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    Mick Mills, Terry Butcher, Kevin Beattie and Paul Mariner.
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    And yet again you show no shame whatsoever in displaying your alarming ignorance of the crucial difference between what happened under Thatcher and what is happening now. Thatcher DID NOT BORROW MONEY TO PAY FOR TAX CUTS. It is precisely because Truss is indeed recklessly funding tax cuts for the wealthy using borrowed money that has caused the markets to be so alarmed. That you can't grasp the importance of this major difference is truly astonishing. The reason why Thatcher engaged in selling off many of our assets in wide ranging privatisation was precisely to fund the tax cuts she believed would support further growth. She wasn't foolish enough to think she should fund such tax cuts using borrowed money.
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    They stole the idea from Red Dwarf when Lister did the same thing. NASA are a bunch of Smeg Heads.
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    Give it a couple of months, I think this is what they had in mind:
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    Haha. The rumour is that traders have given Truss the name "Daggers" ...which is named after Dagenham, two stops from Barking (mad)
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    It's come out of flicking nowhere.
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    Want the real answer or a jokey answer? Jokey: Didier Deschamps has told Steve Clarke not to pick Gilmour as the French have discovered a loophole in the rules which states that Gilmour can switch to France. Real: He's played 4 minutes of EPL football this season* *Which is 4 more minutes than the entire Norwich squad.
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    At least Rupa Huq has tried to backtrack...
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    The country's foremost political analyst, Andrew Marr, is convinced that Labour is pretty much nailed on for victory at the next election. Starmer's performance today was head and shoulders above anything we have seen by a Tory leader in God knows how many years. There is now clear blue sky between the reckless far-right ideological driven Tories under Truss' leadership, and Starmer's Labour party driven by the interests of the ordinary worker.
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    The 'men in suits' negotiating are in fact the 'democratically elected representatives', weighted in standpoints by the relative proportions of votes different parties got. This in contrast to the 'commitments' made in manifestos of the Conservative and Labour parties. PR promised by Labour in 1997. Where is it? Voting rights for those living outside the UK more than 15 years promised in the 2015 Conservative manifesto. Where are they? Where is the mandate for Liz Truss actions this week in the 2019 manifesto? A coalition agreement agreed by different factions of weighted democratically elected representatives is of more value in my eyes than the worthless promises of the Conservatives and Labour in majority governments.
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    Do you seriously think this Conservative government is in the centre ground?
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    Speech was a bit meh generally, but a publicly owned energy company did get me going. The first nail in Thatcherism's coffin?
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    An interesting conference speech from Starmer (in terms of content, he'll never be a particularly appealing orator on account of his annoying, slightly nasally voice). Headline will be Great British Energy, a state-owned energy generation company. Whether it will go as far as becoming a household energy provider or focus only on generation I'm not sure, but it's an eminently sensible idea that has only been ignored for so long because of the strength of the energy lobby. Despite it being an obvious policy, I didn't expect Starmer would have the backbone for it.
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    Jack Cork, Jay Boothroyd, Matt Jarvis, Joey Barton, Alan Thompson, Anthony Gardener, Francis Jeffers, Michael Ricketts, Michael Ball, Gavin McCan, Seth Johnson, Steve Guppy. My word that's a long list of average garbage isn't it!
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    Saw this one too you might like Perkins, a former Treasury economist, has also argued that the UK is now suffering from a “Moron Risk Premium” (MRP). Basically, because the markets think government policy is fundamentally incoherent, and don’t trust the Bank of England to step in, they downgrade UK assets across the board, from the pound to gilts.
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    There is undoubtedly an argument that they would be more than happy to have a term out of office having handed Labour an impossible hand
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    Agreed. It makes Labour's Magic Money Tree look like a model of fiscal prudence.
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    I appreciate you're much further left than I - I could actually be slightly right on many issues (poll tax, get rid of triple lock, pensioners pay NI same as everybody else and so on if they have enough income). However I think you badly underestimate Starmer. He's acting as a top general successfully winning a war rather than a local hot head battle field commander. He's picking which battles he'll fight and which are just diversions or outright electoral traps. Frankly he's playing a blinder as the polls suggest. Yes the largely right wing media like to say he's bland, grey etc - anything to try to make him seem less popular and undermine him - especially amongst his more leftward constituency. It's really a sign of their concern and a clever attack line upon him. Much better the 'clown' they would say! Many of the slightly more radical policies - PR (with which I agree) are far better argued from a position of strength in/or going for a 2nd term . Let him win this 'war' first.
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    Hard luck @Inch High aka Inchy.. some great picks so far this season £6.24 profit on £7 invested is some going
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    I think this is what terrifies people like SKS. Millions of people vote Labour because they are the best of the worst. Some people even become members on that basis; they're not massive fans of the party's approach but stomach it because the alternative is much worse. They (Starmer, Blair, possibly even Corbyn who shamefully ignored electoral reform) know this. We'll never be short of two things; self-interested rich people and idiots. Therefore there will always be a solid base of people that vote Tory whether in PR or FPTP. Labour, however, have a more informed demographic of voters and in PR they would abandon them in their droves for parties more aligned to their viewpoint. I voted Labour under Blair and will almost certainly vote for them under Starmer but I despise the pair of them; pro-establishment shills more interested in preserving a status-quo that has served them both very well thank you very much rather than actually instigating the reform our anarchic systems that routinely dumps on the majority desperately need. If they wanted my vote under PR, they'd need to come up with proper policies that will make lasting and meaningful change, rather than just shifting one gear down from what the current Tories are doing. Corbyn had the policies, but a leader of the opposition needs to act like they're more than a sixth-form activist to earn the trust of the nation in order to enact the policies we needed. Yes, there's a lot of talk now about how there is clear daylight between the Tories and Labour, but that's got f-all to do with Starmer's radicalism and everything to do with the fact that two actual idiots in Truss and Kwarteng have gone in a direction that even a Blair-idolising Knight of the Realm won't follow.
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    I am aware that it is an area of high social deprivation, a shame some people are so judgemental. I'm sure we'll manage to enjoy our weekend without looking down our noses at people who have been born into acute poverty with next to no life chances.
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    I've just worked out on what she spent £1,800 in the Canary shop. No one's going to spot her inside this:
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    Don't hugely rate Southgate but he has earned the right to manage at this World Cup. He's done more than our last how many managers? We've f*cked it up against easy sides before, at least he's generally speaking got us beating them. I'm not sure who would fancy the international gig. You're only ever 2 or 3 bad games from being nationally despised.
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    one semi and one final in the last two tournaments? jesus what do you want? fool
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    Just found this chap which counters your argument.....
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    Well he could always talk a good game I spose
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    "In the future, everyone will manage Watford for 15 minutes" - Andy Warhol
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    This is just naked, ideologically-driven slash and burn with no regard whatsoever to any pretense at prudence. I really hope the Lib Dems can make themselves sufficiently attractive to push the Conservatives into third, because the Conservative party genuinely deserves oblivion at this point.
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    Tim Martin deserves it. His staff don't. Bittersweet schadenfreude.
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    SNP are painting the next GE as an independence referendum should the courts not award one. Plently will see voting Labour as the best way of getting rid of the Tories, but getting rid of the Tories is independence. Not voting SNP would highlight support against this . Scotland for the forseeable future is voting SNP. They will attempt to broker an independence referendum or the usual more powers for any coalition otherwise they will vote with the goverment when they want to.
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    I think the attitude to the English national team is symptomatic of attitudes in all English football. It's not enough to be good, you must win everything all of the time right up to every knockout tournament. You must attack all of the time, never mind that the opposition are scoring against us even while we're being cautious. It was an entertaining game of football against a side we've had a long rivalry with that finished honours even. No complaints from me. I don't understand why anybody, players or management, want anything to do with the national team. It's a thankless task.
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    Have they been delivered though? Royal Mail striking aren't they?
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    So you're voting Labour then. Pleased we got that sorted out.
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    I'm still gutted I didn't do better. But one thing I have learned this weekend is that we will be fine during the World Cup. You PUPs had a magnificent strike rate with the lower UK leagues and it was the Nations League that really hurt us. Now the stats... 18/32 winning PUPs 56% 13/21 winning picks 62% Most profitable pick was shared by @twidio and @Hector Brockelbank Northampton at 1.55. @NWC and @PurpleCanary are the only two perfect 100% records left in our PUPs league... PUP Wins Picks Win% Profit NWC 7 7 100% 2.25 PurpleCanary 7 7 100% 2.11 Lake District Canary 6 6 100% 3.08 Inchy 6 7 86% 6.24 NFN FC 6 7 86% 4.78 Hector Brockelbank 6 7 86% 3.77 Gregt 6 7 86% 3.29 Twidio 6 7 86% 2.96 Diane 6 7 86% 1.71 Kathy 6 7 86% 1.42 Cosmic Twin 6 7 86% 1.33 Hammond1612 6 7 86% 0.79 Parma 6 7 86% 0.22 Nutty Nigel 5 7 71% 1.62 Mr Angry 5 7 71% 0.8 Feedthewolf 5 7 71% 0.34 Mr Apples 5 7 71% -0.02 Leedscanary 4 6 67% 1.68 Indy 4 6 67% 1.15 Jellytot 4 6 67% 0.84 Lincsy 3 5 60% 0.44 Mandie Moo 3 5 60% 0.19 ZLF 4 7 57% 1.96 TheBaldOne66 4 7 57% 0.07 Sonyc 4 7 57% -0.04 Hissing Sid 4 7 57% -0.3 Diesel Doris 4 7 57% -0.44 Til1010 4 7 57% -0.97 SwindonCanary 3 6 50% -0.46 Duncan Edwards 2 4 50% 0.99 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @Inch High aka Inchy.. leads the profitability version... PUP Wins Picks Win% Profit Inchy 6 7 86% 6.24 NFN FC 6 7 86% 4.78 Hector Brockelbank 6 7 86% 3.77 Gregt 6 7 86% 3.29 Lake District Canary 6 6 100% 3.08 Twidio 6 7 86% 2.96 NWC 7 7 100% 2.25 PurpleCanary 7 7 100% 2.11 ZLF 4 7 57% 1.96 Diane 6 7 86% 1.71 Leedscanary 4 6 67% 1.68 Nutty Nigel 5 7 71% 1.62 Kathy 6 7 86% 1.42 Cosmic Twin 6 7 86% 1.33 Indy 4 6 67% 1.15 Duncan Edwards 2 4 50% 0.99 Jellytot 4 6 67% 0.84 Mr Angry 5 7 71% 0.8 Hammond1612 6 7 86% 0.79 Lincsy 3 5 60% 0.44 Feedthewolf 5 7 71% 0.34 Parma 6 7 86% 0.22 Astro 3 7 43% 0.2 Mandie Moo 3 5 60% 0.19 TheBaldOne66 4 7 57% 0.07
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    Agreed, the dramatic changes in public policy between Governments is very counter productive imo, we are even getting it now within the same term of office.
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    I think to save embarrassment we should take a stand against Qatar and boycott the tournament.
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    Is Labour doing well or is it just a consequence of the Tories ineptitude?
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    You didn't read it did you?
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    Edwards sign a contract for 1 season, it's now autumn so he had his time. Billic to see them trough to Winter The sacking of managers is a joke, may be they should only be able to be replaced during the transfer window??
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    I had no interest in football until Italia 90. I was 9 then and England's heroic, dramatic and unentitled run oh so close to glory is what inspired me and turned me into a football fan. My kids couldnt care less about football. I was hoping England's recent successes would galvanise something in them like it did me, but no. I care very little for England these days, basically because I cant identify with the players, unlike bygone eras. I feel no connection to the team like I used to
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    Wonder what Morty and the brexit boys excuse is this time…
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    You started singing too soon you Ippo lover...............
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    I burst my eardrum when I sat inside a speaker at a Serious Drinking gig
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    Best couple of grand the government has ever spent to be fair, can they buy us a defensive midfielder?
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    I’m going to do what Richie and Eddie did and steal next doors gas supply
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