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    **** me the sad bitterness of some is really quite pathetic.
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    It might not be pretty, but it smells nice
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    I was there, for both and the Hillsborough & Villa Park semis. But great though they were those days are gone and they are never coming back.
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    How is it sad and bitter? Football clubs shouldn't be flying to domestic fixtures in this country. We are in the edge of climactic disaster and air travel is a major contributor to it, domestic flights should be banned and public transport use encouraged.
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    https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/23753613.talk-norwich-city-founder-stranded-following-airline-chaos/?ref=socialflow I'm thinking about starting a gofund me page, to keep him there longer, and if we raise enough we can send the other one there to join him too!
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    With the momentum we have it feels pretty crucial to sign a replacement ?!
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    If you're outside of Norfolk and want commentary then https://www.twitch.tv/andygw5x
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    My sense of humour doesn't involve laughing at someone else's misfortune.
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    The difficulty has been that NCFC staff have been fully occupied answering your emails to actually get on with any work.
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    Perhaps they felt the pressure of being in the presence of the legendary binners.
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    Reading 2-2 Ipswich Ehibhatiomhanat with the Reading equaliser. Good luck to the shirt printers with that one.
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    It's not even a conversation. Onel was crap all pre-season and crap in most of the games he's played this season. Placheta had a decent pre season and has a goal and and assist in his last 2 games.
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    It’s ridiculous and a but pathetic that in this day and age that you can’t just watch every game you want for a fair fee.
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    Why have Sara, Idah or Duffy anywhere near the squad? We'll be kicking ourselves if any of them gets injured in a competition that we have zero chance of winning. Just play the darn kids!
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    Well they can play there but they should not play there.
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    If you are a fan, you don’t just go for the good times. You endure the bad because you know that things will turn and there is always the next match. I got a season ticket back in the nineties when my finances took a turn for the better. My son has a season ticket as well. Going to the game with him is now a tradition that I don’t want to break.
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    V League Cup 2nd Round - Prime Norwich terrority and a trip to the city of Bristol. Bristol has a fine tradition of doing things their ways so here is some boring trivia. Ribena was invented here as were chocolate easter eggs. Blackbeard the pirate lived here. They have their own currency, the Bristol Pound. Concorde was designed and bulit there. It was named the UK’s first cycling city. The HMV dog, Nipper was from Bristol and the Wallace and Gromit animation studio is here! News Pay at the gate available from 5pm at the South Stand,adjacent to the Atyeo Statue. Card payment only Sargent injured with an ankle issue, but Idah would have been starting anyway Stadium Away Day Website - I never know how up to date it is though. https://footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/championship/ashton-gate-bristol-city.html Match Preview https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/bristol-city/league-cup/preview/preview-bristol-city-vs-norwich-prediction-team-news-lineups_522374.html Bristols Match Thread - I fine them to do a decent match thread, athough I did catch one that was like a football tatical bible at that time https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/221793-norwich-city-at-home-carabao-cup-match-thread/ No Pups yet - It starts tomorrow UPDATE - Someones bumped the previous Pup thread . Bets are on for tonight! Fingers crossed for some winnings for the CSF. Other Cup Games of Interest Fulham v Tottenham Newport v Brentford Portsmouth v Peterborough Reading v Binners OTBC!
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    Well now i am not too sure what exactly was going on here tonight but well done @SwindonCanary and @Duncan Edwards. What a tremendous month August has been for the PUPs.
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    Wow - £158 banked by the Pups on this evenings games for the CSF. Well done Swindon Canary and Duncan Edwards.
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    Chuffed. Another solid performance. The organised and composed nature we are seeing out games, even with 9 changes, continues to fill me with confidence. And dead chuffed for Placheta who I think it's fair to say we all had written off, having an absolute renaissance at the club at the minute.
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    With Norwich winning and Galatasary as well the Pups are on course to win £151 for the CSF
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    Look I know the Millwall fans said he was rubbish but.. Our keeper is offside?
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    Gunn and McLean, being on duty for Scotland next week have been given this mid-week off apparently!
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    After years of everyone telling me he's not good enough to play in a championship winning team, the same people are crying at the prospect of selling him. You couldn't make it up. But only because you don't need to!
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    To be honest I don't really think the keeper does much wrong, he's making a pretty desperate attempt for the ball but I'd expect most players in that situation to do the exact same thing, just unfortunate that his weight meets Sargent's at the exact wrong time! Not sure what retrospective action should be deserved really?
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    However i have grasped the clue that every single poster on this forum has no time of day for you and that goes with past and present staff at NCFC .Attempting to gain favour with those who have the ear of NCFC in various guises has not got you very far either. What is concerning is your lack of self awareness.
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    Weetabix, cut in half with two teaspoons of sugar, one spoon of strawberry jam and around a quater of a pint of milk.
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    Brilliant piece by Kathy on the Canaries Trust monthly report. Everybody should read it. https://www.canariestrust.org/so/4cOeOuOhG?languageTag=en&cid=215db854-15f5-44c7-9d32-44aefdb8cc47 Thinking of you @Kathy ❤️🙏🏽 Parma
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    The sh!t sow continues. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12456673/Housing-Rishi-Sunak-EU-pollution-rivers-water.html#comments Builders no longer have to avoid polluting rivers, we are going to pay for it to be avoided. Instead, changes will see the financial burden to mitigate nutrient pollution for new housing shifted from developers to taxpayers,
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    I suspect that Wagner & co aren't very distracted by it beyond the day it takes from training - pretty much a practice match that gets minutes into the legs of fringe players.
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    Absolutely. This isn't really about me or even breast cancer. I wrote this to raise awareness of how important it is to attend your scans whether it be breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical smears, or that rather unpleasant thing you have to do with p00 first thing in the morning! 😂 (Just found out the Pinkun wont let you write the P word!) It doesn't cost you a penny so it's a no brainer.
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    No, no no no no! @GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary is right! He knows far more than Wagner and all his coaching staff. Far more than Dean Smith and all his coaching staff. Far more than Daniel Farke and all his coaching staff. Far more than Daniel Farke and all his coaching staff x2 at Leeds, plus their scouts who presumably have also given the thumbs up on this one. And ignore the fact we're 2nd in the league too, we're winning games in spite of Mclean, don't you know? 😉
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    So another comfortable win, a £4m bid for McLean and the bid rejected. Even for you it must be getting increasingly untenable to hold to this position. Throw a goal and an assist for Idah into the mix and your head must be pretty close to exploding.
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    I'm always wary of having anything yellow and green outside my house. Knowing my luck Cantwell will turn up with a gift......
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    The question will be, can we replace Kennys profile in the team with equal/ better with the money available and 4 days left of the transfer window? I don't think so. I also think selling the current captain now would send the wrong message to both players + supporters.
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    Exactly. You’d be justifiably upset if someone started arguing a blanket “white people are racist”. So don’t paint all Muslims with an extremism brush.
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    A few years ago now I was on holiday abroad with 3 other friends, 2 were Coventry fans and the other was Leeds. we had a day of wearing our club shirts and were on the lash…. A local kept on staring at us for a good period of time and we couldn’t figure out why…. Eventually he came over and with a straight face genuinely asked if we were the ‘Darren Huckerby Appreciation Society’… Myself and my Coventry mates burst out laughing whilst my Leeds mate was disgusted beyond belief. Turns out the local was a Newcastle fan… He went home and returned wearing his club shirt and wanted a picture with us all… it took a few pints and 20 mins or so of me convincing my Leeds mate to join in but that picture now sits framed on my wall (with him looking miserable) entitled ‘DHAS’ Good times and always cheers me up looking at it.
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    Full on don't risk any injuries to key players and give the fringe players a chance for me. (Keep the big hitters on the bench and bring them on late on if it's close) Long Fisher - Omo - Warner - McCallum Springett - Gibbs - Forshaw (if he's ready)- Placheta Nunez Idah
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    I honestly think of Saudi does start to really muscle in they’ll use it as a catalyst to advance the need for a European superleague. All the big clubs want it, they don’t want to play Norwich and the like. They want to play Real Madrid every week to please their customer base in India and China and Malaysia and the USA. You know, the real fans.
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    There is zero evidence of this. There is however, considerable evidence to the contrary. One which includes the fact that several managers have disagreed with this view. Even your post, trying to be "fair" in your eyes, comes across as if the whole team is playing well in spite of Mclean. Yes, Sara has started the season excellently. But that's because he has a midfielder next to him in Mclean who's currently covered more distance than any other player in the league, whilst still maintaining the same pass success % etc as Sara. Wagner now has us playing well in a system where he's deemed Kenny the best midfielder for that 6-ish role, and even made him captain. Is he wrong? Is this the one decision that's holding us back? I don't even rate Kenny as a premier league midfielder But I get accused of going OTT in favour of Kenny because I point out the ridiculous bias in peoples posts, like this one baove.
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