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    The electorate are turning against Johnson, but I suggest what just happen to the Chechs brings the answer. What the Czech elections mean for Europe’s strongmen This past weekend, Andrej Babis, the Czech Republic’s seemingly invincible populist leader, was the unexpected loser of its elections, after a coalition of previously divided center-right parties united against him. They had a simple, clear message: We can beat Babis. The success of these Czech opposition parties could have major repercussions in the region and beyond. For the past decade, strongman leaders disdainful of democratic norms have risen to power around the world. Now, opposition leaders are mobilizing, trying to forge unified fronts and oust populist leaders in upcoming elections. In Hungary, for instance, six parties across the political spectrum are collaborating to oppose the party of Viktor Orban, the right-wing leader who has become a standard-bearer for “illiberal democracy.” And in Poland, Donald Tusk, a former prime minister and European Council president, hopes to rally the main opposition party and people who often do not vote, and to lure support from a plethora of other opposition groups. Quotable: “Populism is beatable,” said Otto Eibl, the head of the political science department at Masaryk University in the Czech city of Brno. “The first step in beating a populist leader is to suppress individual egos and to compromise in the interest of bringing a change.”
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    3-5-2 is not a defensive formation inherently. When played well it provides width, solidity in the middle and the potential to transition quickly. Giannoulis is probably built for a wingback role, Aarons could well thrive in it. A 4-2-3-1 is not the only way to score.
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    Disagree. I've long given up on letting businesses take the lead. Whilst I find it abhorrent, there seems to be an acceptance among society that if a company is operating within the limits of the laws of the land, then fair play to them. For me, I couldn't sleep at night knowing I was presiding over business practices that are contributing to individuals killing themselves, but it appears that sentiment isn't as prevalent as it should be. Given that, the onus is on the government to force companies to act responsibly. Gambling needs to be as restricted as smoking in where and when it can advertise.
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    It will never go away but will become just another endemic respiratory disease that we have to face. There won't be zero Covid any more than zero influenza or zero common cold.
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    What is amazing is that the 'government' clearly lied, misled, sold a dud and scammed all those honest voters that voted for them! No different to any other on-line scam or fraud I'm afraid on the vulnerable. Lie to Queen, lie to the people. They have in fact admitted that they know their supporters are thick and can be treated as such - or else such supporters are equally culpable. I thought we'd become a second rate country. That was clearly optimistic.
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    Some of the brain research on the programme was staggering, in that it seemed to identify a genetic disposition to addiction, and in Merson's case to gambling in particular. His own phrase was 'It's in me'. Others just refer to an "addictive personality" to explain their dependence. Gambling, like alcohol, tobacco, pornography etc is a drug for some people and just as we don't allow certain advertising or sponsorship for those, we shouldn't allow the gambling companies to prey on the vulnerable or the young. The attachment to football over the last 30 years, rather than racing which by comparison is now low key, is particularly pernicious.
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    Bannon to face criminal charges https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58919751
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    You wanted preferential treatment and didn’t get it.
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    Look out Argentina!
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    What's more, he's not clever , funny or remotely challenging. A very low grade Troll. @Pete Raven we expect a better class of Troll, this one is rubbish. Next please!!
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    I think the simple thing would have been to have just looked at Arsenal. You're right pre covid muddies the waters but so does including Burnley. I think the clubs default should be if you're charging fans £25 for the chance to buy a ticket you need to err on the side of giving those fans as much of a chance as possible to do so.
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    I see the lorry driver visa scheme is proving a sparkling success, brexit Britain is simply irresistible: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/government-labelled-incompetent-as-only-20-visas-are-issued-to-foreign-truckers/ar-AAPtjhY?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531 A senior minister disclosed today that only about 20 foreign lorry drivers have been granted temporary visas to work in the UK. It was announced last month that the Government would issue 5,000 temporary visas to HGV drivers and a further 5,500 to poultry workers in an attempt to prevent shortages in the run up to Christmas. However, Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden said the numbers of drivers applying were “relatively limited”, with about 300 applications received and about 20 actually issued.
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    Looks like a great day out. I recommend sticking your sloes in a freezer for a night as it is usually advised to pick the sloes after a frost. https://sipsmith.com/10-common-sloe-gin-myths-ignore/
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    The one your lot couldn't afford to enter. I did live in a a caravan once, not ashamed of it. Lovely warm dry home in a beautiful place with trout angling just a field away. What a desperately sad individual you must be .
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    No, but it is really quite a stretch to compare the owners of a legal if slightly questionable business with an autocratic regime with a proven record of appalling human rights abuses. The whatabout-where-do-you-draw-the-line argument over morality is usually (although not in every case) put forward by people who have no interest in drawing a moral line anywhere and so have to denigrate those who do.
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    Trump supporters. Posted pictures of empty shelves to shame Biden, the only problem was the prices on the shelves were in sterling. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/failed-republican-house-candidate-kim-klacik-earns-ridicule-after-posting-false-empty-shelves-photo-to-slam-biden/
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    As long as they don't listen to him when he's advising them about drug testing!
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    In fact i'd happily see us set up with 2 deeper holding midfilelders if it mean the rest of the "front 4" were given more licence to attack. I think we'd be just as solid but have more attacking threat as well.
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    I will bite, the other part of the poll says if there was an election today which way would you vote, 26% conservative a huge 12% that normally vote would not vote. Boris Johnson’s approval rating when asked is he running the country well or badly, 35% well, 59% badly. I think all this proves is there are lots of people at the moment like my family. If there was an election and Johnson was leader there would be zero chance of any of the 7 of us voting conservative, although all 7 voted conservative in the last election. If Johnson is gone ( don’t shout at me ) unless there was a better opposition we would likely vote conservative, but if he was replaced with the possible suspects I certainly would vote tactically.
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    How are we going to get rid of him?, the opposition just seem really weak and if we were to have a GE tomorrow, he would still win. The Americans got the idea right in which you can only serve two terms at the most. Here it’s until the public stop voting for you and I cannot see that ending for some time, sadly. I just hope the awful way he’s handled everything and goes on holiday to paint and escape the heat, finally makes the public who vote for him to come to their senses.
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    It is good news but it shouldn’t be news at all really should it? It should just be a given.
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    Being told by Cummings she was a dispensible useful idiot!
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    If that is the case, I can only assume you are a gentleman of leisure.
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    If we go for the 3-5-2 again I'd be happy to see Cantwell in as part of the two up front which would allow him to be almost a floating number 10
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    That sounds even worse than the one with the husband phoning his wife about next door being burgled and it could have been them.
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    I told you… was never going to last 3 months…
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    I think Merson said - perhaps not in this documentary but another interview - you can only bung so much coke up your nose or pints of lager down your neck, both of which he also did. In other words gambling can clean your bank account without having a tangible or physical change. It's numbers in a bank account. You could go mad on cars, TVs etc, but you've got to put them somewhere, bet a million quid on a horse and who's to know?
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    David Fox and Wes Hoolahan come to mind. What struck me about our Prem season under Lambert was how often the more one dimensional players like Barnett would win the ball and then lay it off to Fox deep or other players to Wes a bit higher up. I've thought for a while now that Gilmour's physique at present means he cannot compete as a CM, but playing him as a Regista in front of the defence but behind the CMs may well work and get him in the condctor role
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    I think the double irony of this statement is that Spurs have higher aspirations, dominate more games, more often and so may want ‘more’ than Skipp offers. Their fans might well - not unreasonably in their context - lament his lack of silk, assists, scoring and completeness. Conversely we desperately needed - and had no cover at all for - exactly the other prosaic things he does have and absolutely do not currently require the pretty embellishments. If a reasonably expensive back-up goalkeeper was a good strategic decision, no Skipp-like player, nor any back up to a Skipp-like player looks disastrous for a team inevitably destined to defend a great deal. Parma Post script: Chelsea of course have Jorginho particularly and even Kanté who are well ahead of Gilmour. Jorginho does what he does better and also has a wider range of skills. A Gilmour will be brilliant for us when we are better. Did we really think we were already ‘better’ than we are? I’m also afraid that this raises the spectre of Buendia (and the Pukki-with-Buendia effect). Assists and Goals are wisps of priceless gold thread in the wind. No amount of Gilmours can replace that. It is a different beast. A couple of Skipps could have hidden some of the worst of the over-reliance on Buendia at this level though…..
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    I saw those trees yesterday and was curious what they were. There was also a nice crinkle crankle wall along the way, although with big bulges. Picked up what I think are buzzard feathers, but happy to be corrected. The big one is a foot long.
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    I watched it Dan. Very sad, especially the group who have had family members commit suicide. Some of the ‘tricks’ these gambling companies use to keep already ‘addicted’ people gambling are vile and disgusting. Glad we campaigned to change our shirt sponsors before this season, shame other clubs didn’t do the same. Hopefully the time will come when the government change the rules surrounding gambling to protect vulnerable people.
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    I agree with this. Our biggest issue (aside from defending crosses) is midfielders getting caught out of position when we give the ball away leaving us exposed to fast counters or often a simple ball up the middle of the pitch which opens us up far too easily. Two sitting midfielders would give security okay allow the 4 in front of them to cause problems in attack unlike the last game where Burnley were effectively having to deal with 2 players a lot of the time.
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    We've done a couple of 10 mile stretches of the Angles way in the last few weeks (Scole to Harleston and Earsham to Beccles yesterday) it's an interesting walk for sure, and a nice part of the world. Wildlife was a bit scarce, but lots of buzzards and long tailed ti ts. I had to look up Monks Bond glad you had a nice time.
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    Sloes are disgusting and I'm not very keen on gin but Sloe gin is very nice. Worth giving a try. (Or trick someone into eating a sloe and seeing their face.)
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    A very short break for me and Mrs S along the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Last minute break for first time in over 2 years. Loving being back and even a first visit in a decade to the Fine City (and a trip to buy from On the Stall City too yesterday). You folk living in Norfolk are extremely privileged. Amazing countryside, friendly people and beautiful architecture. I've felt like a 10 year old at times. I may post a couple of things here over a post or two. Today walked a section of The Angles Way (finishing at Brockdish). Saw a kingfisher, collected some sloes from a few blackthorn trees (after Googling how to make a sloe gin....having never tried it), and even some walnuts from 3 trees I came across. Also came across a Monk Bond brick wall which completed my day (which makes me a bit of a saddo I realise).
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    His name is Rio and he watches from the stand...
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    Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need. Chelsea gave us one and Spurs kept the other. Parma
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    There is clearly no need or reason to subsidise the trips, but taking the number of tickets available would be a good start.
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    Let's just analyse that complaint and refer to the three biggest sales involved. Maddison ... transferred to a club one league higher at the time than us, who had recently actually won the Premier League title, had wealthy owners and offered him a massive wages increase. Godfrey ... went to a hugely supported club who have a permanent Premier League status and pay more in wages. Buendia ... seems to have set his heart on going to Aston Villa; whose status as a big club cannot be denied, European Cup, massive infrastructure and support etc., who offered him maybe three times more in wages than City could. NCFC on the other hand have spent more time in the Championship, and lower, since the turn of the century than in the top league and accommodate under 30, 000 even when times are good. Our wages bill is therefore curtailed. In sum: A team of very unhappy performers if denied improvement. That apart, our model is restrictive. Most settle for this, fearing the alternative. Perhaps with realism, perhaps with undue timidity. Who knows? It's not a boring club to follow, even though we always have to know our place. Your posting is just another way of saying that you would prefer a rich investor, whatever the outcome, over our comfortable, somewhat unambitious but safe model. I am not so sure. Yet! I happen to like our success with youth and reading about the Colney revolution, if little else at the moment with regards results in the world's toughest league.
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    Just one of many parasites destroying the game.
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    ‘We got so excited that we could, we never stopped to ask if we should’ Parma
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    Some good points and why I get so frustrated with fans who think more attacking players always = more attacking team. It's better to get the best out of 3 attack minded players who don't have to track back as much, have more space to counter into and won't get in each others way as opposed to 5 attacking players who have to track back, lose the ball constantly by trying to play short, low passes to each other and then get in each others way in and around the box. Sadly though I don't see a role for Gilmour this season. He's just too lightweight to play in a team that has to defend for most of the game. Yes he can help with counters by finding that killer pass, but we'll just give away too many goals to make it worthwhile. He should have gone out on loan in Europe to a Europa league level team where he could play for a higher quality side in a less physical league. I kept my mouth shut at the time for fear of being called negative but this loan just never made much sense to me. We needed another Tettey type player instead.
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    Thanks for the reminder... Lucky dip coming up... I will buy Emi back... And build a new snake pit in front on the hotel!
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    From WOTB but worth sharing. At a recording of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue I attended last night, chairman Jack Dee Congratulated panellist Omid Djalili on winning the lottery and buying his local football team,Ipswich Town. He then added “Imagine if he had got four numbers!”
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    2/2 and I picked correctly for the first time since Royal Engineers won the FA Cup. Or something.
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    I used to love standing in the sixties and seventies the atmosphere was terrific, but now as an old boy need to sit as standing all that time would be to much , guess it could work in the lower Barclay for you youngsters , but will never be like it was years ago .
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    As a long term investment it works because rails don't need replacing whereas seats do. I think the official document on the subject suggests that you get your money back in ten years. In general, you get three for two on rail standing as opposed to seating. The Lower Barclay seems perfect for this as so many people stand already. It would allow more people in and improve the atmosphere. I really don't understand objections to this. No one will be forced to stand if they don't want to.
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