hanley, Player of the Season? Not quite, but don't write him off in the Premier League.
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    Yes. It's being funded by a radical new plan to steal 3.5m contactless cards per week. When it's yours that's been nicked, just know you're doing your patriotic duty.
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    I never saw anything that looked remotely like a penalty
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    It should be illegal for him to play in the championship, like a game cheat code. Unreal plerrrrrr
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    Yes Lambert did very well for us, but it ought to be clear from his subsequent behaviour that his only real motivation was to do well for Mr Lambert. City were merely instrumental in his plans for his own self-aggrandizement, and as soon as he thought he could do better he was off in acrimomy. I can't remember Lambert expressing any genuine gratitude to the club for the opportunities it afforded him. Farke is the very opposite. Time and again we hear him speaking about what a privilege it is to work for NCFC, both for himself and the players. I would be astonished if some top european club doesn't take him from us at some stage, but I bet when he does leave it will be an honourable and civilised departure filled with gratitude for what working for NCFC gave him. As characters they are chalk and cheese.
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    I hope they're not using rabbits in these trials, they've suffered in the past from mixingthedoses.
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    I for one have greatly enjoyed watching them fall apart.
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    I can update you in the real world. As you will know we have a friend working in ICU, the one you insulted on here a few months ago. She was a cancer nurse, but like many was transferred to ICU COVID wards and worked with little specialist knowledge at first, but like many have given everything and learnt as they went along. She is a lovely person who loved life who was known as a family person, her husband and children away from her patients were her world. For several months she lived in a poky little flat away from her loved family, so as to avoid bringing COVID home. When you speak to her on the phone, she rarely mentions her work, but some of what she has mentioned is horrific. I don’t think she is totally broken, but she is exhausted, and we don’t know what’s going on at the back of her head. She feels the 1% is a total insult, of course they will be earning lots of extra money as there will be huge waiting lists and plenty of extra shifts, but would you work 12 hours per day 7 days a week after what they have been through ? They need a break. To this end she personally will be leaving the NHS and has accepted a job in 3 months time in a private hospital, where she will be paid more with far less responsibility. More worryingly she mentions her friends who are considering leaving nursing and some going abroad where they earn so much more ( yes in The EU as well ). I know from personal experience that some of the nurses and doctors on their days off have volunteered on the vaccination sites. There is a practice manager on our vaccination site that is not authorised to allocate time to working on the vaccination sites, so he uses his annual leave when we have vaccine to come and volunteer, when this is used he will take unpaid leave. I would like to think that at worst we will give our nurses and doctors a 2 week holiday and £500 to book a holiday. As an economist you can advise us with your knowledge, but I would think recruiting and training 10’s of thousands of new doctors and nurses will cost a lot more in the long run.
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    I’d leave my job if someone else doubled or trebled my money. They are not Norwich fans it’s their job. That said I guess they feel some deep warmth towards the club but we would have to reward them big time to consider staying.
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    Absolutely this. Not just in the middle of the park, but the way the wide roles have developed and the cover provided by the CDMs. I don't think it's just personnel (although I think Skipp is a massive improvement over previous incumbents), but also a significant tactical shift as well as a general improvement in discipline and positioning. But let's also not underplay the improvement from Hanley, having finally had a decent run of fitness, and the way in which Gibson has fitted into our system so well.
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    Would the next cretin step up and raise their head above the parapet please.
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    It's just awaiting a paint job :
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    And has her own thread named after her here
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    It’s the inconsistency that annoys me and that turns the game into a farce. There now seems to be a ‘let’s let the referees use a bit of their own judgement’ element to the process, as seen last weekend. For anyone that thinks the law is simple and fine as it is then explain to me why Man Utd didn’t get a penalty vs Chelsea? Arm in an unnatural position, handles the ball taking it away from an attacker...pretty much the definition of the ‘current’ handball rule. But no, the referee decides to use his own judgement and not award a pen. Im not saying I disagree with his decision but how did come he to that conclusion when the law states he should’ve awarded a pen? That that can be overlooked but to meticulously follow the laws in other games to come to some farcical outcomes (Bednareks red, David Luiz red, Soucek red, DCL penalty) shows the real problem imo. To make it even more excruciating, all the time used on VAR decision making for 2 of the reds above, both were overturned on appeal. So VAR, applied for the correction of CLEAR AND OBVIOUS errors where a team of ‘qualified’ officials discuss the laws of the game and come to a ‘correct’ decision, still gets it wrong according to the powers that be. Again I think the eventual decision was correct but they applied some common sense which the officials seemed to think wasn’t necessary with the use of VAR, and which some referees are now starting to use again and some aren’t. VAR isn’t the issue, it’s the incompetency (Lee Mason, Simon Hooper) and inconsistency of those using it that is the problem.
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    Congrats to the Champions Elect. Not taking anything away from yourselves, but the game could have been far more interesting had Canos not missed the sitter, but it is what it is. We offered very little in the second half, and our quality really plummeted at the same time Norwich kept us at arm's length with good organisation and shape. We're gutted, obviously, but losing to Norwich was no disgrace. As the real Thomas Frank said, Norwich is a team who could still beat us if Brentford were on their A game, and we didn't even produce our A game. As a side note, every Norwich fan I've ever encountered face to face have been superb company. Never forget Bees fans getting a round of applause whilst we chanted "Chase Out" back in the mid-90's at our FA Cup win at Carrow Road, and then chatting to Norwich fans about him on the train back. All good-spirited, intelligent chat between football fans. Best wishes and hope to see you in the Prem next season (although I suspect it'll be playoffs for us, and we all know what that means for us!)
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    Which of course makes him the answer . Unless he's unlucky enough to be long term injured then he'll be the object of derision
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    Didn't we stay in the prem for 3 seasons not so long ago? Is that not competing?
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    A semi final winner? A winning goal vs your local rivals? A winning goal in the last couple of minutes of a game?? .....what if its all 3 in 1 ??!
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    I've been known to watch the video of Klose's equaliser against Ipswich, filmed by one of their fans in the away end, multiple times back-to-back, on more than one occasion.
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    I'm already looking forward to promotion in 2022/23
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    Nailed it. If you can't separate the manager from the man, you're ignorant. No other word needed.
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    our thoughts before today were reflecting on his 14 months managing our team. Our thoughts after today are reflecting on his passing at a young age, and leaving being a young family etc. Is it that hard to understand? If you cant anything nice, then dont say anything at all is usually a good rule.
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