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    Farke mentioned that Sargent was down to the narrower 50ft wide goals in training from yesterday, and still maintaining a steady 30% strike rate against McGovern, so some positives still.
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    Without meaning to come over all LDC... If Farke is sacked tomorrow or if Webber's contract runs out and he leaves, they absolutely would not leave as failures. I keep seeing this word used (especially when it comes to Webber) and it just strikes me as bizarre. Webber joined with the club in a bit of a mess behind the scenes, facilities that were actively hurting our ability to sign new players, no real sensible transfer strategy and a squad that was both bloated and imbalanced. If he left tomorrow the financial situation is 100 times better than when he left, there is a route for academy players into the first team, we have scouts who can spot gems (at least at Championship level) and we now have the press writing fawning articles about the cutting edge training facilities we provide our players. Farke joined with the club on a downward trajectory and has given us two seasons of absolutely thrilling football led by a number of academy graduates. Yes we've struggled mightily at Premier League level but that doesn't mean the Championship seasons are meaningless at that the overall period has been a failure. I personally think Farke's time is up but if and when he leaves he won't be anything close to that. Peter Grant was a failure, Bryan Gunn was failure, Jez Moxey was a failure. Farke and Webber? Nope.
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    Hanley is 100% our best defender this season.. we will miss him tomorrow. Rather have him than Gibson up against Tooney all day long.
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    No apostrophes needed.
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    To busy walking across Windermere and healing lepers
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    Some of those people aren’t shy parting with hundreds and thousands of pounds following the club home and away. They can vent their frustrations with this season however they wish.
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    What the fück is the matter with you ? I cannot understand supporters who fail to rally support around their club when things get a bit tough. I know this forum isn't represntative of the fan base as a whole - but there are plenty on here who just live for being able to run the club down at the slightest opportunity - and cannot see beyond the end of their noses. We are one day before a match and you only have to looks at some thread titles, or look at posts all over the board where people are STILL trying to divide us, rub our noses in it, or predict the worst. Some just can't stop doing it and produce thread after thread or post after post of negative, heads stuck in the past claptrap to try and justify their sad outlooks. Some may be supporters - some won't be and are just enjoying the situation, but I can't look on here and not comment on it. Imo it's simple. For genuine supporters, stop mithering about the past and look to the next match. The Yellow Belly/Teemu van Basten types are just all over the board trying to rub our noses in it and deflect from that , but there is a match. Tomorrow. That is the focus and no, we don't need to lose it, we don't want to lose it and we don't need supporters who relish our predicament because it enables them to run the club down in ever new ways they can think of. That is what is the matter with me.
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    Having just looked this up it appears the Standards Committee has equal numbers of MP’s and lay members with equal voting rights. I don’t think it gets much better than that.
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    Some people on here are completely beyond hope. Manager takes Bournemouth - that's Bournemouth!! - from administration, a 17-point deduction and 10 points adrift at the bottom of League 2 to the Premier League. Then he keeps Bournemouth - that's Bournemouth!!!! - there for 4 straight years, before finally going down in a season which Covid wrecked for everyone. But no no, he's a joke! Can't handle anything north of Watford, don't you know? Newcastle will get relegated with him HEUGH HEUGH HEUGH let's all laugh at them HEUGH HEUGH HEUGH must be so **** to be them HEUGH HEUGH HEUGH He'll do fine there. He's a tremendous manager. Meanwhile, we have 2 points from 20 PL games, and cannot stay in this division for love nor money.
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    3-1, Farkeball defending from that corner as well.
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    I'd commission recycling centres around the UK, and people locked in there, told that they can either a) sort through the rubbish to help recycle, or b) sit on their **** all day. Really no skin off my nose what they decide, one option is a slower day for them. You send minor offenders there for a number of days/weeks/months instead of prison, and the side result is it helps with recycling. Second to that, I'd line up a mass of exercise-style bikes and they can pedal on them to generate power. Put a TV up in front of them like a gym.. They would get free exercise AND generate power for the region/country. It sounds a little sinister, but is actually quite ingenious the more you think about it. Imagine 1000's people each day pedalling the nations electricity. If we could corner enough law breakers we could consider drilling through the floor and attaching massive wheels to these bikes and convicts could pedal the whole country across the oceans to warmer climates. I know what you're thinking, and yes, Sometimes I scare myself to think of the level of genius inside one man.
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    National 34,029 - 93 rate of decrease of 8.2% over 7 days, Local Norwich rate 424 down 23.7% (7 days) no update today so far N&N Patients 02-11-2021 36 Vax 1st Dose 43,731 87.2% done Norwich numbers 76.7% 2nd Dose 20,482 79.6% done 69.8% Booster 334,398 total 9,347,074 In Hospital ( looks to have peaked on the 1st Nov) 04-11-2021 9,160 03-11-2021 9,327 02-11-2021 9,556 01-11-2021 9,585 31-10-2021 9,350 30-10-2021 9,195 29-10-2021 9,148 28-10-2021 9,061
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    Message in a bottle was ace
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    Once again the real snowflakes show themselves with **** like this. Boohoo, my rights to racially abuse people online have been infringed.
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    People on social media are weird. It gives you mental illness. Take the medicine for modern life and quit social media
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    If he has fallen out with the manager, is fit, and wanting to play, then he needs to apologise to the manager for whatever the problem is and do what the manager wants so that he can play. As to things not being well behind the scenes, there's bound to be stress with the way things are going. I'd be more concerned if there wasn't.
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    Hoped for many things in my time but never for my team to lose.. That's very tinpot
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    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHNNNNker only joking. I love your optimism. fingers crossed for a point against the mighty Brentford. We can do it… we can get a 0-0. We can we can. Or we can’t. Who knows. At least we won’t be playing them next year. Phew.
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    I know there's a few months left guys, but he deserves it early:
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    Excellent, you won’t regret it. It’s better still if you wear a sailors hat and keep swigging cider.
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    This! We spent the whole game lumping it forward to Sargent and giving possesion away over and over. The only time we got forward with the ball was when Kabak brought it out of defense. He needs to keep doing it in my opinion, just be a bit more sellective on when the time is right.
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    Pathetic and sad, but I'm happy to be able to re-assure you that you most definitely have not grown into any sort of leftie Quite the opposite in fact, your right wing credentials are burnished each and every time you take up arms to attempt to defend the indefensible actions of this corrupt government, even persisting when it seems that all your fellow travellers have realised the futility of trying to polish this particular t*rd.
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    One example in 15 years proves my point rather than what you think it does. In reality there's 3, maybe 4. Which still goes to show how exceptionally rare it is. Further, its sad to see the desperation from some fans to now bad mouth the good parts of Farke, or making out anyone could do the good bits. They weren't saying anything close to it a couple months back and the good bits I've been referring to haven't changed. Farkes in a bad enough position for legitimate reasons, without people now simplifying some of the excellent work he's done.
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    Todd even if 50% fit is better than anything we have sitting in behind Teemu. You could see tonight how Todd could easily link up again with Teemu. No one else is capable or has the skill set. We are being deprived of a chance to improve our game just because some internal personality problems
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    The decision not to penalise Andrew for that block was extraordinary :). I was in the S Stand and it was blatant. To me, Leeds' plan was to isolate Raphinha on Onabamidele. AO was excellent, and his performance will have alerted the football world to his excellence.
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    I mean, it could have gone wrong but it isn't the first time Farke has made seemingly big, brave calls with a youngster. He chucked Aarons in at the deep end in an away derby after all. With McLean and Sargent, I don't know, my hunch is it's about the amount of ground they cover and the amount of workload they take off others. I can understand why there's a train of thought that perhaps technically superior players might mean less work to do but I can also see the point that while we might enjoy 60%+ possession regularly in the Championship, it's obvious we'll spend far less time in possession against better opposition and that's why we need those "legs". As with so many things, I guess it's about balance and with 2 points and 3 goals it's clear we haven't found it yet. As for Tzolis, we were warned not to expect too much, too soon and I expect he'll feature more as the season (and he) develops. Gilmour is a victim of the formation, it's hard to see where he fits unless we change system because he doesn't have the energy or physicality for what we have been doing. He's clearly talented though, but we need to find a way of getting him on the ball in areas he can impact the game with his passing ability. Cantwell? I don't know. Something's up, clearly. Until whatever it is is resolved... Let's hope whatever it is DOES get sorted because we can barely afford to have a player of his talent anywhere but the matchday squad. I'm just guessing with all that, but, with enforced changes again, the selection tomorrow will be interesting. Rupp, anyone?
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    You were making a daft argument dafter and were called out. It's quite simple.
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    I questioned the selection of Omabamidele too, but once the game was underway I understood it more. It was quickly apparent that Leeds were going to send as much through Raphinha as they could. While DG and BW offer us more as an attacking threat, I think AO is clearly the superior defender and given how much time the player in that position was going to spend one-on-one defending, I can see why he chose him. I actually think that he did pretty well for the most part, ok, he got sat down for the opening goal but he made some good interceptions and challenges and got away with a fairly obvious block when he (Raphinha) would have been away.
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    My hunch is that somewhere tomorrow Rupp will be in the starting lineup.
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    Indeed he did, and what a signing Duncs - averaged a goal a game every 10 games from CB, not a bad return!
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    Sadly we are well on the way down the slippery slope to tyranny - the government changing the rules (or making them up) as it goes along to suit its own ends and being above or able to ignore criticism and dealing in lies and even bigger lies. One rule (or none at all) for them and one for us. Trump came very close to a formal coup in the US debasing the election. Don't believe it can't happen here. There are many warnings from history and modern day states that have or already slipped down that sink hole. It always start with nationalist jingoism, enemies of the people, working around democratic bodies for expediency and so on. The real and final warning was Johnson's illegal prorogation of Parliament. Think about what he did and why he lied. Frankly the Queen should have dismissed him then and there and dealt with the constitutional crisis after the fact.
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    You're in the wrong country; the first amendment is part of the US constitution and has nothing to do with UK law. UK law does have express limits on freedom of speech, inlcuding slander, libel, sexual harrassment, and hate speech to name a few examples. These laws have all been introduced by democratically elected representatives appointed to make laws on behalf of the people. The Chelsea fan was free to express his hatred, was subject to a public trial for doing so, and is now a convicted criminal as per those laws.
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    https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/iwan-roberts-on-daniel-farke-at-norwich-8463582 Pretty much how I feel atm
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    Has to be. Hope Gibbo eats his Shredded wheat because he has generally been absolute c4ck so far and it doesn't look like we have a choice.
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    That’s impressive from where you travel, apology offered.
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    Just what we all need, a he said she said they said situation which stirs the pot a bit more.
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    All’s good at Colney, Toddy is perfecting his goal celebration dance moves ready for Brentford.
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    Tempted to start a First Wizard-style counter-thread entitled BEATING BRENTFORD COULD RELEGATE US!!!
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    If we do lose the season starts against Southampton. The international break will give us time to readdress a few minor issues.
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    I feel like Kabak is the easy scapegoat for this goal too. Yes it was a poor touch but his driving runs from defence create opportunities, ala Maguire with England. Generally in a back 3 you want someone who can step out with the ball. Sure he cocked it up on this occasion but it also isn't like there weren't other defenders who could have reacted quicker to ball or a goalkeeper who should make that save 10 times out of 10.
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    That was actually very different. The question about an appeal is to what, to whom and with what 'new' evidence? Can you imagine the furore if an independent Judge was to rule against say Johnson (and his holidays or decorations) let alone Paterson - we've been here before with 'enemy of the people' from the same protagonists as Paterson's misguided friends. No - the existing system is actually very good for MPS and fit for purpose. An independent commissioner investigates the evidence (and proposes sanctions if required) which then goes to the cross party standard committee to study and take yet further representations from all parties and then to act upon. The standards committee are of course MPs themselves fully aware of the realities of life as an MP and the conflicting interests and grey areas - hence any MP before them will get a very fair and balanced hearing. I can't see how it can be materially improved - perhaps we can have 16 MPs on the standards committee not 14 - or two commissioners? Truth is it works just fine for HoC and those that tried to subvert or corrupt the process got a very well deserved bloody nose. The 'changes' proposed will of course be quietly dropped in due course - self-entitled nonsense that they were. As to Paterson - well banged to rights.
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    Try and get up and then listen to Daniel's presser today.....self funding club,young players with no experience in EPL,how good Brentford are,underdogs and so on and so on.... beaten before they travel.
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    I want to see a closed premier league Id prefer it, and I believe it would be better for us and all other teams, if the big clubs just did one and played in Europe every week. the disparity is now so massive there’s no point in us playing one another. It’s a joke.
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    I think most people are just confused why you are trying to defend the indefensible?! Even Bozo has thrown in the towel.
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    Benjamin Bloom is miles ahead of them, best Ipswich fan ever imo
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    What do we think of this?
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