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    I read in the press this week that we hadn't lost at home to Millwall in 50 years. That takes us way, way back to Lol Morgan's reign and off hand I had noreal recollection of the game so had to look it up. Yes, a 0-3 loss in front of 19k, with the likes of Kevin Keelan in goal and Curran and John Manning up front. I wonder how many can remember his song to the tune of "The Mighty Quinn". There was a debut for big money signing Ken Mallender, a centre half who never really made the expected mark. I also noticed that Tommy Bryceland was missing, he was our Talisman in those days so no wonder we lost. Anyway, enough of nostalgia, It was mild with broken cloud here in Norwich today as Farke resisted the urge to bring Rhodes back in which I thought was correct although I thought Vrancic was rather unlucky to only be on the bench. After a well observed two minute silence and a superb rendition of the last post we were off and running. From the start Millwall tried to keep on the front foot and it was not until the seventh minute that Pukki was just short of latching on to Leitner's chip through. Then Stiepermann's cross was a fraction too close to the keeper with Pukki lurking. It was far too open for my liking and with the visitors pushed forward it was difficult to play out from the back. We had flashes of quick passing skills as Buendia or Aarons regularly had the beating of their man down the right. In one nice move the ball was pulled back for Tetty to shoot low but a yard wide.Millwall were more direct, and from a soft free kick, given for a high boot that could not have been more than waist high, a head back across goal was nodded in by the towering figure of Tom Elliot. Oh dear, not going to script at all. City came back with a bit more gusto but were guilty to often of being over elaborate on the edge of the box. Tim Klose might have evened things up from a corner with a powerful ten yard header but it was straight at Amos, who palmed it over. Then from a free kick on the left, Klose flicked another header on to the bar and as Zimmerman rammed home the rebound our cheers were stifled by an offside flag. I couldn't be sure but I think it was against Klose for being a fraction in front when the kick was taken. It didn't look like being our day but there was generous applause at the interval as has become the norm and my son seemed confident that we could turn it round. For myself, I had seen this as a potential banana skin as long runs have to end some time. After 49 minutes it seemed as though my son's assessment would be proved correct when pressure down the left opened up the Lions defence. Hernandez onto Stiepermann, a strong run to the line and a cut back that Pukki, flashed past Amos, before he could move. That signaled a spell of City pressure and ten minutes later it really should have been 2-1. Hernandez's shot was handled in the box and this time when Pukki stepped up to take the penalty we thought surely this must be a goal. Unfortunately the ref may has well have given a goal kick as a penalty because the low shot was of a very similar quality to those of Rhodes and Vrancic in previous games. Amos just had to drop on it and I think even at my age I could have stopped that one. It knocked us back a bit and things got scrappy for a while before City finally started to exert more pressure down the right. Buendia flashed a shot a foot wide. then Stiepermann had a couple of efforts blocked. Eventually the ball fell to Leitner 20 yards out and when his low shot nestled in the far corner it felt like everything had finally come right. Our celebrations were a trifle premature as a long ball forward skidded off a defenders head straight into the path of Leonard who poked it under Krul's despairing dive. At this stage my son was coming round to my way of thinking when he remarked that perhaps some games you are destined not to win. This appeared to be more than prophetic when Krul telegraphed a throw out that was intercepted and within two quick passes Wallace had it in the back of the net for 2-3. Surely an expected three points had been chucked carelessly away. Rhodes now came on for Aaron and Vrancic for Stiepermann as Farke went for broke. It seemed a forlorn hope until two minutes from time Buendia found Rhodes open in the box. The big City striker found time to trap, turn and slot past Amos for what seemed like a life saving point. I would certainly have settled for that but with 6 mnutes added there still seemed to be time for an unlikely win. However despite pressure City were forced back and eventually gave away a corner as the last minute was running out. City quickly broke forward and when Buendia's ball into the box for pukki it looked like Amos might be favourite but the little Finn clipped it over the sprawling keeper towards the net. At this moment I had a flashback of Jackson's winner against Derby in that vital promotion game. "It's gonna go in, it's gonna go in", and yes by all that's holy in it went. I lost my woolly hat in the blur of noise, elation and emotion that then erupted, strangers embraced in the stands and on the stairs it was wonderful. Somehow the universe had re-aligned and all was right with the world. You don't get many games like that in a lifetime but when one comes along it's well worth the wait. I believe now that this team has enough within it to go all the way, in fact I'm sure that they will. Buendia my MOM. Wonderful little player
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    Borrowed from WOTB: Some more Leeds seethes Bolton equaliser! Norwich are the elf man utd , play till you win 3-2 in the 13 th minute of injury time Bolton 2-2 Norwich to win 6-2 **** norwich ****ing Norwich I don't f**king believe it. There it is Norwich 3-2. **** off. Norwich are officially bastards Norwich c**ts Norwich seem to have scored a last minute winner every single week for the past ten years. Will someone f**king take points off the farmer spaz c**ts And they always seem to be playing someone s**t every week too. Norwich are the jammiest bastards around. I honestly thought I'd only have to live through one spell of Norwich f**king City being a set of annoying c**ts, but it's come round again. I think I hate norwich more than any other team to be fair. Next three league fixtures: Rotherham (H) Havant & Waterlooville (H) Steps (H) I'd happily finish second to them to get out of this f**king league. We'll re-establish ourselves in the PL and they'll get relegated and we won't have to worry about them again. deflated like f**k after coming out of ER and seeing that Pukki winner **** off Norwich - 90+3 again the c**ts! not sure what will happen next week when Norwich turn up at the Reebok expecting to play them for the seventh consecutive week. Norwich actually make me hate my own life i hate them so much...
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    What the **** is wrong with you? There is a time and a place for your schtik but this is neither.
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    There were rumours he could be set to join East Anglia’s second biggest club, turns out it was true!
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    The morning dawned grey and damp here in NR2 and there was a fine drizzly rain that kept up all day. I have had a niggling doubt about the prospects for today as Rotherham seemed the kind of side that we have often struggled against in recent seasons. The absence of Leitner was an obvious concern but I was happy enough to see Vrancic earn his place and with Cantwell filling in for Hernandez it looked good enough to do the job. City were dominant in possession in the early stages but the visitors had everyone behind the ball and consequently everything broke down twenty yards from goal. When Rotherham won a throw in well down the City left I deemed it an opportune moment to nip out to the little boys room only to be greeted with a roar that was obviously for a Rotherham goal as I came back up the stairs. It's incredible the number of times this has happened over the years. Apparently we hadn't defended a corner well and although Krul made a save the ball was forced in. You'll have to take my son's word for it because I never saw a thing. It seemed to shake us for a bit and although we finally got some crosses into the box there was nothing to trouble Rodak. At our end however, a quick movement caught us on the back foot and a low shot looked goal-bound until it hit the inside of Krul's right post and rebounded right across goal and away. It was a moment of good fortune and City tried to capitalise on it with some nice stuff down the right. Buedia had a shot blocked as did Stiepermann as he tried to follow up. It was much better from City but it got very frustrating when the visitors milked the clock for every stoppage and I thought Ref, Steve Martin a bit lax on the time wasting and didn't do himself any favours with one or two dubious decisions.City huffed and puffed, mainly down their right but couldn't set up anything resembling a clear chance Buendia was a bit off with his flicks and touches and nothing seemed to come together. Vrancic just clipped the wall with a free kick on the D and just before the half Buendia's free kick from a similar range was only inches over. Apart from that we had not worked many clear openings and Rodak didn't have to make a save of note. From the off the second period seemed to be continuing the pattern of the first but finally there was some joy as Aarons and Lewis began to find more room down the wings. A couple of corners were won as the home side turned up the pressure and on fifty five minutes City were at last back level. Vrancic's ball pushed Pukki a bit wide but the City striker passed low inside and there was Todd Cantwell to flash a shot across goal and into the far top corner. Confidence seemed to flood through the whole side as City now roared on by a 25k crowd kept the visitors more or less constantly on the back foot. Krul had little to do at our end apart from cleanly catching a cross from the right. The visitors still had plenty of fight in them but you could see that they were gradually being worn down by City's superior passing and movement. Buedia appeared to have got his mojo back as with twenty minutes left City took a deserved lead with a quality goal. When the ball came to Cantwell just outside the box there seemed no clear option until a delicate chip over the defenders found Max Aarons running in from the right to nod past the startled Rodak. "We are top of the League", began to ring out round the ground as the Rotherham defence began to get very stretched. Rodak then made a great save from Buendia and Pukki could only slam the rebound across goal and wide. Rotherham's reply was the odd surge forward by the industrious Williams, but generally the home defence looked very solid. The icing was put on the cake when Stiepermann harried a defender into a mistake on the edge of the area and then had the presence of mind to slide a pass to Pukki who wrapped it into the corner for game over. Rhodes and Trybull came on fro Vrancic and Lewis and there was still time for Rodak to make a fine save from Rhodes as he looked to put the finishing touch to a lovely sweeping move. In the end it all came right and for me a sense of relief more than anything else. I hate going behind in games but with this side it doesn't appear to be a problem. I'm trying not to get too excited but this really could be another one of those years. Cantwell my MOM and fine displays from everyone else.
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    Now we should be able to include videos so...
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    Onel is a Cuban, He wears a Cuban hat, He likes to shop in Argos, Because it's near his flat. He buys hot drinks in Costa, And toiletries from Boots, He loves our retail outlets, Despite his commie roots. Oy!
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    Here's the one from nearly 6 years ago. Still hilarious.. "I really f****g hate Norwich. That drunken hag they have in the board room and her husband who looks like Roz from Monsters Inc, the ugly fat mole-looking c**t, their six fingered fans, playing music after they score a goal like the tinpot no-mark bastards they are, and the fact that everything they have done, and I mean everything since they were relegated has been that little bit f*****g better than what we''ve done. That they signed a fat bricklayer who was **** for Halifax Town and got him scoring 20 goals a season at whatever level. Their manager who looks like he doesn''t care that you just beat him at chess because he spent the night before shagging your mum. THEY PLAY MUSIC WHEN THEY F*****G SCORE THE C**S, and sell more season tickets than us. We could get promoted unbeaten and find out that the ****ers have solved World hunger and found a two-state solution in the middle east."
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    Be careful when predicting the future. Six months ago the predictions were we'd have nobody to score any goals. We'd sold all the players worth having except Lewis who would go before the window shut. This was the future with a cook and a nephew pulling the strings. Farke was clueless and his football worse still. Webber was a chancer who'd ridden in on the back of Wagner's successes at Huddersfield. To quote my old mate Lapps - we were DOOMED!
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    I get what you're saying (to an extent) but I feel as though people would also moan if we did change the team and rotate it constantly. Happened a bit more last season while Farke was trying to find his best team. It didn't work, on more than one occasion. No, I think if he did rotate the team a lot we'd then get people saying "Why doesn't he stick with a winning team??!" In other words, among some, Farke can't win.
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    Some people, presumably of relatively mature years, are behaving very much like spoilt children. Regardless of whether or not you think the flag idea is a positive one, there’s really no need to be so negative about something that is well-intentioned and designed to help the team on the pitch. Time to swallow your pride and grow up a little.
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    My old lucky woolly gloves finally went into retirement today. They had achieved legendary status over the course of several years but thanks to constant repair they were much like Trigger's broom, more darning wool than original material. Thankfully Mrs R had bought me a new pair of official NCFC gloves with thinsulate lining, and I was warm as toast on the ride down to the ground. Lewis Grabban, received the customary round of boo's when the teams were announced and there were one or two for Daryl Murphy, who was named among the subs. There was a hint of dampness in the air but It was a nice Xmas treat to see us kicking the right way for once . In the early stages we were treated to some nice neat football from both teams but little goal threat until the ninth minute when Pukki was sent away with just the keeper to beat. He hit it sweetly enough but Pantilimon got his angles right and a touch was enough to divert it round the far post. It had been fairly even until then but City began to get into gear and Forest had to defend in numbers. A corner was desperately cleared and then another resulted in the ball being played around inside the area and some lunging blocks were needed to keep City out. Just before the twenty minute mark Lewis, found room on the left and hit one which seemed to get deflected before Pantilimon reached up and pushed it over the bar. Coming up to the half hour Forest were being hurried into quick passes by the home sides excellent closing down but it almost led to a red card for Stiepermann when he was a fraction late Robinson. Thankfully, after a word with the linesman, ref Brooks only produced the yellow. The deadlock was almost broken just after the half hour when a long cross from the right found Lewis coming in at the far post, somehow the bouncing ball came back off a defender and onto Lewis before running away a couple of feet wide. At this stage I was beginning to wonder if it would be one of those games and when Forest won a free kick inside the "D" It was crossed fingers time.. The ball was hit low under the wall but Krul, was down smartly to block almost on the line and Grabban, could not get his leg out quick enough before the rebound went past him and Tetty lashed it away. City had been largely dominant for most of the first forty five and with the break fast approaching it looked very much like we would have to settle for honours even. As two minutes added were signalled Tetty chested down a ball to Aarons in the right back position. He had time to clear it but chose the wrong option and tried to come inside only to lose out in a tackle and Cash, was quickly on hand to slam a low shot which beat Krul at the near post. Totally against the run of play and a disappointing end to the half but I had the feeling that all was not done by a long chalk. I had a quick look at the scores and West Brom were in front but seeing poor old Town two down tended to lift my spirits a bit. (or perhaps it was the Glenmorangie miniture that Mrs, R had thoughtfully slipped into my pocket. It was fairly frantic from the restart with the ball being played at good pace by both sides with several iffy tackles flying in. Ref Brooks inconsistency began to rankle as he booked Pukki but not the Forest player in an incident where both should have seen yellow. The fact that the Forest player had already been booked made the ref'd decision look distinctly arbitrary. Krul then had to make a good block from a Grabben shot but most of the action was now down at our end where Pukki was somehow agonisingly wide of the post when it seemed easier to score. As Forest cleared the pressure Robinson blatantly stuck out a hand to bring the ball under control in the penalty area. Twentyfive thousand voices cried "handball" but they might as well have been in another dimension as neither ref nor linesman seemed to see a thing. Hernadez came on for Cantwell just after the hour as the tackles were starting to come in thick and fast with Mr Brooks again making some very dubious decisions. I had barely regained my seat from another seething session when suddenly we were two down. A free kick from the right edge of the area was hit hard and low in a swirling melly of players, Robinson was the first to react and smash the ball into the net. Oh dear, this was all going very wrong and yet we had been much the better side and made much the better chances but there was an air of acceptance when my son said "looks like its just not our day". A few minutes later when Buendia had to limp off with a leg injury I was feeling very inclined to agree with him. Farke decide to take action as Rhodes replaced the little Argentine and Srbeny came on for Lewis but it it only got worse as within a minute a pullback from Lolley found Cash unmarked to sweep the ball into the corner for three nil and supposedly game over. Pukki should have reduced the deficit almost immediately but Somehow Pantilimon stuck out a hand just as the City Talisman was about to celebrate. Then Stiepermann cut in and his cross missed everyone with the goal gaping. Did we lose heart? well, maybe a little bit but the chances were still coming thick and fast so there was hope of a consolation at least and this duly came when Vrancic had a go from twenty yards and the first bit of luck all day came when the deflected ball left Pantilimom stranded, 1-3. With the crowd roaring them on wave after wave of attacks continuously beat against the Forest back line. Godfrey must have thought he'd scored when in a crowded penalty area he juggled the ball and hooked it inches wide then minutes later he was on the end of a corner that squirmed through to him and only three yards out he smashed it over the bar. Rhodes and Pukki then went close as time ticked down to ninety minutes. An enormous cheer went up when seven extra minutes were signaled and City flooded forward again. It was virtually two at the back and everyone else forward as Tetty fended off a Forest attack, moved the ball forward where it was swept out to Hernandez on the right. The flying Cuban forced his way past Janko, before firing a hard low cross as everyone seemed to freeze for a split second. Pantilimon was probably expecting a foot to deflect it and seemed rooted to the floor as the ball went past him into the far corner. Jesus H Christ, I thought the roof would come off the stand as the Canary faithful rose as one and hope (however faint) was renewed. Forest tried to play for time down their left but when City came away it was all hands to the pump with almost the whole team in the Forest box. When the ball ran out for a goal kick the Forest number four smiled up at the crowd (the ****) and Pantilimon, was finally booked for what had been consistent time wasting. In one final lung bursting rush Klose, hooked the ball out to Hernandez and when he cut in the was all kinds of mayhem as shots were blocked until suddenly as if by magic it was Hernandez again to bang the ball over a startled Pantilimon and spark the longest and loudest roar that I've heard at CR since Christ knows when. Oh dear it was all too much, an absolutely incredible match and nobody who had the luck to be present is ever likely to forget it. An amazing draw that felt like a win. Vrancic imense in midfield, Tetty and Klose majestic at the back but every man jack a hero and my new new woolly gloves well and truly christened.
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    It was bright and breezy when I got up this morning but by lunchtime the sky was completely overcast with more than a hint of rain in the air. I left home expecting to see an unchanged side but apparently Tim Klose broke down in the warm up and Godfrey had to step in at the last minute. City began confidently enough with the lions share of possession and almost broke through for an early goal only to see Stiepermann's hard, low cross blocked away on the six yard line where Pukki, was lurking.The visitors eventually got a touch of the ball and the City defence seemed very uncertain when a Bolton man found space twenty-five yards out and let fly with a low shot. Krul, had to go full length to his right to keep it out before City eventually got it away. The absence of Klose, was again felt moments later when Ameobi, had all the time in the world to set up Buckley, who thankfully drilled his effort a yard wide. It now began to lash down with rain. We were in to 18th minute before City finally began to look dangerous as Stiepermann, barged through two tackles and into the penalty area. The goal seemed to open up for him and I was out of my seat as his well struck shot appeared goal bound only for Alnwick, to produce a fine stop to his left. The ball ran free for the in rushing Aaron's but a Bolton defender deflected it for a corner with a last ditch block. With Buendia, running things in midfield City began to up the pressure and should have gone in front when Tetty managed to head a ball right back across goal from about three yards out. Bolton began to rack up a few fouls as City continued to press and Ameobi was guilty of a crude foul on Cantwell after he has lost out in a shoulder to shoulder duel with Lewis. Vrancic and Cantwell both had opportunities as City buzzed around the edge of the Bolton box but curled shots were a foot or so to high and wide.. Six minutes from the break I was bemoaning our inability to score first half goals when City surged forward again. Somehow Buendia, conjured a wonderful pass out to the right while off balance. The ball came in to Vrancic, a yard outside the area and his low shot was so well struck that Anlwick barely moved before it struck the back of the net. It could have been more but when the whistle went for the break it was nice not to have to worry about getting back in the game. From the off the home side began to take control and the pass count bagan to rack up as Bolton barely got a look in. A couple of corners and a free kick caused regular panic in the visitors box as several efforts were blocked away. Bolton held on gamely but Stiepermann and then Tetty, harried defenders into mistakes and when Lewis's pass found Vrancic, in the box a quick pass put Stiepermann, in the clear to whip the ball past Alnwick for what looked like being game set and match. We should have known it wouldn't be that easy because within four minutes Bolton had a goal back when a high ball into the area ballooned back into the path of Ameobi, who couldn't miss from six yards. Most annoying and the crowd got even more frustrated when dallying in our own area almost cost a second goal. City still looked like they had it well in hand and Stiepermann almost restored the balance when the ball was worked across from the left and a shot flashed a foot wide of Alnwick's left post. Then Pukki, had a golden chance when Vrancic's flighted ball put him clean through. The split second delay in pulling the trigger mad all the difference as a lunging defender blocked the ball away. Bolton desperately flung high balls into the City area as time ran down and Krul made a couple of neat catches to calm the nerves. Hernandez, came on for Buendia, and Rhodes, came on for Stiepermann, as City tried to see time out. Then with three minutes left the Bolton big men won another ball in the area and although Krul blocked almost on the line, City couldn't clear as Beevers, found space at the back post to belt the equaliser in from close range. Hugely disappointing but you could see it coming with that rain of high balls and the absence of Tim Klose. As we moved into time added Ameobi, was rightly given a second yellow for dragging Cantwell, back. He took an age to wander off, but when the kick was taken City somehow worked it down the Bolton right where Cantwell, crossed. Rhodes made a nuisance of himself as the ball dropped to Pukki, who hammered it low past a startled Alnwick, and sent the City faithful into raptures. It was incredible, strangers embraced on the stairs in a carbon copy of the Millwall game a few weeks back. Oh dear, my poor old ticker won't stand much more of this. Vrancic my MOM, We missed Tim's ability in the air ,but I thought Godfrey played well, indeed you couldn't really fault anyone. This could easily have been a slip up, thankfully it wasn't. As we walked out my son said it reminds you of that Lambert season when we always seemed to pull it out of the fire at the death. Long may it continue but it would be nice to have a comfortable win for a change. Even the rain had stopped.
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    I really do wish posters wouldn't highlight interviews and news like this, because they are bound to give gullible fans the impression that the owners, the chairman and even the other freeloading directors have the faintest idea what they're doing when we all know that cannot possibly be the case.
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    I couldn't agree less. Since that shaky start I think TK has been pretty good to excellent and a misplaced throw out is no reason to ditch him and talk about an expensive replacement. He has shown his pedigree repeatedly recently and I also get the impression that he has fitted into the the team ethos fully as a classy 'keeper in a classy team. He's become one of us very quickly. Excellent acquisition who I feel will fill the number 1 spot admirably for some time to come giving Oxborough the time to prove any eventual worth he might have. Who next for the chop? Pukki? Well he did miss a penalty yesterday after all and the dropping of a single **** seems to be your criteria. Oh! Hang on. I seem to recall the much venerated young Angus having a few lapses at the end of his spell at Carrow Road.There was certainly a bit of fault finding on here. Can I remind you just how much he cost in the transfer market last Summer and request you face facts and reality with more insight? Btw. Krul has signed on a two year deal. How many 'keepers do we need on the books?
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    Norwich 4 Millwall 3. November 10th 2018. Absolutely f***ing bonkers!!
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    I wonder exactly how close Tilly was to coming out of retirement and leading the charge against Delia? He can now put his feet up and enjoy watching highlights of Srbeny's goal.
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    Ok, I don't get to many matches, but certainly enjoyed this one. Having been restricted to watching us on TV in one form or another since September, it was great to see the team - and fans - at a match again. It was a cold afternoon and most of us were up in the top tier of the ground for some reason.....felt a bit like going to a Newcastle match....but it was a great view, made worthwhile by the fiesty and battling performance against at times what looked like a bunch of cloggers. The supporters made a big noise all through the match and although we were under the cosh a bit at the start of the second half, you always felt that we had the ability to make a strike on goal. Stiepermann in particular could have scored another cracker, but for an athletic save from the Blackburn goalie, Zimmermann had a cracking header saved - but there were several other opportunities that just slipped away from several players. We even had the ball in the net twice from Godfrey, who I thought had a very good match. Pukki's goal was class - Vrancic through to Hernandez and across the face of the goal to Pukki, who convincingly put it away. Good performances all over the pitch too, Krul made several good stops, Aarons caught the eye, as did Cantwell who really gets stuck in and was as quick and skilful as always. Given that we were forced into losing two important players to injury, we coped well with that second half onslaught and it felt to me like we would score at some point - we were so close on several occasions, but it was terrific to see that winning goal go in. Key to the win imo, were the quality of the subs we could bring on in Vrancic and Hernandez - and just shows what a good quality squad we have. Finally, a mention to Harrison Reed who was the pick of the Blackburn players, good to see him doing well - and a lovely moment again at the end of the match with DF coming over to the away end and orchestrating the fans in celebration. Good result and top of the league again.....long may that continue!
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    I blame Farke...when he let Russell Martin go he never replaced him with an experienced scapegoat. Apples
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    The way I see it, is that he's been an integral part of the team that's current 2 points clear at the top of the table. "Clangers" or not, his overall contribution the the defence has been substantial, so why risk making any sort of change? Perhaps we should also drop the players who have dropped a "clanger" or two by missing a penalty?
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    With our shiny new forum I decided it’d be rude not to post a match report...let’s see how this goes. So an easy trip up from Nottingham on Friday night to stay with some of my OH’s numerous relatives from the Sheffield area. Saturday morning was perfect autumn, sunny, cold, but a stiff breeze the only negative for football. In the morning we had a walk in the beautiful Peak District, after lunch I left the family and headed to Hillsborough where I’ve seen City many times including the time we scored 5 courtesy of Nielsen and McVeigh &co as well as recently conceding 5 . It had clouded over at lunchtime and the wind largely died down - this is the weather football was meant to be played in. I was waiting for our team sheet eagerly to see who’d made it back from injury and how much we’d suffer from the home grown player rule. Thankfully Lewis was fit to play (and was outstanding) so only Cantwell was absent from last week’s win & Rhodes ineligible. So close to being a problem but ok in the end. So the lineup was Krul, Aarons, Zimmerman, Klose and Lewis. Tettey and Leitner at DM and Buendia and Hernandez on the flanks. Up front Pukki with Vrancic behind. The City fans were in the West end, I always prefer travelling to grounds where the away fans are behind a goal. Things opened briskly with Wednesday crossing a ball to the back post and when it was headed right across back to the near post it was headed down and should have been comfortable for Krul but he and Zimmerman collided and the ball came loose, fortunately the striker put it into row Z. At the far end Hernandez rampaged down the left and turned it in to Pukki who flicked it on to Vrancic (I think) who was tripped, but his following penalty was painfully tame and easily saved. City were still fully on top and Wednesday set out their stall, sitting back and trying to hit us on the break or from set pieces and not holding back on the fouls against our creative players - Emil Buendia especially will be feeling the bruises tonight. The ref gave plenty of fouls but if he’d given yellow cards for bad tackles Wednesday would probably have ended the game a couple of men short. City were well on top but unable to take our chances. As the half wore on Wednesday started to come into it, having worked out that if they conceded possession we’d destroy them, so starting to press higher. One Wednesday attack led to a shot which Krul could only parry into the centre of the box but fortunately the follow up was again high. Another break let one of their midfielders shoot fiercely from distance and Krul had to make an impressive save. City had chances too but our early dominance was gone and 0 0 was a fair reflection at half time, although being honest Krul had worked harder of the keepers (and been a rock). The second half started with City looking brighter and controlling possession again -,whatever Farke said to the players clearly worked, and as they were attacking the West end we had a perfect view of the action . After about 5 mins massive credit to Hernandez for keeping in a clearance from Krul which seemed impossible, and we quickly worked the ball on into the box , it was cleared but sent straight back and a rather fortunate deflection served it on a plate for Pukki 6 yards out. How often can you start to celebrate a goal before it crosses the line? He doesn’t miss those and we had the breakthrough at last. Just a few minutes later another attack by Lewis down the left was crossed in and the defender skyed his clearance, city competed for the ball when it dropped in the box and it fell to Buendia who buried it with a composed finish in the corner from 10 yards out. So we had City with an unfamiliar 2 goal lead. And a lovely move down our right with two one-twos,starting with Buendia releasing Aarons, carved their defence open and Aarons laid across the perfect chance which Pukki put away. 60 minutes gone and Wednesday were basically KO’d at 3-0. City were in full control and a steady trickle of the home fans were now leaving the ground. Our possession based football meant there was little chance for Wednesday to get back into it. As the half wore on news percolated round that Sheffield Utd were behind at forest and we could chant that we were top of the table. Farke could afford to take off Pukki with 10 mins to go , to rapturous applause as you’d expect, as were all our subs. The Wednesday keeper was looking shaky on clearances and had put a few straight into touch, so the away fans’ anticipation may have contributed when he miscued a clearance to Vrancic just outside the box, he laid the ball through to Srbeny who scored with I think his first touch, hopefully just what he needs. Wednesday were now utterly ragged and city were carving them open at will, especially down the flanks. Buendia was taken off for a well earned rest. City could have got more but concentrated on keeping possession. At the far end Wesdnesday were still trying and Zimmerman especially had to be sharp on a couple of occasions to make sure we kept a clean sheet. The home fans were now streaming away in droves, I’ll try to post a picture of the (mostly empty) home stand to our right after the 4th goal - it was about 2/3rds full at the start of the game. By the end the home sections looked no more than 10% occupied. I’ll also post the top half of the table - even a win for Leeds tomorrow will leave city in second place, off top just on goal difference. Who’d have predicted that after 5 games! The most satisfying thing for me about today is that we all felt City were capable of this sort of performance, we played equally well against Forest but took our chances today. Quite simply, our team now know how to pass the ball the way Farke wants and it’s a delight to watch. We looked a class above Wednesday and finally that class told. MOTM very had to pick just one but I’d say Buendia shades it for me, an all round outstanding performance against defenders who fouled him without mercy. But TBH there were several others who were outstanding and no one you’d say was poor today. Raised expectations ? Yep, I’m afraid we have .