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    In the normal course of events I am never very lucky when it comes to Lotteries, draws or raffles, but when I made my application for tickets on Thursday I was absolutely confident that I was going to be a winner. Call it confirmation bias if you like but fate does seem to have a habit of playing out in strange ways. In the course of a long supporting lifetime you get to witness a whole raft of odd events. Bunny Larkins torn shorts, Kevin Keelans left hook that laid Tom Robson low and the night the fog came down in the League Cup semi final with just five minutes left are just a few of those unexpected little nuggets that immediately spring to mind. Weird events do happen but being present on a fine September afternoon in an almost empty stadium in the midst of a world wide epidemic is probably the weirdest of all. i have not done much cycling during the lockdown so we took it easy on the way down so as not to overheat. Thankfully I passed the temperature check o.k. and didn't get sent to the Covid Lounge. I was there ninety minutes before kick off but it didn't really seem necessary with only 1K attendance and there were plenty who arrived much later. In any event we had a good seat on the halfway line and gave the boys a big cheer when they came out to run through the warm ups. Buendia, absent again was a disappointment but the team looked strong enough on paper and when we kicked off towards the River End there was a nice blue sky but quite a blustery cool wind. The visitors looked quick and strong in the opening exchanges and probably edged the opening quarter with City seeming to find difficulty getting into any sort of rythym. Skipp caught my eye with some snappy tackling but McDowell took an early knock which saw him limp off mid way through the half. It didn't surprise me when Preston went ahead and although it was a soft penalty, players should know better than clatter into someone from behind when the ball is in the air. Davies went down rather easily but you couldn't really argue when the ref pointed to the spot. After this it didn't really get much better and I was bemoaning our lack of efforts on goal in the opening half hour when City finally exerted a bit of sustained pressure with crosses into the area. It looked like Preston had survived when it was hacked clear on the City right but when the ball was returned Declan Rudd could only fumble Pukki's flying header in off the post. This seemed to wake the home team up as the ball was now being pinged around in fine style and Pukki might well have had a second when a combination of Placheta, who had replaced McDowell, and Cantwell got him through with just Rudd to beat. The City Talisman tried to dink it past the Preston keeper but Rudd just got fingers to it to save the day. After a bout on the back foot Preston came forward again just before the break and picked apart the home defence with worrying ease. Sinclair had time and space to beat Krul but Godfrey did wonders to block it on the line. Unfortunately there were two Preston players waiting for the rebound and Fisher netted with relative ease. After a disappointing half there was much to ponder as we sat in the sun and having forgotten to bring my usual halftime livener I had to don an extra layer as the temperature started to drop. City began the second half with a little more zest and Max Aarons was unlucky when he curled a shot a foot over the bar after a sustained period of pressure. Preston however still looked very lively on the break and the home defence had to be on it's toes to defend a series of dangerous corners. A surging fifty yard run by Skipp almost got Pukki in again and Godfrey was a yard to high with a shot struck from twenty-five yards. Placheta was looking very dangerous with neat footwork and lightening speed down the left but he wasted a glorious chance When Rudd could only beat away a Pukki effort into his path. From six or seven yards the goal appeared to be at his mercy but a snatched effort sailed well over. Idah came on for Hernandez just after the hour markand was unlucky to see a deft header blocked in the six yard box. Again it was Placheta supplying the cross. Time was ticking away quite quickly and the visitors took every opportunity to milk the clock, much to the annoyance of the home crowd. I think those of us in the stands did our best to lift the boys and were generally as noisey as it is possible to be with only a thousand in the ground. It was great to be back but I am sure all would agree that it's not quite the same as having a full house. With only five minutes left more sustained pressure in the box found Placheta with a chance. The first was blocked but the second was volleyed beautifully into the far corner for the equaliser and from there on I was convinced we would get a winner. Preston still had plenty of fight and pushed us back on the break but in the final minute of added time I thought we had done it. A great ball out to the left found Placheta going at speed and his low cross was met perfectly by Pukki on the corner of the six yard box. I was up out of my seat but somehow Rudd got a hand to it and turned it over the bar. So near yet so far. So honours even and it would be churlish to say Preston didn't deserve their point. It is going to be a long season and we always knew it wouldn't be easy so I am relatively content tonight. At the very least I can now claim to have attended both the highest and the lowest ever first team gates at Carrow Road.
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    Just to put peoples minds at rest I've just contacted Darren and he's ok, just going through difficult times, he will appreciate all the love & concern shown to him.
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    A balanced view? I hope any Librans out there would say so… 1. The project. Yes, there is one, like it or not. And the project exists because it is the only financially sensible way of running the club if you have pauper owners who are not prepared or indeed able to break whatever FFP rules are called now. By its nature the project is likely (as we have painfully seen) to involve sliding down the odd snake as well as climbing up a few ladders. Arguments against the project in reality are arguments against having pauper owners, and there are valid arguments to be made there. But given the apparent handover of power to Tom Smith, with the status quo implied (on the basis of very limited information, and I would need to know more) by that succession, then arguments are futile. Fans who do not want the status quo need to start acting now to try to force change. 2. Could we have avoided relegation, the snakes and ladders aspect of the project notwithstanding? Subsection a) Were the summer and winter transfer windows c*cked up? Not least because we spent zilch? Yes and no. The signing of several promising youngsters (and those this summer) was in tune with the longer aim of the project. But the headline deals? That we didn’t spend much of permanent deals is less important than whether we signed the right players. If we had bought Fahrmann, Amadou and Roberts it would have cost us a satisfyingly macho amount of money. But not one lasted the course. I don’t know about Roberts. But Amadou was plainly meant to replace Tettey (I believe Tettey said – and expected - as much) and I remember Bethnal, who is no-one’s fool on football, saying what I also thought, which was that Krul would start the season as first choice but Fahrmann would end it as such. Krul ( I know it is heresy but even factoring in playing behind an awful defence I still have doubts about him, as presumably did Webber and Farke) made no obvious mistakes, and Fahrmann was left twiddling his thumbs. And Amadou, in a crucial position, where Webber and Farke obviously knew we needed at least cover and probably an upgrade, left in the winter as well. Was it a risk to place such hopes on someone who’d never played in English football before, given the tactically important and physically demanding nature of the position? As it happens it was good we didn’t spend the money on permanent deals, but that hardly makes up for the fact, for a variety of reasons, and Webber and Farke might well have explanations that put this in a more rounded context, that the summer window didn’t achieve one of its two main objectives, which was to improve the first-team squad. Subsection b) Did Farke's game management and coaching let us down. I don't know, not least since I never had a minute's football coaching in my life. I have read a great deal about the supposed failings of zonal marking, particularly at set pieces. Is that it, or is it simply that we have missed our two most physically imposing central defenders? I defer to posters who actually know a bit about the game, but I get the sense Farke could have done better sometimes, even allowing for him coming up against some of the best coaches in world football. The CV of Ancelotti at Everton, for example, is just absurd, taking in a good percentage of the greatest clubs in world football. I don’t think relegation is a self-inflicted wound, but I don’t believe we made as good a fist of trying to stay up as we could have done. I also believe Webber and Farke will have learned from this season.
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    Deserves its own thread yeah?
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    Haven’t seen a dedicated thread for this but thought it definitely deserved one. Delia and Michael set up on deck chairs watching a pre season friendly in Germany - the kind of scene you’d see from grandparents watching their grandchild play Sunday league football. This picture perfectly taps into everything good about our owners, this makes our club special, how many clubs can you say have owners like this? And how could their love and dedication to the club not filter through to the staff and players? You can’t put a price on that, and I have to say I favour our current model far more than the investment from afar that some seem to desire. We should be thankful for what we have.
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    Translation: "****, I haven't found a Premier League club who wants me"
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    Got to say, I was super impressed with Max today. He knows one bad challenge etc could scupper a move to one of the European clubs, yet he didn’t hold back and was nothing less than fully committed this afternoon. A couple of players have gone down in my high estimation of them however. Not hard to read between the lines what’s going on there with Todd and Emi. And I’d back the boss every single time. He actually genuinely DOES love our club.
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    The best players will usually move on - not always, though. We kept Hucks, Hoolahan and Holt in recent years. Others only moved because we couldn't afford them (Ruddy, for instance). Relatively few moved because we needed them to move to get the transfer fee; most move to better themselves. There isn't a team in the UK who can keep a player who can move on to a better team - even Liverpool and Man Utd lose players to Barcelona or Real Madrid. We can't ignore where we are in the football pyramid but what we can do is make our club one of THE places in the world that people want to buy young and upcoming players from. Like Southampton used to be before they decided to virtually can their academy. Players like Soto and Silani have joined Norwich City for a reason. If we go up will it be any different? Doubtful that most of our team will be that different, but I can see the likes of Dowell, Placheta, Sorensen etc stepping up a level or two. We have to concentrate on what we can do that others can't - Chelsea are struggling to replicate a little bit of our type of plan because they have to win trophies while they are doing it. For that reason, the rest of the top 10 or 12 in the EPL also can't do it. They try to buy young talent for £20m because they can't wait for their own academies to produce players. Hudson-Odoi on £100k a week hardly gets a game. He's financially set for life, an England player, but as a footballer his career is going nowhere and in 20 years time no one will remember he existed. Think Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair etc - what a waste! Jack Clarke at Tottenham; Daniel James at Man Utd - the wrong moves for both of them, with agents who don't act in their clients best interest. Man Utd have dozens of 19 and 20 year olds on their books who have never got near their first team, in the hope that just one might one day show something. Those players could join clubs like ours to develop so that when they're 23 they can slot into that first team, having shown they can do it at the top of the Champs or the bottom of the EPL. That's what we do. Josh Martin and Matthew Dennis used to be at Arsenal, but they couldn't give them the development we can. Both will be worth millions in two or three years time. We've bought Mumba, Adshead, Fitzpatrick, Mair etc because they will develop into proper players. Some won't even make it with us - but lots will. Is it enough to make us an "established EPL team"? I don't know - but it's probably the only way we can be one, so let's have a go. That's what I call ambition.
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    I'd say "not the best time to be playing Norwich"
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    And this is exactly why Daniel Farke should be treasured. There are not many managers out there that would trust young players in a first team environment the way he does. if we still had the likes of Chris Hughton or Alex Neil I wouldn’t mind betting players like Aarons and Cantwell would still be on loan in the Scottish premiership or something. Maddison would be somewhere like Rotherham. tge way Farke is willing to trust and develop you is incredible in my opinion and it pays off. Any up and coming youngster will as a result choose us over our competitors I’m sure as they can see a clear pathway. long may this approach continue
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    I was thinking having very limited Internet access at the moment was a bit of a pain, until I read the last four pages of this thread, and suddenly I saw the upside...
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    That I really, really, really miss not being at Carrow Road.
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    It's also about time that Ed Balls was given the credit he is due for his major part in transforming the club. Many on this site have pilloried him for no more reason than he was an ex-Labour Party minister. The reality is he worked voluntarily as chairman playing a major role in turning the club into an organisation that is run on economic and footballing principles that are the envy of very many clubs. I remember very well the long interview he gave on Radio Norfolk explaining that the club would take its time to completely rethink it's structure for the next managerial appointment after Alan Irving. Can anyone genuinely claim that he didn't do an incredible job in planning the subsequent Sporting Director and Head Coach structure, and appointing exceptional individuals to those posts? The man is Norwich City through-and-through, and I for one thank him heartily for the exceptional work he did in playing such a major role transforming the club to its present eminent position.
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    I am guessing one of them was coming off for Zimbo, but given we don't exactly have an excess of strikers at the moment you can understand why Farke was reticent to yank both of them off at the same time. Indeed, if you look at the last 25 minutes when we had nobody capable of occupying the Stoke back 4 I think you can probably answer you own question. Still, I suspect that had Farke taken both off and we had gone on to draw or lose the game you would probably be criticising him anyway Jim for taking off two players who had been exceptional up until that point. As an actual manager who has to make decisions under pressure he does not really have the benefit of hindsight we all do. Given we have taken 23 from the last 27 points, sitting top, coming off the back of a horrendous season, perhaps best to give Farke the benefit of the doubt and concede it's not always as cut and dried as we fans like to make out.
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    I don't know if its' the fact that we can't watch live football or not. But seeing the sham, of a farce, of a travesty that the game is becoming means my love of the game is on the slide. Don't get me wrong, being Norwich born and bred, I love the City, the area, and my football club - and always will. But seeing what is happening to the game is just turning me off. VAR will be the death of football unless it is radically overhauled or even scrapped - although have come this far and spent sooo much money I don't think anyone can be seen to 'lose face' over the charade. If the faceless wonders running our game think this what the fans want they are sadly wrong. It is not working full stop, and I'm finding some of the Refereeing to be embarrassing. the fact that common sense has now been withdrawn means the fans are being seriously short changed. Penalties are being given where no players are appealing for the decision. The handball decisions are ludicrous, all you needed at Tottenham yesterday was a crocodile with a string of sausages in its mouth, running across the penalty area and the Punch and Judy show would have been complete. In the old days it was simple, if the ball struck your hand or arm and there was no intent to block or propel the ball forward it was not handball. We saw first hand last season that VAR is not for the smaller clubs, Pukki's goal against Spurs being disallowed because his eyebrows were past the last defenders. That is a complete nonsense, the decision was so close no assistant Ref could have spotted that with normal vision - and that's probably why he didn't flag for it. And again there was no appeal from the defenders. I always though forwards were given the benefit of the doubt to encourage attacking play, pulling them back for millimetres might be the correct decision, but that's something we've never had, and even then is it actually right? Now, with lots of rumours about Buendia and Cantwell swirling around I don't know if we'll ever hear exactly what is going on with them two. If, as some have suggested they have 'downed tools' they are being very badly advised. And this is another problem with our game...Agents. There is now so much money swilling around the top end and too many people being greedy to claim their 10%. My advice to them two would be don't believe the hype. if you are as good as you think you are you would already be at a bigger club, there hasn't been a stampede for your services yet - but I do realise this is no ordinary transfer window. The money - coupled with the appalling VAR - is tightening the big clubs grip on the game. So the chance of us finishing in the top half of the Prem is virtually nil.
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    It always strikes me when I read threads like this just how abjectly dim a proportion of our supporter base is. Yes this season has been a footballing catastrofcuk, and I cannot abide relegation - especially when we pass Leeds going the other way. But. * You don’t get a big wad of cash upon promotion. It is paid in instalments. See also parachute payments * No-one wants to “invest” in Norwich City. If the majority shareholders were rejecting takeover offers left, right and centre do you not think that maybe, just maybe, the press might get wind of this. There may also be a duty to inform shareholders of offers, someone who knows more about company rules could answer that. * “The board” could have mortgaged the club’s future for a better shot at staying up. The last time this was tried NCFC ended up back in the Championship and close to administration. Only selling James Maddison prevented this from happening. * Delia/the board/the tea lady aren’t “trousering the money.” The accounts are published and are there for all to see. Just look on the Companies House website. If you repeat claims that the owners are pocketing money then I submit that you are mostly bone from the neck up. * The general consensus at the start of the season, and certainly after we beat Man City, was that a good approach had been taken re transfers and spending. There’s a hell of a lot of revisionism going on here. * Setting a target of being a top-26 club doesn’t mean no ambition. It’s realistic. Would you rather Delia came out and said “we have the ambition to win the Premier League in five years?” Of course not as it would, rightly, be derided as bunkum. Being a top-26 club does not preclude further ambition. Having this target does not exclude having an improved target once this one has been reached. Norwich City is a mid-sized, provincial football club with a very strong local supporter base but little international support and marketing potential. Norwich itself is small provincial city with little in the way of opportunity for large international investors. There are no major infrastructure projects and poor connectivity to places with secondary interests potential new owners would look for. The club is also, now, financially stable, meaning investors can’t buy it on the cheap and turn a quick profit. The reality of the club’s position is that it must live within its means or stand the very real risk of going out of business. Would you really prefer a couple of mid-table Premier League finishes followed by relegation and then administration, over attempting to build something sustainably?
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    It really is hard to follow Norwich fans. Complain we don't spend money. So what do we do? Look to spend £5m on a striker and all of a sudden the fact we're spending more on this lad than we have others in our squad becomes a problem. Complain we don't have a plan B. Sign a striker who clearly offers us something different and lo! Everyone complains he doesn't fit into our current system. Complain we don't score enough goals. Sign someone who has scored goals in mediocre sides in the level we are playing at and all of a sudden everyone wants someone who can do it in the Premier League. £5m for an English, under 30 striker who scored 15 goals for QPR and offers us a dimension we absolutely cried out for sometimes last season is good business in my eyes. I hope he comes in
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    Honestly, give the guy some breathing space, and don't jump on every slanted item in the media to expound ever-more imaginative speculation of what he may be doing / thinking / planning or not doing / not thinking / not planning. The magnification of every Todd-related story, tittle-tattle, and social media post is like a feeding frenzy.
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    What exactly has he done? All I’ve seen is Farke saying Cantwell had lost focus after transfer speculation. In the same interview he says Cantwell and Buendia both took part in all training sessions but weren’t fully focussed, he isn’t angry and doesn’t blame them but he’s only going to pick players who are fully focussed. If he hasn’t handed in a transfer request and hasn’t done a Tevez and gone off to play golf instead of bothering to turn up, I can’t get too wound up about a young lad losing a bit of focus when he’s got transfer speculation swirling around about him. Happens all the time at loads of clubs and with loads of players.
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    I agree. The result might say we won but in my head it was a thirteenth straight defeat. Flattered by the result and the three points based on today I can’t see past another relegation battle. Poor. New signings all rubbish and we’ll still sell Buendia, Godfrey and Aarons.
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    In 12 months' time, a lot of clubs will be looking enviously at the way we run our club. If we do get straight back up, all the better, but even if not we'll be debt-free as many other clubs are desperately fighting to stave off administration or even insolvency. Even the rich benefactors will have seen their own incomes and assets severely devalued; how long before their 'playthings' become too great a burden? Looks like our 'train set' will still be running self-sufficiently while a lot of other EPL clubs are gambling their very existence on getting back to the PL. Yes, of course it would have been better to have stayed up. Yes, this season was a disaster from a footballing perspective. But I think a lot of those pundits mocking us now might be looking at us again in a year's time and realise why we did what we did.
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    I'm always curious to see if this cynicism existed when we were winning the league last season, or even at the start of the season after, for example, playing Newcastle off the pitch and go toe for toe with Chelsea. Now don't get me wrong, there have been some real problems this season, some self-inflicted (poor recruitment, wrong tactical decisions etc) but then there has also been factors that we cant control; being in the first year of VAR, having a pandemic make the key home games not home games and ultimately still financially paying for mistakes made by those trying to buy survival for Alex Neil. As for the, explain themselves.. I mean, come on, you can disagree with the approach, you can be frustrated by it, you can wish for other owners, but surely your not telling me you haven't understood what has been repeated time and time again since the summer? Or for that matter, to an extent, last season too. I think if your wanting a change of board/owners there are two things I would want to point out: firstly who is chomping at the bit to buy us? This fictitious person waiting to come in doest exist. The second; We start sacking board members and we could end up with a Jez Moxey again.. be very careful what you wish for. We weren't good enough, we all know why, we will go again. Welcome to how football works.
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    We're running a £38m deficit on the last financial year and you think we are cash rich? Crazy. Less than a year ago we achieved a sensational promotion and you want to demote the architect of it? Beyond crazy.
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    Last night I came on here to bask in the glow of being 7 points clear . What I found was squabbling and city fans calling each other out ? What’s the matter with you lot ? Zonal marking ? Who is the worst player ? Let’s meet up for a punch up? I’m a better fan than you ? We are top of the league for goodness sake (oh yes - “it’s a poor league” ) .And the Binners are having a shocker . Enjoy the moment .
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    Yes the ones they wore to Wembley in 1978
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    Yes, Brentford looking to secure a Champions' League spot next season with that 3-2 win over Bristol City whereas Norwich only managed to beat Bristol 2-0 a few weeks ago.
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    We had a win/win situation, though not for those that thought staying up after the first promotion was the be all and end all. We took a complete risk free gamble on the first promotion. We rightfully weren’t prepared to put the club at risk. We signed a bunch of players on loan from around Europe who we *COULD* have bought with all those lovely pennies, but luckily we didn’t. I’ve said it to you before, but I don’t recall you complaining about those signings at the time - only with the benefit of hindsight. But that’s not the point. We essentially mugged the Premier League of their money for a season and came back down knowing we had a great chance to come back up again this season in a far better financial position. Sold 2 of our youth assets for a very good wedge on top of that. Now we’re looking good to go up again. No we won’t spend the figures Villa and Sheff Utd have. Covid has played it’s part there. But I bet we spend more than we did last time around. This is a very savvy way to essentially maximise our chances virtually risk free. A fantastic creative model brought in by Webber etc to counteract not having a super rich backer with a bottomless pit. Quite obvious what Webber and Farke etc are doing, and it’s very clear they knew exactly what they were doing upon promotion the last Championship season. If we stayed up, massive bonus - we went down, then we take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward. They’re executing the self sufficient model brilliantly, and that’s how it’s going to be so best get used to it.
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    Other than the small number of people marching down King St, It was almost like old times walking across Carrow Bridge to the match this morning. It was even more so when I got to my seat and found I was very close to where I had my first ever season ticket seat, almost level with the penalty area at the Barclay End. This was my second game of the season and everything seemed to be handled safely and efficiently by the stewards. On a bright winter afternoon it was City kicking off towards the River End facing a low dazzling sun. The opening moments were fairly quiet until City sprung forward on the right earning a corner that came to nothing. Cardiff then applied a bit of pressure chiefly through a couple of long throws and corners that City dealt with comfortably. Once City settled they began to make chances and Cantwell was only foiled by a good block. Minutes later the same player found space to play Pukki in at the right of the box. The City talisman looked odds on to open the scoring and I was already out of my seat as the ball flashed past the keeper and just the wrong side of the far post. Cardiff's best moments were from set pieces and we gave them a few too many early on in my opinion. Mcgovern had to be alert as he clutched a header right on the line and then Sorensen did brilliantly to head away a dangerous inswinging corner. There was little doubt that the home side had the edge however and they deservedly broke the deadlock after 25 minutes when Buendia latched onto McLeans pass and shimmied into space before crashing a low 20 yarder past Smithies despairing right hand. The visitors responded with some strong play down the wings and began to trouble City with high balls into the box. The fussy ref, Mr. Robinson was heartily booed for a few decisions that went the wrong way and a free kick on the City left gave Harry Wilson a decent opportunity from 20 yards. Thankfully it wasn't one of his best and flashed well wide. There was then a very hairy moment when McGovern had to make a fine reaction save from a close range header but we needn't have worried as the flag was already up for offside. Buendia seemed to be enjoying himself and a sweeping ball from the right gave Sorensen a headed chance that went narrowly wide and just before the break Buendia presented Cantwell with a great chance, his shot beat Smithies but a defender was in the right place to save the day. A very satisfactory half with City playing some delightful stuff in midfield while Hanley and Zimmerman handled the big physical Cardiff forwards fairly comfortably. The game should have been put to bed within ten minutes of the restart but Pukkii proved he is only human with a couple of rather lame attempts. First he picked up a bad back pass and was one on one with the Cardiff keeper only to disappointly lob well wide. Then a lovely ball from the City left seemed tailor made for the City striker to despatch only for an abysmal first touch to allow the ball to run away from him and make Smithies favourite to collect. Cardiff huffed and puffed a bit but Hanley and Zimmerman were rarely troubled in the centre while Sorensen and Aarons did the business on the flanks. It needed a second goal to calm the nerves however and it should have come when a nice move gave Vrancic an opportunity from near the penalty spot only for his shot to go wide. On another day we could have been for or five ahead by now but the nerves were eventually steadied on 70 minutes when City stormed forward and a slick move allowed Cantwell space to leather a rising drive past Smithies to double the lead. Buendia might well have had another when some bewildering play inside the area saw him strke an effort inches wide into the side netting but in truth Cardiff looked well beaten at this stage. Stiepermann and Dowell came on for Vrancic and Buendia and the Hugill and Tetty for Pukki and Aarons as City played out time with little danger. Lovely to be back again at CR before Xmas and the most comfortable 2-0 win you could wish for. Honestly, it really could have been six or seven had Teemu brought his shooting boots. I don't want to tempt fate but we really do look the business and I expect us to go all the way again this season. Buendia superb, Cantwell getting back to his best, Hanley a giant at the back, who could want a better Xmas present.
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    The squad has been stretched to it's absolute limits by an unprecedented injury crisis corresponding with the most intense period of fixtures ever known. Some players have been expected to do ninety minutes upon ninety minutes because there has been so little on offer from the bench. It is no surprise that after starting the game well, playing very well and virtually putting a tightly packed Hughton defence under siege at times, apart from some dangerous of breakaways, that we faded increasingly as the game progressed. We still found enough resolve to respond to their goal with one of our own and to hold onto the hard earned points by resisting everything that a competent Forest team had to offer. Even two of the subs we were able to bring on were straight off the treatment table and would probably not have been risked under normal circumstances. No team is going to lie down in front of us in this league, especially one that contains the likes of Lolley, Knockeart, Arta, Ameobi** and others, all guided by the experienced Chris Hughton. A manager for whom every point is a prisoner. I noticed the onset of fatigue, others noticed it, you clearly didn't, preferring instead to fall back on the kind of hackneyed use of the term 'luck' that one would have expected from a typically biased and un-insightful opposition supporter. Our goal was indeed very fortunate, but in the context of the game it was deserved. Even the commentator repeatedly expressed his view that, with so many shots being reigned in (many by the 'poor' Buendia) one would eventually hit the target or get a lucky deflection. It duly happened. Things went our way, as they had previously failed to do so against Luton, but the win was not down to luck, imo. ** Very impressed with this skilful and awkward customer (Ameobi) to the extent that I couldn't help but feel that he was the kind of player more suited to us than the hapless Hugill. Let's just hope that the latter proves me wrong now that he will soon be up and running and will inevitably be given plenty of opportunities to prove his doubters wrong.
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    Here we go again. Moan Moan Moan. It’s not as if we’re top of the league or anything. Season ticket holders are getting full access next season plus free Ifollow this. Do you really think it’s unreasonable to charge for the games we can actually get a ticket for you. Guarantee the moaners are the same people who will be pleading for the club to buy in January.
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    I see what you’re getting at, but a) it was Leeds and b) it was Bamford, so that counters any ridiculousness and makes it ok
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    Any bid from Everton for any of our players has to have at least an additional "Here's the money back for Naismith, sorry about all that" £10m added to the price.
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    Just been and collected it
  38. 13 points
    What, so he ( martin) can learn how to carry himself despite bigots and haters who dislike him for no tangible reason?
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    Whilst I don't think anyone can fault our current position or results overall so far this season, there have been plenty of grumblings on this forum in recent weeks for our 'one dimensional' approach, our inconsistency and our failure to reach the highest gears in our performances. Watching the Liverpool game tonight at Southampton, where they dominated the second 45 minutes without really creating any clear cut changes - whilst inadvertently gifting Southampton the best chance of the half - I couldn't help but see the similarities with our own struggles, with various City performances this season mapping a similar path. Okay, Liverpool do it far better than us and at a higher tempo, but it is amazing how 'one dimensional' even the best teams end up looking when they are facing two banks of four and a committed defence. Against a deep line they - much like us - are limited to overloads down either side to fashion a crossing opportunity (usually more aerial crossing than us but broadly the same principles). Clearly then - however good you are - when things don't bounce your way or when you don't get the final ball quite right in these situations, it is very difficult to create a goal-scoring chance. As the 'Liverpool' of our division we have faced this kind of dilemma all season, with teams parking the bus, conceding possession and stepping up their defensive game against the table-topping Norwich. Because of this I'm reluctant to agree with any of the aforementioned criticisms above as I think other teams are limiting us to an extent in how they defend against us. Look at how much more incisive we were with balls in behind against Barnsley who played a higher line and press. Our play style is simply not one-dimensional but we have to understand that it is simply not easy against a packed 18-yard area. In fact, broadening things a little, if you look at all the top sides in the prem this season, the form has been so inconsistent across the board, with several teams showing themselves as title contenders and then falling by the wayside. I'm not sure how this could be pinned exactly on COVID and the lack of fans but the inconsistency has certainly been bizarrely... consistent. There isn't one top side which has shown any kind of reliable form. When I look at other top sides faltering like this I can't help but think that actually we're doing a hell of a lot better than many have been giving us credit for here. After a patchy start gelling in a few new players and turning the tide of our dismal finish to last season, we have emerged as table toppers and even rode through the worst injury crisis I have ever seen us suffer. Okay, performances have not been peak Farkeball every game, but in the games we haven't played so well more often than not we have managed to turn the screw tightly enough and for long enough to extract results. Something that even the best sides in the country appear to be really struggling with at the minute. And I back us to continue on from here, it certainly won't happen for us in every game but I will be happy to remain patient for this team
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    Cantwell was stunning on occasions yesterday. His shooting was the opposite on the day. He is our hardest working player, imo. He was everywhere and involved throughout. It was he who put Pukki through for the super save their 'keeper had to make. The last player we need to scapegoat. I guessed the critics were baying when, during the interval yesterday, one comment/type in from, I believe a lady supporter, asked the question, "Why is Cantwell on the pitch?" Risible, they always need one.
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    Had the Swansea right back guessing every time, as he can go inside or out equally effectively. What a great gift to see in a player
  42. 12 points
    What a guy. Not just from the footage of him last match commanding all our players just prior to kickoff (And personally going to Sørensen to tell him he's good enough to play, he deservers to start and not to worry) but the fantastic saves that kept us in that match to todays heroic efforts. Save after save, keeping us in it and often straight out the box to just leap with confidence to keep the ball away from danger, to his psychological mind games against Wells to put him off his penalty, and all this from a player who a few seasons ago could not even make the struggling first team of a so-so Brighton side and then his very serious, almost career ending injury (Which he himself has stated was the worst moment of his career which sent him into serious depression and self doubt) it's been a hell of a ride for him, and he's quickly becoming one of my favourite players of our current crop
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    Bit of a shout out for Hanley I think, after that mistake was excellent.
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    I don't think it's quite that ricardo. You could perhaps argue that last year we really didn't have the cash resource to maintain PL survival, we need to build reserves to be able to pay proper money for the occasional proven PL player & also pay proper salaries for all our players. The process is going to be more gradual. Let's see what happens to our latest gambles, how they develop. Personally I find it all quite exciting (although I appreciate you & others will not).
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    Any club that finishes above Norwich this season will be promoted in my opinion, very well run club with an excellent manager who looks to have made some very good signings. I see Norwich and my club as very similar, well run clubs with with a very strong family feel and strong sense of community. The hardest thing for me as a supporter is not being able to go to matches, as a season ticket holder of over 40 years, going to the match is part and parcel of every day existence. The sooner we can find an effective vaccine and get back to normality the better, crazy, crazy times we are living in.
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    I've no problem with paying for something but if the OP posts a link it should be one that people can read otherwise it seems a bit pointless.
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    I saw a study of set piece defending in the Premier League, and basically every team uses zonal to some extent. It is especially beneficial If you are limited to how many players who are good in air. Zonal allows you to put the best headers of the ball in the locations that are most dangerous. Norwich are a particularly small team - when McClean is your third best header of the ball you know you are probably in trouble from set plays. Going man to man won’t help - it would probably make things worse - as opposing teams would be able to create some really terrible match ups for Norwich. For example say, you are against Liverpool and put Hanley on Virgil and Zimmermann on Gomez, Liverpool would get those two to run to the far post taking Norwich’s best headers off with them - that would then leave the area that is most dangerous - which is just outside the 6 yard box between the goal posts - defended by Norwich’s least effective headers. By putting Hanley and Zimmermann to mark the danger zone, you are increasing your chances of winning the ball in that area. That’s the theory at least - it does still rely on people doing their jobs of course. The issue for Norwich isn’t zonal marking, but the execution of the system (combined with a general lack of physical players). Jamal and Aarons aren’t any worse in the air than the average full back (Aarons is actually very good at winning headers against taller opposition) but they offer suffer by being put in bad match ups due to a general lack of big guys in the Norwich team.
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    Ashley Westwood should say sorry for stitching up Emiliano Buendía Tommy Conlon Sunday July 19 2020, 6.00pm, The Times The theatre was Carrow Road, the stage was the pitch, the thespian was Ashley Westwood. It looked to me like a bravura performance of ham acting. Watching the Burnley midfielder writhe in agony, medical staff may have been caught in two minds, not knowing whether to give him the last rites or a standing ovation. He had tangled with Norwich City’s Emiliano Buendía in the 33rd minute on Saturday evening. The Argentinian was in possession; Westwood lunged in and the ball broke away; a few afters followed. The English midfielder kneed Buendía in the thigh and pinned him momentarily using his arm and leg, preventing Buendía from walking away. Buendía turned to extricate himself and in the same movement dropped his elbow on to the back of Westwood’s head. Replays showed he applied moderate contact. One would doubt it left a skin mark, much less a bruise. The whole incident was nothing. Buendía’s arm makes contact with Westwood, inset, who overreacts in a way that brought the Norwich player a red card via VAR It was Westwood’s reaction that escalated it. Had he done the decent thing and walked away, it would in all likelihood have petered out. Instead he enacted a pitiful display of victimhood. Westwood collapsed on the floor clutching his head. He got to his knees clutching his head with both hands. Then he lay flat on the ground clutching his head. He executed one roll, then a second, still clutching his head. He managed then to haul himself on to all fours. At this point there was some sign of an improvement in his condition, for now he was applying just one hand, albeit he was using it vigorously to massage the afflicted area. From there he made it on to his knees and finally into an upright position. By this stage, play was suspended and VAR was investigating for possible violent conduct. After multiple viewings in the video room, Kevin Friend, the referee, was advised to have a look for himself on the pitch-side monitor. It appears the incident was not shown to him in full on the monitor. It had been edited down to the split-second where Buendía’s elbow made contact with Westwood’s head. Without any context to complicate his considerations, Friend quickly made up his mind: red card. Letter of the law? Probably correct. Violent conduct? Not remotely. Had Friend been able to assess the whole sequence, he’d have seen at least some possibility for mitigation in that Buendía was trying to extricate himself from the tangle – and that Westwood had been looking to extract a reaction. One would have thought the Burnley player was entitled to a yellow card for his part in the proceedings. Instead he is entitled to a black card in the court of public opinion. In my view, his was the classic stitch-up job of long and ignoble tradition. It requires two acting roles, the first as the provocateur who goads his opponent into retaliation, the second as the injured party when said retaliation arrives. But this was a particularly shameless performance. The feigning on the floor was not so much laughable as contemptible. Westwood is 30, a senior professional who ought to have some sense of duty to the wider game. And he ought to have it for another reason too: his own manager has previously condemned this kind of behaviour. In fact, Sean Dyche was preaching about it only last August. “The game’s in a really poor state for people diving, feigning injury, all sorts,” he declared. A few weeks earlier he had attended a meeting of the Premier League where he was told that a yellow card was the only sanction available for such conduct. “And I said, ‘So that means basically that every player in the Premier League can cheat at least once a game?’ . . . It’s about the greater good of the game. The game’s in a really poor state for people just literally falling on the floor.” Did Westwood’s behaviour on Saturday therefore trouble his conscience? Or did he just think, great, Norwich are down to ten men? It would be taking idealism into pie-in-the-sky territory to expect that Dyche might publicly distance himself from one of his players. Even a charge of hypocrisy against him would be unfair, given there is no evidence that he encourages his players to cheat in this fashion. If the buck ultimately stops with the manager, it doesn’t mean that a player should be spared the obligation of taking responsibility for his own actions. This one is on Westwood. He owes Buendía an apology. Notwithstanding the fact that one of his players failed dismally to practise what he preached, Dyche did the game a service last August. As he also pointed out at that press conference, very few other people in the industry are talking about the issue any more. This form of cheating has become normalised to the point that it is barely even noticed, much less discussed. It continues to poison the water. Maybe it is because there has never been more at stake for clubs financially, that players feel under greater pressure than previous generations to salvage results, by fair means or foul. In a time of supercharged professionalism, perhaps the ancient ideal of sportsmanship is seen as a dying relic of amateurism. But the game in its entirety is played overwhelmingly by amateurs, including the millions of children and juveniles who are daily watching their heroes behave with dishonour. And of course the behaviour becomes learned and replicated. It is an abiding plague on the game, this particular brand of cynicism, and there is seemingly no desire to find a cure.
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    I dare say I will be shot down for this. Here you see where the lack of supporters has a detrimental effect. Whilst we now have a lot of spectators and coaches in stadiums, even ours, at Norwich we still have thousands of supporters. By that I mean those who spend 90 minutes supporting their team. Those who believe every refereeing decision against us is wrong for the duration of the game. Whether Buendia was a silly boy or not is for the inquests on MOTD. But during the 90 mins Westwood is a cheat and will be booed until he either loses it or is subbed. And the referee will constantly be told "he doesn't know what he's doing". This is home advantage and a full Carrow Road still has enough supporters to make a difference.
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    More abridged version - "I don't like the current ownership and I don't understand economics."
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