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    Hi, I'm a Villa fan and I very rarely post on any forums even my own teams forum but I felt I had to say how brilliant your team was tonight. Yes, Man City dominated possession, but they'd dominate against most teams but Norwich's performance was spot on and I can only applaud you. Watch you against Chelsea also and IMO, theres no way your going back down. Respect to you and the best of luck for the rest of the season.
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    Krul: 10.0 Byram: 10.0 Amadou: 10.0 Godfrey: 10.0 Lewis: 10.0 Tettey: 10.0 McLean: 10.0 Buendia: 10.0 Stiepermann: 10.0 Cantwell: 10.0 Pukki: 10.0 Better this week?
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    We have the quality. Believe.
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    Everyone believed we would be promoted at the end of last season but you were sh itting your pants for the last 6 games. We'll call it 1-1 shall we?
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    I think it is a great testament to the fortitude and professionalism of our police force that only one of them looked visibly ill while listening to nearly an hour of Johnson's lies, bluster and bullsh*t.
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    What a gent Guardiola was at the end. Congratulated every Norwich player. Class
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    Oh, come on. He may be a bit unhinged with his faith at times, but let him have this one.
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    This is perfect. Man City are bound to completely underestimate us, meanwhile we'll just bring in whoever this year's versions of Godfrey and Aarons are from our youth ranks. We'll catch them cold, pick up the three points and unearth the next two £30m+ players at the same time. What's not to love about that?
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    Based on the injury news, I'd probably go for: Krul (If fit) ICF, Herman, Amadou, Lewis Tettey, Keelan's Grandad, Emi, Stiepi, Cantwell Pukki Subs: Fahrmann, Mad Moy, Hogesar, Idah, Van Wink, Srbeny (compulsory)
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    Thanks everyone for your picks, I have decided on my final 6 and they are: Molde vs Tromso - HOME WIN Crewe vs Cambridge- HOME WIN Djurgaarden vs Helsingborgs IF - HOME WIN Red Star Belgrade vs FK Indija- HOME WIN Liverpool vs Newcastle - HOME WIN And my pick is PSG to beat Strasbourg
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    So explain how spending more money would have avoided injuries? Are more expensive players less injury prone? What of load of pant wetting b******s.
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    Yellowhammer, could you do a worst case scenario for us on Saturday please? Strictly confidential of course.
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    Okay I’ll try once... just one time.. if you see me having another attempt you’ll know you’ve lost me. Please report me if this happens and ensure I am forever banned from this nightmare. This is exactly the same level of stupid as those blasted ‘key cog’ comments about Passlack last season. Truly ridiculous stuff LDC, though I’m sure you know it... Losing to Man City would not under any circumstances be a ‘sickener’ and it definitely IS okay to lose to them. You are the first - and indeed sometimes the only (Hughton, RvW) - to come out with positives in times of bleakness, yet here you are, brandishing a defeat to Man City as completely unacceptable and a ‘sickener’. A sickener? Seriously??? If losing to this Man City team is a sickener, please do tell us what a loss against Newcastle would ranked as? ‘Worse than death’? ‘Demonstrably unthinkable’? What is the scale you are working at here? Let me guess... all defeats are ‘sickeners’ to you, all defeats are the same because every game starts at 0-0... and every team pitches eleven human beings against eleven other human beings blah blah blah... yes yes all that is true and yes, we are in the same league on paper, but if you look at every other variable of comparison before the players step out on to the pitch; you will see that in fact - we are very much not in the same league.. this team cost 32 times more than ours, and has amassed points in consecutive PL seasons at a rate that has previously been unseen. If you can’t fathom that such a team is more likely to beat us than other teams in this league, and that such a defeat would never be unacceptable - nor a ‘sickener’ (still just LOL at that) - then I think we should all just give up with you on a permanent basis when it comes to these kind of debates, just let your ridiculousness win forever. No - this is not about us, this isn’t about how well we play on the day. We could play to the best of our capacities and still get beaten comfortably, there is no doubt about that. If Man City turn up and play to even their usual par-for-the-course standard, we will most likely get beaten - no matter how well we play. If Man City turn up and play to the best of their capabilities - we are truly in trouble and could be looking at a cricket score (with Smith batting...). There is simply no way we win this game without Man City having an off day imo. Now, I will be at the game on Saturday and I can confirm on behalf of all fans that we will still 100% be getting behind the players, supporting and encouraging - and dare I say it - even getting carried away and believing..! These comments have no bearing on how we will support the team during the match and you should accept that. There is nothing wrong with simply realising the task at hand and that is all we are doing. But in your head it would appear that there is nothing between climbing Ben Nevis and Everest. They’re both mountains aren’t they?
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    So where does Parliament derive its power from? God? The Queen? And who are 'the rabble' exactly? The 17.4 m who voted to leave? Your choice of language speaks volumes. Whichever way you cut it you don't like democracy. Or perhaps you do - but only when it gives you the right answer. I voted against joining the Common Market. I didn't like the result, I thought people were mistaken, misled, lied to, but that's the answer that democracy gave us, so I reluctantly accepted it. I didn't go around calling the joiners stupid, or ignorant, or weak willed. I certainly didn't call them, or think of them as 'a rabble'.
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    I've got to the stage where I believe brexit can get ****ed. Nothing good has come from it, nothing good will come from it and the people pushing for it are the worst of this country. Nothing but lies and deceit from the start and, believe it or not, it is getting worse. The weird thing is that leaving the EU is now not the most important thing to stop.
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    The Brexit vote was split between two parties and Labour rigged the postal vote. The rigging would have come from a lot higher up than Labour, probably a job for Special Branch. The police are so anti-Tory these days that they seem to have 'arranged' for one of their cadets to collapse while Boris was giving a speech.
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    22 hours ago, you said that you were going to shut up, I'm still waiting........
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    No, the English court ruled the case was not justiciable ... i.e. not a matter of law, so there was no ruling to say it was lawful.
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    It's largely the same on this thread.
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    You have still failed to make a point. Refrain from answering any more of my posts, you clearly are a moron.
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    It's September and we certainly are not relegated already. Also, the message has always been to enjoy the ride, so really no change there either. I hope you guys that are going today have a great match and enjoy our performance, I think it's going to be a cracker. With Pukki, Cantwell and Buendia on fire, we should give them plenty to think about. Enjoy it!
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    I’ve answered the ****ing question LDC, the only way we can stop Sterling with the tools we have at hand is to kick him out of the game. Your answer simply is fairy tail nonsense
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    Here's £20.00......go and get your first yoga lesson.....Keep at it, and you'll eventually be able to kick yourself in the nuts.....
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    Haha. Sorry. Obviously not part of the clique. Who'd have thought it, an abusive faceless bully trolling because they can't afford to move out of their mother's house and meet a significant other. I'll be in the River End Saturday. But not on here again. Sweep the dorito crumbs off your belly, pack your keyboard away and go and meet someone who doesn't require pre-payment. All the best though hey.