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    I just think the fact that there are some saddos trying to have a 'sack the manager' campaign after a draw after 6 wins on the trot is hilarious.
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    Several of us who were undecided about Dean Smith said 'let's give him 10 games'. Well, here we are. If you'd asked me on Wednesday then my assessment would have been somewhat more positive, but today was a reality check and highlights how little we've progressed under Smith. I'm willing to allow those first three games as a temporary blip while we found our feet. Far from ideal, but not the end of the world. The next 4 we found a way to win without playing especially well. Definitely a good sign. The next two we hit another gear (for the most part). However, the midfield frailties persist. McLean is not a DM and Nunez is not fast or physical enough (yet) to perform the defensive part of the role he is being asked to do. The telling thing for me is that we had dropped Rashica and (finally) reverted to the 4-2-3-1. With a number 10, Pukki was unshackled and back to his best. Cantwell was playing well too, in the same role in which he had originally broken into Farke's team. We were creating chances. And taking them too. Yet here we are today. Cantwell dropped (squad rotated?) and back to the 4-3-3. And back to the same turgid rubbish from last season. No ideas. No creativity. Pukki isolated. Kenny as a single pivot in midfield, looking vulnerable and ineffective. A massive backwards step. We're second in the table. 2 points per game. Salvaged a draw from a losing position against a good side. It's not so bad. Good enough, ultimately. However I'm still left with the overriding questions: what have we gained? Is this progress? It seems like the plan is still to keep persevering with the 4-3-3, despite its obvious shortcomings with our squad. It isn't working and it won't work with these players. I can't warm to Dean Smith. The atmosphere is flat. There's an underlying discontent, simmering under the surface. We might just about have enough for automatic promotion. But we're nowhere near the level we hit under Farke. And we look further away from being a Premier League team than at any point in the last 4 years. So, after 10 Championship games my verdict on Dean Smith: meh.
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    Can't win them all. Showed character to get an equaliser. Unbeaten in 7.
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    I got the bike back in action today for a pleasant ride down to CR. There is a touch of Autumn in the air now but it was bright and sunny although the wind was a bit on the gusty side. I expressed on an earlier thread that I was a little concerned that todays visitors might be due a change of fortune because I had watched them against Burnley and Watford and thought they should have won both those games. They are certainly a better side than their league position suggests. City, kicking off towards the Barclay end for a change, gave Sara a long awaited start while Cantwell was demoted to the bench and in the opening five or six minutes both teams had quite long periods of possession without any end result. This was to change abruptly in the 8th minute with West Brom winning a free kick on their left and about thirty yards from goal. The kick ballooned over everybody and into the path of a completely unmarked Dara O'Shea who had the simple task of nodding in for about 6 yards.There was a lot of finger pointing in the home defence and a rather stunned silence from the crowd. If we thought it would stir the home side into action we were badly mistaken as a sequence of slow labourious build ups, interspersed with some near fatal giving the ball away, was to be our fare for much of the half. Indeed the visitors might have had a second when from another giveaway in the 15th minute, Hanley was lucky not to get penalised when bundling into Swift in the area. The visitors seemed to be wasting time from an early stage and the crowd got annoyed, but in truth they looked comfortable and squeezed the life out of most of City's attempts to come forward. It got really quiet as most in the crowd could see that we were second best in most departments and it took a series of corners at the midway stage before the crowd started to get into the game. There were a couple of bright moments from Ramsey who tried to get things going down the left but West Brom defended at the expense of another corner. From the cross there was a scramble and a Nunez shot from 20 yards was only narrowly wide. Ten minutes later he tee'd up from a similar range but shot miles over. I then tried to get things going with my usual pre halftime excursion to the toilets and it did at least produce an effort from Sara that hit the top of the crossbar. At the whistle there were more than a few boo's round me and although I didn't join in I was strongly tempted to hold up a blank sheet of paper. Unfortunately I didn't have one on me. Again I expected some sort of response as they came out for the second half and again I was to be sadly disappointed as things continued in much the same manner only slightly worse. Almost all the play was condensed in the City half as the away side continued to dominate and Button, in the West Brom goal might well have brought a newspaper and a deckchair out with him for all the work he had to do. Hernandez came on for Sara on the hour mark and it did at least give us a bit more going forward as the little man stretched the visitors defence and a cut back gave Nunez a sighter from 25 yards which he could only scoop well over the bar. It did succeed in increasing the intensity as City broke down the right and Pukki almost slipped Sargent in only for the shot to be deflected wide. It turned out to be the prelude to an equaliser however as Hernandez's cut back cross in the 68th minute, found Pukki on the edge of the box and his powerful strke appeared to deflect off Byrom before nestling in the net. West Brom defenders appealed for handball and my son said that in his opinion it was one of those that VAR would have disallowed. It all happened so quick that I won't venture an opinion but all that counted was that the ref, after consulting his linesman, gave the goal. From here thoughts of a victory probably began to flicker through some peoples minds but I can't say it really looked likely and would have been a travesty of justice had it occurred. Dowell and Cantwell came on in the closing stages and although Dowell had a snap shot straight at the keeper late on, most of the play was still centred in the City half of the field and it took a few stern challenges by the City rearguard to secure what looked for long periods, a very unlikely point. Again at the end quite a lot of booing, but not from me as I was still looking for my blank sheet of paper. MOM? Nah, don't think so.
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    Stuck between a rock and a hard place. We want Farkeball in the Championship, however we then go up accustomed to playing a style of football that is completely unsuitable for a team of our budget in the top tier. So we try and transition into a more direct team which can attack on the break, and that's definitely still a work in progress, but then fans think its not befitting a team of our history in the second tier. I can see what Webber/Smith are trying to do, they are trying to go up with a style of football that will need less adaptation in the top tier. Unfortunately though we seem far too easy to play through at the minute and if we're easy to play through in the Championship then I can see that 9-0 record falling in the Prem. We do need to see if a proper DM stabilises us, but we've known we've never managed to bring in a permanent new Tettey, fans have been crying out for it for years, and then we go and sign an injury prone player with a pretty serious existing injury. I struggle to get past the recruitment again. Can we please just sign TWO proper DMs and then we can move on to other areas of the pitch which need some work, I'd even have Ben Pearson right now and he's a proper c0ckwomble.
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    Don't disagree that the midfield frailties still exist but how wouldn't they when all of our defensive minded midfielders are out injured and we've been playing without a recognised left back just to compound things? I'm not sure that's really on Smith. Ultimately his job is to deliver promotion and we are on course to do that, despite injuries in key positions. Reflecting back, no different to the starts under Farke.
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    lol that cuts out most pinkun posters then…
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    Why do people have to have such dyed in the wool strong opinions one way or the other about things that are inconsequential to their daily lives and things that they cannot affect regarding everything nowdays? Why is a persons political opinion now become like their religious beliefs as well in terms of how meaningful it is to define yourself as a person? Whatever happened to just not giving a **** and getting on with your life? I'm not a pre internet boomer saying that either I'm only 28. I have no opinion about the royals one way or another because it doesn't affect me and I just don't care. I liked the queen as a person because she seemed a good'un and had a sense of humour but thats on a human level, the issue of her title or standing in society means nothing to me. Why do you lot care so much about either being loyal to the royal family or against it? Switch off the news and the internet and get on with your own lives.
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    Roger and I were best mates for a number of years and we attended matches together for many seasons. More recently (the last three years) his presence at Carrow Road became less frequent due to his worsening health, he suffered from Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and emphysema, the later requiring a portable oxygen cylinder. As some have alluded to, he was an erudite raconteur who could entertain at the drop of a hat and was an immensely respected marketeer, It was this expertise that he brought to the club, initially as a Director and then as Chairman for seven years. Among his many achievements as Chairman were the introduction of the family enclosure (the first in the country I believe) and increasing season ticket sales from circa 13,000 to the current level of 21,500, this was achieved thanks to a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work, and were undertaken alongside his ‘day job’. I worked with Roger on a number of business projects and saw his skill and expertise at first hand and it was an absolute pleasure to behold. Roger had many passions, from his model railway, through to his cars, however Norwich City FC and the fans were top of the list, so much so that despite his ailments and mobility issues we would meet for lunch every Thursday at a well-known hostelry and for two hours or so we chewed the fat over all things football and Norwich City, interspersed with numerous hilarious stories he would tell involving past players and managers, Roger spent the last week in hospital, the only excuse I would accept for him missing our Thursday lunch, and passed away peacefully at 5.55am this morning and I know he would have appreciated the recognition shown to him at the match today. I’m going to miss you my dear friend, rest in peace. Ray PS) I make no apology for posting this on both threads
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    Maybe you should read what he wrote as from your comments it's obvious you haven't. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/sep/16/mourning-republicans-system-privilege Everything from the gratuitous wall-to-wall media coverage to the arrest of anti-monarchy protestors and the state-sanctioned cancel culture of those who dissent has laid bare the fact that this transition is as much about coercion as consent. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/16/idea-of-monarchy-as-symbol-of-duty-or-sacrifice-a-lie-says-labours-clive-lewis
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    Yes but we looked worse under Smith in the premier league!
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    No one is saying we should sack Smith but he's just a nothing event for me. This squad should easily attain automatic promotion. I just don't see what style or set up we have under Smith. If you're happy with him, then great for you. I just find him one almighty meh.
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    I just can't love Smith, and I find myself getting frustrated with him very quickly compared to Farke. Farke had a power over the squad and fans, he did things his way, he commanded respect and earned it well. He had a system that produced mouthwatering football at times whereas today we were once again back in a system that doesn't use our players strengths and isolated our striker. Smith just doesn't give me any confidence whatsoever.
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    'Saddos'. Why do you have to insult people who have different views from you? Why can't you call us 'people who don't want Dean Smith' or even 'Smith-haters'? Has anyone called you 'Dean Smith's cocksuc*er' because you support him? No, they haven't, because most people understand the concept of politeness, although it seems way beyond you.
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    I'm quite happy to tell you about the awful hoofball we played today. Look at the game again. How many times do we fart around at the back and then launch the ball up to the edge of their penalty area? We had no midfield today and made no attempt to play through the midfield. It was clueless, shapeless dross.
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    The trouble is, even if Hayden is that no nonsense defensive midfielder, you know he'll partner him with McLean and it won't work.
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    They weren't aimed at Smith at all. We spent most of the game singing Dean Smiths yellow army in the barclay. When a team plays badly its not always booing at the manager hahahaah 6 wins in a row = proves nothing 1 draw = SMITH OUT Pathetic but hilariously so, so will let it pass
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    Happy days for fans who don't go to games maybe.
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    McLean does a lot of unnoticed stuff... like running up the pitch and then running back down the pitch
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    Ramsey has looked by far the best Norwich player in a poor performance. Deserved his place.
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    Yep. Long may it continue.
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    He has 3 assists to his name, Pukki right now would rather be playing in front of Ramsay than Cantwell.
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    Cantwell dropped but Mclean still in..
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    I did respect the Queen and I did this while being a Republican and believing we would be better off with an elected head of state, doing this through achievement rather than falling into the right bloodline, but gosh I will be glad when her funeral is over and life can get back to normal. The never-ending coverage of everything she ever did or said or wore, alongside people sending in memories of when they met her to TV shows, plus how the family are bearing up and moving into new roles is draining. I'm still not over that stupid interview with a member of the public yet asking her what was in her sandwiches. Most of them are only in that queue so they can say "I've been there, this is history happening", while hardly any of them are Royalists, many were waving at the camera and smiling, while that Brummie the reporter pulled over was all cheery. Just my opinion, but I appreciate others feel different especially since someone said to me that we would be "f*cked" without a monarchy and that I totally disagree with. Someone on my other half’s Facebook said we need them and the length of the line proves they are loved and wanted, but it goes back to the start of my argument. How many actually cared for her and just want to virtue signal?, if they had to pass a test to prove they are a Royalist in order to be allowed to attend, not even half of those would have been there. The website even updating us on the length, isn’t doing the stereotype any favours either. I read it comes from the idea of people queuing up getting clock cards punched after a work shift.
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    I've never thought about it in depth but I have wondered for a while if it could be reconstituted as a chamber of the regions and professions. The regions to be represented by elected reps or appointed by the mayor etc of the region and the professions to be represented by members appointed by the professional body/institute etc. So bishops keep their place but are joined by reps from other organisations. By no means ideal but something doesn't have to be ideal to be better.
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    What your're crashing into is the fact that despite some on here saying the Queen only had a ceremonial role - in-fact the Monarch is indeed engaged behind the scenes in what broadly might be determined as politics or foreign policy. That's all well and good with the late Queen who rarely put a foot a wrong but a liability with unknown future monarchs. One only has to think of Edward VIII and his 'sympathies' (I'll leave it at that) with pre-war Germany to see the fallacy in hereditary monarchs. I think as VW said/implied some (most) people don't distinguish between respect for the late Queen and the Monarchy as an institution.
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    20 points from ten games is without doubt automatic promotion form, but it doesn't feel like we've been playing well enough to be at a two-points-per-game rate. We haven't played well for more than 45 minutes in any one match, and a few times our strength in depth has got us out of a jam, but not always. I get the impression we should be putting in better performances given the quality we have in our squad. I like Smith as a bloke and whilst we're second any talk of sacking him is daft. I think he's a solid yet unspectacular head coach, who probably needs a good number two behind him to make up for the fact he's a bit 'vanilla'. But right now, whilst we're getting results, it's a bit foolish to start talk of reviewing his job and the like. In the bigger picture, I'd be highly surprised if he gets talked about as one of our best ever coaches/managers in a couple of decades time, and will likely fade into obscurity. He's our head coach for the here and now however, so I don't understand why our fans aren't unanimously getting behind him.
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    I did not see the need to rush in making Sara a 'starter.' We were winning games, Cantwell was doing a decent job and would certainly have added more of a spark to today's performance, while Sara must have been under some pressure to turn it on in front of the home support. I consider it a selection mistake. There had been little problem bringing the Brazilian on for the last twenty up to today and putting him into the eleven, with no obvious role, for this game, seemingly because of the price tag, made no particular sense unless he had impressed a hell of a lot in training. As it was, he was the first substituted ... and that couldn't have been good for the confidence bit.
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    For me, none of the players here when Farke got the push have improved under Smith. In fact, i think several have gone backwards. Our first touch is abysmal and way off PL quality, as is our ability to play out from the back and beat a press.
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    Perhaps. But under Farke there was a fire. Passion. Connection. Belief. Surely the point of sacking him was to improve. Do different. I'm just not seeing that improvement.
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    Blimey, thought I was impatient
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    Get him out while we're doing ok points-wise. The fall is coming. Directionless turgid sh11te.
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    Second after ten games with 2pts per game and people aren’t happy. Do they realise how many players we have missing? I think it was 10 at one point, including 3 x lb, and most of our defensive midfield. It seems there’s absolutely no allowance for that, in part because there’s a bonkers feeling with some that under Farke we’d have been sreamrollering sides 7-0 and been on 30pts right now.
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    But it's this point that is a positive for Smith... we've got to 2nd in the league without having our strongest 11 on the field at any point. Do a poll on our best midfield 3 or 4 and no one would pick any of the combinations that have played so far this season. I also think there would be a variation of opinions but undoubtedly they would all include Hayden and/or Gibbs. Get an actual DM in (and I agree, play 4-2-3-1) and then he can truly be judged.
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    We've got a squad good enough to comfortably finish top two. I don't think Smith is good enough to guide it there.
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    If you can’t win, don’t lose and that is what we’ve done. Unfortunately for some of our fans anything other than a win means the manager and team are utter cr@p. Every point counts and after our first three games some of us are delighted to be second with 20 points after ten games.
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    Can't argue with that. But many on here will. All the best. Big Keith Scott.
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    If anyone needs cheering up, Ipswich have just chucked away a two-goal lead
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    Takes loads of energy physically and mentally to point at everything like that. An ordinary player would give up pointing after 20mins at most.
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    Am I allowed to moan about McLean today? Asking for the bloke sat next to me who appears to literally hate him
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    I'm in WDW at Animal Kingdom. Just scared seven shades of sh1te out of a guy in current Home shirt by stoping him and bawling COME ON YOU YELLOWS in his face. Relying on you guys and gals to keep me updated with the action today. 3-0 Bruce sacked in the morning is my prediction.
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    On a lighter note, it has been fun to see the Dail Mail get in a spin over Megan Markle. Initially she was this princess from modern-day central casting, showing the Royal Family could be welcome diversity. Then she morphed into crazed Hollywood bimbo who had turned Harry into some New Age airhead, all in an attempt to bring down the monarchy. Now she is being respectfully mournful and demure and not self-indulgently hogging the limelight, leaving that to idiot Mail columnist Dan Wootton...
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    Yeah must admit at approximately Zero noticeable progress in my lifetime I'm thinking of taking up a different hobby. Maybe waiting for Preston to score?
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    The only thing being more commonplace is people admitting to being themselves. All of the people claiming that there were no gay professional footballers were deluding themselves and I'm glad that they're now being shown this.
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    Fair play to the Ipswich fan who uploaded it.
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    Better than putting it in the same visit to the bathroom.
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    Schrodinger's Queen.
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    No idea what you are responding to, but Farke started believing in his own hype and was falling out with and discarding players at an alarming rate. It would have been nice to have bought more expensive players, but perhaps Farke would have destroyed their confidence last season like he did Tsoliz, Giannoulis and Cantwell. Adam Idah looks a new man under Smith too, and what on earth was Farke thinking discarding Onel in favour of the Polish beanstalk. I think Farke had some extreme personality traits which saw him fall out with a lot of players, was their unity in the squad? Last season I don't think things were harmonious at all. He could be a bit toxic. I'm sure Leitner was difficult to work with, but it always shocked me that Trybull was put in the bomb squad, seemed like such a nice chap and gave it all on the pitch. Farke did really well to build a league winning side in just 2 seasons here, but he's got a dark side and I'm not sure we can actually afford to sustain his attrition rate when we're talking big money players. More manageable when they are cheapos and free agents. If Mr. Dean 'a bit mediocre' Smith leads us to a league title this season i think people may start to realise that our success is down, dare I say it, to our growth off the pitch, and our philosophies imposed by Webber and Ward, and not as much down to Farke being some sort of a genius. If Farke was a genius at anything it was cultivating fan buy in. Smith is already showing himself better at making game changing subs... Sara on for the assist yesterday weren't it?
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