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    I’m sick of reading posts like the OP. Where’s the positivity? We can beat anyone in this league with the players we have at our disposal. There’s still enough points left to play for to push for Europa league qualification. Everyone just needs to believe it will happen and it will. This is football, anything can happen. Before this season started I was eyeing up a top 4 finish, I’ll admit that’s now gone but we can still get top 8 if we all believe
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    Give me strength. It’s their potential for the team buying, not the results of the current team they’re playing in. We didn’t have a great season 2 years ago yet Leicester decided to pay £20m + for a player who’d had one season in the championship. He’s turned out to adjust pretty well in the PL. I’d argue Aarons, Cantwell, Lewis, Godfrey and Buendia could do the same
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    The buying clubs know they’re not buying the finished articles though, that’s why.
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    It knew he was up a creek without a paddle?
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    Brexit and VAR in the same sentence.... VAR is crp The EU are corrupt, neo-liberalist, bureaucrats who make up laws to suit themselves with impunity - a bit like Stockley Park I guess I see no no connection whatsoever
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    My favourite Captain Beefheart track
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    I think he is doing a fabulous job, my only question mark is his use and timing of substitutes
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    He is one of our best ever managers. Gets his players to play attractive football. Yes, he does need to be braver with subs (imo) and to try to dictate and lead momentum rather than respond to setbacks in the game. To suggest he cannot take the team any further however is a big over-reaction. People have faults, nobody is perfect. Yet folk learn. I'm sure Farke will.
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    How about the effect he has on the players of the opposition? Defenders hate defending against speed and directness, it plays on their mind and can affect their behaviour. Often being overly cautious and demanding support from other teammates, resulting in doubling up, thus creating space. This sort of positive impact is not easily picked up by stats or even by the naked eye, its a kind of hidden dynamic. But its definitely there. We struggle to keep teams on the back foot, and find it difficult to get out when under the cosh. Hernandez can help to alleviate both problems. Of course I agree he can sometimes have a poor end product, and can run down blind alleys, but to solely focus on these negatives as a barometer of his ability, is a touch simplistic. With your superior football experience, this does come as a surprise, I must admit.
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    Yeah I’m bored of this now. I can see how LDC gets so many bites though, it’s fairly easy fishing season
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    Because we’ve been unlucky in the majority of our matches and the fans haven’t believed we can beat these teams. Fans like you are a lot of the problem with your negative attitude. Your negativity on this forum translates into the match day performances. If posters on here were more positive then I believe we would soon be seeing that positivity in the results on the pitch
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    The OP wanted him gone last season too. It's a yearly rant. Many others agreed with him. Amazing that we won the league and were apparently "One City Strong"....
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    I'll explain. After watching football for over 60 years I have seen hundreds of wingers like Hernandez. They can usually run quickly and several of them, including Hernandez, have a decent shot in their locker. And as far as positives go, that's it. Most of them, including Hernandez, flatter the deceive most of the time. They run down the wing at break neck speed and then they haven't go a clue what they are going to do when they get near to the business end of the run. They have no awareness of where other teammates are and end up either losing the ball or getting rid of it as quickly as possible, usually to an opponent. Hernandez goes round & round in circles and ends up falling over himself and then looks totally bemused as to why he hasn't won a free kick. As for his defensive qualities, quite honestly he is a liabilty.
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    Really? Against Liverpool you want us to open ourselves up and play our championship style attacking football. We saw how that goes when we played at Anfield. Farke is finding a balance and other than Saturday I can’t think of many occasions he’s played ‘try not to lose for 90 minutes’. That was Hughton football and it’s insulting to Farke to be associated with it, He deserves a lot more respect than that
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    We get that you went to the Cup game at Burnley Lakey - you've told us all, roughly a million times. We get that you think Vrancic should be starting you've told us all roughly a million times. We even get that you totally bizarrely think Hernandez should be starting - you've told us all roughly a million times.
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    There is a reason for the saying “in all things moderation” - whatever our Individual political views, we probably have a great many things we agree about as general principles. Political parties that run purity tests ultimately have nowhere to go except to grab or retain power by suppressing the people that they are supposed to serve. Bernie Sanders supporters are on that path, so is Donald Trump, I worry about Boris and yes I see the danger here for / from Labour. It has already bitten them hard and for the sake of the country I wish they can gat past this phase.
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    To achieve what he has with the playing assets available to him is simply genius. He is in no danger whatsoever. Quite the best worst team we’re ever likely to see.
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    Here they are supporting him at one of his recent events.
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    It also isn’t fair on the home fans around you , who have purchased tickets in the home end and don’t want the aggro that inevitably happens when a entitled tw4t stands up to celebrate.
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    Don't think i've disagreed with a post any more than the OP in recent times.
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    We've got a way to go before we can match this.............
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    Vrancic is a luxury player and is one of the best passes in the game. But having seen plenty of the Premiership at first hand this season the modern game is all about power and athleticism. This has been one of our problems this season. Football wise, our midfielders are quite capable but they are continually closed down, knocked off the ball and beaten in the air by the all round strength of the opposition.At the beginning of the season I wrongly suggested that our current squad would hold their own in the Premiership. Sadly we have had to come to terms that we do not possess the required level of strength and physicality. Yesterday, even the better ball players such as Salah and Mane looked far stronger than the likes of Rupp and Duda for example. As a midfielder you have to run your socks off for 90 mins with power and pace. Vrancic, Leitner and Trybull just do not possess those abilities, albeit they are still useful footballers.
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    This means the “United fan” isn’t really a fan. He/she doesn’t get it . They won’t go to Old Trafford more than twice a year. Good luck to them but they certainly are not a benchmark to use in this argument . ive sat in the occasional home end as an away fan - the most memorable being Colchester. I sat on my hands . Basked in the fun of it all and didn’t say a word. An experienced football fan would understand the emotion. If your side has just conceded and some numpty jumps up in front of you then they will antagonise the surrounding fans . All over the ground it says home fans only . It’s impossible not to know. it’s no good getting all pompous and sensible about it . SupportIng a football team properly doesn’t involve sense or rational thought . Perfectly ordinary folk like me have no idea why we react like we do where football is involved. “I should be able to sit where I like” is just a sense of ill informed entitlement . Would any of us experienced fans believe we are entitled to sit in the home end at Portaloo wearing a Norwich shirt? Should we be allowed to? It is a free country after all?
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    Probably. If you learn the words. I'm sure nice away fans sit in home areas. Just like nice people drive up one way streets.