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    Enjoyed tonight's result and I am just going to drop this here in case anyone wonders why...
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    Looks like three from four, with Everton well and truly joined the party. It's going to be fascinating to see who can muster the fight and desire to get that coveted 17th place. We can still have a big say in it and if we should beat Burnley, it makes things a bit more interesting for us, but if Burnley beat us, they will put themselves in the driving seat. If we can find a spark of form and a bit of confidence, we can still make it a race to the line. Watford, Burnley and Everton are down near the bottom for a reason, they are all cack, so there is still something to aim at. All to play for.....are the players up for it? They'd better be - there is still an opportunity to achieve something this season.
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    I'm still quite happy with Smith. I think he's had an impossible job, with a lack of quality in midfield available to him and various injury and covid issues. I think he has more of an idea of how to build a squad than Farke or Webber and I hope he gets the opportunity to do that this summer. His "style" at every other club he's been to has been quite expansive - this is the man who wanted Cantwell and Rashica and actually bought Buendia. He also made Grealish into a proper player. Give him time.
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    Flip flop, flip flop. Only last week you resigned yourself to relegation being nailed on. So what has happened in the last 10 days or so for the renewed optimism? We're still as sh1te as we were. It's not 3 from 4, it's 2 from 3. Don't kid yourself
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    I still think we dodged a bullet there. I don't rate Smith that highly but I'd rather him than Lampard.
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    Football fans generally are an embarrassment nowadays, the instant nature of social media is mainly to blame. Many supporters don't understand football or how it works and see something somewhere online, believe it to be true and jump on the bandwagon. It's not just our fans and while I know we have plenty to be disgruntled about we also don't and there is rarely any perspective or a sensible angle, it's all kneejerk stuff and finger pointing, a blame game. It's the same for the bigger clubs when they lose, their performance gets ripped apart by pundits, its no longer accepted that teams just lose matches sometimes. Premier League football in general is an unpleasant cesspit. You can certainly understand why many have migrated to non league/grass roots football.
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    Plastered all over the various fan websites, social media accounts this weekend, have been idiotic calls for Smith to go, Delia to go etc etc. Quite frankly any city fan associated with such immature, knee jerk, playground name calling, are immature, brainless idiots. The same group that rounded on Farke, because of their lack of any intellect to see the real problem, a gamble on too many unknown, untried transfers, and the loss of key players that made us tick, Emi, Skipp and Cantwell ( who started to believe his own hype and has become a village player, who has blown a promising career because of a dreadful attitude). I have supported Norwich for over 50 years, through the ups and downs, but I can’t remember a period, where we had such a large proportion of shallow, good time Charlies in our supporter base, hyped and rabble roused by idiots such as the lads at TalkNorwichCity - so called Norwich fans. I just hope the true supporter, the silent majority - remain undeterred in their support of a club, that has given me many enjoyable moments in life. Letting the immature idiots move on to put their emotional energies into something else their brains can cope with, such as computer games! My only hope is that, at least some, of the brainless worms are IPs- - it fans on the wind up, because otherwise I am ashamed of this largest contingent of Norwich fans.!!!
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    Do you get a perpetual season ticket if you buy NFTs in Crawley ? Asking for a friend. @Essex Canary
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    Jesus man, you are losing all touch with reality. Not one word of this is remotely plausible.
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    Personally I think Pukki should be allowed to do what he wants. He has been unbelievable for us since the moment he joined. If wants to stay give him the 50k it’s peanuts if he wants to leave don’t be difficult about it he has done more than enough for the club.
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    I'm afraid this is little more than shallow "whataboutery". You do realise that you can be critical of both sides for any acts that cross moral boundaries don't you? The implication that past Western moral infractions somehow cancel out the utter depravity of Putin's invasion of the Ukraine is both ridiculous and sick. Further, you seem totally oblivious that criticisms of western state interventions in the other countries that you mention were not only freely voiced in every contemporaneous media, but also voiced by hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens taking to the streets in free protest. Perhaps you would like to tell us about the current possibilities for criticism of the war available to the Russian media, and for ordinary Russian people. Finally, do feel to explain which "western right wing states" Putin had to "decouple" himself from in order to make Russia "self-sufficient", and what "reforms" you are referring to in his achievement of this. I haven't a clue who you are referring to as the "western right wing states" he was supposedly "coupled to", nor what "reforms" he introduced to ensure Russia's "de-coupling".
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    You're right, it was more like 3/4 of this forum
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    Yep, agree with this, just want to hit 22+ points and finish above Watford.
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    I mean we are going down but yeah , not finishig bottom would be nice I guess..
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    Clearly not seen us play enough!
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    "Kremlin says presenting evidence of secret NATO bases in Ukraine is difficult as they are disguised as bio labs which are disguised as Azov bases which are disguised as residential buildings which are protected by weaponized birds"
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    Since his 29 goals and 26 goals basically got us promoted in 2018/19 and 2020/21 respectively, I'd say his cost per goal in the past has been pretty good. As for those who say he hasn't delivered in the Prem, he's actually scored half of our goals this season if you take OG out of the equation. If all of those wonderful new recruits had added just two or three goals each, we wouldn't be where we are now. It bugs me that there are fans who cream themselves about Normann who has boasted and posed and delivered almost nothing, or find excuses for Cantwell for stamping his feet and downing tools, but are then ready to discard a player who has scored almost 20 goals a season for us over four years and has been a model professional throughout. (I am not saying that you are one of these fans; let me make it clear that this comment is not aimed at you but at a minority of posters who don't know what they've got till it's gone, to quote Joni Mitchell.)
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    '... immature, knee jerk, playground name calling ... ' You mean phrases like 'immature, brainless idiots', 'shallow, good time Charlies', 'immature idiots', 'something else their brains can cope with', 'brainless worms'? Were you thinking of that kind of playground name calling?
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    Bumping this up as Bodo beat Roma 2-1 at home in the quarter-finals of the Conference League. This is an incredible European footballing story here. I really do hope they hold on for the semi-finals at least.
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    I don't care that the Man City's or Utd's have a financial advantage over us, they have massive fan bases and bring in huge amounts of commercial revenue. I have a problem with the likes of Brighton, Watford and Bournemouth having a financial advantage over us due to them having a sugardaddy who has bought them all their success while we have to sell our best players to stay afloat. This should help us compete more against the super rich small clubs who have no fans and nothing going for them except the wealth of their owners and maybe make up some of the lost ground on similar sized clubs to ours who also have a wealthy owner so this is okay with me. Yes it helps the big clubs and that's why it was introduced, but from our perspective which is literally all I care about this doesn't hurt us at all.
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    £7 profit there. Ripping off cockneys does too!
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    I think the term for this is 'owned'
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    That reminds me of a band forum the better half used to read without actually posting nor making an account. They like formed a little friendship group and hogged the front row at every gig the band played all while making silly little banners advertising their “fansite”. They used to make petty insults at members of their official forum, called them “The dark side” and said things like “We’re better than them”. It was far too tight knit for its own good, all cliquy and the way female posters got all broody over the band members new born kids was sickening to say the least. New members came along, then the regulars slowly left to a point it’s like a ghost town. It’s only when the band tour or release a new album, it actually gets going for like a week or two, then lies dormant again. When the band’s official forum died in 2007 due to virus attacks, people migrated to that forum and they welcomed them, but they hardly keep in contact with them once the forum died. They actually loved the fact the official forum died, really childish and pathetic and there was a rule in which you had to keep on topic in the thread and if you went off, the “mods” got all lairy and deleted the posts in question. The way moderators got sucked up to the better half hated. Don’t blame you at all for not wanting to mention that Scotland forum and give it free publicity and as you can see, I’m not doing the same here for the same purpose. They sound like a right bunch of arrogant tw@ts.
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    A long time since The Man from Mulbarton got a mention on here.
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    No. Lampard was Chelsea's Ole Solskjaer. If you want to add Gerrard into the mix, I would say that Smith is also better than him. Gerrard only won the SPL because it was rigged*. *Celtic didn't want to win 10 in a row and upset their partner, Rangers... I mean... "rival"...
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    I think it’s two thing, they don’t feel like “us” because mainly they are “not Farke”. Most fans were very invested in Farke and the way he played and so now that’s away, anyone coming in has the problem of not being a Farke, because despite the poor performances, Farke was a likeable guy and people miss him. I think as well because we have a poor team, we aren’t probably playing the way Smith would like to but in a way he thinks will scrape us some points (especially during the Covid/injury crisis time) or even where it’s the only option with players available. It’s not attractive and hard to watch, the opposite of the Championship team, so it’s hard to identify with.
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    I agree with this, but I don't know why it doesn't feel "us". And it really confuses me as I really like them both as people, and I have no issues with the tactics employed, at least not at the moment as appreciate the few cards he can play. But all just feels a bit pedestrian and un-inspiring, I guess. Is that fair?
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    It sounds to me as Lampard, as a coach is living off his outstanding career. His man management seems pretty dreadful and wit ha team like Everton, who have no real stars, its about getting the maximum as a team. And he doesn't have that at the moment. The ability to drag ordinary players into areas they didn't believe they could achieve.
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    That is all a bit 'if my auntie had **** she'd be my uncle' though isn't it?
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    I think Smith would keep that Everton squad up, he kept a worse Villa squad up.
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    Who wins? Certainly not the club or the fans. Someone will realise the asset price growth, whether it is the current or future owners or even their beneficeries. Neither option gives the club additional funding because neither change the economic fundamentals of the club. City remain a mid-sized provincial club, remote, with negligible debt, a dated/restricted ground, a loyal fanbase providing a reasonable but not large revenue stream. In many ways the club's on-field success or lack of it is probably broadly in line with the median of clubs of this type/level. In that, although liking your idea of sporting distress, the club is not a distressed asset. The fictional Mike Ashley solution can be seen in the actual Mike Ashley's exit. The Saudis were not interested in the financials, they wanted a trophy club and/or sportswashing. For most top end clubs this is true, with the possible exception of Man Utd. This is equally true of clubs like Brentford and Brighton that are owned by fans.
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    Those are the games in hand Coventry had after the end of the 85 season when we got relegated, they had to win all three to stay up and relegate us, needless to say their opponents were definitely on the beach!
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    I think you're missing the point....
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    You've missed the point on this one mate.
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    It's not a case of him demanding 50/60k a week etc. His current contract is on that amount so if we want to trigger the automatic one year renewal it will be renewed on the wage he's currently on. I don't think he's going to say 'don't pay me that just give me 25k a week for the next year'. The club might be able to do a deal and he signs a new 2 year contract on say 40k a week. Time will tell.
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    Even worse than Blue Moon that forum, let alone Red Cafe and that takes some doing.
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    Lees-Melou Gilmour McLean OTBC
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    Mainly because folks try to make out we're something we're not resulting in fans of clubs who are much bigger reminding those folks of that being the case. Not sure why the only people that keep bleating on about "little old Norwich" are generally the ones trying to use it as a stick to beat other people with who have never said it... literally if you didn't mention it, no one would.
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    I see this argument a lot- personally, no I don't think it does. But equally I don't believe taking the knee is virtue signalling either. I believe many people wear their poppies out of sincerity as I do with people taking the knee. **** like this strays into the realm of it though... 'Look at how much I care about soldiers I put a giant poppy on my hotel.'
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    Just a reminder, Craig Murray looked at the evidence of the Sailsbury poisonings and came to this conclusion... I know this one particular poster has the mother of all man crushes on him but he's an absolute crank.
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    Arrogant post by the OP. He is a true supporter but others with a different opinion are not. Let them eat cake.
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    Nonsense post, and I only got as far as "knee jerk." As far as I'm concerned, there's most certainly no "knee jerk" about it. That's just one insult too far, imo. A lot of sensible and informed reasoning is behind the call, by some, for a change at the top. The penny has finally dropped. We are a club that needs regular promotions to the Premier League in order to survive as a force commensurate with the level of support it commands and the status of City it emanates from. By a combination of luck or judgement, we have managed five in the last two decades. With our inability to progress further, the only eventual direction will be downwards. We cannot expect to yo-yo forever. Promotion gets more difficult as many more Championship clubs assume greater resources than us. Two seasons and more in the Chumps and this club is destined to a future of second level mediocrity, and possibly even worse. The Little Old Norwich status will have been established. The first aim of any sporting endeavour should be to aim for the best, not second best, whatever the risks. Knee-jerk as opposed to the ar*se-jerk of the OP.
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    That’s a horrible, almost indigestible truth. Parma
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    Imagine the uproar had Will Smith been white.
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    But looking on the bright side at least it would never get out of date.
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