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    Not sure if this was in response to my post or another, but I acknowledge there are lots of variables and the lack of testing etc. makes pretty much every stat about coronavirus fairly useless in isolation. I would though say that the total number of deaths from flu, pneumonia and covid this years vs flu and pneumonia in other years will be interesting to look back on - far fewer variables come in to play there. I would also point out that week ending March 20th (which the stats refer to) was before the ‘lockdown’, so people were still driving and at work. There are also stats in there for the whole year up to March 20th, so again deals with periods before the lock down when road deaths etc etc would presumably have still been roughly the same as the annual average. There are multiple factors every year (which is why they use a five year average as a comparison tool). My main point though would be that coronavirus figures are being reported irresponsibly - the first thing you see on the BBC app when you open it is “1.1 Million cases, 60,000 deaths”. That sounds scary! But that figure is over a three month period, worldwide. Around 56 million people die annually worldwide - so in a three month period, that’s about 14 million. 60,000 deaths is 0.4 per cent. So, yes, coronavirus is bad, but the way it is being reported causes more panic than is necessary and can only be bad for people’s mental health.
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