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    The guy needs time and why would he also need to look at social media etc to understand how we are feeling? We are bottom, all but down, and it is the tail end of a very disappointing season. He is not going to see pleasant things that will help in any way, is he? What we feel at this point is almost irrelevant to his job. He will know we are poor, he will know he needs to make changes and he will know he doesn't have the time or resources to do it before the end of the season. If he IS a good manager, he will also already be thinking about preparing for next season. The polarised opinions of Big Vince and Lakey aren't going to do him any favours. He is not going to visit this forum for inspiration or suggestions that Rudd is better than De Gea or to 'give the kids a try'. Let him get on with what he needs to do.
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    How many Boris supporters does it take to change a light bulb? None! Boris tells them he's done it and they sit in the dark applauding. That really sums up how I feel at the moment. I'm quite sure there are some very competent, even talented, MP'S in the Conservative Party but none of them are in Government. Worrying times.
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    It may well be an honest answer and he may be a good man.... but it's a ridiculous thing to actually say! At a time when we are in a complete slump and playing some of the worse football we have seen for years its a stupid comment which will inevitably just wind a section of the fan base up. He doesnt need to look at social media or phone people up - if he looked at our league position, recent results and the performance on Saturday then he should know exactly how us fans feel. I've a feeling he'd be feeling the same as us if he's beloved Villa were in the same position. I want to give him a chance with his own team but he is not exactly endearing himself to the fans.
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    It was interesting listening to the last Pinkun podcast. They were talking about how animated and upset Smith and Shaky were looking on the sidelines in last few games and how Smith was literally losing his patience within 10 mins of the last match as players were doing simple things wrong. We can argue for ages about why Smith and Shaky haven’t got the most out of these players and there’s numerous mitigating factors for that but I do think over the last few games a lot of those players look disinterested. Then the issue is you look at our bench and bar one or two choices the team pretty much picks itself and the options to mix things up are almost non existent. I don’t think Smiths done as good a job as he could have done but I think there’s plenty of reasons for that beyond his ability and I think he deserves a summer to grab these players and shape them into something competitive. I don’t see the point in sacking him given the absolute state of the squad he had at his disposal.
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    As soon as the season ends I still feel we should go after Knutsen from Bodo/Glimt. Smith never was and never will be the answer, he's too mediocre. Knusten is the kind of manager that suits us. Smith is(dare I say it)too British and set in his ways.
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    The latest from the Deano’s Burnley press conference… “I don’t know how the fans are feeling, as I don’t phone them up or look at social media” How did we end up with this numpty?
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    Because he's a crank and these people's analysis of foreign policy can't compute anything other than 'the West is bad.'
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    If the natives do 'turn' on Sunday then the unfortunate element will be that the fury will (in all likelihood) be pointed in the wrong direction. Firstly some poor soul, possibly Gilmour and / or McLean will be the targets. I'm not defending their performances this season but fans turning on their own players is always wrong UNLESS said players have clearly shown obvious disrespect to the club and / or teammates. Secondly, D Smith (manager not owner) will come under attack despite the fact that he inherited a real poison chalice from Herr Farke and his buddy (or perhaps 'ex' buddy now!) Webber. If the fans want to rise in revolt then the targets should be those doddering geriatrics from Stowmarket closely followed by the puffed up Webber. We await to see what transpires.
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    Frankly takes the pi$$ that we are all preparing for relegation and the club needs a rebuild while our CEO is busy preparing for a jolly up Everest. He should be told to do his job and he can climb the super mountain once we are established in the Prem.
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    More fundamentally, social media is no guide to how people are feeling. Those who post frequently, are by definition different from those who do not. It was a throwaway remark; not a particularly well-judged one, but nothing of any real significance. It will no doubt however, provide those who want to with a further stick to beat him. It will be progress on the football pitch, or lack of it, which will really determine his fate, rather than an off-the-cuff remark at a press conference.
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    Dear Dean/ Deano / Mr Smith / Barry Chuckle, I would love you to have your P45 and frankly think you have done nothing good for our club since your appointment. I am really pi$$ed off with Webber for appointing you and keep seeing your team sheet and face palming to see the Krankies through the middle every week. It leads me to believe you are even more inept than I thought. Please do us a favour and resign asap so someone can stamp their mark on our club and stop this long ball direct non sense you seem to be investing in. Yours " A fan" There you go that's how i feel anyway, feel free to DM that to him so he has a flavor of the mood.
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    I see poor old Rowe is now the over rated savior that all fans feel we need. Why heap pressure on the lad in a relegation battle? Its as another poster put before - The more a player plays (McClean, Gibson, Pukki) the worse they get The less they play (Sorenson, Rowe) the better they get.
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    We have literally got a better points per game ratio compared to Farke’s at the start of the season. It’s still $hite but it’s better than the zero improvement you’re banging on about.
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    Instant results? "Bore off" - he's had 5 months in charge and nothing has improved. When a new manager comes in, you expect to see some element of improvement. Our "new manager bounce" lasted one match. Which arguably could have been won by Farke as he had won his final match anyway. The results and performances over the Xmas period and the last 5-6 weeks have been nothing short of horrific.
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    A fish factory? I hadn't heard this one. How romantic. I'd assumed he'd whisked her away to a bijou hotel in Montmartre. Not a day trip to Grimsby.
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    See, the problem here is all about context and what he was asked - but don’t let that get in the way of things. The press conference was, what, 30-40minutes long, and that was one comment in among hundreds. The odd thing to me is that no one is focusing on injuries, or the comment about illness in the squad - imo those are far more important than some throwaway comment.
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    Another step closer to Russell Martin's summertime unveiling.
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    Well if he can do it in the National League bring him in. My mate got a hattrick for Waveny FC, get him in hes 37, 5'7 and 17 stone, could do a job for us.
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    I just feel it’s a really poor PR answer and sums up the disconnect between the club and the fans at the moment. I honestly don’t think they care as long as we sell out Season tickets. Feels we have taken such a massive step back in fan/ club relations.
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    Smith’s Villa scored 96 goals across his two full Premier League seasons. Where’s this notion coming from that he plays defensive football? Some are forgetting that we have little to no creativity in midfield and one fit striker. Smith has been far from perfect but at least judge him after having a better equipped squad. I quite like Smith’s down to earth and sensible persona. He will never have a Farke personality, but I do find him quite honest in his post match interviews, and doesn’t throw his players under the bus, regardless of how hopeless they have been. Unlike the previous head coach he doesn’t concede the game before we play every top six side either.
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    To be fair to him should he lie? He probably doesn’t know how we are feeling. He seems to like to isolate himself from all this noise which I can agree is a good idea. He should do a pinkun AMA and watch the fur fly!
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    Hope he is replaced in the summer. I also don't feel he wants to be here. Sacking him wouldn't be without warrant - we have literally seen zero signs of improvement since he came in.
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    He might just find out how the fans feel on Sunday if we turn in yet another uninspiring performance.
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    Bumping this up as Bodo beat Roma 2-1 at home in the quarter-finals of the Conference League. This is an incredible European footballing story here. I really do hope they hold on for the semi-finals at least.
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    I've not seen as many youth player progress into the first team in a short space of time than under Webber, and I've not seen anywhere near as many of our youth players get loan moves that generally prove successful. With the facilities being improved alongside that, I think claiming it's not improved is just an unfounded criticism of Webber, because you don't like him.
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    I wish I had the related article to hand but the board haven''t kept the Cullum bid saga altogether secret. Although I understand to some City supporters that a multi millionaire on ''board'' would have helped our plight, I believe they are mis-informed.From memory he claimed, through the newspapers, not in a formal business proposition, that he''d like to invest £20/£25 million into then manager, GR''s transfer kitty. For his investment he wanted control of the club and intended on appointing 2 of his staff on the board to run things. Apparently there had been a meeting between the board and Cullum but there wasn''t any progress because of the following reason.It was simply unacceptable to the board because the current legal standpoint clearly states that anyone wishing to take control of the club has to make an offer to a majority of shareholders for their stake in the club. Cullum wouldn''t budge from his offer to invest in players and want control without paying shareholders a penny. Quite simply it''s unconstitutional for the club to be sold in this way.In my opinion, he was also asking Delia to walk away from the millions (4/5 ?) she has currently invested, without any financial offer for her time or investment. He made a token gesture of keeping Delia on in some capacity but for someone who, at the time, was reported to be worth 1.7 billion, I believe his offer was cheap and demeaning to the club as well as an attempt to de-stabilise opinion of Delia and the board when we were vulnerable. All from someone who claims to be a Norwich supporter.An offer of £35+ million to purchase shares, pay Delia back a little and present his honest intentions to progress the club may have secured control for him. But he chose to use the media with big headlines to unsettle the board in the hope of gaining support from the fans and make the boards life uncomfortable. In some part, to those gullible and mis-informed, he has done.However, since the revalation of a World recession and credit crunch blah blah, it turns out that Cullum aint that well off. He has not been imune from losing out in major investments as the banks and the economy in general has crashed. I can''t pretend to know how much he is worth but after his dis-tasteful attempt of turning the club upside down, I doubt that even if he had taken control that he would now be investing in players. It don''t make business sense ?Putting us into administration, losing 10 points getting relegated and losing the debt does !Thats not something I enjoy considering to put it lightly.. but I feel very angry at those supporters who critisise the board, Delia in particular, when it is so obvious they are doing their upmost for the club. They have made mistakes, for me it started with appointing Grant but I was taken in as he talks a good game and I could see why he was chosen. However, the quality of players he brought to the club was questionable. As a result, when Roeder was brought in although he was able to raise the quality of players, albeit using loans for the majority of them, it just papered over the cracks. He then made mistakes in letting the likes of Huckerby go, and presumed the players he started the season with would hopefully challenge for a play off spot. He''d offloaded 12+ players and I worried that the team still needs to gel. Although to some extent you could argue the quality of the squad had improved, I didn''t believe it meant the team would automatically progress. Is the current squad that much better than others in the Championship ? Our league position says not. Supporters should have recognised when Gunn was appointed that relegation is a realistic possibility. I''m not critisising the appointment of Gunn & Co, far from it. I am a realist and saw the huge task he faces. I like the appointment and the staff he brought in as he and the board made the recognition that our most succesful periods came from hiring those within or with strong links to the club. Appointing Crook and Butterworth as Coaches also lines them up as future possible Managers and inkeeping with the philosophy of hiring managers within attempting to recreate previous success. It''s because they love and they know the club, Norfolk and the poeple that they will ensure they will do nothing but the best they can do to improve things.What they need is the unconditional support from us fans... no critisism''s, no infighting, no looking to place the blame on players, the management or the board. Yes it hurts to see how the team are playing and our league position becoming precarious. But one things for sure, if as fans, we lose our nerve and turn on individual players for mistakes they make because of our own anxiety of relegation, it will and it does transmit to the team and become a self fulfilling prophecy. Moan all you like down the pub at work and kick the cat across the living room if you so feel like it..But when it comes to being on the terraces, voice your opinion in the most passionate way possible in supporting this great club of ours... otherwise your not fit to wear the shirt.Forever Yella..
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    Hi Nutty Got the pin out and stuck it in the virtual donkey's tail. Many thanks to all the suggestions, and I'd love it, if these 6 came in (purleeeease) Tondela v SPORTING CP - Away win WREXHAM v Eastleigh - Home win SLAVIA PRAGUE V Pardubrice - Home win CELTIC v St Johnstone - Home win (My pick) UNION GILLOISE v Beerscot - Home win BENFICA v Belenenses - Home win I've sent you another £5 Nutty to put on a cheeky League One forecast, hoping the PuPs power will drive another nail in the Binners gnats whisker of hopes for a play off place ROTHERHAM v Charlton - Home win PLYMOUTH v Burton - Home win Wimbledon v MK DONS - Away win Thank you so much everyone. There were plenty of suggestions that were soooo close to being chosen. I really hope that doesn't come back and bite me on the rear area
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    You must want us to beat Burnley now to keep them a long way below yourselves. A situation where Norwich, Watford and Burnley got cut off from the rest would suit Brentford very well. Congratulations on what looks like being a successful season. Your club made all the right decisions on getting promoted and our club made all the wrong ones.
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    I’m not talking about attending the game specifically, just about being up for it / feeling excited for the challenge etc.
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    I t w a s a j o k e *Rolls eyes*
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    "Kabongo Tshimanga, thoughts?" Gazuntite.....
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    If marinated in Red Bull , yes.
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    Yes and no, yes in that wingers will often be more in spurts, more explosive and more stop-start in their efforts by nature, but no in that if his endurance is considered shaky, my suspicion is that they don't think he recovers quickly enough after a bit, and especially at that level of intensity required in the Premier League to be effective. Smith's got this about right for me. Don't need to overwork him at his age / state of development, and as someone else said, don't need to expose him to the negativity for 90 minutes either and run the risk of shooting down his confidence.
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    Wasn't it Burnley at home, on a Sunday that did for Worthy? Lost 1-4
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    Correct, we don't. The only facts we have is that nobody has made a formal offer, and nobody has cared enough if they have shown interest to vaguely mention it to anyone in the media, local or otherwise. I'm in the incredibly sceptical camp that if anyone vaguely serious showed interest and was hit-back by Delia / MWJ, why on earth wouldn't they mention it to the media? It's no skin of their nose, it's no wasted time, it might even get other clubs approaching them who desperately do want to sell. I've not met a billionaire. I've met a couple of millionaires and they hate being told no. They'd go to the media out of spite, even if they'd decided they couldn't be bothered with the club anymore. Yet @Jim Smith is the one stating in this thread on multiple times as if it's a fact we've rejected multiple offers. Read his posts. That's what I'm taking issue with, because what happens is people read it, assume that as he's speaking with such conviction he must be correct, and use something which has just been made-up as the entire reason behind their future thoughts / decisions etc.
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    Some quality archaeology done to dig this thread up. Also shows the desperate lengths some will go to in order to discredit someone they just don't like.
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    Badger, all I can say that Daisy, even on her death bed, never denied it. To be serious, Michael Wynn Jones is a life-long Norwich City supporter (first match in the 1950s) and he married Delia in 1971. This was long before she had any money to invest in any football club. As I understand it she had followed Leeds but immediately switched to Norwich City, and never wavered from that. Why anyone would believe the claim, categorically denied on the record by Sheepshanks, and with silence instead of substantiation from the poster, that when she did finally have money to invest, and by which time she had been a Canary supporter for many years, she offered it to local rivals Ipswich Town, is quite beyond me.
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    That will buy them an office block and the staff to draw up the plans, so as you say, where is the money going to come from to pay for a multi-billion pound reactor? Another one of Johnson's great schemes that only looks good for about five minutes.
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    Whoops. I think you are right.
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    Can’t they still just get some Saudi “soft drinks company” to sponsor them for a ****ton of money over market price?
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    A bit of Greek melancholy.
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    I still think we dodged a bullet there. I don't rate Smith that highly but I'd rather him than Lampard.
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    Football fans generally are an embarrassment nowadays, the instant nature of social media is mainly to blame. Many supporters don't understand football or how it works and see something somewhere online, believe it to be true and jump on the bandwagon. It's not just our fans and while I know we have plenty to be disgruntled about we also don't and there is rarely any perspective or a sensible angle, it's all kneejerk stuff and finger pointing, a blame game. It's the same for the bigger clubs when they lose, their performance gets ripped apart by pundits, its no longer accepted that teams just lose matches sometimes. Premier League football in general is an unpleasant cesspit. You can certainly understand why many have migrated to non league/grass roots football.
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    What was wrong with debating the bond? I'm ok with whatever you watch Essex. I just find it strange you complain about NCFC spends but not the spends that benefit our competitors. I thought Delia was promoting her book? It's about time the dementia link was properly addressed. The link with sports, and not just football, can't be denied. The excuse about that heavy old leather ball is no longer valid. But don't wait for Delia to take it up. Do something yourself if you really care. Now about the bond scheme...
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    Team appalling ..check DoF failed miserably...check Owners lack of investment..check Fans at fault zzzzz
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    I can't even be sure we won't be staying on 18 points. Trying to assess who is better is like trying to choose my favourite member of the Taliban.
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    Your mistake was applying high professional standards and expectations to an amateur Sloughbottom-level match...
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    Still FASCINATED to know WHO would've come in if Smith hadn't been fired when he was!
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