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    Going off injured after standing on the ball is a very Sargent injury...
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    It's a good piece of analysis of what should not have been done, but doesn't offer much in the way of advice on what to do now. And unusually for Wolf its perspective is a bit short-term: "Most alternatives to full membership — such as joining the single market, the customs union or both — would also restart the Brexit civil war, in both main parties." For now, yes, although comparing the differences in Labour to the wilfully self-destructive civil war in the Tory party is a real stretch. But apart from the Tories (as presently controlled by mad people) and the Unionists (ditto) even now all parties want at least a better Brexit deal than the worst possible one Johnson lumbered Britain with. Starmer has ruled out renegotiations with the EU but by definition his promise to fix the holes in the current deal will entail renegotiations. And once that starts then over time what in Vietnam was called mission creep is likely to occur, but in this case in a good way. If as I suspect there will be some kind of anti-Tory government in charge for at least eight years from 2024 then the chances are some kind of much closer relationship - at least being in a customs' union - will be forged.
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    Maher and his script writers have it
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    Hilarious! "...unprecedented to be handing over tax returns" except that is precisely what all his predecessors have done in the interests of ensuring that the president of the United States is above suspicion. I also loved his rant "Give me freedom or give me death". If only the US public could get a vote on that choice.
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