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    Perhaps it was the excitement of being back or maybe just the relief of coming safely through a dark place but when I climbed the stairs behind the River End goal and gazed down upon a resplendant Carrow Road, I didn't think that I was alone in feeling a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. All around me, people were renewing old aquaintances but it was sad to learn that one or two old faces had fallen by the wayside. Happily for the great majority of us life goes on and face another season of trials and tribulations in the one love that unites all who share the faith of the Yellow and Green. Here in Norwich it had been a fine sunny morning but it clouded over about midday and by kick off time it was heavily overcast though still quite warm. The team was pretty much as expected with Hanley returning to the centre of defence and the new boys Raschica, Lees-Melou and Gilmour getting the nod. When City kicked off towards the Barclay End the crowd was as loud as I have ever heard it since the '59 cup run days when there were 38k giving it the full treatment. The early moments were encouraging with City confidently knocking the ball about and retaining possession for a long period but without looking threatening. Liverpool took a while to settle but Mane was looking very lively when getting in behind Max Aarons. By the tenth minute the visitors began to assert a measure of control in midfield and City conceeded a couple of corners as they gave ground. From the second, the ball was worked back in and Krul had to react quickly to palm Jota's header over the bar. City eventually clicked into gear when Rashica raced away on the left but his cross could find niether Pukki nor Cantwell. Play moved from end to end with neat interpassing from both sides although it was always obvious that the Reds carried the greater threat as Salah volleyed one a yard wide. Not to be outdone, Aarons slipped Pukki through in the righthand channel and his fierce shot was parried away for a corner by Alison. City kept the pressure on for a while but things came to nothing when the Liverpool keeper cut out Raschica's cross. It was now mainly Liverpool in the ascendancy as Salah again tested Krul with a stinging drive but again City came back when Cantwell pounced on a mistake and tried to catch Alison out withan outrageous lob from the right wing. The first goal was obviously going to be important and when it came there was more than a touch of good fortune about it. A ball in from the Liverpool right appeared to bounce off Salah and fall nicely between Hanley and Gibson for Jota to stroke the ball under Krul's despairing dive. It was a touch unlucky but Liverpool had certainly looked the more likely and for the next few minutes it was all hands to the pump to prevent the rampant visitors from extending the lead. Lees-Melou cleared from near the line as Van Djyk poked the ball goalwards and one or two last ditch tackles from Aarons and Hanley saved the day. City got through to the break without further damage but you could already see that getting anything out of this game was a fairly long shot. When we resumed, things continued in much the same vein with Liverpool bossing the centre of the pitch and Aarons had to be sharp to clear away Mane's effort with Krul beaten. Gilmour impressed with some good long range passes but despite periods of neat play the home attacks carried little in the way of a sharp edge. Just after the hour mark Firmino came on for Jota and as another City attack broke down a lovely flowing move stretched the home reaguard to breaking point as Salah set up Firmino for a tap in. It was all over bar the shouting when ten minutes later, Salah wrapped up the scoring with a rasping drive when City failed to clear. To their credit the home side refused to wilt and when Pukki and Raschica made way for Sargent and Idah, there were a couple of close things. Sargents late cross shot was only just wide of the far post and with four minutes left in an almighty scramble on the Liverpool six yard line neither Sargent nor Idah could force the ball past Alison before the big Liverpool keeper managed to claw it away. A disappointing result but make no mistake this is a top class Liverpool side and with Van Djyk back they are a force to be reckoned with. All the City new boys looked decent but will take time to bed in and will find much easier games than this as the season progresses. A nice range of passing from Gilmour and touches of exciting pace from Rashica give hope for the future and Josh Sargent showed enough in his short cameo to see that he has something about him. All things considered it was wonderful to be back at a full CR and I am not going to get too depressed at this result, there's still a long long way to go. Grant Hanley my MOM, played a real captains game.
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    Haven’t seen a thread dedicated to him so thought I’d make one, thought he was immense today, definitely the standout performer. So sharp in possession, several times skipping past players and nearly always finding a yellow shirt, as well as having such an engine on him tracking back, he seemed to win nearly all of his 50/50 battles. The guy has just got better and better since signing and he looks like he’ll be a real asset for us this season.
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    Don’t agree. He got in behind them a few times yesterday and it would have been more if Rashica was used to his runs. We need to get more support up around him.
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    Oh do give me a ****ing break. The guy has had COVID and there's an article on this website from just TWO DAYS AGO saying how he's still suffering from the effects of it. The whole team has suffered from the interrupted pre-season, so to start calling for the replacement of the guy who has fired us to two promotions in 3 years not to mention the 11 goals in the Premier League is utter, utter stupidity.
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    Yesterday we went into battle with a half fit team against one of the best sides in world football and competed well for 60 or so minutes. I also thought we looked ok once the subs came on so arguably they were just made far too late. But the game was already lost and I’m sure Farke was looking at the bigger picture (minutes in the tank for those that need them most etc). Personally, I took quite a lot of encouragement from yesterday’s match but still expect a similar result next match. For me, our season effectively starts against Leicester by which time, I expect the squad will be much more prepared and based on what we’re being told, bolstered by another couple of players. Im not worried yet. All eyes on Spurs today!
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    Not my finest hour, that thread!
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    Yes I know it’s been mentioned a few times. A DM to sit and allow Gilmour to dictate the pace (like Leitner alongside Tettey) with PLM as a box to box. I like the 4-3-2-1 we used yesterday and think it’s a good system for the season. It allows the freedom for the full backs to get forward with a bit more security centrally. Cantwell likes to come inside and Rashica showed promise at being someone dangerous when running at goal. No10 has always been a debatable position for us too, Vrancic never comfortable there, McLean better deeper, Buendia never really tried (and after yesterday maybe we can see why - Villa fans not happy) etc. Not since Wes have we had a really effective no10 and in the PL we can’t afford luxuries and square pegs… So a starting 11 of Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Gilmour DM PLM Rashica Cantwell Pukki looks pretty decent to me and more than enough quality to get some results. With Sargent/Idah and Tzolis pushing for starts we also have some good competition for places.
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    Why are we still taking Vince seriously?
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    The most ridiculous post on this forum in quite some time. Brentford and Watford gunning for a European place You cannot afford to have fullbacks playing as attackers in the Premier League
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    “Brentford and Watford gunning for a European place already”. You’ve cheered me up on a dull weekend with that one!
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    I thought Rashica did ok. Had the audacity to commit TAA down the line and stood a decent ball up to the far post, little jinking dribble and cross etc The problem wasn’t so much Pukki but a combination of tiredness and Liverpool forcing us a bit deeper meaning that we didn’t have the legs to get/have anyone ghosting in at said back post to take advantage. It’s apparent we’ll both get fitter and play worse opposition where that kind of play will cause real problems. We did look seriously “underdone” today, Max running in custard for their third a prime example. Aarons is a serious athlete but the game took its toll today. He’s going to have a very different season this time around. We all know what Emi brought to the side in a creative sense but his defensive work, while acknowledged, was talked about less. It was apparent that he didn’t have the same in front of him today and if we intend to play a similar system with the same players, he’s going to have to develop a Drury-esque mentality and awareness when Ads had Hucks ahead of him. I think we (as if we didn’t suspect it already) need a better screen for the back four to allow PLM and Gilmour to operate in more advanced areas. Both players were highly promising despite the result. All in all, it wasn’t bad. The friendlies we missed would have brought higher fitness levels and more familiarity and a better understanding. I’m far from despondent despite the result and the outcome after going behind feeling oh-so-familiar. We do need 1 or 2 more though. I can dream, but Skipp for Rupp (who did ok for the most part and will still be a useful option), in that side and I think we’re properly competitive. But it doesn’t get any easier in the immediate future, does it?
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    It’s a very painful thing to admit as he’s been such a great asset and servant for the club but maybe MAYBE (massive maybe here guys) his time as our principle strike option is coming to an end. I can’t shake the decent half chances and link up play we saw in the middle yesterday with Gilmour and Lee-melou and the wing play and not being able to translate that into clear cut chances. We just look like we lack the very final killer instinct to score. In the premier league you have to be willing to tear your body to pieces just go get a goal, especially against the bigger teams. I don’t think we were far away yesterday tbf but if we are at 90% on the killer instinct-o-meter it’s not going to be good enough. The margins are so tight in this league you can’t hesitate or anything. There was a play yesterday where we put 2 balls into the area into decent positions 1 after another and we had nobody in the middle on both occasions. This worries me. it’s always painful, but I think we need to think about using our options attack wise. Pukkis not done, not by a long shot, but I just don’t feel he’s our set in stone principle option anymore.
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    Hes got what he deserves. A brilliant season with us and he has been rewarded. Standing ovation when he comes back to CR in a spurs shirt
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    You either agree with Billy or you are a racist bigoted right wing nut job, a binary poster.
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    Bit of a jump to accuse him of 'bigoted tripe'
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    National 26,750 - 61 rate of Increase 4.9% (7 days) ZOE numbers starting to fall again, official numbers won't be far behind Local Norwich infection rate 412.9 beginning to drop back (27 patients in N&N ( updated to 10th Aug)) Vax 1st Dose 46,603 89.4% done Norwich numbers 76.4% 2nd Dose 199,584 76.7% done 61.2% In Hospital 12-08-2021 5,875 11-08-2021 5,944 10-08-2021 5,964 09-08-2021 5,965 08-08-2021 5,808 07-08-2021 5,652 06-08-2021 5,705
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    I'm convinced that this will be known as "gilmour syndrome" next year.
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    Well he has just blown his chances of coming back to us with that performance
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    Bullsh*t! He looks well out of his depth, he's been awful. Could definitely do with another year on loan.
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    I think we already have Kane, he's still in Grant Hanley's pocket
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    Wonder who is living in this house?!
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    We could put it to a vote. https://www.strawpoll.me/45576481
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    Chill. They're just getting him match fit for us.
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    I know that some posters on here are in a state of high sexual excitement, over Crystal Palace's "investments", but the truth is it they got themselves into a bit of a muddle over the wage bill. This is why they have had to let several decent players leave. They got themselves into a situation where they had an ageing squad on high wages. Thus they have let several of them go and have bought younger players to replace them, with what I suspect is a director's loan. It is a gamble they had to take, however, as what they were doing was totally unsustainable.
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    It's always been an issue, and remains an issue. There is absolutely no justification for homophobic abuse and any fan found guilty of making such chants deserves to be banned from attending matches.
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    How wonderful to read a well thought out, informed, and respectful to others opinions thread on here. My thanks to all participants - it’s a great read.
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    A lot of posts already about yesterday’s result but we seriously do need a reality check and sense of perspective. We would have all loved a shock win or a point out of the game but for me we certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves. key points for me are:- 1. We have had a lack of pre season due to covid for match fitness, trying different personnel together and formations 2. new players and a tweaked formation - we need time to bed this in 3. having to readjust to not being the dominant possession based attacking team like our previous championship season when up against the calibre of opposition like liverpool 4. liverpool are an unbelievable team and on their day they can simply turn over teams and inflict a heavy result. 3-0 defeat wasn’t heavy 5. we kept going , showed spirit and should have reduced the deficit to 2 goals 6. it’s a 38 game season - for us to survive in the prem we need 13/14 victories which is achievable 7. the window isn’t shut yet - we remain active for a CB and CDM which will undoubtedly help to plug some of our shortcomings yesterday all in all let’s forget about yesterday and move on, there are no easy games in this league so let’s stop the negativity and look forward to the next game !
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    Not yesterday as Liverpool are one of only four teams that can win the league and ultimately if they're playing well (as they were yesterday) it doesnt matter who we put in the starting line up, but he may make a difference against the other 15 teams in the league.
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    Thanks @Greavsy, I've addressed that with Diane now. But to clarify here too for any eyes on this, as we are active on this messageboard it makes sense for us to have a place to collate issues raised by pinkun posters. That doesn't mean that they will take priority over potential issues raised by fans who do not engage on this thread, everything is considered prior to our meetings and items can be raised by any of the members of the panel.
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    Is this just a roundabout way of us being reminded how great the people’s champions from last season, Brentford, are?
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    Holy crap, what a load of utter garbage. We were playing one of the top sides in Europe (as we will be next week) on the back of a very stilted/stop-start pre-season, just what were you expecting? We showed plenty of good flashes and when things bed in (which they would have done quicker without the stop-start preseason) we’ll be much more ‘set’.
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    These “records” may technically be correct but they are tedious and ridiculous - I saw it quoted before the game, but given it’s effectively across three seasons with our record promotion season in between it is wholly irrelevant. It’s like saying Brentford won their first top flight game for 50/60-whatever years - it’s just idiotic as they weren’t in the top flight for those seasons (oddly they didn’t draw or lose any either). Ipswich haven’t won a PL game for 28 years…that’s also true and irrelevant, but at least it’s funny.
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    Our 4-1-4-1 formation when in possession left Pukki fairly isolated. We really needed Dowell in as an orthodox number 10 to link the midfield to the attack. Pukki thrives on through-balls, not crosses. I assume Farke wanted the added defensive protection of a three man central midfield. As we played 4-5-1 when out of possession. Maybe this will change if we buy a proper defensive midfield replacement for Skipp. Allowing Dowell to come in and play closer to Pukki.
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    No idea - couldn’t tell you what the scouse tosspots were singing, I heard sod all from them until they scored.
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    Surprised Tzolis did not get a go, although Sargent did well
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    Der Bomber at his best.
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    Speeding into action.
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    Just been made aware that we are indeed renting Billy Gilmour from Chelsea, maybe they meant that.
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    You've obviously never heard of Leeds.
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    I think picking out Aarons as solely responsible for the second goal is naïve in the extreme. Gilmour and Lees-Milou had chances to stop Sane as he broke and both failed to keep up with him or foul him. His shot was going well wide but the block from Hanley deflected it to the unmarked Salah, who Giannoulis had left. That's 4 players not doing well enough before we even mention Max. The first goal was similar. Rashica left TAA with way too much room on the right. Giannoulis didn't close the space. Gibson didn't get tight enough to Salah and Hanley was out of position when the ball again broke to Jota. It was again unlucky but again 3 or 4 players involved who didn't do as well as they could. The third goal was just bad organisation - we left several of their players on the edge of the area without any markers. But Krul might have done better with the shot - it was hard but not in the corner. Every goal is generally down to errors by a number of players. Blaming one player or highlighting their error is seldom accurate. Liverpool moved up and down the pitch like a well-oiled machine while we were straggling. They frequently had 3 players in our box when the ball was wide. They always had 7 or 8 behind the ball when we had it. Plus, of course, individually they have better players. I thought we were obviously not quite ready and that in the circumstances we did OK. Like many, I don't think we have enough muscle in the midfield - It would have been nice to see more crunch to disrupt their passing. Also, almost every time we turned over the ball high up the pitch they committed a little foul to stop us building the play. When they won the ball in the same position we didn't do that. It cost Cantwell a booking, but it also meant they were free to do whatever they wanted. We need to be much more streetwise. A turnover should be immediately followed by a foul in a non-dangerous area. I was also surprised that Farke didn't use any subs until the 77th minute. Pukki was shot by half time, and Rashica was blowing. Not surprising given their pre-season. So I think there were many reasons why we got nothing and lots of people who will improve.
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    Do you mean those fishy onion rings she had in Benidorm? ... its gonna be a fun week .
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    We probably won't have to worry about that.
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    Yep. Time to take a break from here for a few days whilst the numbskulls vent about how we didnt destroy Liverpool.
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    Thanks for proving the equation that sometimes A=B A: A lot of words B: A lot of nonsense
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    Difficult to criticise DF. His record speaks for itself. BUT he is so frustrating over his use of subs. Today, he himself said we were tiring after 65 mins and this was blindingly obvious to most supporters. I would have thought some fresh legs might have had an impact but would probably not affected the result. For me around 75/80 mins is too late. I can only assume he has chosen his best starting eleven and feels that they should be given every chance to justify their selection. For me after 60 mins Pukki/Cantwell were going nowhere.
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    I think the issue is less to do with the breaded crustaceans, and more to do with your insatiable appetite.
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