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    Then do us all a favour and **** off now. I'm Norwich no matter what - that's what supporting a football club is. Not ****ing off to MK Dons when our best players get sold. Wakey wakey - that's been happening for 30 years. I don't like it one little bit but threatening to throw your toys out of the pram and go play elsewhere is utterly disgraceful.
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    Why do people continually suggest pay as you play contracts? No player in his right mind would ever agree to one, especially not players who already have contracts elsewhere.
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    Whoever leaves (Emi, Todd, etc) then, please understand, that, under this current regime, it is one (necessary because of the type of Club we are) step backwards to take 2 forwards.
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    Farke - 2025 Fantastic news and the best bit of business the club could do this summer
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    I hope fans realise the importance and significance of this. Farke has said he honours contracts so presumably the club would have to sack him for him to be leaving anytime soon. It shows he believes in the vision and philosophy the club has despite all the knowledgeable posters on here stating we have ‘no ambition’. He wouldn’t have signed if we were just resigning ourselves to being a yo yo club. Look at what he’s achieved at the club so far. Look at the way we play football. Look at our academy. Look at how respected we are within the football world. Look at how players want to play for us, to develop and improve. Exciting times.
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    But this is the self sufficiency model at work isn't it? Sell players for far more than you spent on recruiting them yourself and reinvest the profits into the squad at large. If you do this repeatedly you'll have a far stronger match day squad and make it more likely to survive. Sure it burns to see your current heroes sold off but look at how much stronger we are now since selling Maddison and Godrey. The key thing is to spend the money shrewdly.
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    If only he was 22. Would have been great for the Norfolk bingo announcers.
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    At least we should get good compensation when Villa come and poach him…….
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    I personally think it would be absolutley disastrous for us to sell any more of our stare players at this juncture. We have already lost Emi. We have a player in Todd who knows how we play and was very good last time we were in the prem. I would be hugely disappointed if we sold him now and indeed if we let Villa take another of our star players.
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    You wouldn't want Frost negotiating on your behalf if you were kidnapped. We're going to kill the hostage...that's fine, we'll worry about that later...Bang, Bang, Bang...Errrr, on second thoughts, can we talk this through a bit more...sure no problem, btw here's your dead hostage, now you were saying...Errrrr, well it was your fault, you didn't think I was serious now did you? Apples
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    I think people need to accept that the difference in valuation is unlikely to be as little as £3.5m. I've seen/heard that add ons could take it up to £18m. No way will we drop that on a CB who is that much of a gamble. For that sort of money we could land two players. Just need to be patient and then revisit criticism when it is actually the time to do it. As for the pant wetting comment - pure unintended comedy. We're a family club, the club pitches itself as such. They got it wrong with the sponsor. As has been said, it is unlikely that much of that money would go to the transfer budget and apart from anything else, it would have been over a contract period too - not in one go. Considering Webber looks at targets pretty much from the start of last season onwards, I doubt as little as half a mil is going to make a huge difference to their plans. Pant wetting is purely down to those who are already throwing insults at the club they "support" when we're only just over half way through the window. 31st August it shuts. We have 42 days of the window yet to go. It opened on the 9th June - 41 days ago. So we are bang on in the middle of the window. The sounds coming out of the club are that they want four more players - Str, Wing, DM and CB. We have already signed; Gilmour, Lees-Melou, Rashica, Gunn as brand new players and confirmed Giannoulis and Gibson as permanent after loans last season. Even if you take the four players we have signed, that equates to half of our targeted areas in less than half the window. Not a time to be getting all upset - especially if you are not going to even remotely consider reasoned discussion. On paper, Rashica is as capable a top flight operator. Same as Lees-Melou. We know what Gunn is about and many would have kept him after his loan with us. Gilmour is not an untried and untested player either. He's highly rated for having played 22 games for Chelsea and notable performances for Scotland. More than Skipp when he arrived. And at a higher level. Sure it may not work out. We don't know for sure that Skipp in his first season in the Prem would work out either. Just need to have a bit more faith.
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    I always wanted Kylie - but it never happened!
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    Awesome news. This has improved my day significantly.
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    Everyone losing their 5h1t on this forum over a stupid rumour... please get a grip - we can discuss the positives and negatives if it is borne out by the truth Until then, calm down - it's footballinsider24 not the likes of Paddy, John Percy etc
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    I really can't understand why this goes unchallenged, it's demonstrably untrue and yet he trots it out time and time again. This country has fallen so far in such a short space of time. Utterly diminished.
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    I don't think now is the time to panic about a rumour from a less than reputable website
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    Precisely. Got Marley Fu-ck-ing Watkins in on a free. Sold for over a million. Bought Lukas Rupp with the proceeds. Sold Jamal Lewis for fifteen million wallet-sized queenies. Bought in Giannoulis for half that. Sold Ben Godfrey for twenty-five million squids. Bought in Ben Gibson for just over a third of that. Sold Emi Buendia for at least thirty-three million wallet fillers. Spent less than that on a proven Europa League performer in France and Kosovo's brightest talent who had Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig sniffing around. They've done it before. They can do it again.
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    We cant go into next season with that much pressure on Sorenson to step up. He wasnt even first choice at CB or DM in the Championship, let alone the Premier League. We need a solid day 1 starter, then we can continue Sorensons development and ease him in.
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    He's 29 years old, has been virtually thrown on the Manchester United scrap heap, has won quite a few trophies and has 27 England caps. And people on here don't rate him. If he feels he has something to prove, what better way than by playing regularly in a team that needs defensive cover. If Messrs Webber/Farke want him and signed him, I wouldn't be upset. If they don't want him, fair enough.
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    What is clear is that Johnson's making things up as we go along. He's not got a plan, he's not got a clue - he's in power for the sake of it.
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    SKY have an hour long Norwich special tonight at 9am
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    Still stand by my thoughts that we were stupid to sell and £33m is a steal. Once in generation type player.
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    I clicked on the thread thinking (hoping) that he’d been sent off
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    A comment on the TV tonight nailed it for me. Who negotiates a new deal with a person who won't implement the deal they agreed to only 6 months ago? Frost and Johnson. Zero trust, zero credibility and certainly not 'My word is my bond' English gentlemen. Simply people best avoided by all. They have trashed the UK's reputation.
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    Don’t torture yourself Midlands, delete the number, rip up the photos, pretend they don’t exist any more
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    This kind of signing would be the antithesis of way the club is actually run. Even if we were only covering a fraction of his wages, it would be extremely problematic to have someone in the squad earning double that of our next highest earner regardless of their performance or commitment to the team. We don't want 'big-name Charlies', we want determined hard workers willing to run through walls for each other. Sometimes I wonder whether some of the people on here have the faintest idea about the way our squad is managed.
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    I had 2 reactions when England lost the final. I probably won’t be around when we do win a major tournament. I was not interested in football until 1968, and lived abroad. The second feeling was relief that this Government and the Brexit breathen won’t be able to capitalise on a national victory. Both self indulgent I admit.
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    Forget the football squad. What this thread has shown, yet again, is that the squad of reaction emojis is woefully short. Among many others there is a crying need for: A clearly defined ‘Laughing Hysterically At’ to differentiate it from a ‘Laughing Affectionately With’. A ‘You are a pea-brained miserabilist idiot but I am not allowed to say that’. A ‘Yes, I know I said the exact opposite two hours ago. What of it?’ A ‘You say our pauper owners are holding us back? Interesting. Not an argument I’ve heard before’. A ‘No, the owners are not pocketing money from the club. If they were they wouldn’t be paupers now, would they?’ An all-purpose suicidal ‘Goodbye cruel world - I cannot take anymore’. A ‘You do know the transfer window has only been open for one day, right?’
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    I can’t believe people on here would seriously turn down Phil Jones. We wouldn’t have a cat in hells chance of signing him but if we did it’s a no brainier for me.
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    There seems an excessive amount of hysteria over this news item which has not really been substantiated. Seems to me that with Emi leaving, this is perfect for Todd to step up and be our main man. If Villa Keep Grealish then Todd may have a little more difficulty getting into the side. That said. They may see him as Grealish's replacement. From Daniels perspective he's already disappointed to lose Emi, if Todd goes too then it makes his job harder and could affect the morale of the group. DF is no idiot though, the fact he’s just signed a four year contract (great news) he must be satisfied with the plan ahead and the ambitions of the club. Losing Todd would be such a disappointment if it happened though, just hope he follows Daniel in signing a new contract very soon.
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    At this rate we'd get a bigger sponsorship deal from Pampers.
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    It depends (if we sell) what we do with the money. Certainly some of the Buendia money (hard to be exact) is helping us this window. Suppose, for the sake of argument, selling Cantwell enabled us now to buy a genuine starting striker as the longer-term replacement for Pukki, and Billing (since Webber and Farke seem very keen on him). Would we be then stronger, and with a better balanced squad, than if we kept Cantwell? I would have thought so.
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    But, you don't know who will come in with the money made on Todd (if he goes). Isn't the fact that our players are in high demand proof that our project is working? Look at how virtually all of the Premier League teams sell players frequently to each other up the food chain or abroad to Madrid and Barca. Players are flourishing here - to the club's benefit. We are only at the start of the project. Perhaps in a few years time we'll be able to hold on to our brightest and best but for now it's all about selling for profit, reinvesting shrewdly and growing the club from the roots up.
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    …and how do we achieve that without the far bigger wages and larger attendances?? How do we make players want to stay that want to earn more money than we can afford to pay them, and play in front of a crowd that’s bigger than Carrow rd? Cantwell is ambitious, nothing wrong with that. He’s also confident in his ability and wants to maximise his potential by moving to a bigger club, nothing wrong with that and arguably stupid not to do it when an opportunity arises. The fact it’s Villa is what will sting. But like it or not; they are a bigger club with a hell of a lot more money than us. FFP is another debate, and one I hope bites them in the **** at some point but right now, up and coming players from NCFC will see clubs like Villa as the next step up (with a ridiculous wage to sort them out for life)
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    If this happens I'll support MK Dons next season. There has to be a limit of just how much we are supposed to put up with. We do not ask for much .... just the bullshine about achieving a few seasons up top there. It won't be forever, we accept this, but lesser clubs manage it, less well supported clubs as well, yet we throw in the towel instantly. Little Old Norwich lives on. I blow with the wind as far as the Delia Smith thing goes. If we do well then fair enough its been fun, but if we waste another promotion and again become a laughing stock then I know which way I will blow.
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    Can we give them you and @FenwayFrank to go with Emi and Todd?! Like a buy a player, get a fan free!
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    Sorry I am also not trying to have a go at you and appreciate the replies. But, if the club can just pick and choose which issues its going to consult fans on then again it renders the group somewhat ineffecive? I also agree and appreciate that the group can;t be consulted on every decision the club takes but ticket prices, away membership schemes, cashless CR - these are all pretty obvious issues that are going to impact on the supporter base and which would appear worthy of consultation?
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    I would see the role of this group as completely different to that which you outline here. Its a consultative group. Consultation usuyally takes place prior top big decisions/projects in order to inform and help shape them. Not afterwards as a reactive measure because often there is not much you can do about things after the event. I would certainly expect the supporters consultation group to be consulted upon proposed ticket prices prior to them being set, especially if a significant increase is proposed. the club don;t need a consultative group to tell them when fans are unhappy, they need one to fight their corner when decisions like this are being considered.
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    It's not a case of being 'blindsided', Tilly. It's a case of the club deciding what issues they wish to consult us on, and which they do not. By your reckoning, then, in order for us to be fully effective, would we have to be consulted on everything? Or just the things you consider to be sufficiently important? As I said in my previous post, no two fans will agree on what they think our priorities should be – let alone any kind of consensus across the fan base as a whole. We have two years to influence things at the football club, and I'll be interested to see what we can achieve in that time. Let's try and keep positive for now, eh?
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult geographical phase in your life.
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    Signed him on football manager. He's practically been injured for 2 years since. I dislike him.
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    You know he will judge you for life, then his descendants will continue the judgement......
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    What was your opinion on Lingard 7 months ago, and how was that opinion formed? Yes, I do believe that Premier League winning 27-cap England International Phil Jones is a better centre back than Christophe Zimmermann. Any other stupid questions?
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    No change in tone. And the vast majority of fans are in the same place - good fee, you say it is not a great price, what would you say a great price would have been? And please don't start the BS chorus of "if we had dragged it out longer we could have got more for him" line... there is no evidence that this is ever the case, in fact as time pushes on, players often become less valuable rather than more as teams drop out of a protracted transfer saga. It wasn't like there weren't more teams interested either. And who else would you expect to be interested in him? It's just fallacy, and again, a slant used to attack the club - it needs to be binned as nothing more than negative pie in the sky thinking. Clearly no one else out there prepared to pay that much... at which point you have to ask why. As I stated before - I'm not slagging him off, just stating what the stats, his coach and largely accepted picture of him as a player is. He has been a very important part of our team but that isn't without flaws. That's the balanced, grounded view. That isn't bitching about him, that's admiring his strengths whilst accepting his weaknesses. You do that as a coach. You have to. As I have said time and time again, last season was by far his best. He may well kick on and be brilliant. World class? Not yet. Argentina don't think so. As good as Grealish and Maddison - clearly not. De Bruyne? Dream on. Is he a bad player? An awful player? No. But then no one is saying that. He's merely not the Messi a lot of fans who want to be bemoan the club make him out to be. It's really that simple.
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    You are making things up. If we've decided Ajer isn't worth the amount of money he's going for weve actively decided not to pursue it rather than 'losing out' You are absolutely desperate, gagging for the opportunity to lay into the club and its weird as f*ck.
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    Of course it lacks a depth of quality, that's why we're still recruiting across the pitch. Posts like those quoted above would be absolutely spot on if posted in September. It's July. We're not the only Premier League side whose recruitment is far from finished. Patience is key. We all know what positions the club are hoping to recruit in and the philosophy of recruiting quality that clearly improves the squad. We also know the conditions the club are recruiting in.
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    So as fans we want…. 1. Be in the biggest league in the world and stay there 2. spend multi millions on players to stay at the top table 3. Negate on a huge sponsorship deal and sign a much weaker deal instead 4. Navigate the post COVID world seemlessly and without debt 5. prices to stay at Championship level Absolutely bonkers
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    Everyone has deeper pockets than us. Unfortunately I fear this transfer window despite the supposed COVID-depression, we've simply been priced out of our domestic targets. Even decent Championship players (Armstrong, Billing, Ajer etc) are now simply beyond what we're willing or able to pay. If another player is on another EPL club's radar (and given the reliance on data, statistics etc rather than just individual scouts) we're now at a major disadvantage, even after selling one of the best players ever to wear the Norwich shirt for a club record fee. Unfortunately upon completion of this transfer window and the resulting season we could be witnessing the reality that a self-financing club just cannot compete at the Premier League level. We may be responsible, we may be flaying the flag as an example of responsible club ownership, but if no-one else in the league is playing the same game we are then competing at this level is an impossibility.
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