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    Ok, we are all devastated to have such a bad defeat after the hope of the last two games, but the more I read, the more angry I get with those down and outs (binners and serial anti-club so called fans) that are coming on here who are here solely to fuel the flames of our disappointment - and those that fall for it and are wallowing in it. So to you binners and those that like trying to make it worse for others, crawl back into your holes. Imo, we need to calm down a bit, there is more to life than football, there is hope and there is always the next game.
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    Early Kick off for this one folks - 12:30 GMT at Stamford Bridge. It is being televised on BT Sport for those who have it or who have friends/family you can join or hijack their TV for. As is the norm, the pinkUn has it's presser report and a few separate pieces focusing on some of the news from that on their front page. It sounds to me like poor old Zimmermann is still suffering from that horrific tackle he was on the end of playing West Ham two seasons ago. The BBC also have their pre-match sum up but you'll have to ignore "Lawro's Prediction" if you want to remain positive! For those of you wanting to get into a more positive frame of mind than our old friend Lawro, the club has put together a video of goals our boys in yellow and green have scored in the past. As is now part of our weekly routine of enjoyment you can also go and join in with Rays Funds for the CSF with the PUPs Season 15 Week 11 and help to raise money for a very, very good cause. Interesting little piece of knowledge - there are no football clubs located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Stamford Bridge is actually located in Fulham. Something fans of QPR and Fulham will often remind their Chelsea counterparts. EDIT: Possible piece of insight - apparently, last night, Tzolis switched himself into his own fantasy football team. The last time he did this was Vs Arsenal when he started. As you can imagine, some fans on social media have latched onto this. As a result, there is some belief that he might be starting today. Edit 2: Team
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    Weird, i've criticised every poor performance we've had this season, of which there's been enough. I didn't expect to beat Chelsea but expected a lot better than we saw. The main difference between me and you is I can be critical but not come across like a 4 year old girl who's just sh*t their nappy.
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    Remember though, there is a solution: "All we have to do is beat Chelsea"
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    The premier league is the problem, our poor record is just the symptom This is not an apology for our poor start, we’ve clearly made awful mistakes when it comes to everything from season preparation to recruitment. It’s been an absolute mess. But I firmly believe we are an example that this league just doesn’t work anymore, not for clubs like us anyway. Realistically, within the next day 5 years, can you really see any competitiveness in this league? Once newcastle start spending everyone in the bottom half is getting tonked every week. think there’s some plucky team that’s going to punch their way up? Think Watford will defy all the odds because they’ve got some momentum right now? Think again. We are headed for a European superleague because this league is no longer for us, we are an inconvenience to these big clubs. We are in the strange twilight era of this league and this way of doing league football. All sorts of weird stuff is going to happen going forward until we, as a club of a certain stature, become untenable in this league. Norwich city are a metaphor for the future of this league and the future of club football in this country and this continent. Brace yourself for a future of select club dominance and the majority of clubs relegated to a lower class of football. Things is though, I think it’ll be better.
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    99% are Norwich fans who have every right to type what they like, just like you do.
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    What's them being left wing got to do with it?
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    Buendia and Skipp dragged us into the Prem... without those two, we wouldn't have gone up last season.
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    Can't really play like this and then moan when pundits utterly hammer us, can we. Especially after Brentford gave them a proper go last week. Then along come Norwich to give Chelsea the easiest game they will ever have at this level.
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    I think the team and the formation that got us up needs to be given a chance now. This dramatic change of style, trying the 4-3-3 and then 3-5-2 appears to not be working, we have managed a respectable draw away at Burnley and then a frustrating home draw with Brighton where in both games we haven't looked anywhere near like ourselves. It isnt working. We look toothless. We aren't good enough to try and win a game 1-0, not that we are scoring in this set up at the moment. I get that Buendia and Skipp are gone, but I still would like to see us revert to the style of 4-2-3-1 and side that got us here and looked so dominant as we got a record points haul in the Championship. The formation and the number 10 especially was key. Dowell deserves a chance. Todd at 60% is better than what i saw out there today. Against Leeds for me it has to be: Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Giannoulis Normann Mclean/Gilmour Rashica Dowell Cantwell Pukki Im at a point now where Id rather see us loose a match 4-3 or 3-2 and actually attack, link up play and make use of Pukki, than us trying to just crowd out the other team in defence and hope they make another of a mistake we can nick a goal and sit on it. That formation and most of those lads got us here, let them have a go, and lets get Tzolis and Idah on before 60 minutes if it still ours for the taking.
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    There must have been an awful lot of binners around me at Stamford Bridge then Lakey, I expect they were the ones booing at half time and again at full time. Many others gestured to the players to get off down the tunnel when Hanley and Normann started to applaud the away following and started to walk towards them before thinking better of it. Those binners were so vociferious in their displeasure at the performance that even Farke didn't come over to us which is most unusual. Lots of those binners you mention Lakey even decided to leave over 10 minutes from the end. The same binners who started songs like ' we're $hit and we're going down ' . It all started when they sang after only two minutes ' How $hit must you be we're drawing away ' however that song didn't last too long. You see Lakey they are not only on here.
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    You have no idea if anyone has tried to buy their shares. It wouldn't be a public discussion. To suggest no one would want to buy the club is rubbish. Even Ipswich found a buyer. It's more a question of whether they'd be welcomed
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    When I went to the game in 2011/12, we looked superb against Chelsea. We competed, had a system and were 1-1 for much of the game. We lost 3-1 when Ruddy got sent off and we conceded two late goals, but could have been different if Torres was sent off earlier. Chelsea that season won the Champions League. But we actually tried to compete against them. This, on the other hand, is utter garbage. No system, no effort, no ideas and no excuses. Pathetic.
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    I cannot believe how many apologists there still are given the dire football and the complete lack of being competitive. We spent a huge amount by our standard and have nothing to show for it. Not good enough and at any other club heads would roll. But not us- we are happy to lose it seems.
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    Like Burnley away you mean. Oh and Brighton at home. Oh and Everton away as well!!
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    Pinkun eighties tribute band !
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    ****, I didn't think this through at all......
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    To be honest if anyone really wants Webber out they clearly have no idea if it weren’t for him we would be stuck in the dark ages still of Colney with the gym in the conservatory and Doris (bless her) cooking the players their lunch the club is beyond recognition from where it was before, for the better I know a lot of you are hurting about today’s result but let’s not lose our heads
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    Give the guy a break - he is still learning the game and we paid for his potential more than his total readiness for the PL . I get that some of you can't resist scapegoating players, but it's unfair to single any of them out - the whole team are rubbbish at the moment. I'm pretty sure he will prove you all wrong as he - and the team - get to grips with this league.
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    Any Norwich fan who can be smug at losing 7-0 is a total, grade A, arsehole.
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    Remember Lambert. He had his flaws but he always got his players revved up for a game and would never be that complimentary of an opponent regardless of who it was. I miss that attitude, not this "well they are better than us so..." crap
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    It would if anyone made a formal offer for S&J's shares. As a matter of company law that would have to be disclosed.
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    Heaven knows I'm miserable now
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    Don't spoil a good argument with ugly facts.
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    The problem is that far too many people resort to idiotic crap when things aren’t going well, the sort of thing you ought to be embarrassed to read back. Today was never likely to result in a positive result, we were against the best side in Europe, but we were dire and it couldn’t have gone a lot worse…we needed to be at 100% and fully on our game and would still probably been beaten, but we were really pretty awful. It simply wasn’t good enough. We seem to have regressed rather than progressed this season. Two years ago we were lauded for being possibly the best side to finish bottom, but this year we seem to have been well below par far too often. Something needs to change, and fast.
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    If it's the same lineup with Omo for Gibson and we lose or draw 0-0, the crowd will turn toxic and all crosshairs will be on Farke. Go bold, play well, get 3 points and our outlook will be much better heading into four more winnable games. It'll be a proper test of whether the players are playing for him or not.
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    I personally just feel really sad. So desperate to see us compete at this level but for whatever reason we are mentally broken when we come up. When we first came up last time we gave it a go and looked like we could give a few teams a nosebleed but now we look done. Think Farke has been outstanding for Norwich and I would love him to turn it around but at the moment beating last times 21 looks a challenge.
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    Not yet. But if we're this abject against Leeds next week then it's as good as over. We've got 5 winnable games now, the sort of run that Brentford and Brighton got to start the season with. 10 points required as an absolute minimum.
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    Where’s Lakey and Hogesar to tell us it’s gonna be ok?
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    That doesn’t explain why Brentford can compete and we can’t. It’s not a “why aren’t we Brentford moan” it’s a simple observation that they have not thrown huge amounts of money around and look way more like they belong than we do despite our relative positions last year.
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    It is 100% Farke's fault. What exactly does he say to them to get them demotivated, disorganised and disinterested? Thats some skill to get these players, many of whom are internationals, playing so abjectly. Its almost got to the point of anyone but Farke.....
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    I can't wait to hear his next sermon after this absolute shower of $h!t. He's like a fart that never ends.
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    For what purpose? What’s the point in having another promotion season if we’re to then come up and be an embarrassment. We have reached our limits of what can be achieved under this model/owners.
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    Agree with you there, the accusations of being an Ipswich fan because someone disagrees is actually one of the most uneducated responses that people use on here.
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    Aren't you shooting the messenger here?? Good Law Project are the very opposite of Johnson in that they are always very sure of their facts before they say anything, and from memory I think they have won every time they've ended up in court with the Government. You may not like the message but it is unquestionably true however unpalatable you find it.
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    I believe the correct term is a Naggle of Naismiths
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    At the moment this forum is filled with binners, whingers, twats, the very angry and the sweary marys and you are still the worst poster by a long shot.
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    Why does anyone need to defend anything. We got stuffed by a top quality side, and that’s it.
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    From last time we were in the prem. We finished rock bottom last time round but looking back at results it’s clear we were more competitive. I fear for the “project” I really do. The whole premise of it is that with each promotion and relegation we supposedly “learn” and improve the squad We haven’t. We gone backwards. Considerably.
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    Even the boys in Escape to Victory wouldn't have turned back for this.
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    Compare Paul Lamberts first promotion squad with this one. I just don’t think it’s the individual quality of the players that’s the issue personally.
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    Just stole this from twitter. https://twitter.com/NordNorn/status/1451830185372815365
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