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    I don’t know why people are surprised that we were nervy and not at our best. I’m pretty sure all the players know we are walking up to the bar in the last chance saloon, and a loss or even a draw to Bournemouth would have been a nail in our coffin. Hopefully as some have said, this allows them a little breathing space to relax and play more freely for the next few games.
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    I know football is all about opinions but this is close to being perverse! Cantwell was constantly on the front foot throughout the game and in the last five minutes, when several others were flagging, he twice drove deep into opposition territory and won us a corner and a free kick. His energy levels never dropped from where I sat. the last two appearances from Onel have been his usual mixture of exhilarating and frustration. I can certainly see why he didn't come on today.
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    Krul 7 Aarons 6 Lewis 6 Byram 6 Zimm 6 Hanley 5 Godfrey 6 Tettey 6 Trybull 6 Amadou 5 Leitner 5 McLean 6 Cantwell 7 Emi 6 Onel 5 Stiepermann 5 Roberts 4 Pukki 7 Drmic 5 Idah 6 Srbeny 5 For me, injuries robbed us of our momentum, our inexperience and lack of Premier League ability has largely prevented us getting it back and a squad of potentially talented players led by an inexperienced manager are trying their best in the face of what has been a bad summer of transfers and the use of VAR which, this time last season, would have made our position vastly more comfortable. I want to mention Hanley who has persistently got slated. He would not have been anywhere near this side but for injuries and given how little he played last season has done his best, despite Championship clearly being his level.
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    Ok, nobody wants to be in January sitting at the foot of the table and YES I do of course want us to somehow survive this season. But, realistically we are unlikely to ever be considered a 'Big' club and be regularly challenging for a top 6 spot. So, with the top 6 out of the equation would you rather be in the bottom 5/6 teams dramatically fighting for survival; where every game matters and every goal or goal conceded throws up a myriad of permutations on the next game. Or, would you rather be 'comfortable' existing in that 'no mans land' of say 8th tom14th spot where you neither challenge for anything nor find yourself in a dog fight? This game, for spectators and fans, is actually entertainment, a journey, an experience and the huge highs (beating Boro in the play-off final, beating Leeds away comfortably and making Man City look average) were all dramatic and largely unexpected. Its the drama that keeps me hooked and that is made up of the highs and the lows. Yo-yoing between the Championship and the top tier, fighting for survival then challenging for titles is actually a thrilling watch, Dire disappointments and incredible highs. Would you really swap our the Norwich City way for say Everton, Crystal Palace or West Ham. I could of course possibly be a little sadistic! But in the words of Russell Crow 'Are you not entertained'??? OTBC
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    If anybody has been banned I wish Pete would inform us and tell us why.
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    Played the ball? No! Made contact with the opposition player with force? Yes! Reviewed by VAR? Not a f*****g chance! I'm talking of course about Sebastien Haller's foul on Christoph Zimmermann in the West Ham v Norwich game earlier this season. A foul which led to West Ham taking the lead while Zimmermann was still injured and Zimmermann being ruled out injured for 11 weeks. I've got no issue with Ben Godfrey's red card today, but it's the lack of consistency (always to our disadvantage) which makes my blood boil.
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    It's changed plenty. It's introduced delay, it's increased confusion, particularly to those in the ground, it's diminished the authority of the officials on the park and its replaced that wonderful moment of elation when your team scores with one of half hearted celebration just in case it's ruled out. It hasn't stopped controversial moments though because football is a game of opinions. One persons red card is another persons yellow. One persons penalty is another persons attacker looking for a foul. it might have corrected some ludicrously marginal off sides but is that worth all this disruption? Not on your Nelly.
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    What is the obsession with hating McLean. No way he should have come off.
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    Norwich won mate. Come back later. Or not hopefully....
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    Complaining that people have negative comments after a win is as bad as this board being relentless negative after a loss. We are here to discuss football right? If we had thumped them 5-0 I’d understand it. Happy with the three points, Duda looks class and great to have Pukki back. Shame to lose Godfrey but it was a bad challenge and deserved it. Objectively as good as we were in the first half we dropped off in the second though. We also failed to score the critical second goal and it lead to a nervy end, especially down to 10 men. We’ve given ourselves a chance, feeling cautiously optimistic we will at least challenge for that 17th place.
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    God that was nerve-wracking. We dropped deeper & deeper ... Looked totally knackered half way through second half. Cantwell was like a duracell bunny fortunately, chased down everything on the pitch. He never fails to surprise me with his gangly skills & determination. A real find. How they didn't score I'll never know. Mind you, how we didn't score more is also a mystery. But that's the same most weeks. Tempting fate, but Duda looks utter class. We're gonna have to improve on that to stand any chance at all. A bumpy ride awaits ..
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    He isn't the saviour who will single handedly deliver us, but he was certainly better than OK. I thought he was very good.
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    First half we were very good. 2nd half we let them pin us back too much but broke well and you wouldn’t be moaning had we converted one of the clear cut chances we had. A wins a win. We did the job. Happy days i feel sorry for anyone that can’t be simply happy this evening
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    We've certainly lost out through VAR. We'd still be bottom three, maybe even bottom, but we'd be closer to safety in a season where most people would have taken 17th. For supporters at games it's even worse. We are unlucky that this poorly thought out and badly implemented excercise coincided with our return to the PL.
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    To be fair to LDC, he predicted we might finish 4th, but if you turn the league table upside down we’re actually top