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    Whilst we played very well on Saturday (and in spells at Anfield) i'm a bit uneasy about some of the comments I've seen since about how we will beat Chelsea or how Shef U look like a championship playoff side in comparison (I do think we will prevail over the course of the season but they are up there on merit, have a good manager and have made a better start than us). I obviously hope we continue to grow and we prove the doubters wrong but it seems a bit premature for some of the baiting of pundits on social media that has taken place since the weekend claiming we have already proven them wrong. They may yet be proven right in which case they will have the last laugh. We have won one game and still have an defence that looks very ropey at times. We are very reliant on Pukki who to date has not been injured for any length of time. We are at our best when humble and channelling the underdog spirit so lets not get too big for our boots off the back of a couple of decent showings.
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    This is why, unlike Gareth Bale, I had so much respect for Steve McClaren in Holland, and Joey Barton in France, they nailed the native tongue in what seemed minutes, it was incredible
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    LAWRO'S PREDICTIONS All kick-offs 15:00 BST unless stated. Norwich City 12:30 Chelsea Norwich got lucky against Newcastle last Saturday. Pukki's wild hoof at the ball in the 1st half would have gone over the stand 99 times out of 100 whilst Newcastle would have got a deserved equaliser through Joelinton's bullet like header had the goalposts at Carrow Road been in the correct position. I don't get the fuss about Pukki. He's got lucky four times this season, he won't do it again whilst the Norwich lads and their mates who make up the team under manager David Fork will struggle against Kerry Dixon's power and the pace of Pat Nevin on the wing. Norwich 0 Chelsea 3
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    Name one occasion In the last 20 years that he hasn't. He was a good striker, nothing more,his stint at manager was embarrassing. He thought he could step in and by virtue of being Alan Shearer , would save them. Massive ego that is never challenged on his analysis. Totally irrelevant tv talking head. Might as well have someone off grumpy old me or it was alright in tbe 70s. Shearer what's the score, Shearer Shearer what's the score?....best chant I've heard so far this season.
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    The usual nonsense from remoaners. If you want a job abroad just get a job with a multinational company in the UK. They will eventually post you wherever you want to go regardless of silly EU rules. I had jobs with four of these types of companies, in the chemical , engineering parts, electronics and white goods industries, and due to demand for my highly regarded work, language skills and flexibility was offered work in Paris, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
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    God you're effin tedious at times. Maybe he's praising Hanley because overall Hanley had a good game. I know that's probably a little difficult for you to get your head around.........
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    If we can fabricate Diana crashing in a Parisian underpass, surely a BoJo bike accident isn't beyond the remit of our secret services?
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    From the start of last season to now, Pukki is the top scorer in all 4 divisions of English football. Not sure about Europe
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    Full game is here —> https://eplfootballmatch.com/norwich-city-vs-newcastle-united-full-match-premier-league-17-august-2019/2/
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    Aww Gawd - if Merson is backing us to stay up then relegation is almost a certainty!
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    Unfortunately one look at the league 1 table tells you that it is a weak league with very few decent sides in it and the sc*m are going to be up there this season. They would have to mess up hugely not to be. They have 3 easy games now on the trot so probably within a couple of weeks will be in the top 3 or 4. It would be one of the funniest things ever if they fail to get back up this season, it really would. We should assume they will and then if they fail its a major bonus.
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    Kenny with his MD20/20 was ace though.
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    how about get behind whoever plays. we've not got virgil van dijk, we make do with what we have got. hanley isnt the greatest defender in the world but he will give his all and thats all we can ask.
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    I think I saw them at The Jacquard in the late 70's.
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    Pukki is the first player ever to score 4 goals in their first 2 PL appearances
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    “Watch me burn it down and then you can pick us apart with a horrific trade deal when we’re even more desperate and have even less leverage than we do now”
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    As I've mentioned before, I can take a few beatings from the Big boys, as long as we give it our all,I won't be complaining.
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    might as well repost this effort from Godfrey back in April
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    Be fair, it wasn't his day to borrow the half brain cell
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    Because guido doesn't have a sports section he has to form his own opinions.....
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    I'd call being 4-0 down after 45 minutes a thrashing to be honest, but each to their own.
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    Loans make total sense this year. If we get immediately relegated we only get 2 year's of parachute payments, This summer we have improved squad depth risk free, id do still think we are striker short. But realistically who is going to come to inevitably be 2nd or 3rd choice. If we stay up we know that we have 1 more year premier league money and a further 3 years of parachute payments (not 2), allowing us more freedom to offer 3-4 year deals on mid-lower level premier league money.