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    I hope they're not using rabbits in these trials, they've suffered in the past from mixingthedoses.
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    If anyone thinks we'll ever sign a player for £25m+ then they're living in cloud cuckoo land.
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    Can people now see how hard we had it when we had a pile of centre-halves missing last season, with defensive midfielders helping out back there? Manchester City struggled for ages with a similar problem last season too even with all their riches. No wonder we were in trouble from the start of it.
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    Would the next cretin step up and raise their head above the parapet please.
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    In case you had not realised we are in the middle of a pandemic and such gatherings are forbidden in an effort to curb further infections and deaths.
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    India up to fifth, eh! Sounds like that is a country really worth doing a trade deal with. A shame India would insist on the UK allowing in many more immigrants, which obviously cannot be countenanced. The UK didn't leave the EU on the virtuous principle of getting back total control of its borders only to backslide for mere economic gain now did it?
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    I have not and will not watch the interview. For more than one reason. I don't get the love in with Oprah. Whats the real difference between her and Kyle? Only what she earns. Apparently the interview involved questions about his family but not hers. Unbalanced and one sided. Interview to put the record straight. But it involved a nice fat fee. And I think the Royals are as dysfunctional a family as any soap opera.
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    Godfrey has been excellent for Everton all season.
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    Don't you think you are setting the bar a bit high?
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    Sensible answers only please.
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    I fancy you'll be changing your tune if you need a vaccine passport to get into Carrow Rd next season
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    I certainly can't imagine many people sarcastically voting for Nyland this time
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    Yes it's a lose-lose for the Royals. Either Harry and Megan are self-serving s h i t s or they aren't and the remaining Royal family is. I love the right wing tabloids in meltdown on this (see Pier's Morgan for example). Either way it shows that the extended family as a whole is well past its sell by date as anything other than a social media reality TV show. Perhaps it can replace big brother for Channel 4. Can we vote who's in or out ?
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    Heres my Tin Hat moment.....I think Skipp is more valuable than Max. A straight swap would be a good deal imo. Roight, who's first?
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    Maybe beacause he was born in England, his family are (mostly) English, the majority of his friends are English, he considers himself English..
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    Because he wants to play for England and thinks he has a decent chance of doing so?
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    It may seem strange, but I never though about her race, until it was brought up by the media.
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    I wonder if they will be looking to do some form of deal with an emergency recall put into it. Either way, we need to use this summer window to look for a permanent replacement for Skipp or risk finding ourselves in the same position next summer. I really don't understand peoples assumption that Sorenson is a like for like, I think he brings something very different to the the team than Skipps work rate and all action defensive shielding. Thats not to write Lungi off, I'd just say I think he is going to be more of a David Fox style player as he seems to be really good on the ball but not the enforcer we need. Maybe thats just me?
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    1/6 the Duke of Edinburgh.
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    The world moves through another milestone with over 300 million vaccinated now. The pace is becoming rapid as supply moves to the next level. The US are going at some pace fast approaching 2.5 million a day. This week the rough daily total administered has gone up around 1.5 million. The US are also now using Johnson and Johnson that technically only requires one dose. More than 304 million doses have been administered across 114 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 7.93 milliondoses a day.
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    Not sure how Krul made it, he pretty much had nothing to do.
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    I for one have greatly enjoyed watching them fall apart.
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    I would say he's a definite upgrade on jamal (and I loved Jamal). His passing, particularly when in a tight spot, is exceptionally good and definitely better than JL. He displays more technical skill than JL, and seems to make more interceptions than JL (from my admittedly anecdotal perspective). I think we also need to remember that when you play your backs as wing-backs the defensive duties of a traditional full back have to be shared out with the defensive midfielders and centre backs. Thus Dimi can't be expected to be bombing into the opposing half one minute and covering all the attacks down the left the next. I think it's remarkable how quickly he has forged an understanding with his team mates, and it's no coincidence at all that we have let in so few goals since he's been in the team. He's played a big part in the recent run of 7 wins on the trot. Farke's judgement has been shown to be spot on yet again. And applause for Webber too; we've got a better left-back and made about an £7-8m profit in the process.
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    You just can't help yourself can you. If you have nothing useful to say why don't you keep your gammon gob shut you sour pipsqueak. And try reading what J actually says instead of making up lies about his intentions. I suggest you stop leeching money from the tax-payer to subsidise your staff's poverty pay rates, and stop exploiting NHS resources for your company's profits, before you start criticising people on furlough. Jaberry, I have no doubt you will be welcomed wherever you eventually end up, Norfolk people are typically a warm bunch and very unlike this buffoon. Good luck with your search.
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    I, for one, am now a frequent visitor to TWTD, what with the time, this site still playing up and all the talk of a takeover. The latter would interest me even if it were connected to Bog Lane Rovers because it necessarily demands inquest into the position of our own club, now and in the future. Takeovers come and takeovers go with varying degrees of glamour or gloom. I just could not resist revealing this last exceptional example of their continually deluded thought processes. It is in response to the question as to whether or not Marcus Evans really wants to sell the whole ****escape. Note the highlighted sentences: "Do you think so ? I just don’t believe it will happen. You imagine the gravitas of being chairman of a top football club and how that feeds a successful persons ego. In most countries across Europe and globally, if football fans , will know of Ipswich Town for Evans to give this up I think would need an offer way above the clubs value. Evans loves the club and has bucket loads of passion according to Cook and I don’t see him going anywhere, anytime soon." Top football club? Top of the debt league possibly. I just wonder if Emi Buendia, for one football fan, across Europe and globally, had heard of the famous Ipswich Town Football Club before he came to England. Doubt it! They seriously and collectively need help. Its ongoing, its consistent and its rather pathetic.
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    I think you are using republican arguments and mixing them with racist ones. Empire, honours etc are all part of something that has no place in life today. They are confined to history. Just like the slave trade. But shouldn't be erased from history. There is no Utopia. And you are the one illuminating Meghan's colour. Whether or not she was hounded out, it wasn't her colour but her relationship with her family that had the press frothing. Months earlier she was the darling of the tabloids and colour was never highlighted. And until we hear any replies, you are judging on her apparent bitter remarks. And yes, Andrew should, if guilty, be horsewhipped. No human being is untouchable. But I guess any family would want to cover up if they had a paedophile in their family. Princess Michael isn't disliked because of her SS links. Its because of her arrogance of being a royal. Would you turn against DF if it turns out his Grandfather was a Concentration Camp Guard? I believe in evolution not revolution. I believe we try and accept the past and look forward to improving the future. I did want to change the World by revolution as a younger man but realised as I got older that its not the best way. We are friends with Germans, Japanese, Italians who all were enemies not that long ago. Hopefully the newer generations of those nations have accepted the universal olive branch handed to them post war. The remarks the out of touch DofE made weren't funny. They weren't, speaking as a white man, overtly racist. They were offensive and had the stink of colonialism. And that is why the Royals should go. He should have been told at the time, you are rude and offensive so apologise. But apparently he is in a privileged and untouchable position. And as far as defining racism, I guess we should ask other races and not just our opinion or definition. But we need to also accept that anti racism isn't just black lives. Ask the DUP, not just Robinson. Ask many brexiteers about their thoughts on immigration. Ask Australians about Aborigines or Kiwis about Maoris or Pacific Islanders. Actually, many Kiwis cannot be bothered to use the word Pacific.
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    This must be fake, right? Pubs not open in the UK? EDIT- Seems like an online event. I presume the pub distributes the beer to the punters, and they discuss online? Or not, on this occasion 2nd EDIT- I guess if I had read the whole article properly, there would have been no need for this post, but then that's what happens when you live in a city where the pubs are open
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    Sixth actually. India has overtaken us.
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    Lucky for them they already have 27 countries (nearly half-a-billion people) to market to, especially as imports from the UK will be nosediving...... etc etc
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    I was going to expand on my short answer, but I see Simon Jenkins in The Guardian has summed it up. The one point he seems to hint at but doesn't make clear is that as it stands both the either/or solutions to the Irish border question scr*w the NI economy. It doesn't matter whether the border is in the Irish sea, as now, or between the north and the south. Either way it hits the local economy. The only answer is to put the UK in a customs' union with the EU (which was Labour policy), but that is anathema to the deranged Brexiters. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/mar/08/boris-johnsons-brexit-northern-ireland-customs-union-border
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    Vaccine not being effective - what planet do you live on! Glad the majority of the people in this country are not so dim or medieval in their way of thinking!
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    1. Buendia can't win a game without him so there is no debate here, this is factual not my opinion 2. Skipp - featured every game and has been so reliable, reads the game very well, has been a major aspect to our transformed defence 3. Hanley - such an improvement after a couple of disappointing injury layoffs, wins everything in the air, a rock to try to get past on the ground and actually pretty handy with the ball as well! Special mentions: - Krul had a storming start to the season with several games where he won us points, and clearly he is a positive influence on the defence that became evident when he was injured. But we've defended so well since he came back in that he's barely been needed to save us points / games like he was in the first 12 or so games. - Cantwell and McLean would be contenders but they've been in and out of the team a little and I think as a result both had a few games where they've struggled. Had they been available all season they'd be right up there. - Aarons clearly deserves a mention, not missed a beat all season and always very reliable in both directions. Kind of what you expect from him though, and could we have gotten a bit from him in terms of goals (1) / assists (3) for the amount he gets forwards? In only 6 more games in his breakthrough season he managed 2 goals and 6 assists. - Pukki has been great lately and done well overall, but I don't think he's had a good a season as 18/19 and he's not quite been as impressive as the shortlisted players above IMO.
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    This comedy anthem parody sums up the House of Saud pretty well. I'd be all for renewable energy just to stop buying from them!
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    Will only cost us 6 million should we go up too, which for an English, still somewhat young, former international team player is a hell of a bargin
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    And bongo bongo land. But I doubt it was him although it has to be Queenie, the Duke or Charles. If it's actually true. Either way as a staunch Republican I'm loving every minute of it
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    On a more serious note with the UK playing fast and loose with the agreement do you think that the EU parliament will get so fed up they'll simply refuse to ratify and plunge the UK into 'No Deal'? I think there is a growing possibility - after all a lot of businesses are already voting with their feet so the EU has less fear and growig confidence of such a scenario.
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    Are getting fed up with the amount of tumbleweed that turns up when you ask this simple question??
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    Don't understand your comment WD40 - He's been proved right.
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    Nobody actually knows what was said or the context, someone could have said “ I hope the baby isn’t a pasty faced ginge like you Harry” for all we know.
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    Don't confuse Caister on Sea with Caistor St Edmunds. Avoid the one near the seaside. A recent study by a Dutch University found that there will be a beach at Acle in 50 years time unless something is done about rising sea levels so if you're young take that into account and always look at the flood map before you even bother to look at anything. Now the NDR is open it's much quicker to get to North Norfolk from south of the city. Have a look at Mulbarton which has everything you need and good road links to the A11.
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    What were the plusses that Mr Jones ( who he?) claimed outweighed the minuses?
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    David Jones The pluses from Brexit far outweigh the minuses but still the Remainiacs persist in bleating and moaning in the forlorn hope that somehow democracy can be overturned. It can't and it won't. Take the rough with the smooth and move on. You are wasting your lives looking to the past. It is gone.
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    I think they have a very good first team but not backed up by the rest of the squad. Hence an injury to their better players andthey are weakened.
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    No, I suspect it's taking the knee, remoaners, commies, public servants, the lefty BBC, Starmer, the welfare state, the EU, Marcus Rashford, and all elements of the "left wing" media, that are to blame.
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    I have seen some call Pukki a 'tap in merchant' which is rather exaggerated. Sure, he is a fantastic finisher and most of the time when he get's the chance to shoot the balls in the back of the net. But that ignores all the hard work all across the pitch he does- He makes fanatstic runs all the time, often making a run before a player has even passed the ball to him. You often see him tracked back halfway down the pitch to defend and get the ball back, nevermind Pukkis fantastic stamina- He just never looks tired.
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    He's a no nonsense footballer, confident in his craft and good to have in the side. He has slotted in seamlessly and just looks the part.
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    We have beaten sides by more than one goal eight times this season, and five of those have come in the last seven matches.
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    I think that we have brought in a Premier League left back. The week by week improvement is really impressive.
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