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    Last night I came on here to bask in the glow of being 7 points clear . What I found was squabbling and city fans calling each other out ? What’s the matter with you lot ? Zonal marking ? Who is the worst player ? Let’s meet up for a punch up? I’m a better fan than you ? We are top of the league for goodness sake (oh yes - “it’s a poor league” ) .And the Binners are having a shocker . Enjoy the moment .
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    Anyone know who the rest of the consortium are?
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    I thought after 70 mins it was Birmingham who looked tired. BTW Does anyone ever celebrate a win anymore? That's four wins on the bounce 67 points from 32 games (Have we ever had that many before?) If only we could go, enjoy the wins and then celebrate.
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    So tired that they played a lot better in the second half than the first.
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    We are doing something tactically different this year. Something quite brave. It links with the issue of subs. We are preparing for a higher level of football and have been for a couple of months. We have matured our game to the point where we are far from the ‘you score 4, we score 5’ rollercoaster of yesteryear - and indeed the fluid, attack-minded disrupt-you-by-attacking methodology that won praise - though few points - at the higher level. Thus a strategic dilemma. As the club’s stated mission is Top 26 - and ideally for all Top 17 - then do you jump the hurdle that is in front of you (a) or prepare for the hurdle that is to come (b)? Everyone will say ‘I want both’ though this requires a serious overhaul of tactical approach, something of a change of mentality, whilst naturally retaining all of the fundamental principles of pattern of play. 1. How does this translate into what we see in front of us? 2. What is the Manager doing differently? 3. What are the players doing differently? 4. Do we - as fans - need to change our thinking in any way as a result of 1,2,3? (4.1) How does this affect substitutions (as a small subset of the overall picture)? In basic terms this is the dilemma: Norwich were horribly exposed at the top level. Being brave, ‘going for it’, flooding forward, scoring lots of goals to win games, high volume wins, individual brilliance... were all over-shadowed by ....lack of weaknesses in any position, structural solidity, high levels of diligent athleticism (particularly vid defensive space-covering), set-piece specialists, highly professional approaches (‘gamesmanship’), tactical fouls, deeply-drilled structural shapes, squad depth, strong game-management, responsibility to the collective in almost all players some good, weapon players on every side, et al. How does what we see in front of us now relate to the above and the overall picture? i. We are playing a much lower risk form of football ii. We are retaining elements of our fluid forward play where appropriate (early, nil-nil ‘probing period’ or when presented with highly deficient opposition structure) iii. Once ahead we are sucking the life out of teams - and the game itself - via possession, tempo control (sucking time out of the game, defusing moments when the opposition has any momentum, obtaining ‘easy’ fouls, not trying to advance out of shape..) iv. Chris Goreham is wrong and Farke is right. The game is not ‘close’ at 1-0. It may be ‘close’ at 0-0 (though we are often well ahead on ‘points’ even at this stage) though the ‘fear’ so commonly expressed is subjective and - particularly yesterday - bears little ressemblance to the amount of on-field strategic control we exert. V. Football is a low-scoring game. One goal - as every good Italian knows - is a massive advantage, a huge disruptor to the opposition. They have to change (unless they play very low rent, low-possession, keep-it-tight-hope-for-a-set-piece or bit-of-luck and cannot change..like Rotherham yesterday) and you do not. vi. Change is not generally good in football. You spend enormous amounts of time setting up your structure, tactical plan, personnel interactions, minutiae that the average fan would scarcely believe. Change thus becomes an inferior Plan B (or it would have been Plan A). Things can work in your favour - though ‘bringing on Big Crouchy when they’re tiring’ is a luxury most Championship clubs don’t have. If their ‘Crouchy’ was better, he’d start. vii. ‘Rotherham’s Crouchy’ doesn’t start because ‘when you’re attacking you are defending’ and ‘when you’re defending you are attacking’. Every piece and action is inter-connected and affects the whole. Few fans have the inside knowledge, data, direct experience, direct contact with the psychology of the players or deep understanding of how disparate parts contribute to the whole. Adding one things costs another, which diminishes another, augments a different piece, all of which suits one player , makes it harder for another, increases stress on one part of the system, strengthening another....but how does that relate to your resources, what the opposition resources are, what the variables of the day are (pitch, conditions, league position, momentum, current dressing-room psychology)? Viii. We are thus not trying to score at 1-0. We will will if a great opportunity presents itself, if someone does something strategically low-risk though brilliant, the opposition makes a mistake or the opposition breaks its own structure too much in trying to recover a goal. ix. When you are ahead you don’t need to change (nb: assuming - like us - that your game plan is superior, repeatedly troubling the opposition and making it notably more likely that you will score - or not obviously concede via an apparent weakness). It isn’t your problem. You might proactively counter a move the opposition is going to make (‘bringing on Crouchy’), though - as with yesterday - not if all that can be offered is more of the same. Why would you then change? The pattern of play is showing that you (remain) far more likely to score than the opposition. X. In this context subs become a tactical weapon - like a set piece - and are actually used to disrupt the opposition momentum, defuse the last 10 minutes (subs at ‘85 minutes’ as written may actually play for 15 minutes note), ‘steal’ time from the referees watch and re-inforce key spaces as opposition teams overload. xi. The actual quality of ‘chances’ we are conceding is generally very low. Fans are conditioned to fear narrow leads (in England) and thus hold their breath ‘Goreham-like’ every time the opposition crosses the half-way line because of ‘what might happen’ in their passionate, partisan minds. Professionals must resist such subjective fear and contextualise it clearly with the empirical evidence in front of them. We are preparing - bravely - for a higher level. This is not ‘putting the cart before the horse’ , it is necessary transitioning and re-inforces Farke’s (and others’) observation that free-scoring promoted teams may - occasionally - keep scoring at the top level and survive a (lucrative) year, though teams that generally establish over a mid-term period (and thus are able to structurally strengthen) have far better defensive structure, are able to ‘see out’ tight games and resist ‘fear marketing’ when they are ahead. Like any really good (and he is excellent) coach he is managing to elegantly tessellate the immediate objectives with organic, persistent progression towards a deeper growth objective. Thus you use current circumstances to create ‘set-pieces’ that point your charges towards the future. You are hardening your players to perform, act and decide as if they were playing at a (far) higher level. Which they will be. Parma
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    yep absolutely mental isn’t it? Ill take Farkes commensense over anyone on here thanks
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    "Thank you's" all round for the concerned comments above. I'm hardly ever ill and when you get symptoms during such a pandemic it must be easy to add two and two. I'm now fairly sure I do not have the virus. All checks I've made (save for a test result) indicate not. There are the three key symptoms and I've not had any of those. The throat and stomach are much better after a 24 hour period too. Mrs S was never convinced either! I may as well take the mickey out of myself!
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    Andy Townsend can be added to those two, he wiped his Norwich career from memory very quickly.
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    A great player with an even better attitude, he deserves a dream move in the summer.
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    Nah, a couple of wins and Evans will give him another 5 years, he's playing a blinder
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    People are aware that the Championship is fairly competitive right? Also the fact it wasn't our best performance, but away from home on a cabbage patch ground out what was a comfortable win in the end? Genuinely not sure what people expect, especially given the horrendous conditions tonight? We're never going to blow teams away every week, but Swansea aside, have never really looked like losing in recent games.
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    Very good post, and a lot of valid points. I suspect the correct argument will only be borne out of the results of the season, and given how things are going so far, I think it's fair to accept there is a method in Farke's seeming madness. I also think his use of substitutions seems to have improved this season, as has been shown by the match-winning changes he made several times earlier on in the season. Ultimately, as a manager, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Had Farke brought someone on earlier and they struggled to adjust to the pace at a crucial time, or the cohesion of the squad had been upset so much that we ended up losing the game, he would have been smashed for it. Equally, he could have bought on Idah/Dowell earlier and we went on to win the game comfortably. Given that we had more than enough chances to win this and the Coventry game by a larger margin, yet still couldn't take our chances with probably our strongest 11, makes me doubt whether it's Farke's substitutions that are the reason for this. What does get my goat is when people act as if game management and substitutions is simple, and that Farke is an idiot who should just bring fresh legs on when things are getting a bit tight. I get that we are all fans, and some probably handle the pressure of a tight 1-0 game against Rotherham better than others, but I genuinely can't understand people who try and act as if it's basic stuff Farke is missing. There are, presumably, all other sorts of factors Farke is thinking about - squad cohesion, testing the key players within these pressure situations, match freshness and other things we are not privy to. Maybe, just maybe, given our current position in the table, is it not possible that Farke's "lack" of substitutions and determination to reduce rotation as much as possible are a major factor as to why we are where we are?! Anyway, I suspect none of us will ever be able to prove or disprove this one way or the other, but people pretending that because they have played a few seasons of Football Manager or watched Norwich for decades that this substitution malarkey is straightforward, easy and that he's "doing it wrong" is very silly IMO.
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    I have to stop posting during the game because I write absolute rubbish when I'm so tense. Please ignore everything I said.
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    Easy for me, Danny "I think I`m so great" Mills. Knocks us at every opportunity even though we gave him his big break. See the Bianca Westwood post. A poor example of a lucky boy that squirmed his way through football by being a dirty useless player and now can`t bring himself to acknowledge the club in a respectful manner that set him on his way. Wants to be recognised as a Leeds legend, that in it`s self say`s so much. T**t.
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    No, Mumba's the new number 5!
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    If the next five are as enjoyable as the previous 54 I'll be more than happy
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    Not really. The thing that is incredibly good about Teemu's game is his movement and his anticipation. As Emi took the shot he was already moving forward so that he would be in prime position to pick up any rebound from the keeper or the woodwork or any deflection from a block by a defender. If you watch Teemu closely you will see that this is something he does just about every time we have a shot from around the edge of the area. Most of the time the ball doesn't fall for him, but if it does he will be in the best possible position to take advantage from it. As Gary Lineker often says - As a striker you make a run 10 times. 9 times out of 10 it doesn't come to you and nobody notices, but you keep on doing it because the other time it does and you will be in a great position to score.
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    Welcome to being a club with similar problems to a club like Ajax...Emi Buendia wasn’t a £20 million player when he came here, and neither was Todd Cantwell, or James Maddison.
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    Having to listen to away commentary some weeks really makes you appreciate Chris Goreham. I always had an inkling that he was pretty good based off of years of listening and the ease at how you could follow the game without seeing it, but now comparing him to every other local commentator he is a clear cut above. He's a very good, knowledgeable, fair and insightful commentator and for me matches aren't as good to watch on ifollow when opposition radio or Phil Daly is on instead
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    Public service?! I'll tell you what, pay me £37million per year and bestow ridiculous amounts of land and properties upon me for literally no reason, and I will give you far better value than both of them combined. Their "public service" is to live a life of luxury, whilst doing pretty much **** all for it. Few photo ops, open a hospital occassionally, take a nice taxpayer funded holiday a couple of times per year. That is literally it. That's not "public service", it's luxury benefits. Neither of them have done a day's work in their lives. **** the lot of them. Pointless parasites that give nothing to society apart from antiquated "tradition".
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    "Welcome to St.Carrow Road, where the blues are playing Norwich. The blues come into this match off a 1-0 victory against 11-man Sheffield who had a player sent off. The blues scored a penalty in that game and I'm sure blues fans would like to see another blues penalty in this game, if a blues player actually gets into the opposition box. Norwich have some exceptional players at this level. Teemy Pukki both scored and kept a clean sheet against Coventry, Martin Krul is an excellent keeper, and they have the always lively Emile Buendia. The blues defenders will have their hands full in this game but hopefully it's Norwich who will have the blues at the end of the game."
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    I bet it’s got a bitter aftertaste
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    Oh so he's not going to Ipswich then?
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    Another great example of the limitations stats have when it comes to giving the full picture occurred today. Emi plays a through ball to Pukki. Two Rotherham players move to cut it out, but are put off by a lovely feint by Cantwell who moves towards the ball, before letting it run. The ball goes through to Pukki who takes it on and scores. The stats show an Emi assist and nothing for Todd - yet in reality Todd's dummy is just as important in making the goal as Emi's original through ball.
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    Apparently this new Ipswich beer is bitter but still goes down well. No cans or kegs though, they only bottle it.
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    I know there may be some that would shout unchanged, but given we have had the same squad twice in a row Ithink some changes may be required.
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    After arguably the best overall performances of the season (taking into the conditions on Wednesday) why would anyone want to change the team? Just my opinion but I don’t think you can change a team that’s performed so well over the last couple of matches.
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    Step 1 - Get promoted to the EPL. Step 2 - Stay there. I’d be perfectly happy as a mid-lower table Premier League club. 2 or more seasons of that in a row would allow for proper investment in the team, the completion of our academy initiatives and a decent chunk of cash set aside for the expansion of the City stand, long overdue.
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    I’m starting to see a few posts saying that Hanley isn’t good enough for the PL. Personally I think the evidence has been different, when he came back after injury last season *and got match-fit* our defence improved significantly. And he has undeniably been a rock this season too. Let’s give him a chance before getting on his back. My confident prediction is that we’ll start with Hanley and Gibson next season if we do go up, there are many more urgent areas we need to upgrade.
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    Maybe they're better at playing on pitches with grass on them.
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    And the fallon d'floor award goes to
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    A poster that ought to remain nameless. Gave links in a way that was shameless. Some posters cried 'Nay!' 'To the Club we must pay! ' The perp .. of course,.... he was blameless. Boom boom!.
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    I've gone back and forth on this point in my head this season and I'm leaning towards yes. We may not be as exciting or easy on the eye but we're much more balanced and our defensive play is lightyears ahead of where it was in that season. Even in attack, we may not be scoring as many but we haven't lacked creativity- just the finishing hasn't been there. Imagine how far ahead of the competition we'd be if we could finish.
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    Did you just hear the latest on Twitter 'Bout that lot who keep getting s-h-i-tter? They've just launched an ale About Lambert's pure fail It's either a stout or a bitter!
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    There was a young man from Bombay Who made a cnut out of clay The heat from his pirck Turned the clay into brick And chafed all his four skin away
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    Why aren't they Norwich? And why aren't we one of them so we can say "Why aren't we Norwich?"
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    Having a great start to his Barnsley career. All the best to the lad
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    Amusing as it may be to refer back to rather rash posts from years ago, and it is, is this a serious claim that the £'s value is positive indicator of the UK's welbeing? It is totally unsurprising that the UK has had the largest fall in economic output and the highest death rate of any comparable country. The reason can be found in the three big drags on the economy: Covid, Brexit & ten years of Conservative austerity. The economy was already hollowed out before Brexit and Covid with low wages, low skills, low investment, declining public services and rising inequality. Many refuse to except this and hide behind the virus and it's impacts. Sunak is shielding this with massive public borrowing. The markets are betting on the vaccine rollout bringing the UK a earlier recovery than other nations led by a consumer boom of pent up demand. For reasons above this is likely to be short lived and rather make the economy worse rather than better. As soon as Sunak stops the furlough scheme redundancies will let rip. Those without savings will suffer most and inequality will rise. The negative impact of Brexit on UK productivity will then be more evident. Other nations will catch up vaccine wise and an over valued £ will only hinder UK exporters who are already struggling with the massive increase of paperwork when trading with the UK's major partner.
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    Just donated a tenner. A soft spot for Lynn as it is my place of birth.
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    There were good Russ Abbot sketches?
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    Id like to think we will still be playing an entertaining brand of football with a strong representation of the academy in our starting eleven. I'd also like to think we're either fighting for promotion or trying to stay in the Premier League, but despite some posters thoughts on here we've actually been unbelievably lucky as fans to have pretty much had something to play for in most of the last 10 seasons. Not too many fans have had that privilege.
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    Just being allowed back in the ground at this rate.
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    I assumed that this was the backwaters.
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