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    Last night I came on here to bask in the glow of being 7 points clear . What I found was squabbling and city fans calling each other out ? What’s the matter with you lot ? Zonal marking ? Who is the worst player ? Let’s meet up for a punch up? I’m a better fan than you ? We are top of the league for goodness sake (oh yes - “it’s a poor league” ) .And the Binners are having a shocker . Enjoy the moment .
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    Yes the ones they wore to Wembley in 1978
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    Yes, Brentford looking to secure a Champions' League spot next season with that 3-2 win over Bristol City whereas Norwich only managed to beat Bristol 2-0 a few weeks ago.
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    Can't beat a massive over reaction on a Saturday night
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    Anyone know who the rest of the consortium are?
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    Time to bring out the decades old classic
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    I thought after 70 mins it was Birmingham who looked tired. BTW Does anyone ever celebrate a win anymore? That's four wins on the bounce 67 points from 32 games (Have we ever had that many before?) If only we could go, enjoy the wins and then celebrate.
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    Official club statement. Brentford FC have decided not to take 3 points from our home game against Barnsley. We took the decision as a group as we believe it's not having an impact. We believe our time on the pitch shows how much better we are than all the other teams and we're going to use our energies to further that belief.
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    I genuinely don't understand how anyone can seriously criticise a player (especially a foreigner) before at least ten games. The current culture of instant judgement and projection of opinion is depressingly hollow and usually inaccurate.
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    Excellent . I hate when people get all sensible about the Binners. Feeling-sorry this , and I-miss-the-derby that . Sod all of that sensible nonsense . I hate them. I hope never to play them again , or even be in the same division . Some of us had to endure Micky Mills and his ludicrous mustache not only beating us and winning things but PLAYING FOR ENGLAND . It was a nightmare of epic proportion . So let them forever stay in the lower swamps of the football pyramid , struggling to compete with Accrington Stanley and slowly sinking into putrid oblivion. How marvellous!
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    So tired that they played a lot better in the second half than the first.
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    We are doing something tactically different this year. Something quite brave. It links with the issue of subs. We are preparing for a higher level of football and have been for a couple of months. We have matured our game to the point where we are far from the ‘you score 4, we score 5’ rollercoaster of yesteryear - and indeed the fluid, attack-minded disrupt-you-by-attacking methodology that won praise - though few points - at the higher level. Thus a strategic dilemma. As the club’s stated mission is Top 26 - and ideally for all Top 17 - then do you jump the hurdle that is in front of you (a) or prepare for the hurdle that is to come (b)? Everyone will say ‘I want both’ though this requires a serious overhaul of tactical approach, something of a change of mentality, whilst naturally retaining all of the fundamental principles of pattern of play. 1. How does this translate into what we see in front of us? 2. What is the Manager doing differently? 3. What are the players doing differently? 4. Do we - as fans - need to change our thinking in any way as a result of 1,2,3? (4.1) How does this affect substitutions (as a small subset of the overall picture)? In basic terms this is the dilemma: Norwich were horribly exposed at the top level. Being brave, ‘going for it’, flooding forward, scoring lots of goals to win games, high volume wins, individual brilliance... were all over-shadowed by ....lack of weaknesses in any position, structural solidity, high levels of diligent athleticism (particularly vid defensive space-covering), set-piece specialists, highly professional approaches (‘gamesmanship’), tactical fouls, deeply-drilled structural shapes, squad depth, strong game-management, responsibility to the collective in almost all players some good, weapon players on every side, et al. How does what we see in front of us now relate to the above and the overall picture? i. We are playing a much lower risk form of football ii. We are retaining elements of our fluid forward play where appropriate (early, nil-nil ‘probing period’ or when presented with highly deficient opposition structure) iii. Once ahead we are sucking the life out of teams - and the game itself - via possession, tempo control (sucking time out of the game, defusing moments when the opposition has any momentum, obtaining ‘easy’ fouls, not trying to advance out of shape..) iv. Chris Goreham is wrong and Farke is right. The game is not ‘close’ at 1-0. It may be ‘close’ at 0-0 (though we are often well ahead on ‘points’ even at this stage) though the ‘fear’ so commonly expressed is subjective and - particularly yesterday - bears little ressemblance to the amount of on-field strategic control we exert. V. Football is a low-scoring game. One goal - as every good Italian knows - is a massive advantage, a huge disruptor to the opposition. They have to change (unless they play very low rent, low-possession, keep-it-tight-hope-for-a-set-piece or bit-of-luck and cannot change..like Rotherham yesterday) and you do not. vi. Change is not generally good in football. You spend enormous amounts of time setting up your structure, tactical plan, personnel interactions, minutiae that the average fan would scarcely believe. Change thus becomes an inferior Plan B (or it would have been Plan A). Things can work in your favour - though ‘bringing on Big Crouchy when they’re tiring’ is a luxury most Championship clubs don’t have. If their ‘Crouchy’ was better, he’d start. vii. ‘Rotherham’s Crouchy’ doesn’t start because ‘when you’re attacking you are defending’ and ‘when you’re defending you are attacking’. Every piece and action is inter-connected and affects the whole. Few fans have the inside knowledge, data, direct experience, direct contact with the psychology of the players or deep understanding of how disparate parts contribute to the whole. Adding one things costs another, which diminishes another, augments a different piece, all of which suits one player , makes it harder for another, increases stress on one part of the system, strengthening another....but how does that relate to your resources, what the opposition resources are, what the variables of the day are (pitch, conditions, league position, momentum, current dressing-room psychology)? Viii. We are thus not trying to score at 1-0. We will will if a great opportunity presents itself, if someone does something strategically low-risk though brilliant, the opposition makes a mistake or the opposition breaks its own structure too much in trying to recover a goal. ix. When you are ahead you don’t need to change (nb: assuming - like us - that your game plan is superior, repeatedly troubling the opposition and making it notably more likely that you will score - or not obviously concede via an apparent weakness). It isn’t your problem. You might proactively counter a move the opposition is going to make (‘bringing on Crouchy’), though - as with yesterday - not if all that can be offered is more of the same. Why would you then change? The pattern of play is showing that you (remain) far more likely to score than the opposition. X. In this context subs become a tactical weapon - like a set piece - and are actually used to disrupt the opposition momentum, defuse the last 10 minutes (subs at ‘85 minutes’ as written may actually play for 15 minutes note), ‘steal’ time from the referees watch and re-inforce key spaces as opposition teams overload. xi. The actual quality of ‘chances’ we are conceding is generally very low. Fans are conditioned to fear narrow leads (in England) and thus hold their breath ‘Goreham-like’ every time the opposition crosses the half-way line because of ‘what might happen’ in their passionate, partisan minds. Professionals must resist such subjective fear and contextualise it clearly with the empirical evidence in front of them. We are preparing - bravely - for a higher level. This is not ‘putting the cart before the horse’ , it is necessary transitioning and re-inforces Farke’s (and others’) observation that free-scoring promoted teams may - occasionally - keep scoring at the top level and survive a (lucrative) year, though teams that generally establish over a mid-term period (and thus are able to structurally strengthen) have far better defensive structure, are able to ‘see out’ tight games and resist ‘fear marketing’ when they are ahead. Like any really good (and he is excellent) coach he is managing to elegantly tessellate the immediate objectives with organic, persistent progression towards a deeper growth objective. Thus you use current circumstances to create ‘set-pieces’ that point your charges towards the future. You are hardening your players to perform, act and decide as if they were playing at a (far) higher level. Which they will be. Parma
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    yep absolutely mental isn’t it? Ill take Farkes commensense over anyone on here thanks
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    "Thank you's" all round for the concerned comments above. I'm hardly ever ill and when you get symptoms during such a pandemic it must be easy to add two and two. I'm now fairly sure I do not have the virus. All checks I've made (save for a test result) indicate not. There are the three key symptoms and I've not had any of those. The throat and stomach are much better after a 24 hour period too. Mrs S was never convinced either! I may as well take the mickey out of myself!
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    Andy Townsend can be added to those two, he wiped his Norwich career from memory very quickly.
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    A great player with an even better attitude, he deserves a dream move in the summer.
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    A genuine all rounder (and a bloody good one) which means that people without a football brain will never see why he's valuable. He doesn't play so many games for Farke and get capped by his country so frequently for no reason.
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    I thought the same thing . Mitrovic goes down holding his face in the sort of agony that would see most of us in ICU for a fortnight , and it doesn’t get any kind of mention. Week In and week out we see it . when Emi got his red against Burnley it was no different . Football accepts this nonsense as part of the game .
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    So another one of our youngsters has penned a long term contract with the club today. This time it's U18s defender Sean Stewart who has signed on for four years. There has been such a blizzard of announcements in the last few weeks that I've probably forgotten a few, but by my reckoning that's Jaden Warner, Joe Rose, Sam Blair, Sean Stewart, Tom Dickson-Peters, Tyrese Omotoye, Lewis Shipley, Abu Kamara, Jonathon Rowe and Andrew Omobamidele who have all signed long term contracts with the club in the last few weeks. There has never been a time when we have signed up so many youngsters on such long term contracts. The reality is of course that most of them won't make it with us, but some of them will and that's a thrilling prospect. Given that the post-Brexit transfer rules have made it a lot more difficult to sign promising young players from Europe it is vital that we produce as many home-grown players as possible. Once again Norwich City and Stuart Webber are ahead of the curve - I just love the way our club is run these days.
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    Nah, a couple of wins and Evans will give him another 5 years, he's playing a blinder
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    People are aware that the Championship is fairly competitive right? Also the fact it wasn't our best performance, but away from home on a cabbage patch ground out what was a comfortable win in the end? Genuinely not sure what people expect, especially given the horrendous conditions tonight? We're never going to blow teams away every week, but Swansea aside, have never really looked like losing in recent games.
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    Very good post, and a lot of valid points. I suspect the correct argument will only be borne out of the results of the season, and given how things are going so far, I think it's fair to accept there is a method in Farke's seeming madness. I also think his use of substitutions seems to have improved this season, as has been shown by the match-winning changes he made several times earlier on in the season. Ultimately, as a manager, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Had Farke brought someone on earlier and they struggled to adjust to the pace at a crucial time, or the cohesion of the squad had been upset so much that we ended up losing the game, he would have been smashed for it. Equally, he could have bought on Idah/Dowell earlier and we went on to win the game comfortably. Given that we had more than enough chances to win this and the Coventry game by a larger margin, yet still couldn't take our chances with probably our strongest 11, makes me doubt whether it's Farke's substitutions that are the reason for this. What does get my goat is when people act as if game management and substitutions is simple, and that Farke is an idiot who should just bring fresh legs on when things are getting a bit tight. I get that we are all fans, and some probably handle the pressure of a tight 1-0 game against Rotherham better than others, but I genuinely can't understand people who try and act as if it's basic stuff Farke is missing. There are, presumably, all other sorts of factors Farke is thinking about - squad cohesion, testing the key players within these pressure situations, match freshness and other things we are not privy to. Maybe, just maybe, given our current position in the table, is it not possible that Farke's "lack" of substitutions and determination to reduce rotation as much as possible are a major factor as to why we are where we are?! Anyway, I suspect none of us will ever be able to prove or disprove this one way or the other, but people pretending that because they have played a few seasons of Football Manager or watched Norwich for decades that this substitution malarkey is straightforward, easy and that he's "doing it wrong" is very silly IMO.
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    Cantwell was superb tonight, back to his very best.
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    I dont understand why posters on here think its Todd's responsibility to adjust his personal life on social media to cater for our thick fans who can't read, our bored fans who like to read into things because they've got nothing to do all day and our unsupportive fans who just like to criticise anything and everything Todd does.
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    Well that's one in the eye for all those on this forum who were happy to hand the Championship trophy to Brentford during the week....with 18 games left....
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    If Brentford rate him, sign him up. They are the best team in this division and will clearly storm the PL, probably winning it in their first season.
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    What’s your view on streaming ?
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    I can’t get my head round most brexiteers all being like Alf Garnett, Till Death Us Do Part! I mean if they bought into Farage...... Classic part of their script! Sums up our Brexiteers on here.... Alf Garnett: Well, I mean, see if we go into Europe... Else Garnett: I thought we was in Europe. I mean, I thought we always have been. Alf Garnett: I know that, yer silly moo. I'm not talking about that aspect am I? I'm talking about the Common Market aspect of the going into Europe. Alf Garnett: Old Enoch's against it, in't 'e, eh? He don't want no more bloody foreigners over here. We got enough bloody foreigners here as it is. Bloody country's swarming with E****s and Kr***ts and Fr****es and Spa*****es and Brussel Sprouts. All coming over here and taking our jobs off of us, aren't they? Else Garnett: Well, we can go over there and take the jobs off of them. Alf Garnett: I don't want to go over there, do I? Else Garnett: Wish you would.
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    It’s just a sign of how amazing our coaching team have done over three years that teams have to resort to this approach of simply trying to stop us. That wasn’t the case when Farke and Webber came in. It wasn’t even the case two years ago. we’ve created a gulf in quality if play which means that teams have to do this to try to scrape a point. It’s a vindication of Farke’s methods, not a weakness of them,
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    Normally I would agree but he's gone to some tinpot Italian club I for one have never heard of. I don't see how a semi-pro outfit or whatever it is based in a rundown Calabrian village could possibly be a bigger draw than the best team in East Anglia.
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    Opinions seem to be divided between those of us who suffered from 1975 to 1985 and the younger ones who have rarely known anything other than Norwich superiority. I suffered and I'd like them to stay where they are.
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    Danny Dyer and Pat Butcher?
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    If the next five are as enjoyable as the previous 54 I'll be more than happy
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    https://twitter.com/CastCanary/status/1360610876945006595?s=09 Clip here of that move that led to our first goal. Pure Farkeball.
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    Had the AZ today at a mass site. I bet I was in there between 3-4 minutes. Perfectly organised and everyone pleasant and well trained.
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    Don't know what all the fuss is about. The defender's elbow is up at forehead height for no good reason and there is a connection. Has to be a red card by the book. As for pundits calling it out....they are the same pundits that often say "he was touched so he's entitled to go down"........go figure.....
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    Not 'awkward towards Britain' The paperwork will be the same for all '3rd countries'. Becoming a third country is what you voted for.
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    Given me an injection of confidence. Top, top manager. A pleasure to have him at our club.
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    Vaccine booked for next Thursday. #relieved! I have to say credit where it's due, the Government appear to be keeping up with quotas. However, I reserve the real gratitude for the likes of Sarah Gilbert and her colleagues, the NHS and the thousands of good people volunteering, all true heroes in my eyes.
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    I'm sure the league won't finish but if they vote to continue then maybe NCFC could help out with £100K?
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    We've just had two performances in a row where we've barely looked like troubling the opposition keeper, I don't think people being concerned is pant wetting. I honestly don't know what you expect from a fan forum after games like this- just 50 people posting 'oh well, we didn't play brilliantly but we're still top!' and then logging off?
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    If he sticks it up the exhaust pipe he could end up HGV positive!
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    Bit pedantic, there are levels within leagues. For example, I think if we signed someone from Wycombe they would be stepping up a level. Or if Lincoln bought someone from Ipswich.
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    I thought they’d suspended all amateur level football?
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