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    Good first post. After the creative no-show last night, I'd be surprised if either Emi or Vrancic didn't start on Sunday. Emi has been his own worst enemy at times, but I do feel sorry for Mario... he's long overdue a chance.
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    I'm not giving up, but it's gonna be difficult. We do worst against teams that rely on overpowering the opposition. That's how they've survived in the PL against technically better teams. We're simply not strong enough - look at what a difference Alex made yesterday; perhaps not as skillful as Todd, Emi or Tom but his power, experience & positional awareness made all the difference.
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    I don't really know why the OP is positing this as a Farke v Emi thing? This isn't the first time Farke has switched the team around based on performances. Stieps? Leitner? Todd? All dropped out to try a different approach at various times this season. It's not like he's dropped him from the match day squad.
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    What one-eyed garbage. He's been the only recognised centre back for the majority of the season, with barely 12 months of first-team experience under his belt. He's already captained England U21s, and has all the technical abilities of a top modern centre-half. What more do you want from a young NCFC player, seriously? Flawless world-class performances week-in week-out?
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    Well we've played all them with the exception of Sheff U. So that's 8 games, 9 if you include Watford, against what are realistically teams in the relegation mix. We've only got 7 points out of a possible 27 from those games. That is a pretty worrying stat Lose on Sunday and that'll be 7 points out of 30 against the weaker teams in the League, most of which are not much better than us which is even more worrying
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    No, I have always thought we would struggle to stay up. We are not a bad side, just not quite good enough, but as I have said before I intend to enjoy the season whatever happens........
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    No, the team is defensively nowhere near the standards required by the premier league. It's highly unusual that a team with 70+ goals against would stay up in Prem and at the moment we're on the way to 82-83 goals against. Even the crappy teams like Soton, Arsenal and Watford score two. Especially defending set pieces is ****.
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    If you don’t spend even a modest amount on new players you hinder your chances greatly. Not Farkes fault at all, he is a victim of the regime.
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    Sadly no. Honestly love the clubs philosophy around nurturing youth and know it's the only realistic long term approach for a club like ours, but this season must be teaching senior management tough lessons on how ruthless it is at the very top. There's just no time available here for the team to be learning from mistakes, but that's an expected process for such a young, inexperienced team... Prove me wrong Norwich, prove me wrong
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    I don't think there is any secret about that, given all the comments about the aim being a top-26 club. The idea was to try to improve the squad somewhat, without lumbering ourselves with expensive long-term contracts, and if we stayed up this season that would be fine, but the assumption probably was that we would not. I think two partly unforeseeable factors have come into play. One being not so much the unprecedented injury crisis but the specific loss of the three most experienced out of our four centre-backs, which had a knock-on effect on midfield. The other being how many of our squad from last season have struggled to make the step up in class, either because they are young and still learning and/or because they reached their limit in the Championship. You can make a case that this applies one way or another to Aarons, Godfrey, Trybull, Stiepermann, Heise, Srbeny and Leitner. And you can throw in a permanently injured Drmic, and a question as to why Vrancic is not playing. Given our finances we simply could not have afforded to bump up the squad with potential replacements for anywhere near all those players. If there was a mistake it was to rely on two players; Klose and Drmic, with bad injury records.
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    Not so much a genuine question but a pointless one. Who will want to work for the club with no money no one of any calibre that's for sure. Enjoy Farke while you can doing sterling job with hands tied.
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    Who he should replace if he comes to the pitch? We need McLean/Stiepi to have some strength in there, without that it is just isolated Pukki. Onel brings variety to the game with his pace. Todd has been in totally different league with Emi this season what comes to work rate and teamplay. I agree with others that it is Emi vs Emi case here. He was magical last season, but already then he was error prone. In PL opponents are taking advantage of his errors all the time and as there is less time/space he really cannot find the space to weave his magic. The talent is there for sure, but he needs to take another development step to be able to play on this level with his strengths.
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    A. Without any question for me. People are entitled to a different opinion and pick B, but if they do, they're wrong! I genuinely think I'd give up following football if we sacked Farke.
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    I am worried about our ability to beat teams around us. In the past 3 weeks we’ve gifted 6 points to our relegation rivals, if anything is going to send us down it’s the fact that we can’t seem to raise our game against the teams that we need to beat, instead we expend all our energy against teams that won’t be struggling and then leave ourselves run ragged. Farke’s unwillingness to rotate the team selection is compounding the issue.
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    Congratulations on posting one of most spectacular pieces of bull sh*t ever on this board. You must be very proud.
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    Thanks for the heads-up. Everyone seems so serene and blissed-out tonight...
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    In hindsight, the team selection was wrong. The midfield looked tired and it wasn’t until the fresh legs came on did we look like doing anything. Farke has to learn to use his squad better. He even says in his interviews about players being tired and needing rest but then plays the same 11 again. Southampton has an extra days rest and it showed, they were first to everything and had the energy to press us. At this level, you need to utilise the squad as the physical impact on the players in huge. There’s no merit in so many of our squad having had so little game time this season.
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    EMI v himself, more like - the guy is a good player but needs to realise a match is 90 minutes long and the idea is to try for the whole time, not just when you feel like it. When that happens he’ll be a great player. IMO he deserved to be dropped, probably earlier than he was.
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    I think that the reason for this is that if you just 'lump it up there', Southampton are poised and ready to counter-attack. They had Redmond and Adams on the pitch for precisely that reason. If you stay patient and keep the ball in their half, the pressure mounts and they sit deeper. You could see them getting drawn deeper and deeper, and hear the restlessness in the crowd. The way I see it, we would still be scrabbling around in the Championship if we didn't have Farkeball, so I'm prepared to take these results on the chin and let him learn on the job. He did a pretty good job of learning from his first season in the Championship, and if we can somehow stay up this season then I'd expect us to be much more competitive next. And if we do go down, at least we know he knows how to succeed in the Championship.
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    Or in other words, pointless reactionary statements of how the season will end based upon one game. We lose - we're getting relegated and it's all terrible. We win - we'll easily stay up. I suppose you that's what fans do but can we not be a little more reasonable.
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    Yep my 65 inch is showing all the quality , great thing about a big telly is you can see both halves of the pitch at the same time......now who said that
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    Well that's one thing we have in common, at least.
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    I have......... And I can assure you they are 136 people.