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    And he’s right. No doubt he’ll get hammered on here for it by the usual suspects.
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    Gilmour hasn't been as bad as some made out but neither has McLean. In fact McLean has never been as bad as some have made out. Its why an experienced manager and coaching team for the second consecutive time are picking him. I was assured by some on here that would only last a game or two. Neither have shown enough to compete this season. In reality we need different and better players in those positions. But they are the best we have available right now and that's not their fault.
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    Please never compare Le Tissier and Cantwell again!
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    Thank you for the kind words @Pugin, much appreciated. Yup, the Todd situation will be sorted out sooner rather than later I think. Sell him, loan him out, play him... anything will be better than keeping this tiresome status quo going. I'm inclined to agree with the consensus here that a fresh start at a new club is probably what's best for him. We'll see what the near future holds in store. Happy New Year to you too and everyone else on here from a wintery Åland , a tiny island in the middle of the sea with a population of around 30 000 where I am the only Norwich fan. OTBC!
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    Stop feeding the bigoted troll……the more response the happier he’ll be! There’s no valid point he’s trying to make, in his little empirical world, England still owns the world and has the right to unilaterally go wherever it wants but demands the right to stop other deciding their choices to decrease risk. Its people like him with the easy to lead mind set who will follow the nationalistic call as Brexit showed, nothing to do with what was best for the country as our economy slowly collapses into chaos while we can’t fill jobs with the British who won’t do any hard type of work, but don’t want the those foreigners here on our land! Investment which was being pumped into British industries are slowly being invested in other countries…..but it’s only temporary they said! Short term……that’s true, as soon as the bumbling baboon is ousted we will see a return to open working policies as we try to salvage our farming, NHS and other industries decimated by shortages in staff. The real issue is that these nationalistic types are soft in the head and open to being manipulated by those who wish to gain, Boris & Farage being the obvious examples! But it can be a very dangerous path to divisions and long term global issues if it’s allowed to continue. Time to wake up and work together in more ways to tackle the massive issue of global warming, Covid and potential global conflicts.
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    No need to worry, all this talk of ownership is just hot air. None of these so called fans will do anything about it. As @PurpleCanary constantly points out there is nothing preventing a group of fans putting a consortium together and funding in place before making Smith & Jones an offer. Nothing apart from they are incapable, incompetant and unwilling.
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    Top post @ÅlandicCanary. You remind me of Simon Lappin, speaking on Canary Call after the Arsenal game. After listening to a few crank calls, Lappin calmly and respectfully gave evidence of how misguided the callers were. But it seemed to make no difference. The crank callers / posters seem to be oblivious to logic and knowledge, and continue to push their disturbed agendas. Never mind, it's their lives which are messed up. Those who know, know. Ignore the haters; please continue to contribute intelligently to this forum, even if most of what you sow falls on stoney ground. Have a Happy New Year. The Todd situation will sort itself out. Dean will either bring him back in or move him on and the haters will have to find a new target to pleasure themselves over. FWIW, Dowell is well short of being a Premier player. Equally, Todd did himself no favours by looking so nonchalant while pre-match warm up. These things never go un-noticed.
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    Maybe we should all just stop interacting with Swindon. He’s nothing more than a clueless troll, too dumb to engage in any sort of debate because he refuses to educate himself or engage with what is being told to him. His only purpose on this thread is to trash the EU and foreign countries, even if it includes lying and bending the truth to do so. A very hateful man and clearly not a happy one , as he has been obsessed with this thread for nearly 6 years. 6 years of stirring up hate and trying to convince us (or maybe himself) that Brexit has been good for our nations.
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    Shef, this came up in the discussion we had in October over my Financing the Future thread. I think it is a good idea, and one Smith and Jones would probably be happy with. But it would not be a totally small-fan-owed community club in the way Swansea was for a while. And for me to be entirely in favour it would need to have a genuinely fan-elected supporter-director with a golden share veto on a few crucial heritage issues. I advocated this 12 or 13 years ago and it has now made its way into the Crouch Report on the future of football. The other point to be stressed about such a scheme for Norwich City is the one I made back in October, using a quote from Donald Trump's psychologist niece - 'Too much and never enough'. Unless and until there is some calamitous financial crash in football, with big clubs going to the wall, no such scheme would enable us to do anything in the Premier League but at best cling on by our fingernails.
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    Kenny is right, but he's utterly, utterly useless himself and Gilmour would have a much better chance of performing playing next to someone who had at least some ability. No doubt Gilmour is a much better player than McLean.
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    Its a fair point , I dont see any of our players not trying some are individually not to PL standard and as a collective we are falling well short. - does that mean we should insult players? Ive no issues with people expressing opinions, - even ones I don't share- or constructive criticisms and as a pro footballer you should be able to accept these - if not dont read them. - but you shouldnt be subject to abusive personal attacks. IMO.
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    For those of you that live in Norfolk I would also like to inform you that it has stopped raining.........FJSOB always first with the news.........and the weather. Hope you all have a healthy, happy 2022 (which starts tomorrow in case you were not aware)..........
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    That would be good for Year 1. The problem is then where is the funding for year 2 to maintain our quest to be an established Premier League club? There is a lot of bellyaching for "more money" from a fanbase that protested about the price of Cup tickets, decided that BK8 was the "wrong type" of money, called the bond to raise funds a "begging bowl", went apoplectic about the membership scheme etc It always amazes me that we are so aggrieved by our pauper-like status, yet we're also always so annoyed by any attempt by the club to raise additional funds. We will staunchly NOT stick our hands in our own pocket to give the funds to the club we all "love and support" so dearly, yet also cling to the belief that there is a stupendously rich benefactor with no attachment to the club just itching to turn up and set fire to their personal fortune to sate our appetite to be Crystal Palace. Mental.
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    I agree quite strongly with what you've said here. However, it doesn't accord with the club's messaging. Tanks, bazooka's and grenades were apparently signed. It was clear that the higher-ups were marketing this season as one in which we had pushed the boat out and expected to give it a right good go at surviving. The Farke sacking itself evidenced that the club expected the squad assembled to compete to survive. You can't really criticise fans for having an unrealistic set of ambitions for the club in the PL against a backdrop of such messaging. I personally felt that it would be very difficult, once again, to survive. But I did expect us to compete a little more and do better than 21 points. The reality is that performances have actually been far worse than two years ago. We were naive and vulnerable defensively then, but we played good football, scored goals and gave most teams a proper game. There's been very little of that this season.
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    We’ve all heard a lot of rumour and innuendo surrounding Todd. He’s gone from “his time to shine” in a starring role in the NCFC cast and the potential to be our new creative talisman in the wake of the Buendia transfer to falling completely out of favour He certainly looked up for the task early on, even having a spark of flair about his play, there was the sublime assist against Gillingham in preseason, and attempting to lob the Liverpool goalkeeper from 35 yards. Clearly a man who was, at the time, full of swagger and confidence. Then things turned sour. Here’s my take on what went wrong. In the 4-2-3-1 Cantwell was often deployed on the left, and inside NO.10, usually picking up the half-spaces, dropped deep to collect the ball from the CB, or No.6, like a deep playmaker. He was well suited to the Farkeball possession based game, that either birthed and coached Cantwell into the player he became or just suited his game to and allowed him to thrive. Off the ball, he dropped into LM, in a 4-4-1-1 block. And pressed well in the championship against lesser opposition. Then Farke switched to a 4-3-3 in preseason, then a 3-5-2. Whilst there is no position for Todd in a 3-5-2, his role completely changed in the 4-3-3, and his role changed upon returning to the premier league, required to do a lot more off the ball. Whilst many other player evidently struggled Todd’s individual set of attributes hurt him the most. He played higher up the pitch, was required to play wider as the half-space was no the channel for one of the 2 no.8s, and this why Rupp, Lees-Melou had a lot of shots from just outside the box early on in the season. Cantwell, the stylish inside No.10 was quelled. Gillingham assist, was just an assist against Gillingham. The new system was an enemy to a player like Todd in the premier league, where off the ball work in a team fighting relegation is more important to a manager than the individual on-the-ball talent. Cantwell became a luxury playmaker who Farke couldn’t afford to play in his team that needed to be as workman like, full of speed and quick direct ground passes up the pitch. He’s not a winger, and will never be. I trust you can understand the tactical difference? I personally think that’s where the disagreements, frustration and falling out came from. Farke antiquated one of his best players, and here me right- Todd had every chance to step up in his new role, and was given the chance to make the new wide left position his own. I think he failed or NCFC failed him. NCFC certainly failed the development and ultimately, the value of one of its key assets. And if you apply all of my tactical analysis to Kieran Dowell, it makes sense why he doesn’t play very often too, yet he’s still involved. There’s no Dowell rumour and innuendo. And without being too demonising to Todd personally, THAT is where “attitude” comes in. Why Dowell still plays and Cantwell doesn’t.
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    To be fair to Todd - and we’re not all that often - he’s clearly not warming up there. He’s dressed in his travelling gear. This is just him arriving for a game doing a few keepy uppies. Criticise where it’s warranted but it’s unfair to when it’s not.
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    At the end of the day, Delia and Wynnie are fully responsible for what we have been witnessing. They are responsible for the Webbers. They are responsible for the lack of quality in the squad as they set the wage structure. They are responsible for abuse the players are receiving as it is not the players' fault they are no good in this league. They are responsible for Gunn, Sargent, Gilmour and PLM. Every transfer in and out has to be approved by them. They are responsible for angry fans and people walking out early. They are responsible for Covid as bad luck follows people who get everything wrong on purpose. See above. They were responsible for giving no gun and no ammunition to Farke (both this season and the last EPL season). They are responsible for the boy Abraham going to Roma. They are responsible for the boy Ajer getting injured by letting him go to Brentford. They are responsible for handing out no guns and no ammunition to the TGGB (Two Gentlemen from Great Barr). They are responsible for every single goal conceded this season because they just sit there in the stand and let the opposition do what they want. At no point does it ever occur to them that they should get their tracksuits on and get down onto the touchline to sort it out. During Geoffrey Watling's tenure he had a spell as team manager as well. They were fully responsible for finishing bottom last time and they will be fully responsible for finishing bottom this time. They are fully responsible for the club being a global laughing stock. They are fully responsible for every utterance on SportTalk. They are responsible for all the injuries as bad luck follows people who get things wrong in the first place. In fact, I would go so far as to say they are responsible for every adverse event and malady known to mankind.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority, but there's no humiliation here. My Brother (a Hammer) pointed out that our recent performances in the Premiership must be pretty disheartening for the fans. My immediate response was that we'd been Football League Champions for 2 of the last 3 Seasons, what's disheartening about that? In terms of financing, and let's face it, Football is no longer a Sport but a business, we are one of most responsibly run Clubs in the Country and if the likes of Brighton, Watford, Burnley and even West Ham attemted to operate our business model we'd be higher up the table. Maybe I'm old fashioned, maybe we should change our business model but I'd hate us to lose our identity, we remain a Norfolk Club followed mainly by Norfolk people and exiles and I'd much rather that, than follow Sparta Prague B, like my Brother does now......
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    If the fans wish to vent their spleen at the next game how about aiming their anger and frustration at the one man who has been woefully exposed as not being up to it this season ( and not for the first time in the PL ) ........Stuart Webber.
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    This may be the most unusual thread derail in the history of football forums. Discussion about an out-of-form star player ended up about a little-known archipelago of Nordic islands. In case anyone's interested, here's a photo gallery from my trip to Turku (mainland Finland) and Mariehamn at the end of October. Unfortunately the race photographer missed me in their galleries (again). Facebook
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    All the worn out and/or failed footballers, other assorted pundits, inadequate or fake journalists, wobble-headed trolls and silly supporters who imagine they know all about Billy Gilmour’s worth on the back of highlights ripping it up against King’s Lynn or the Faeroe Islands and lazy grunts from the TV and radio studio easy chairs, just give the lad a break and stop the ridiculous exaggeration of his ability. The anger he’s getting is more because of your boneheaded, insulting manner towards our club as if it were little more than an outrider of Chelsea’s academy, than because of enmity towards the young man. You abuse our club through the lad and don’t listen to or grasp common sense evaluations, so the only way to have a pop back, some will feel, is through him (I know that’s unfair but his livelihood is within a man’s game). For my part I see him not as a star who can be relied upon to pick a potentially match-winning pass half a dozen times a game or read the game to make numerous big blocks, but as a real trier of a lad who will come good. Playing not in his ideal position, like others he is prone to potentially match-losing gaffes. But he shouldn’t be exposed to the heat week in week out (over to you Mr Smith) and should not have to endure the expectation borne of this ridiculous inflation of his skill set. He’s occasionally outstanding, at other times an average contributor, sometimes a liability to the team – in fact much like the majority of footballers at the majority of clubs. I hope he sticks it out, I had/have high hopes of him for this season even though I too have shared the anger at times, but (as suggested by others here) because of the stupidity of the Billy Ballon d’Or boneheads and the unpleasant fallout from that, maybe he should go back in January to let the wee man do his thing and grow on loan elsewhere.
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    To be honest, I'm not too fussed about other teams at the moment. If we can't play well and pick up points in our own games then it's pretty much irrelevant what others are doing.
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    I’ll put forward an apparently controversial opinion…I don’t think he’s been that bad. Gets tackles in, the occasional sublime crossfield or outside of the boot pass. His influence is just so minimal to what was expected. However not his fault he’s being asked to do a job he clearly isn’t physically up to, in a failing team surrounded by championship quality players. I’m not sure what people expect? On balance for me he’s been no worse than the majority. He’s also clearly now as devoid of confidence as the rest of them. The amount of Norwich supporters who seem absolutely gleeful at the fact he’s failing here as opposed to putting his performances in context of the bigger Norwich picture should surprise me, but it doesn’t. Seems to be mainly a reaction to Chelsea fans and clueless pundits but then he takes the brunt of it, seems dumb to me. Ok he’s not been great, but literally no Norwich player has had a good season so far. Reminds me of Harry Kane, but an elongated version. I was at the West Ham game and couldn’t believe how quickly he started getting grief from the crowd after a few errors, even though to me it looked like there was a decent player there. Not saying Gilmour has that level of talent, we certainly aren’t seeing it, but you never know.
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    Bottom of the league and now we have a subset of fans booing taking the knee and racially abusing players. What a time to be a Norwich fan. Embarrassing. I have the displeasure of sitting near the 'snakepit' and over the last few games the loudest noises from there are either booing the knee, abusing a Norwich player or abusing a police officer.
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    I love how we’re the bad guys for expressing any sort of displeasure in their performance. If you played for anyone else mate the fanbase would have buried you UNDER the stadium for your performances. We’ve let you off easy. Was it 14 goals with no reply? 8 hours since we scored a goal? It embarrassing Kenny, stop crying and do something about it or, alternatively, do one.
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    You presume correctly, just a quick scroll of the threads, got as far as the Delia cookbook one. I have learnt many lessons today 1) Spend more time on the internet, 2) Sign Up to Twitter 3) Start using my smart phone as a smart phone rather than a phone 4) Research properly before posting and 5) Do not expect the NCFC site to have a big banner saying the game is off but instead look for a small link to "More News" amongst the information telling fans how to be Covid safe when travelling to Leicester. I have stood myself in the naughty corner and given myself a damn good telling off!!............
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    Cheers CC, I also need to sign up to Twitter, spend lots more time on this board/internet, and actually connect my smartphone to the internet, I am knocking on a bit but I am happy to be your apprentice!!.........
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    Restrictions will have little effect on Omicron. Eventually we must decide if we are a country with an NHS or a NHS with a country stuck on the side. If the economy collapses there will be no NHS.
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    "National 189,213 - 332 5 days backfilling from Xmas holiday under reporting rate of increase of 45.1% rate of increase up 1.5 million tests" "We're winning this." We ain't winning anything yet, no country is. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't help. Staying cautious without locking yourself away and we can work through this.
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    We've been served up an immense treat ever since we escaped League 1 with Lambert, many promotions, Wembley, new club legends like Holt, Wes, Pukki, Emi. So much drama, late goals, wins against United and other big boys. It's been an amazing 12 years or so. I am very grateful to be a Norwich fan, it's never boring. But perhaps we should sell up, embrace huge financial risk for the sake of a couple seasons in the Prem that will ultimately end in relegation anyway (only 5 prem teams have never been relegated from the league) and years of financial hardship that would see us in the wilderness or worse. People on this board have painfully short-term memories, or perhaps they're just too young to remember. I'd love to see a Norwich fan-led attempt at a take over, it would end up being the next Netflix football documentary, obviously in the comedy section.
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    Yeah, we've heard this all before. I remember the abuse I got from a Delia Out Facebook Group - anyone remember the plane they were determined to fly over Carrow Road? That has to be my number one favourite cringe-fest i've ever witnessed. 150 odd people talking big and they couldn't even raise £1 each to go towards it.
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    If there was such a group of wealthy fans, which there could well be for all we know, they're hardly likley to trumpet it all over this message board.
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    Webber has done fine in my view. The parameters for player acquisition make it a relatively low chance of survival any Premier league season. The yo yo approach is making the club stronger over time and more viable as a long term Premier league prospect as it continues ;this is undermined by the mentality that THIS is the season that we MUST survive. Farke was the scapegoat for a lot of fans. Now it seems Dean Smith isn't the answer, Weber is the problem. Just so tiresome. Let the players, manager and club focus on trying to turn it around without pointless histrionics, because if anything makes Norwich a laughing stock, it's that.
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    So thanks again for all the suggestions, hopefully these come in and we add something. So for Saturday I’ll go for Coleraine, Oxford, Forest Green, Chesterfield (my pick), Linfield, MK Dons. For Sunday I’ll go for Maidstone, Al Ahed, Kelty Hearts, Nantes, Apollon women, Real Madrid. Fingers crossed!!
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    It's either spend big or spend nothing. At this point, I don't know what I'd like to see. We can either go big at the risk of still getting relegated or accept defeat and play our youth and strengthen the squad for the champs. There's no in between
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    By the "few" at Palace you mean a few hundred, and those are from the hard-core! Imagine slagging off the away support that spends hundreds and gives up an entire day to watch this dross at the minute, fancy that!
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    Now this is my kind of attitude, I love it keep it up and you'll be a pro thread maker like me soon
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    I still don't get why we went from 4231 for a few seasons to 433 when we didn't really have the players for the style.
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    4 players due to illness & injury; or 4 players due to DS telling the rest of them to stay home, as no amount of training is going to help get them up to standard…?
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    Those would be good moves for him, I hope it works out for him (and we are paid a fair price). I can’t see which EPL side would be a good fit, yet he seems to have had his head turned
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    Is that in reference to the OP or Unhinged Canary's attempt?
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    It depends whether said argument has any substance or is pure emotional drivel. But I get the point
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    Why can’t it be both? Every player doesn’t have to be a physical monster with less technical ability but a few wouldn’t hurt. When we were lining up for corners against Palace it was embarrassingly obvious the physical difference in the two sides and yet they could still play good football. At the minute there’s a lack of physical presence across the whole team, especially noticeable in CM and in the backline where you’d expect to see at least some big physical players. If we want to have some smaller more technical players I think that needs to be balanced out with at least a few physical players. At the minute apart from Byram all our FBs are relatively small and easy to dominate in the air, neither of our two experienced CBs are particularly physically imposing, there’s literally no one physically imposing in our midfield and other than Idah, who still looks so raw and goal shy, no physical presence in the front three. We are too far the other way IMO.
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    Personally I’d prefer to take the p1ss out of other clubs rather than my own.
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    LOL. This is a typical approach taken by let's say a certain type of person. The assumption that others are as crooked as oneself. No, TeemuVanBasten, I do not have any old login. Some times recent joiners to a forum are just that. I've criticized Dowell for his performance against Arsenal. Not sure how that would constitute any double standards. He could've scored for us in that match had he only made an effort. Compare this fair criticism to the two examples above. I know you won't see any difference, so I'll detach myself from this pointless argument.
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    I've seen some bizarre posts here but truly that is up there with the oddest of them. Far from trying to stop protests against the owners I am saying, as I have done for years, the opposite - that fans who want change should get organised. Based on what has happened before in fraught times like these I very much doubt you and those who feel as you do will actually do anything, but that is hardly me thinking you need my permission. Just an honest assessment based on what in the past can be easily summarised as 'All mouth and no trousers.'
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    Nonsense....Farke had bar Zimmerman , a fully fit squad for the whole of his season ...and we were sh!t There was undoubetly an upturn in performance after Smith's arrival which has been derailed by 11 injuries/covid cases
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