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    Well if she changes her football allegiances like she changes her political allegiances, she wont be for long.
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    As a Scotland fan, the Norwich loan was great for Gilmour and Scotland... on the long term. As I've said previously, the stick that he received from Norwich fans (deserved or not) will put hair on his chest and thicken his skin. Thomas Tuchel just didn't rate him. Which is why he didn't register Gilmour from the Chelsea squad (till the last minute). He made several jabs about not having any midfield options even though Gilmour was on the bench. And the killer blow? Playing Conor Gallagher out of position (resulting in 1 red card and two awful performances) instead of playing Gilmour. Thomas Tuchel has a lot of problems at Chelsea. It looks like the new owners are taking a more hands on approach than the previous owner did. The midfield looks old and rusty and now they've brought in a player who only cares about himself (Aubameyang) It wouldn't surprise me if TT was fired this season and replaced by Pochettino. Football is a game of a blend. Gilmour had McLean and Normann next to him. Two championship players. Look at Manchester United. McTominay had Fred next to him, he was the club whipping boy. Ten Hag pairs McTominay with Erikson, all of a sudden McTominay is keeping a £70m Brazilian international Casemiro out of the first XI, on merit. Forget about the narrative of "Norwich ruined Gilmour's career" as it's just click-bait. No one Important is saying it or even thinking it.
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    Kier Starmer couldn't end the political career of a village parish councilor, and I'm a former labour party member.
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    The guy who usually sits next to me didn't attend Saturday. It was replaced with an old-ish bloke who at half time took his t-shirt off, which was disgusting enough. He then proceeded for 10 minutes into the second half to repeatedly call our players "a bunch of useless c*nts" on repeat, until he fell asleep in his chair, drooling down his naked chest. What I'm trying to say is, think yourself f*cking lucky!
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    Every single one of us has at least 1 of those within earshot. If not you're probably him.
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    A bit of groundbaiting always brings the fish out.
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    Definitely keep it, we tried changing it and it wasn't the same. Samba all the way
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    Hooray, I'll be sure to be happy she supports us as I freeze to death this winter..
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    That reminds me - I wonder how the ex wife is getting on these days...........
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    Yeah, sorry for not wanting a fat, sweaty, naked body next to me whilst he randomly calls our players a bunch of c*nts whilst dribbling down his mouth. If you want to do it again, please don't sit next to me astro.
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    Sorry Hoggy, I'd had one too many beers!
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    I’m looking forward to her giving Starmer a hefty kick in the gonads on Wednesday. Thank God Maggie v2 has arrived in No. 10 to give all these leftie luvvies a good going over.
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    She'll be our chairman in 2 years when Kier Starmer ends her political career, so do try and warm to her..
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    I'm hoping this is the nadir. It has to be doesn't it? We had David Cameron as a moronic Tory PM and thought it couldn't get much worse, then along comes Theresa May who somehow managed to outdo Cameron and be even worse. Then along came Boris Johnson to plumb new depths and we thought that has to be the worst it can possibly get. But now we have Liz Truss.
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    TBH supporting Norwich has pretty much ruined my life
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    Just 15 days short of two years and my OP has achieved it's aim. This qualifies me as a political guru and in future I do not expect any of you fools to even spend one second in thinking how you can disagree with me. I am invincible.
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    Nice of Cantwell to sit with the fans whilst out injured.
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    Astro - this is meant to be a light-hearted sharing of experiences at City games. Blimey - some people can start an argument with their own shadow
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    There's a whole bunch of people who sit near me who, despite us playing the ball out from the back consistently since 2018, still shout 'get rid of it' every time we take a short goal kick. They're the same people who shout 'get it forwards' whenever we play a backwards pass. Some people just don't understand the modern game.
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    Shame on Joe. He's managed to upset the Mail with his violent and angry outburst. Poor little lambs.
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    People now seem to be hooking onto this mantra that VAR isn't the problem, it's the people running it. No, it isn't. VAR is the problem. It has no place in the game and should be binned. It undermines the referee, slows the game down and it has been shown that it doesn't help to get decisions consistently correct. No, it doesn't even out over a season either. Watch again Conor Coady's celebration for Everton. Didn't count. Or Mac Allister's screamer for Brighton. Didn't count. Or Cornet's last second equaliser for West Ham. Didn't count. All ridiculous decisions - decisions which sensible, rational people who know the game and who are not placed under ludicrous pressure do not make. Refs are being hung out to dry - it isn't their fault they are allowed to officiate in games worth millions when they are paid peanuts in comparison to the 20-year-olds calling them names and don't even have to prove their ability beyond a simple bleep test or two and an occasional assessment by a dinosaur. Better referees are what we need. Full time, preferably ex-professional players or coaches, paid properly (i.e. average for the leagues they work in), with minimum physical assessments and mental awareness testing, psychological evaluations, compulsory retirement at 50 etc. Let them explain their decisions; let them give interviews and go on MOTD. Unfortunately, VAR is cheaper and more entertaining for Sky/BT/Amazon.
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    https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-chelsea-brighton-billy-gilmour-thomas-tuchel-9252566 ...got nothing to do with Chelsea breaking all transfer spend records this season on new players then? I used to half like TT but not sure these days. Its never his fault and always someone else's right? Maybe he should swap places with the positive Klopp...he'd fit in well with the Liverpool fans...I'm sure both teams would love that. I believe Billy is a LOT better than most on here would give him credit for. He was in an awful side as was only a kid...but TT's words are pure fantasty. I hope he comes good with age like Kane did to prove a few on here, (and TT) wrong.
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    The cows showed a lot of interest today on my walk. Quite sociable at times. And the black one was a real sweetie posing for this photo.
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    Odd thing to put on a Norwich forum and quite offensive actually. Although you didn't start it in fairness.
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    Patel has gone. Good riddance to the evil pile of ****.
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    Presumably boiling the bacon is healthier than grilling or frying?
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    Wow. Peppa isn't looking to well is she.
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    That is the worst of the lot. Everytime a friend sits in the away end they comment on how bad it is.
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    Dislike goal music and dislike drums at matches and any attempt at orchestrating the crowd. Heck I even dislike the 321 at the beginning of matches for OTBC. Left to their own devices a crowd will soon start to think for themselves and make their own celebrations, not relying on someone else. Spontaneity is being lost in modern life - just because the Americans add music to everything doesn't mean we have to in this country. Keep football pure......and get rid of useless technology too, while we're at it.
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    Blimey just checked and it is only Monday so roll on Friendly Friday.
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    Tbh I'd rather she didn't and she really isn't "one of us", she's abnormal even for Norfolk.
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    Given the absolute state of the economy and the dire situation with the spiraling costs of living, I wouldn't be shouting this from the rooftops.
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    I had a client behind me in the South Stand who clearly didn't realise that Sam Byram actually knows what he is doing. This in itself is surprising. The classic example was when the ball was in the distant left back area, near the touchline, and Sam was tucking in so that he was probably 10 yards from Cov's right midfielder (Dabo??). The cry was 'For Christ sake mark him, Byram'. Clearly the man thought that the ball would be magically delivered to Dabo in less time than it took Sam to close in on him. I think the problem was largely a lack of understanding of the Laws of Physics. It was diappointing that a man in his 50's did not grasp something that most babies understand before they reach one year old. Oh, well.
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    As long as one year...that's very optimistic. Apples
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    Yup, that poor guy had to sit next to hoggy
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    Can't disagree with any of the above but in the hope that you'll be coming out with a new but rather similar post re Truss fairly soon, could you see your way clear to getting it done in one year rather than two?
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    Can we ignore this insignificant talent. I'm bored of hearing about this average football player Tuchel like Klopp is an annoying whining prima dona. No time for him either.
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    Tbh Tuchel hasn’t said anything wrong at all - it didn’t go as hoped for any party last season however you look at it. They wanted to loan him again, he didn’t want that so they ‘had’ to sell. Potter may well be right, but it is a bit of a luxury to have players who are only able to perform in a team functioning well - you need guys who’ll roll their sleeves up and do the hard miles. Bu overall it is about getting the mix right.
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    I wasn't asleep, just resting my eyes
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    I once had a stunning blonde woman next to me whose first game of football it was so I talked to her the whole match.
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    We have Mrs 'Get it away City' near us, I think she's married to Mr 'Stop fannying around'.
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    I had a bloke, very similar do the same to me away at Gillingham in League one, when we then scored the equalizer late in the game he woke up, and proceeded to jump on the backs of me and my mates, drool and sweat all over us (beautiful) we could barely hold his weight too considering we were all just about 16/17/18 *Shudders at the memory*
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    Yeah we don't have to go full Pulis or Hughton-ball when we get promoted but there are some core principals that are non-negotiable as a weaker side in that league and we have to adhere to them until you become established for a few years and can afford better players. Brighton and Leicester are good examples, they didn't get promoted or stay up their first year by playing the football they play now. They were very hard working teams who countered well, filled their team with pace and played on the counter attack and had a threat from set pieces, they also got the ball forward quickly instead of building from the back. I see signs under Smith that we're capable of that, the chance that Hugill mussed yesterday was a great example of how to get the ball forward quickly without aimlessly hoofing it, 2 or 3 long accurate passes followed by a through ball to an exposed defence, that's what PL teams do. They don't pass the ball between backwards to their CB's when they win it back and hold onto it for so long that the opposition can get back in shape and make it impossible to score, they get the ball, look up, be brave and go for the jugular any chance they get. I can see from us having a set piece coach that we're learning slowly and we're trying new things, but while we have a big team by Championship standards I still don't think we'd have much of a threat if we get promoted again because this team is still sub-standard physically by PL standards. It's not just about height, you need players who can jump and out muscle their opponents to win the first ball on set pieces. While right now we've got big players who aren't athletic and fast players who aren't strong and if we go up we'll need a few who are both to cause teams problems. For me we already have enough technical quality with the likes of Pukki, Dowell, Nunez etc, promoted teams usually have a physical and athletic team that works around one or two technical players so we'll need to sign some physical, fast players to fill out the bulk of our first 11 to let players like Pukki and Nunez shine. It's a good position to be in, usually if you're shopping abroad like we do good technical players cost more, but as we already have enough of that in the squad already for me we can focus on undervalued physical players from foreign leagues who have to be hard working and not necessarily that good with the ball at their feet so financially it should be achievable.
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    Usually 'Smith Out' or 'He's still not right for our club' or 'We were lucky' or 'It's all McLean's fault we didn't score more' or 'It was only XYZ, wait until we meet a decent team' ... yadda yadda yadda
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    VAR was always going to ruin the game, I've been against it since the first suggestion of it being used, and nothing has happened to make me change that view. VAR is the worst thing to ever happen to football.
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    VAR is a blight on the game of football. Or rather the way it is used is a blight on the game. Will the authorities stop using it? Very unlikely, too much time and money invested in it - like HS2 - in too deep. They might try to change the way they use it, but the main reason it is no good is because they are incompetent at using it, so no matter how they try and tweak it, you will continue to get nonsense decisions happening. VAR has just led to an added sense of ridiculousness to watching football in the PL, it's ruining football - but it's funny how VAR seems to work better in other countries......you have to ask, why?
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