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    We have submitted blueprints for planning permission for further developments at the Training Centre. " These plans include building a "recovery hub" designed to aid players in making comebacks from injury, improved changing facilities and an advanced media centre. The recovery hub will consist of a new swimming pool and other facilities geared at offering aqua training and hydrotherapy to support players recovering from injury." https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/local-council/latest-vision-in-norwich-city-colney-revamp-8300682
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    I don't know about Arsenal but I was at the Leicester game and we certainly didn't look or play like a side bereft of confidence. Where did that come from Bootsie?
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    Yep. The only two letters I got from Chase were one to find out if I was dead and another to say with a third of the season left we could still make the playoffs. I wasn't dead. And we didn't make the playoffs.
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    I was a bricklayer for R G Carter when we first built the training ground, when it was nearly built, a group of people from Wolves came & had a look, because at the time it was looked upon as a first class training ground. Looking back at what we first built & how it is now is brilliant to see.
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    Probably about the same time that partisan voters stopped acting like partisan voters. Looks like Labour and Lib Dem voters complaining about a policy they supported from a government they dislike. 11th January 2017, "Would you support or oppose increasing the basic rate of employees national insurance from 12% to 13% and using the money raised to increase spending on the NHS?" CON: 55% support /28% oppose (+27) LAB: 60% support /22% oppose (+38) LD: 67% support / 23% oppose (+44) TOTAL: 53% support / 26% oppose (+27) 20 July 2021, same question: CON: 64% support / 23% oppose (+41) LAB: 60% support / 25% oppose (+35) LD: 68% support / 22% oppose (+46) TOTAL: 57% support / 25% oppose (+35) 7 September 2021, "The government has announced a rise of 1.25% on National Insurance, which it says will go towards paying for the NHS and social care. Do you support or oppose this rise?" CON: 59% support / 35% oppose (+24) LAB: 33% support / 55% oppose (-22) LD: 50% support / 46% oppose (+4) TOTAL: 44% support / 43% oppose (+1)
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    At the current juncture their tenure appears to divide into 2 halves. In the first 13 years or so came the loans followed by the share acquisitions. Aside from the Nigel Worthington period, the Club struggled on the pitch. That said no serious damage was done given the turnround in the League One season though they needed the McNally/Bowkett/Lambert triumvirate to turn it round which in the last 12 years has been highly successful in an overall context. The current regime is now picking up on some of those strategic failures concerning the training facilities etc. and supporter consultation. So a challenging environment, a little outside help and some good judgements have turned £10 million or so into £100 million. An excellent maybe outstanding result overall but still needs a succession strategy.
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    Just hoping for an early goal which turns the crowd, because they're going to be up for this - I don't buy that players want the manager out as there's a lot of young players that he's building with. IMO, We can't start slow in this match, if we play cautious it's their game as they will grow into it better than us - we have to go at them and nick the early goal.
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    Along came Norwich will be in play anyway. It's always the same. 'this team has not scored in six hundred matches' and they go and score a hatrick against us. Always feels like that.
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    He wasn't playing regularly enough and requested to go back to his parent club was the line at the time. Farke said he wanted to keep both him and Fahrman until the end of the season but both wanted to leave to get more game time elsewhere. To be a bit more on topic, saw this on twitter and thought I'd share: Not just because of his finishing, but that look after each one... that streak of arrogance last properly seen in Bradley Johnson IMHO...
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    Just watched the first episode on BBC2. I recorded it in anticipation of getting lots of coverage of the inaugural 1992/93 season when we were top of the league for 75% of the time. Not even a mention, the only footage was Shearer scoring against us. It was all United, Cantona, Blackburn and Shearer. Even John Walk had more coverage than us! To make matters worse they claim that with 6 games left it was a straight showdown between United and Villa. Wtf?? Won't be bothering with that again!
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    I would indeed be rubbish... I'd definitely keep Webber even though he can be an **** at times. If I get rich I'll give you a free box at the home of football.
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    I’m sticking my entire Ncfc share portfolio (4 shares) on an Arsenal win . I’ll have 6 shares by Saturday evening . Kerching . So long suckers .
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    Exactly Herman. Sell it as a fix for the NHS but it does very little apart from protect a luckier wealthier few from the worst costs of Care homes. As a 'a fix' for Social Care its just a non starter. Most sensible Tories can see this too....
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    Trying to understand why in the UK, deaths, new infections and hospital admissions have all been slowly rising without let up since about 3rd week in July, while in most of the EU rates are much lower and pretty steady. Is this because the UK has far less restrictions about Covid now than the EU? Or maybe is it to do with efficacy? The EU in the last 2 or 3 months has vaxxed a lot of their population, virtually catching up to us in the UK in many instances, while here at home newly vaxxed persons have been much lower due to our early big take up earlier in the year. Maybe the efficacy is slowly waning here while on the continent, as vaxxed numbers are more recently high there the efficacy is better right now? I really would like to know the whys of these trends.
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    Hanley has got a booking tonight that rules him out of the next Scotland game v Israel. Could be a good move for us.
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    It's in the details. It's not really a fix to social care. I'm more than happy to pay more in tax for this but it has to be sensibly approached. This isn't.
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    Two different questions - 2017 is simply NHS only and I guess all still support this. Question 2 today includes Social Care (except the actual policy described does very little except protect some of the inheritances of the well healed - largely southerners). So it's perfectly possible to support the first 'poll' but to oppose the 2nd in it's inept and disingenuous implementation. Indeed Johnson's policy of today is entirely set up it seems to mislead as ever! It doesn't do what it says on the tin any time soon.
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    SWIMMING POOL?!? Back in my day players were lucky to get a sponge on an injured arm or leg..
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    I am afraid i am going to give a diferent chain of events dylan. Chase resigned in May 1996 having sold the majority of his shareholding to Geoffrey Watling. In fact to this day Chase still owns shares in Norwich City. Watling then invited Delia, Michael and Michael Foulger onto the board and made the statement that nobody would own more than 10% of the club and for the next 18 months attempted to sell Chase's shares but got no takers and towards the end of 1998 Watling sold his shareholding to D&M. You are correct that no money went into the club from the sale of those shares except for the money paid by Delia and the two Michael's for a seat on the board the rumour being half a million each at a time when the club badly needed money. How much Watling paid Chase in 1996 went with Geoffrey to his grave and it then begged the question in 1998 how much did Watling wallet by selling them on to Delia. I doubt several million ever came into the equation anywhere along the line between May 1996 and late 1998 in relation to the transfer of shares.
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    I posted before the social care measures were announced, and yes it's a fudge, steering a course round all the various interest groups instead of tackling the underlying issues. There's no better time to have a fundamental review of all social provisions than when you're sitting on an eighty seat majority. So if not now, then when would be a better time? Politicians can't stop behaving like politicians with a short term mentality. This year the triple lock throws up a statistical anomaly that would benefit pensioners far more than other groups so it is right not to apply it this time around.
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    That's why their souls will burn in hell.
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    Not often I agree with you Jim, but totally agree with you on this. Yep, there has to be a better way, fooked if I can think of a solution though. Maybe lakeyos suggestion of a tournament at the end of each season, euro qualifiers, next year euros, WC qualifiers ,next year WC..... that could work, played as a tournament so only play other group members once in qualifiers, as in the real thing. Could easily be done in four weeks, maybe less.
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    A touch harsh? Agree with the last three though!
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    Tbf I agree with the sentiment. Mike Dean should be put in a home before he hurts someone
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    Got to say Bumrah was immense. Bairstow's wicket was great technique.
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    Bright or idiotic? The Daily Mirror 2007 Since becoming a club hero by saving it from falling into administration in 1996, Delia Smith has ploughed millions into her beloved Norwich City.She even gave fans a bizarre ticking off in 2005 at half-time during a clash with Man City, accusing them of not showing enough support and yelling: "Let's be 'aving you!" But when the board was criticised at this week's AGM, she astonished the crowd by snapping back: "Anyone who can find idiots like us to put money in and get nothing back can have this club tomorrow." The cookery queen's outburst came as the Canaries face a fresh crisis - manager Peter Grant was sacked last week and they are in the bottom three of the Championship. And after supporter Keith Roads claimed the Canaries' board was giving out "lots more spin" Delia, 66, fumed: "New investment would be very nice, but where are we going to find people to invest? "With the Turners (fellow directors Andrew and Sharon Turner) we have invested £3.1million this year for nothing to come out. "Nobody is queuing up to buy our shares. We have not been approached once"
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    Quite. It could easily go either way. It's obvious if they down tools, we win, he is finished there. However, they may just look at us feel they need a performance, change a few 'first choice' players to fringe ones and annihilate us as a result. Alternatively, the scenario might be that they put one past us then just sit in and deliver a poor 1-0 win, which again may be enough (against a team they see as relegation fodder) to shift him anyway. My prediction? We will win. We played well against Leicester and Liverpool in parts, so bring it on
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    Picking up talent from 'lesser' achieving nations is really a curse in itself during these compact international period. Pundits will sympathise with the top teams who's players are in high profile matches, yet are probably ignorant on the international commitments we have to deal with. There's also the aspect that England players are playing games at a canter vs the likes of most of our guys who are in true 50/50's or playing as the underdog. And that applies for so many of our potential starters too. I presume Aarons is still involved in U21's too? Not seen any mention.
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    How much longer are they going to be allowed to cram 3 games into these international breaks? i thought it was a temporary thing due to some fixtures having been cancelled due to covid. It needs to be snuffed out before it becomes a permament fixture as its ridiculous.
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    It was a very dull season to be fair- 49 goals in 36 games, only 5 teams scoring less than us, and a general obsession with stagnant, sideways passing with no cutting edge or ability to cut teams open. Sure, we built on it the season afterwards but I don't blame fans for being skeptical at that point.
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    Is Argentina run by socialists?
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    It was 'flippin terrible. Sweeping, and false assumptions about the state of football by '92 and the way it was saved by Murdoch. That was indeed a bit far-fetched, and I am one of the few, it seems, in favour of Sky, the Premier League and football in general today. There were some good points, especially the Monday night thing broadening the appeal of the game, especially among women, and more televised live football was long overdue. That it evolved into a documentary about Man. U., and Ferguson over-cooked the fact that they were the inaugural winners and dominated the competition in its infant years. Some attention to the romance of team Walker's efforts throughout that season would have made for a more interesting, and less hackneyed, programme. Villa fans need be equally grieved. I'll watch episode. 2, but switch off if it carries on in the same vein.
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    As long as they have provided a negative test for admission you'll be fine Eddie. With respect that isn't the point Nutty is making. It's one of the things I've often wondered about - sitting in a seat near an annoying fan week after week - it would drive me nuts. I count myself quite lucky in that way, I know I don't go very often these days, but whenever I do go, I get a seat in different part of the ground each time and occasionally you get stuck near someone who spoils it and I think, gawd, what if I had to put up wth that every week........and having that person not turn up and someone different in his/her place would be a bless-ed relief from that.
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    I agree. Instead of a sort of review about the inaugural Premier League season it developed into a love in for Man Utd and Ferguson as if they had a right to win the League. Other than showing League table with us top, we didn’t get a mention. Typical!
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    Pleased someone mentioned it although I did enjoy the documentary
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    Those were the days, back when we had 2 of the best young defensive midfielders in world football,.Harrison Reed and Ben Godfrey.
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    OT, but what is the relationship between the LAFPA and the previous LFPA? Like a rugby league/rugby union thing where you each play to similar but differing rules, or did the LAFPA split a bit like the Premier League from the Football League? Or is it more informal and just involves “meet-ups” in shadowy car parks with chains and knuckle dusters to claim supremacy for the last accountant standing?
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    Wales reported zero last week (when that 26k was reported) and 5k today (when 41k was reported) so I wouldn't give that jump much credence. Best to just go to the official data for a clear picture. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/cases?areaType=nation&areaName=England We'll probably get a bit of a bump from schools and Unis so I guess it'll be time to get them booster doses sorted out soon... edit: the attached chart ( https://www.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk/now-casting/nowcasting-and-forecasting-2nd-september-2021/) is interesting in suggesting 3 quarters of 15 to 24 year olds have already caught covid already... perhaps means we won't see it rampant through uni populations like we did past year that helped fuel the winter wave?
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    Think they were fairly fair comments, interesting that an American TV station appear to have done more research on us than the likes of Sky and TalkSport.
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    Luckily I have a non ST holder reliable friendship group, so on the rare occasions I can't get to a home game I can sell at above buyback but below casual price. Plus I know my seat will go to a City fan.
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    I think that's rewriting it a bit. I think you'll find Webber and Farke warned it was a transition season throughout, all part of a bigger plan. In fact I recall Webber coming out and telling fans if they didn't enjoy one of the later games that season they should go support someone else. I loved it but he took lots of flack on here for it. At the time we had really performed better at home in the second part of the season but a huge amount of fans were unwilling to acknowledge it and continued to scream "GEDDIT FORWOORRDDDSS". Thankfully Webber and Farke ignored the fan base, continued development of their playing style and at that point, the rest is history...
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    Stand up, turn and salute to your portrait of Gary Megson/Lee Power, sing On The Ball City and log on.
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    Some nations do have generations that perform well for a generation. Iceland have had their Andy Warhol moment recently and many of their players do play professional football around Europe. I guess the main problem as always is greed. Lets have 32 teams at the finals. TV will love a month long tournament. 16 is enough Never mind the close season or huge amount of qualifiers. Groups of six or seven is too many. Groups of four with one qualifier. Who then go into playoffs for however many Europe gets out of the sixteen. The maths may not be precise but the intention is to play less. Club football is now far more important than International and should be the priority.
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    Names I remember. Fanforlife Naffy Caffy Suffolk Canary Canarydream IMT RefJez Lozza PaulyH Thorny Lisa Q 'face' Yoda Lincoln Canary NWC (the same one from here?) Southbank (wolves fan) Fatty Anglo Saxon (a decent German Ipswich fan) Irish There's a few others who's real names I know but can't remember their usernames. Also remember Premier 2003, a rather deluded Ipswich fan who then after they failed to get promoted in 02/03 changed it to Premier 2004.....Premier 2005, well you get the drift EDIT : How could I forget poor old Ben Parkin, rip
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