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    First of all, gutsy performance from the lads today and I’m proud second of all, fans that “lend” or “sell” their season tickets to their unwashed, glory hunting mates what kind of unbelievable scum are you? What is your problem? very clearly their was someone being dragged from Barclay block e today, who gives a Barclay block e ticket to an away fan? What kind of brain dead moron does that? I nearly had a full on fight with a plastic scouse cu@£ in the south stand today. I’m not a violent man, I’m more annoyed at the, frankly, traitorous Norwich “fan” who sold the ticket along with their soul to an 8 stone soaking wet tourist who’s never been to a game in his life. have some f£&@ing loyalty and show up or literally f&@k off and don’t come anymore. and don’t give me this “it’s my ticket I pay me money I takes me choice” b@&£ocks. You are a half arsed fan and a traitor to your culture, birthright and/or heritage. There are people queuing up to represent this club in the stands in your place. Go and play FIFA or something.
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    I wouldn't, I'd start a few more identical posts as an experiment and see where they go. I reckon we'd see, depending on how many you launched, in order of likelihood: How crap Hanley is A pile-on on LDC after he says something that would go unremarked if anyone else posted it Who gets paid what in our squad, and someone would drag up that terrible site that said something like Todd gets about £500 a month while Byram is getting £75K Self-appointed forum police posting links to other identical threads How overpaid footballers are and how it is ruining the game, ending up in another European Super League discussion A Delia out thread At least one thread with repeated attempts at trolling by Midlands and/or Waveney A huge argument with TVB The rest would wither and die What have I missed?
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    I don't understand the mentality of people who, after a match of football, feel the need to target a player of their own club on social media with vitriol and abuse. It's normally a sign of jealousy and a realisation that their own life is lacking.
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    Johnson must be relieved that Cummings decided he could stay on as PM.
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    Fans that “sell” or “lend” their season tickets to away fans Deserve to lose their season tickets.
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    I think we forget that players are just very well paid people who are human too. People like players adopt an online persona, say on Instagram, but what none of us see are the day to day grinds people go through, we in effect see 'best lives' the coolest snapshots. That irks external observers when, lets say, a player has a bad game; it turns into "all that money we pay him and he can't be bothered to turn up this week." You know how it goes. It becomes so easy to add to follow a player and upon witnessing a defeat or whatever, turn to sending scathing comments because it's a vent and a outlet to do so for that person who may be having a bad day on top of their team losing. For some, it's just out and out jealousy - Footballers are seen to have a lavish lifestyle, depicted on various media formats. I'm not saying footballers are innocent of not playing into the hands of a trope however, but I forget sometimes that these are boys. Boys who are just acted like any other boy of 20/21 just with a lot more money and fame. In the instance of Murphys and Todd, who grew up under intense scrutiny from an intense fanbase, this is amplified by the microcosm of Norfolk where we hold 'our own' very tightly to our chests and chastise them viciously if we feel they've acted out of turn. I dont know if clubs do it, im sure they do, but perhaps there needs to be tighter controls or classroom lessons given over social media access for players, especially youth players. This sounds very Nanny State I appreciate however it's horses for courses, if the public behaved better on the platforms then there wouldnt be a need for brother's keeper in the first place. The way I think of it is, imagine you went to work, had a **** day, came home and then opened up Facebook to a bunch of unknowns repeatedly telling you you were useless... I wonder how you'd begin to feel?
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    Can we shelve that idea until China has calmed down a bit. Please. On second thoughts, if they can build a hospital that quickly, I reckon they could do a new City stand during close season,no problem. Delia out ,noncontagious stinking rich Chinese construction company in.
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    Forget a tactical sub, I simply want fresh legs to run up and down the pitch. They were absolutely gassed from the performance they put in. They deserve to get some help from their teammates who have a full tank of gas ready to go and preserve the point. I can't help but be proud of the effort, but I fear this will only solidify Farke's insistence to not get subs on when needed.
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    Shout out for Hanley. Wasn't that keen on him myself for this season but got to say he was great today. OTBC
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    Where decisions used to be so marginal it was declared some years ago that the decision should go for the attacker - it is a game of goals after all. That has more than gone out of the window with what they are doing to us now to ruin the game as a spectacle. The disallowing of the beautiful goal we scored with Vrancic and Pukki is the single most scandalous thing I have ever seen at a football match anywhere, ever.
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    Perhaps they have thousands of football banning orders set to expire.
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    Aaron's what? Pedantry aside, between Godfrey, Aarons, Cantwell, Buendia and Lewis we have well over £100m worth of talent and I'm sure at least three, maybe four will be sold if we go down, which could bring in any sort of figure of around £80-100m. What would, or could, we do with that money? A Championship club wouldn't realistically sign four or five £10-15m players to replace them, so we'd end up with a huge surplus. Some cretins would probably suggest that Delia will pocket it because they love to moan for the sake of it, but realistically the only two options would be to use the money to make up for a loss of Premier League revenue (which would be a bit of a cop out really as I don't think our liabilities are that high) or to expand the stadium. The stadium will have to be modernised and expanded at some point in the mid-term future anyway, so for me the best solution would be to do it while we have a huge sum of money that we can't use for much else. It also makes sense to do it while demand for tickets will be slightly lower in the second tier in case the expansion would temporarily reduce capacity.
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    I am in South Africa for now and on Friday I am off wine tasting followed by a barbecue, so I will need plenty of help. I spent 3 hours in the lounge at Johannesburg airport today pouring over the matches this weekend, so much so that my girlfriend gave up asking what I was looking at. I would like to chuck an extra tenner in the pot and do 2 lines, so extra suggestions would be great. it is an honour to do the selections and I will do my utmost to add to the pot.
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    Until you accept the reality of our ownership model, you will keep banging on about this. We don’t have that model, so enjoy what the team can do with the resources that it does have.
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    Oh good, this again. Thanks for bringing it up, I was worried it might go unmentioned
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    All round a decent performance to go that close to getting something out of the game. Bit frustrated with our attacking play at 5times though. There were a few times when one of our midfielders beat the initial press and we had a runners trying and exploit the space behind the high line Liverpool were holding, but we played it backwards or put our foot on it and the moment was gone. I've been one of the biggest critics of Farke's use of subs but I don't have an issue tonight- we were actually doing a decent job of holding Liverpool and substitutes could have easily disrupted that flow. If we were 0-0 v a team we needed to beat, sure change it up. But 0-0 would have been a great result for us so I don't see an issue. Thought we looked better with Lewis in the team- hope he starts even if Byram is fit.
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    Now they care about 'facts'.
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    Jamie's made his picks. His own forecast is for Norwich to win, 3-1, Pukki to score, Duda to score. Jamie also thanks you all for your picks and chose six others to go with his. I've placed them to our advantage and we have... Norwich Win £1 Bet 365 10/1 £11.00 Norwich 3-1 £1 Bet 365 80/1 £81.00 Duda to score £1 Bill Hill 13/2 £7.50 Pukki to score £1 Bet 365 9/4 £3.25 Hernandez to score £1 Bet 365 5/1 £6.00 Buendia to score £1 Bill Hill 8/1 £9.00 Tettey to score £1 Bet 365 14/1 £15.00 Norwich win either half £1 Bill Hill 3/1 £4.00 Red card £1 Bet 365 5/1 £6.00 2-2 Draw £1 Bet 365 25/1 £26.00 I think these are a great set of picks. They're extremely positive which is Jamie's way. Good luck Jamie and our beloved Canaries
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    After a great day of wine tasting I am going for the following 2 sections of 6. Saturday Leipzig v Werder Bremen Club Brugge v Waasland Beveren Olympiacos v Panionios Rotherham v AFC Wimbledon Swindon v Scunthorpe All home wins. Sunday Rael Madrid v Celts Vigo Juventus v Brescia Ajax v KKC Waalwijk Rapid Wien v WSG Tirol Panathinaikos v Panetolikos Budafok v Dorogi F C All home wins. As I am in South Africa, I must have a bet on The Kaiser Chiefs. I don’t trust the sport over here to include them in a six, so I have sent Nigel an extra tenner, for Kaiser Chiefs to beat Maritzburg. I really appreciate all your suggestions, and just hope they come up trumps.
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    Wow what a performance by the fans. 9200 tickets sold out, with many unable to get them. Midweek as well, amazing.
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    Some great posts, especially some of the research done by Badger, it's really appreciated because i'm too lazy to go and do it myself half the time! There was a topic of conversation on the radio the other day about the 'modern football fan' and this entire thread is perhaps a case in point. It's certainly different even from when I started supporting about 18 years ago. At the time, you could take a football match in isolation and simply enjoy it or be annoyed about it, but still experience it. I feel the same now. There's a lot on this thread though who have basically said there's no point in football because our owners won't spend enough money, or don't have enough of it. Maybe i'm just too relaxed about it but if i'm watching good football, if i'm watching young players from our academy prove themselves, and if i'm experiencing the kind of ride we've had for the last 10 years then I think i've done pretty well as a fan. I've definitely got my money's worth. There's such a long, long list of clubs bigger and similarly sized to us that haven't been able to experience even a quarter of what we have, yet for some it's still not enough. I get the whole 'always look to do better' approach, but who can tell me that doesn't seem to be what Farke, Webber and everyone at the club wants too? They certainly proved you all wrong when you wanted Farke sacked after his first season. They then proved you wrong again when you said we "cant compete in the championship with all these rich clubs". You were definitely proved wrong when you said "we're no better than Ipswich". * *you applies to a general group of posters who will know who they are and likely react badly. Soz.
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    Brilliant news . Gives us a chance to show him real love too hopefully . Should be singing his name a lot more than we do . Lovely bloke and has been a fantastic servant to the club .
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    And of course these three feckin' eejits...