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    Dutch, you're not new here so what right you think you have using evidence in your posts to support the club god only knows. What we have to do is criticise the club for receiving a bid on a player, for some reason. And then paint some doomsday scenario where selling Lewis means we are selling everyone. Its important at this point to note that Lewis was likely the one we were most willing to sell as we purchased a replacement six months ago and already have another player who took his place last season. But please note that is evidence so can't be used here. DELIA OUT. Lets get a banner or something.
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    By that logic a Murphy twins, Pritchard and Oliveira frontline was better than Buendia, Stieperman, Hernandez and Pukki. Absolute nonsense.
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    I think part of it is that they are having a punt. We keep being told that Covid will effect the transfer market and prices especially. Liverpool are just chancing their arm.
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    Pete, can you move this to the Geography Pedants section of the forum?
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    If that was true every football team would always get stronger.
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    Welcome to the forum. And congrats on the Premier League title win.
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    Yes I can. It is quite easy to not click the link and, as it was posted by you, I know it will be a load of sh1te
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    Klopp also signed Karius, so no-one's perfect.
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    Am I the only one that finds Lewis to Liverpool a little surprising? if I’m being honest I really don’t think he particularly excelled last season and would even go so far as to say he just looked like a fairly average left back to me. I know there is the thing about if you move to a club like Liverpool and get surrounded by better coaches and players you’ll become a better player but even so. Surely that line of thinking is relevant to any player. in Jamal Lewis, I saw a defender that is fairly weak in the air and doesn’t take his man on, preferring almost always to turn back on himself. I’m not saying he’s a poor player. Far from it, but Liverpool good? I just don’t see it. I hope for his sake he proves people like me wrong. I genuinely believe if we can get close to £15, we will have seriously lifted Liverpool’s leg and the 2-3 players that may find for us would represent excellent business. Plus we didn’t spend £3.5m (we never do that these days) On Sam McCallum for no reason. From what I’ve read about him, he could well prove to be better than Lewis after a run of a handful of games. But what do I know, I’m sure Klopp is far more qualified than I to make a proper assessment of Jamal Lewis. Whichever way this pans out I wish him all the best of course.
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    Lewis won’t go for £15m mate - Webber stated before the season had even ended that none of our talent would go for anything less than £20m as despite relegation we have no need to sell and so want to keep all our talent for next season I think what I’m seeing is a project planned by the club to try and make us a strong and financially healthy team
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    Success would be if track and trace demonstrably reduced community transmission measured in part through the R rate, enabled the country to get operational and enabled targeted action to deal with outbreaks quickly when they occured. It has failed on all three counts.
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    Pig is a class act. Comes on and says “I told you so” and 30 posts later , he rocks back in his long suffering chair and quietly says to himself “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel”
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    You are still using ukip propaganda to fight a battle you won. You have to now show us what your winning gets us. So far, so bad. Everything we warned about is actually happening.
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    Noted. Thanks for steering me right Hog. I don't know what came over me. I should really know better by now. I retract my post as fake news, no, needless propaganda in fact. Apologies to all those affected by factual information. As you were. Banner waving questionable Chinese businessman in, Delia out. Club's a joke.
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    R.I.P National Rifle Association An organisation with a long and honorable history of gun safety and education who morphed into a political animal and shill for gun makers (and also rumored but not proven launderer of Russian monies into Republican political campaigns) No ludicrous addition to the arsenal of private citizens was too much for them, no reasonable regulation that would not be challenged in court and by new State level laws. Hiding under the cloak of the Second Amendment they became a toxic parody of what they claimed to be. And now massive and sustained fraud has been alleged by the State of New York. And why New York? Because they are registered there as a charitable organization. It's the same legal team that got the Trump Organization charity dissolved for similar misuse of charitable funds. https://www.courthousenews.com/ny-sues-to-dissolve-the-nra-accusing-top-execs-of-fraud/ “The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said in a statement this morning. “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”
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    Would be great if Emi stayed, even if "the others" left. Onel, Emi and Dowell should rip up the Champ.
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    I have heard on the grapevine that Buendia is quite happy to stay but others may be pushing a move.
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    That would be a massive tantrum wouldn’t it ?
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    You might, very occasionally, get a 50% of profit sell on clause. But certainly never a 50% of any sell on. It easy for people to come on here and spout unrealistic transfer fees and clauses - largely so they can then criticise the club for not being able to deliver such an unrealistic fee. The reality is that if you refuse to let a player leave due to having unrealistic expectations you don’t just upset that one player, you upset a lot of current players who will feel the club will also stand in their way. It can also make it hard to sign new players, as they won’t want to sign for a club that won’t sell them for a fair price in the future. £10m is obviously under bidding but getting Liverpool up to £20m will be a very tall order.
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    Just reading between the lines, do you not shout commands in German during lovemaking?
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    You were right that it was a moth but, after a bit of a search, I am certain it was something called a Jersey Tiger Moth.I normally associate moths as being boring grey/brown. Photos don't do the colouring justice. https://butterfly-conservation.org/moths/jersey-tiger
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    I thought their last team meeting with the coach was so moving it brought a tear to my eye.
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    We were in the Championship at the time and they moved to Premier League clubs. I really don't know why we hold a grudge against young men who are only trying to further their careers.
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    Imagine we’d spent that money on signing Fahrmann, Amadou, Roberts and Duda permanently! there would be riots in the streets by now! Have to say proud of the way our club has gone about things. Our way with intelligence, imagination, opportunity and development. Football is about football and not money. Not following the standard practices but thinking for ourselves. OTBC
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    You've confused 'leg' with 'bell'.
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    A very good post. The lower you go down the leagues the more reliant clubs are on fans coming through the turnstiles, I fear that there could be a number of clubs going to the wall, as a football fan I really hate to see fans and communities losing their football clubs. I know it is not going to happen, but football does really need to reset itself in respect of the huge disparity between the rich clubs, the Premier League and the rest of the clubs/Football League.........
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    The sun is still out. I've got news for you Vinny and you other miserabilists - the sun is still shining. New exciting young players coming in - the latest one stating what a brilliant club this is to come to - and things to look forward to. A new challenge, a further development and improvement of what we are trying to do as a club on and off the field and if we get up again to the PL then we will be better equipped to stay there. I know I might as well be talking to a brick wall than trying to get through to the likes of you, Vinny, but your "I told you so" is about as limp as it can get.
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    N Ireland isn't in Britain. It's in the United Kingdom.
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