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    Where did it all go wrong Daniel, Stuart, Delia? I had a client who - aside from other things - was a leading National risk assessor for Health & Safety accidents at work. When thinking about apportioning blame for any perceived failure, I often think about his firmly-held belief - borne of repeated experience - that major failures are almost always the consequence of a string of (he would say predominantly-avoidable) smaller errors occurring in collective sequence. These errors can be broken down into the strategic, the operational-systemic and the individual. The overriding driver for assessment is learning and structural improvement where necessary. Much as it is with Norwich. In the immediate aftermath of failure, my client would consider it highly unwise to leap to find fast answers and apportion useful blame. It is something of a human instinct, though it is a poor substitute for slower, more considered thinking. Norwich don’t have enough money to compete on an equal footing at this level. This is undoubtedly a massive hindrance and defines a number of macro imperatives that drive subsequent sporting decisions. Let’s start with the obvious. There are few Norwich fans who would argue against the statement that Buendia was our best player last year and that Skipp was our most important. Buendia for pure ability to hurt the opposition and affect games, week in, week out. He cannot be ignored strategically by the opposition, they have to change their own preferred plans to adjust to his very presence. Coaching definition: a weapon. Skipp naturally played the exact way that offered a key counterpoint to the way Farke likes to play and set up his sides. He instinctively acted as a third centre back when necessary, didn’t get sucked forward or out of shape when we were on top, smelt danger before it arrives and was fast into the fire at its outbreak. If he was not priceless to us, his role was. If not him, then someone had to bought to do that exact job. It is even more important at the top level. This is not hindsight, it was pretty clear to the vast majority of Norwich fans who watch their team regularly. Let us now shoot a canard or two to move the discussion forward. It is unheard of to sell your best player and major weapon upon promotion. Unheard of. The timing of it is extraordinary. It was a huge gamble and - slightly - smells of a compulsive need-belief in ‘doing differently’ to the point where you try to reinvent the wheel in evangelical belief. Norwich did not have to sell Buendia. There have been thousands of footballers who pitched for a move, who got their agent to get spiky, who leaked some ‘come-and-get-me’ pleas, a thousand gentleman’s agreements in football that weren’t worth the toilet paper they weren’t wiped on. Norwich were premier League. Buendia was under contract. Promotion was fresh. Norwich chose to sell Buendia. This goes to the heart of the issue, as it combines the weaknesses of lack of finance with sporting strategy. It is not retrospective wisdom to note that at the top level teams are full of powerful, capable squads who have the top level nous to minimise on-field strategic weakness (and force the best to be brilliant, week-in, week-out). Weaker teams face more pressure and thus weaker players make more individual mistakes. Is this then really errors of the individual or the inevitable odds of the wheel of fortune? Stuart Webber wisely stated that we would not try to compete with this, that we couldn’t, that we would focus on improving the first xi and not spread money around a vast squad of interchangeable (likely not-quite-as-good-as-everyone-else’s) players. Nevertheless the decision was made to sell Buendia - who not only a weapon in his own right, but also ensured that Pukki his compadre was at least half a weapon. That’s already good enough to trouble teams a bit. What has been bought are not weapons. They are good players. We are on average much better as a squad, yet conversely less dangerous to the opposition. There is the trade. It seems at odds with the early-in-pre-season statement. Daniel Farke can pick two good teams every week, though not an eleven that can trouble the opposition. This looks like an expensive mis-calculation. There may be a necessary asset investment angle to this. A Tzolis, a Sargent, a Rashica can flourish and suddenly be a valuable asset. They may stay and thrive in the Championship. This strategy may be a product of lack of finance. It would be hard to argue that it doesn’t sacrifice the here-and-now though. The painful truth may be that Daniel, Stuart and Delia have all done as well as they can with what they have. Demanding change now may be missing the point. Daniel may be wedded to a dominant footballing philosophy that flourishes exclusively against the weaker. Stuart may have ‘done different’ one too many times and succumbed to the - often wonderful - religious fervour of a new Messiah. Delia may be right to rail against the dreadful capitalism of the whole thing….but…. …Maths is a terrible adversary however and all the numbers are against us with what we have. Unpicking the stitching in the dugout changes little if the over-arching fundamentals remain the same. Farke may be the lightning rod, Webber may seek pastures new and trade off well-earned previous glories, Delia may cling on with an ever-tighter grip like Miss Haversham in the crumbling manor…but what then? Does the cycle repeat….the wonderful, awful pain and joy of yo-yo greatness and awfulness? The railing against Murdoch’s millions while gobbling it up so it can be dribbled away to pay for the inevitable annual millions lost in the Championship? Farke has an array of good players, though he has no weapons. Even Pukki is emasculated without Buendia. Of course when you have one or two weapons you are dependent. Of course you are one injury away from a real issue. Though even that wily old warhorse Steve Bruce - no-ones favourite for favourite manager of the year - essentially builds a solid, effective team then ‘gives the ball to the lad Saint-Maximin’ while the others players sit tight, watch and applaud. It is an effective strategy for the job at hand. Newcastle stay up comfortably (also not enough for fans of course, one must ever move forwards..such is top level sport). Unless you are a truly wealthy, incredible team you cannot hold many weapons for long though. Though the magpies do keep Saint-Maximin, Spurs do not sell Kane and nobody - but nobody - sells such a weapon at the point of promotion. Norwich are hamstrung by their ownership model. Self-sustaining to an absolutist degree is an extraordinary strategy in football. There is no money. Self-sustaining is not a philosophy or a laudable guiding principle, it is borne of necessity. Everything - selling Buendia included - flows from there. Unless Delia gives the shares away or bequeathes them to a group or individual, then they must be bought. They do have a value. Let us say that the club is worth £100m. To buy 65% of the club, an investor, new benefactor, lottery winner must spend £65m on a nameplate. Before anything else happens. £65m spent and not a single loan left back added yet. No wonder there ‘is no queue of investors lining Carrow Road’. So this is it. This is where the maths ends up and the road we tread again. Farke is a red herring. Sacking the manager changes nothing. I’m not even sure that 2 or 3 ardent fans would agree on what our best xi is, what shape it should be, where our best weapons are. I’m afraid simply railing that ‘we should get after them more’….or ‘we don’t go at teams from the off’ … or ..’we need to want it more’ is pointless, worthless nonsense. We have spent Buendia on a lot of players who are better than we had before and a lot less not-as-good-as-everyone-else’s. Though we don’t have anything now to really hurt teams tactically with. ‘Both boxes’ as the old boys used to say. Our failure is a cascading collection of small weaknesses and inter-connecting sticking plasters to cover the gaping wound of lack of finance. All of it is understandable. If we really want to ‘do different’ it is time to reach out to the SME world, to the Tifosys trading ground bond supporters, small investors, loyal individuals and create a genuinely inclusive French-Shared-Mortgage model whereby the small slices of ownership fluctuate according to investment size at any given moment. Whereby any small (vetted) investor gets a marketing share of brand usage, whereby the community and collective spirit is honourably leveraged to create a membership-style model that would truly be a fitting legacy to Delia’s wonderful era. She herself could and should be a major part going forwards. Like it or not, intended or not, the club has become a massively appreciated asset. It’s value has increased maybe tenfold from the very welcome, though contextually small investment of (anecdotally) £10m or less. The majority of the £100m is now Delia’s. She can hand it down to Tom. He can keep it or cash it in. Maybe it is a theoretical £100m that never sees the light of day. If you ask for that money from an investor, I would be reasonably sure it would never materialise. The ‘doors are open’ offer to sell is thus a somewhat theoretical one. It also would have no benefit to Norwich City. Not a pound would enter the club from such a share sale. Something of a circular reference self-fulfilling prophecy then…. ..and so we have 20 odd good players and no Buendia. Nor any Skipp. Nor any points. Not really an accident at all. Parma
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    By popular demand....well by one person anyway..... Just got back from the match and not read anything on here and couldn't listen to canary call, so all I've seen or heard was a rather shabby BBC report on Radio 5 that declared Burnley had chances to win the match, which implied that we didn't, which is a travesty of the situation. My thoughts? As a performance I thought it was gutsy, feisty, hard fought, passionate, at times exciting and we could and maybe should have scored. Totally deserved the point and the fans loved it with the relief of finally getting a point and seeing a really good performance. So good performances all over the pitch, Normann, Kabak and Gianoulis caught the eye particularly - and Rashica when he came on when he gave their left back a torrid time. You could see Sargent gives absolutely 100% too and was a handful and good at pressing and tracking back. Late in the second half Kabak and Sargent both had gutsy runs which really lifted the fans and showed intent - and there were two good shots from Aarons and Lees-Melou in the first half. Normann was excellent, drawing a good save from the Burnely goalie and he hit the bar with a cross shot - he looks a real player. If you compared this game to two years ago when were bullied to a 2-0 loss, this was quite the opposite. We were well up to the physical challenge today, which was really good to see. No bullying by Burnley then - we simply met them head on - and overall it was a good lively 0-0. There were faults, of course, too many misplaced passes still, looked a bit nervy passing around at the back - but we had a safety first policy in place where Krul quite often kicked long, so mixing it up a bit, which I thought was good practice and made us a bit less predictable at the back - Burnley could not afford to press too much as a result. Their penalty shouts were dealt with well by the ref - there was one that might have been given had their player not been running away from the goal at the time, but overall the decisions looked fair for both teams and the ref looked to me as if he was trying to let the game flow. Farke summed it up at the end when he came over to our cheering fans with his hand over his heart. It was that kind of game and we did very well under the circumstances of having no points and with confidence low, to battle and give as good as we got - and with a bit of luck migt have even got all three points. I've probably missed out some important stuff, but being my first match for quite some time, I enjoyed every minute of it - the team turned up and gave us the performance we wanted to see - and the fans were brilliant too. We're up and running! OTBC
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    Saudi money - on the back of misogyny, beheadings, bombing and starving the poor country next door, and generating the extreme form of Islamism that led to 9-11 I’ll stick with Delia
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    I find it astonishing some on here can't see that we're having to do what we can to build a bit of confidence and momentum back into the squad. People complained repeatedly that all we do against Burnley is get bullied and lose 2-0. Look at the prediction threads. Then we go and actually match up physically to them, and the complaints are that we aren't playing liquid football. I actually can't believe it needs explaining that to play the style of football we do and play two wingers etc requires a certain level of confidence. We need to get that back before we think we have the right to go and play through teams.
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    I didn't see the team sheet until after I arrived at the ground today and my first thoughts were that it looked a bit safety first and Hughtonesque, but my spirits were raised when we won the toss and decided to kick what I always insist is the "Proper Way", ie River End second half. Historically I reckon it has always served us best. It was rather disappointing once again to see the visitors dominating the opening exchanges with City barely able to get a touch of the ball and apart from one long ball up to Sargent the ball was rarely out of the home area in the first ten minutes. Unfortunately the Brighton defence was able to snuff out the danger before he could pull the trigger. Just before the quarter hour however there was a decent spell down the left and this time Sargent did get an effort infrom the edge of the box which was deflected for a corner. The game became more even for a time with both sides trading corners which came to nothing. High balls into the box seemed a wasteful exercise with a couple of real giants in the visitors back line. After a lull Brighton again got on the front foot and a goal looked certain when City failed to clear their area and Krul had to make two exellent parries from close range before the ball was hoofed clear. Then minutes later and still under pressure, a deflected ball seemed to bouce nicely for Maupay as he got in front of Hanley. He went to take the ball wide of the advancing Krul and from my position above and to the right of goal it did look like he was clipped but he certainly dived theatrically. Now I haven't seen the VAR but I was relieved and a bit surprised that it wasn't a penalty. From here on I was just hoping we could make it to halftime without conceeding because we were definitely second best for most of the first forty five. Right on the stroke of halftime however City should have gone in front. After exerting a little bit of pressure Brighton were looking to clear but good work by Sargent caused a mistake and he emerged with the ball between the goalkeeper and a defender and simply had to stroke the ball into any empty net. It was on target but with nowhere near enough power behind it and it was easily hooked away. It was a golden chance but on balance all square was a better reflection of the play than seemed likely earier. From the whistle City began to get a bit more of the ball and a few minutes in they broke at speed down the centre. Pukki's ball inside to Sargent looked perfect and I was half out of my seat only to sit down sharply as Sargent's awful first touch ruined what should have been a great opening. From here on it was hard graft as play swung from end to end. Brighton still had plenty of the ball but City looked resolute at the back so chances were at a premium. Normann showed up with a couple of lovely long passes out to the wings but neither side could get anything clear cut on goal. Gibson banged a twenty-five yarder but Sanchez always looked favourite. Rashica came on for Sargent with fifteen minutes left and as we moved into the last ten he latched on to Normanns pass and sent Pukki away on goal only for a Brighton defender to get in a fantastic block just as the City "Main Man" went to pull the trigger. City were certainly worth a point but they nearly lost it when Maupay finally got some space but somehow scooped the ball over the top. In the end just a point and probably a fair result, however Sargent will likely be replaying that moment in his mind well into the early hours. Pukki, very sharp today, just a shame the two best chances didn't fall his way. Lees-Malou, best game so far, Normann, exellent but I'm giving my MOM to Grant Hanley. Stuck Maupay on his **** a few times and generally was a rock in the middle. Onward and upward.
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    I'd still rather stick with Delia.
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    Are you not seeing progression here? 17/18 Obviously a Farkenstein's monster of a squad with players from 2 significantly different regimes. The football is a mixed bag but for the most part it doesn't really click and we draw loads of games. We finish 14th and then go and sell our 2 best players, obviously only going 1 way next year, right. 18/19 Everything clicks. We make smart signings, our youngsters are world beaters, we're scoring last minute winners every week and everyhting is amazing. In reality this squad was just a continuation of last year's work. There wasn't any real expectation that it would be in the top 6 let alone winning the league. 19/20 Concious decision is made to not spend on the field but to secure the finances, tie players down long term, pay off the new training ground and hope that momentum carries us through (momentum worked pretty well for us under Lambert). Instead of that happening everything goes wrong, injuries and then just as things are looking like they could improve a global pandemic. 20/21 Unlike 18/19 this season a squad is put together with intent on finishing in the top 2. What did we learn last season? We need to be more physical. A majority of our signings this summer are bigger, faster or stronger than those that are phased out or leave and we play a more defensively secure system. Obviously we then walk the league. 21/22 Only time will tell. Obviously the big talking point at the moment is Emi Buendia. In my opinion Buendia's sale has allowed us to make more dramatic improvements through the squad than we would have been able to if we had kept him. Would Buendia and smaller improvements to the squad have us in a better place now? Maybe as there would be less need for the team to adapt. I'm not sure he'd have us beating a lot of the teams we've played thus far mind - see 19/20. It's obviously not smooth sailing all of the time but it looks to me as if we're trending upwards. For the most part each unit of the squad is improving year on year. Facilities are constantly improving (at the cost of signing us a few world beaters I'm sure) and the youth pipeline is looking impressive. Until a billionaire comes knocking I think this probably is our best shot at being massive.
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    Certain posters on here are better suited to that club than ours. I'm proud that we're giving Farke the time and respect he has earned.
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    Mick's daughter Creanne asked me to thank everyone for their kind messages about her dad which brought comfort to the family. She loved the photo @Diane NCFSC had framed for her and enjoys seeing Lapps remembered by @chicken with the match threads and all the pledges on the Lappinitup pledge thread. Thanks everyone.
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    I have to say what a deluded bunch you are. Should we call the last 6 games pre season? Palace lost 7 in a row and survived, Bloody VAR again, Mini survival league. We need to cut out mistakes. Once we start scoring we will end up in 11th. What an embarrassment. Some of you are hanging on to any kind of hope by your last finger nail and must be thinking the football gods will take pity on our poor club and start giving us wins. They won't. We are bottom pointless because we deserve to be. Any football team in any league that loses 6 straight, can't score and can't defend and has a manager unable to get his players to run through walls in order to get points deserves all they get. NOTHING. There are no football gods looking in our favour, by deluding yourselves your are just setting yourselves up for more misery. Wake up
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    If, we are delusional, why does it set it up for more misery? I don't mean to be rude, but you don't seem particularly happy yourself.
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    I’m not sure why there’s still so much misery after that game, this was the kind of dogged, roll-your-sleeves-up defensive performance we didn’t see 2 years ago, and the sheer desire to protect our goal that many have accused Farke of not being able to create in a team. Not to mention our record against Burnley is also shocking! I’d have bitten your hand off for this result before the game. Yes we still look toothless going forwards but it’s surely a necessary evil to just dig in while the team continues to settle and build a bit of confidence. Today was the first proper step and there’ll be a few more ups and downs before we get to the levels needed, but I think we can get there (not sure if it’ll be enough to stay up but certainly in terms of competing with the sides in and around us at least). Thought the back 5 did a great job, and the 3 in midfield got stuck in and we actually looked a bit more threatening in possession (much more so than versus Everton IMO). Much more like a team! McLean also much improved from last week and we might start to see a spine forming in our team now with Kabak and Normann at the heart of it. It’s nothing to get carried away over yet but I feel we are starting to see some green shoots coming through, it’s still very early in the season and there’s still plenty of room for us to grow into it.
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    Please tell her its no problem. I lost my dad to Covid nearly a year ago, simple things can help and we should all be able to spare a few moments for simple things to help others.
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    This thread is poor, we're talking about one of our best players here and one of our own! Show the guy some respect. It's not even like its actually funny, is it? Given the level of nonsense we're at now I really hope this is resolved soon, either with a clear position stated by Farke or Todd, with some kind of time frame highlighted, or with him returning to at least the subs bench in the next game or two. Yes he didn't play particularly well early in the season, but who did? We know what he's capable of at this level and if we've got any hope of staying up then he will have a clear part to play.
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    A bit harsh. He did score that header against Ipswich in the '85 semi-final...
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    We need to sack farke after this weekend because we are not staying up under him as he has said he is not worried about us not scoring goals and for that and a number of other things he has not done I would put Steve Bruce in charge so we start winning match’s.
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    No idea what a 'clapper' is beyond someone who supports their team but either way you're absolutely tragic. What you actually said on 31st August was: You said it was the best transfer window you can remember. Let's not pretend you had some insight beyond everyone else because we all know that's false and proven above.
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    Is this serious? Radio Norfolk mentioned there were two polarising opinions about Sargent which surprised me but now are we really trying to compare Sargent with Hugill? Are some that sad that they’re holding that miss against him in such an angry way?? I was pleased to stay in the ground after the whistle and applaud the team off the pitch. Even more pleasing was that everyone around me was shouting support to Josh as he came off. “Well played Josh” “It’s coming Josh, keep going” “great game” just some of the comments I heard (and joined in with) and Josh came over and thanked us for the support. Was a moment that restored my faith in the fans, particularly after sitting behind an absolute bell*** who criticised everything throughout the whole match.
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    A lot of negative posts on here this evening and just wanted to address that with this thread. "Step in the right direction" (as Farke has just said) sums it up for me. Disappointing to miss those two or three clear chances, but still a point and a chance to build on that in the coming weeks. OTBC
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    It speaks volumes for the irrationality / overblown nature of some expectations that they think despite a squad overhaul from a promotion and an opening six games where we conceded 16 goals, two 0-0 draws in a row are reason to complain. There are definitely still flaws to be ironed out, but if you're shipping close to three a game, first thing is to tighten up.
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    From WOTB but worth sharing. At a recording of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue I attended last night, chairman Jack Dee Congratulated panellist Omid Djalili on winning the lottery and buying his local football team,Ipswich Town. He then added “Imagine if he had got four numbers!”
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    Wow. Just wow. Yeah, f*ck morality and humanity when your football team can climb a few places. I say again for emphasis. Wow.
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    Yes, not the greatest start to the season but really is it that bad. Bad enough to want Farke pushed out the door. Just remember what this man and his team have done for the club and where we are now compared to 4 years ago. I still have faith in the team, the project and more importantly Daniel Farke. We will come good and the results will follow. A small club down the road recently pushed a certain Mick McCarthy out of the door, look how that’s ended. I don’t want that happening to my club. Farke must be given time and deserves time to turn this around. Everybody needs to get behind him and the team. OTBC.
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    It takes time to bed in some new players. Emi didn’t feature immediately, took about 6 games for his first start. Also that was in the championship. We’re now trying to introduce a young, raw attacking midfielder into a PL team that has been haemorrhaging goals. Sort defence first, then bring in the creativity at the other end. I don’t think there’s anything to panic about with Tzolis.
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    I must say if all the players not getting game time Tzolis is the one that worries/baffles me most. This is a guy playing regularly international snd Europa league football before he joined us. He makes stuff happen when he plays. It worries me he’s getting shut out and I can’t see him being too up for championship football either. We need to get him onto the pitch more often.
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    F**k all that. I'd spend it on women, parties, holidays, flash houses and fast cars. The rest I'd just waste.
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    We're all (myself included) quick to slag off refs, but I thought he was outstanding today, didn't buy any of that nonsense from Burnley anytime they got near our box or be influenced by their moronic support shouting handball for everything.
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    "Some are talking about this performance as if it was like winning an FA cup final." Absolutely nobody is talking or saying anything like this. You are talking utter bollox though which I think all will agree with.
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    From what I've seen of the extended highlights (and listened on the radio), Norwich are definitely improving, the new players do look good, especially Normann. I think in one or two games they will find that missing gel (missing goals, assists) and we will beat a team by scoring 3 or 4 goals. (I think against Burnley) Once those first goals go flying into the opponents net, I think all will be ok, and will finish 11th.
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    Ok, we are all devastated to have such a bad defeat after the hope of the last two games, but the more I read, the more angry I get with those down and outs (binners and serial anti-club so called fans) that are coming on here who are here solely to fuel the flames of our disappointment - and those that fall for it and are wallowing in it. So to you binners and those that like trying to make it worse for others, crawl back into your holes. Imo, we need to calm down a bit, there is more to life than football, there is hope and there is always the next game.
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    Early Kick off for this one folks - 12:30 GMT at Stamford Bridge. It is being televised on BT Sport for those who have it or who have friends/family you can join or hijack their TV for. As is the norm, the pinkUn has it's presser report and a few separate pieces focusing on some of the news from that on their front page. It sounds to me like poor old Zimmermann is still suffering from that horrific tackle he was on the end of playing West Ham two seasons ago. The BBC also have their pre-match sum up but you'll have to ignore "Lawro's Prediction" if you want to remain positive! For those of you wanting to get into a more positive frame of mind than our old friend Lawro, the club has put together a video of goals our boys in yellow and green have scored in the past. As is now part of our weekly routine of enjoyment you can also go and join in with Rays Funds for the CSF with the PUPs Season 15 Week 11 and help to raise money for a very, very good cause. Interesting little piece of knowledge - there are no football clubs located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Stamford Bridge is actually located in Fulham. Something fans of QPR and Fulham will often remind their Chelsea counterparts. EDIT: Possible piece of insight - apparently, last night, Tzolis switched himself into his own fantasy football team. The last time he did this was Vs Arsenal when he started. As you can imagine, some fans on social media have latched onto this. As a result, there is some belief that he might be starting today. Edit 2: Team
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    So, to summarise, Todd has been going through a rough time at home, understandably that has impacted him and his focus. Within the same period, he has been dealing with some little niggles that have caused him to miss training, he isn't "out injured", but he isn't ready for a Premier League game. He's turning out for the u23s this evening to help him reach that level of readiness and a couple of solid full weeks of training will help him massively. Hopefully he's back in the first team squad shortly then.
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    I couldn't give a damn where the scumbag is from. He fed his customers constant lies, used his prominent position to spread misinformation and now whines when what he campaigned for has bitten him on the backside. Like Daltrey, Dickinson, Dyson etc, they can go ****emselves.
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    Some of the brain research on the programme was staggering, in that it seemed to identify a genetic disposition to addiction, and in Merson's case to gambling in particular. His own phrase was 'It's in me'. Others just refer to an "addictive personality" to explain their dependence. Gambling, like alcohol, tobacco, pornography etc is a drug for some people and just as we don't allow certain advertising or sponsorship for those, we shouldn't allow the gambling companies to prey on the vulnerable or the young. The attachment to football over the last 30 years, rather than racing which by comparison is now low key, is particularly pernicious.
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    At least Lord North managed to navigate the complexities of the comb:
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    10-0 Burnley. Farke resigns at half time with the score at 8-0, Neil Adams takes charge and we make a spirited fight of it in the second period only conceding a further two goals. Craig Forrest turns up at full time to do some cartwheels that someone has finally conceded more than 9. The Premier League relegate us on the spot. Adams recruits the dream team of Russell and Ricky Martin and the PinkUn finally has it's Chernobyl moment as it is swamped by bell ends revelling in their own misery saying I told you so and wishing we were some poxy tinpot club that's had a great last five minutes.
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    Three guesses which is which.....
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    He looks good to me, it is hard to be enthusiastic when you are in a losing.run
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    And this is the problem for so many. A bit of ribbing from fans that have never been closer to the ground of the team they “support” than looking at a map and they can’t handle it. Ok, we’re losing games but if you can’t find anything to be positive about, to be proud of, I’m not sure we’ll ever be the club for you. Of course, I am desperate for us to “do better”, to be winning games and being held up as a beacon of footballing greatness. Yet, even now, I have a huge amount of pride for what we actually are achieving. Folk are throwing toys because we lost to Watford; the guy that did the most damage cost - according to Sky - £40m. It’s not an excuse or being “accepting” of anything, it’s a realisation of the arena we play in. They managed to keep Sarr and I understand the shaking of heads that we couldn’t keep Emi. Yet Emi - I imagine - felt that to further himself and become a mainstay of the Argentinian squad, he had to move. When Sarr signed for Watford he was already an established international and I hate to think what they’re paying him. As for Emi, he’s been mostly benched recently and for the first time in three squads, finds himself not selected for Argentina. When he joined Villa, I thought him feeding Watkins with Grealish would be a heady mix. Then they signed Danny Ings and as good as he is, I’m not sure he fits if they’re going two up top. I guess what I’m saying is that we’re all disappointed but if you seriously can’t look at what we’ve done, the way we operate and have some pride in the model, the youth development and so on, then you’re probably more suited to supporting someone else. That’s not to say that any one supporter is better than another, we all love the club. It’s about realism and realisation. I appreciate that this will - again - see those worried about Barry, the Man United fan from Lowestoft and his laughing stock memes, gnash their gums about the ownership model, the recruitment etc but - and I’ll get called “little Norwich” for this - I’d trade our last decade for Burnley or Palace’s any day of the week. The Premier League is a ****ing cess pit. It’s great to get there and dreadful when you do. The whole thing is geared around the perceived giants, never more so displayed when it was reported that they didn’t want “too many Leicesters”. Rather than these pundits poking fun, they should acknowledge that a sustainable and competitive football club is something to be held up and cherished. And yes, I’m sure someone will be quick to whine that we aren’t competitive, but, like it or not, we are. We haven’t been embarrassed by anyone. And if you are embarrassed, it isn’t the football you’re watching, it’s social media and listening to your workmates that follow from the sofa. Show the mental strength you demand from the players, dry your eyes and have a bit of pride in a football club not financed by oligarchs, corruption or oil states with horrific human rights records, but one - by themselves - trying to do it right.
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    I hate it when things get so doom and gloom that the trolls go the other way and start being ultra positive. That's when you know you're f*cked.
  45. 8 points
    Cannot believe how bullying this thread is. I do not always agree with LDC but the nastiness on this tread is unbelievable........
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    But, you didn't question the window all summer, did you DCB? What you actually said, once we'd made all our signings, was: I've put the key bit in bold, just in case you didn't want to read through everything you posted.
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    I tend to walk into things when blindfolded.
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    Supporting a football team is a weird phenomenon. Folk spend thousands following their team blindly and in almost every case, find themselves utterly disappointed with the experience. The bin dippers went 30 years without winning the league, United almost as long between the late 60s and early 90s. Spurs haven’t won the league for, I think, nearly 60 years. Arsenal are a shadow of the Wenger years. Teams have some spells of success and if you supported Man U in the Fergie years, it was probably a very comfortable sofa that you were sat on. Yet for all the billions of pounds spent, the fans of which clubs are satisfied? Really? No more than a handful at best. The fans of every club “deserve better”; Forest still think their rivals are the big “red” clubs, even the scum think they have some divine right to something better because they had a half decent team for 5 years. It’s nonsense. Leicester winning the league gave all these “want more” fans a platform but it was a freak result. It’s unlikely to be replicated anytime soon. Admittedly, thirty years ago it would have been hard to think that Man City or Leicester would have been winning the league and forty years back, Chelsea weren’t much more than we are now. Back then you saw the likes of QPR, Watford and Southampton finishing top end of the top division, Christ, we finished top 6 four times (I think…). But the Premier League we signed up to changed everything in the favour of the “big eaters” - which we perhaps mistakenly thought we were one - and unless something changes drastically, we’re unlikely to get back there, especially first season up. In terms of being a Premier League side, we’re there or thereabouts. For all the miserablist lily-livered whining, we are competing. We’ve been genuinely outclassed by the best two sides in the country but been largely in the other games. They haven’t gone our way but for all the bleating we haven’t been embarrassed. Those that feel that way watch their football on Twitter, or at least taper their reactions based on social media. The reality is that we’re one of the, what, dozen sides that have a chance of being relegated? The same as Palace, Wolves, Burnley…. Or the “why aren’t we’s” of the past like Sheffield United. Of course, we’d love to be “established” but it’s an unrealistic expectation and the closest we got in the Prem era was the Lambert/Hughton years. Two years survival and survival was no longer enough. Push the boat out, stretch your boundaries….what about Europe…. And that’s being a football fan. For all those that say repeated survival would be enough, it wouldn’t be. Like sacking Hughton for Adams gave us our Norwich back. Like playing entertaining football under Neil “would be enough and the results wouldn’t matter as long as it was exciting”; it’s all horse****. This year we’ve already gone from having our greatest ever transfer window to buying “substandard” players and in a week we’ve gone from “not showing passion or fight” to putting in a performance full of it and subsequently being criticised for “abandoning our identity”. Any excuse to jump off at the deep end. If only some of our fans could show the resilience, grit and determination they demand from the players. Or at least until they do show those qualities, then it’s another stick to beat them with…
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    Twoddle. People just compare his Champioship goals and assists record and compare it with his one Premier League season and simplistically say, "he was rubbish". Buendia created more chances than all bar three players in the Premier League that season, beaten only by De Bruyne, Alexander-Arnold and Jack Grealish. But if you apply a different metric and look instead at chances created to minutes played, Buendia is only beaten by De Bruyne, with our Emi creating a chance just under every 30 minutes he plays. For a team that finished rock bottom of the Premier League with a meager points haul of 21, that is a phenomenal effort. I said at the time that I didn't think Villa was the right move for him and that he'd possibly live to regret it. Another season with us, playing as well as he has done throughout his Norwich career, and I think a bigger fish, with a better manager more capable of getting the best out of him like Farke, would have come and snaffled him.
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    Or we probably have had a good window, the players might need more than 2 or 3 games to bed into English football and there’s still every chance that despite having a good window, they might not be good enough to keep us up.
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